Sonic ’06 TGS ’05 Trailer Theme Music Found

Via Mefiresu from the Russian Sonic community, fellow fansite Sonic Scene has received an MP3 file of what is believed to be the theme music played in the Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) TGS 2005 trailer.

When compared to the faint music heard in the highest quality version (it was never made available outside of camera recordings) of the trailer on YouTube recorded by Kikizo (above), it does sound identical.

You can grab the full 4 minutes and 58 seconds long track over at Sonic Scene.

Thanks to Woun for the heads up!


    1. Yeah. It makes you wonder if Sonic Team gave SEGA the wrong disc for retail considering a lot of stuff that was suppose to be in the game, be it animations, physics, etc. are gone but were still in the E3 demo, XBL demo, and the beta build. In fact, this game was suppose to have a 2007 release date but SEGA was rushed by Sony and Microsoft (actually true believe it or not). It’s a shame SEGA is so ashamed of it that they’re not willing to remake it they way they wanted to make it to save the games reputation.

      1. Apparently they were rushed, and they had a hard time making it for both 360 and Ps3. All the same though the end product was pants and their not the only company to work on two console versions of a game. I think Sega should just move on; we have Colours now and as long as they keep along that path they should be fine for a while.

  1. Wow- I don’t remember seeing that trailer. It almost seems like they were going for a vamped up Sonic Adventure instead of… well what there was lol. (Though technically it did have that formula to SOME extent… but comparing the trailer to the game, it seemed like the story was going to be less complicated/complex that’s for sure.)

    Sounds like something I would’ve heard in Sonic Adventure 2 for one of Shadow’s levels- or even a boss level in Sonic Adventure 1.

  2. Technically this wasn’t an ’06 trailer. It was just a tech trailer showing off what Sonic Team was able to create using the (then new) 360 hardware. Obviously assets from this trailer made it into ’06 of course.

    1. It was an ’06 trailer. Obviously it was intended only for press demonstration purposes at TGS 2005 and not officially released for public viewing, but the game was announced, title and all, 6 days before TGS 2005, so it was definitely for Sonic ’06.

      They also held a presentation of a gameplay demo of ’06 at TGS ’05 too, with an early version of Kingdom Valley in it.

  3. Man this had so much potential, looking back at this trailer I was so amazed and excited the first time I saw it. Stupid sony and microsoft

    1. Agreed! I still like the game but I wish SEGA wasn’t so ashamed of it so they could remake it the way they wanted it to be.

  4. Heck, this game has its flaws, but i still love it. I for one LOVE the levels in this game. Its a bit nostalgic for me in a way, i first played this in high school and loved it. And it wasnt even glitchy at first. If you were lucky enough to try out one of those early demos sitting in a target or wal-mart, you could tell Sega of America was doing just fine!!! I do think this demo was on a viva piniata disk too, hard find!

    Fingers crossed for Kingdom Valley or Crisis City in Generations!

      1. yeah, i wonder what the last level of generations will be? What if it was a brief clump of all of sonic’s last levels in 1 long level, kinda like end of the world for sonic 2006

      2. It would be awesome if they got Kingdom Valley in there. I’d love to see it redone and streamlined into the Unleashed format. Oh, and 2D as well for older Sonic, of course.

  5. Oh, what could’ve been. Much like Sonic X-treme, there really is a sense of wonder in what this game would’ve been like if it was given the time it needed to be finished. Hopefully someday we will know (with Generations). I know Sonic Unleashed helped answer part of that question. ^_^

  6. sadly the trailer is better then the game its self and the demo was i think better too (idk nverplayed the demo) but if sega wasent rushed by dat damn sony it could’f have been a great game and is it just me or does this model look diffrent then the model in the game

  7. Now, can someone find the music that was originally in the first zone of Sonic Rush? I remember watching a trailer for the game a long time ago that had that music, by then they just cut ou the first part of it and used it as Blaze’s theme.

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