SEGA Considered Peripheral For Latest Mario & Sonic Game

SEGA has told that they once considered launching a peripheral together with Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games in the early days of development.

“In the very early stage of this project, we even considered creating a new peripheral that works – that matches best for this game. We always try to look for new alternatives or possibilities.”

No information was given as to what the peripheral may have looked like, what its function was or which platform it was for, but with Mario & Sonic’s brand power and SEGA’s success with past entries in the series, their new game doesn’t really need peripherals to sell it anyway.


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  1. Oh sweet! Why didn’t they do it? That’s what I want to know!
    Just make sure you make the 3DS version better than it sounds already! The DS ones were epic but the Wii version looks miles better at the moment!

  2. Probably a javelin that you attach your wii-mote to. Like the one Mario holds in his artwork, gosh it always looks like he’s going to poke Sonic’s eye out with that thing.

    1. It wouldn’t be hard for Mario to poke Sonic’s eyes out…


  3. “but with Mario & Sonic’s brand power and SEGA’s success with past entries in the series, their new game doesn’t really need peripherals to sell it anyway.”

    Daaaaang you’re positive, Shadzter! Nothing like the articles at tssz news where they’d be like “but with fans tired of Mario & Sonic’s brand and SEGA’s lack of loyalty with past entries in the series, their new game probably really needed peripherals to sell it anyway.”

    Bravo, Shadzter. BRAVO! =’3 lol

    1. I’m just as unsure as you are…. maybe An new addition of something, a new source? IDK…I don’t know what a Peripheral is? |:/

    2. A peripheral is basically an accessory that you can use.

      Some examples would be:
      Wii Motion Plus
      Wii Wheel
      Wii Zapper
      PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter
      Guitar Hero and Rock Band equipment

        1. Thanks, haha, but I wonder what kind of peripheral SEGA was planning to make. Hmmmm…..

        2. curious. what does CJ stand for? are those initials? they look like they stand for something. someone i encountered before…

      1. Most likely it’s the Wii Motion Plus, but then they decided that it might not really comforting for those who don’t own one.

        Plus Nintendo might not ‘paid’ them as much like Microsoft did with Kinect.

  4. Hey guys, I have EXCLUSIVE News on this game! Did you know this game was orginally going to be called Mario, Sonic AND Final Fantasy at the London Olympic Games? The idea was canned though after the release of Mario Sports Mix. Shame really, I mean who wouldn’t like to see Vivi on a horse or play some Blitzball with Tidus? XD

  5. i really want to see windy valley now in generations. seeing how good it looks here makes me really curious!

    1. Its probably just a view of the stage that you go through, nothing special other than hitting rings

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