Nintendo Acción Magazine Confirms 3DS Sonic Game

Spanish magazine Nintendo Acción has confirmed in their latest issue that a Sonic game is on the way for Nintendo 3DS.

The small piece (Google Translated) states:

Just at the end of this issue, Sega confirmed to us that a new Sonic is coming to 3DS. And not just talking about the next Olympic challenge, with Mario, but a new unique product.

Whether this game is an exclusive 3DS title or the much rumoured 3DS version of Sonic Generations is anyone’s guess. Hopefully SEGA will reveal all soon or at E3.

Source: Sonic Paradise


  1. I swear that if that turns out to be another game and have MORE than one playable character I will buy 3DS just for this.

    1. No itz defz has to hav 99 playable charctors like tails knukles sally and scourge
      What are sega doin>!?!?1?

      1. I dont know why you people that hate adventure series. I mean SA3 would have great potential.
        And I think that only playables should be: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, Silver, Blaze, and maybe Omega and Rouge.

  2. It’s probably that 3DS version of Generations that was on that game listing.

    1. That doesn’t mean it’s not Sonic Generations. A 3DS version could be unique compared to the others versions, like how the DS version of Sonic Colours was very different to the Wii version. We can’t rule out anything until we hear something more clear, especially after that Sonic Generations 3DS listing at GameStop and the one on SEGA’s earnings report, which has now been removed.

  3. Why does everybody assume that a new Sonic Adventure or some giant amazing sonic game is coming to the 3DS. The fact of the matter is that it won’t be a big deal like Unleashed, Colors, OR Generations because it is simply a portable title, and I don’t recall any big franchise hits for a portable title, or else they would all be console titles.

  4. Can’t wait till the suprise is revealed I suppose it might not be another version of Generations but who knows it could be or maybe more likely to be something else…

  5. This could be the third title to be announced. I know Sonic 4 Episode 2 has been confirmed to be in development, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was confirmed. Not Announced via press release. If its Generations, then that is fine as well. I just want a Sonic game for my 3DS. ^_^

    1. Yes, this maybe the third title. So secret, many don’t even know its existence.

      Could it be this 3DS Sonic game is actually the game that Sayaka Aoki (Cream’s Japanese voice actress) talked about in her blog?

      Remember that the title ‘Sonic Generations’ might have been used as a decoy for other non-Sonic Generations game(s). And SEGA of Japan have been pretty much quite good at keeping secret.

      Th 3DS game might be a remake of the Wii game, but which Wii game?

      The Wii version and the DS version of Colors were pretty much considered a closely tied products, not two unique products. The Wii version was developed by Studio USA (which resides at USA), while the DS version was developed by Dimps (which resides at Japan).

  6. @ whoevers comment is above mine (my computer does not usually let me see peoples full names…)
    I do too.

  7. wow…sega sure releases alot shit load of sonic games while nintendo releases one mario game. i see why nintendo does this and its smart. releasing mario galaxy 2 and new super mario bros wii during the time they were announced would have been duumb. i mean sega should wait. releasing 4 games at once doesnt sound like a good idea to me. sonic 4/2, mario and sonic 3, sonic generations and now a 3ds title? thats a lot on their plate to fulfill. can they do it though? this is just a general opinion though.

    1. Well it’s Sonic’s 20th anniversary. 1 game is a continuation from another which is already “small” as is. The other is a party game. The main game is the big one, Sonic Generations. That’s what this year’s all about! lol

      1. Mario had his 25th anniversary and Nintendo only released one game. Only one game and it sold like hotcakes. But that’s Mario and Nintendo is boss. They didn’t even bother to make 5000+ games. They’re smart like that. They know the marketing situations really well believe it or not. Hence the fact they didn’t release Mario Galaxy and NSMBW at the same time. Funny think though: both of those games were already finished at the time.

    2. Its good that SEGA releases more than 1 game. I would get bored of Generations, but let’s say ep. 4 is out. SG and S4E2 are 2 totally different gameplay styles. Which is good, because I would’ve gotten bored of playing 2.5 and 3D. I also really like the sidescrollers. So just keep that comment to yourself Toddywooddy, no one wants to hear your Nintendo stuff.

      1. “So just keep that comment to yourself Toddywooddy, no one wants to hear your Nintendo stuff.”

        Wow, Toddywoddy only stated his general opinion, there’s no need to be ungrateful. >_>
        Also, the Sega-Nintendo war has ended a long time ago.

        1. Thank you, I even stated it was a general opinion. Obviously, this sonic fanboy received an extreme dose of butthurt when he read it. lol

      2. I can say what I want, I have the freedom to express any opinion I want. If you don’t like it don;t respond. god your such a sonic fanboy, this comment fuckin’ proves it. I can’t even have a decent conversation with others without the interference of a porcupine man fanboy feeling butthurt. lol

        I can tell where the maturity level lies between “Dickydick” and FoxBoy. :/

        1. Toddywooddy, first of all, I don’t like fighting with people. Its stupid, and there’s no point, especially over the internet. What I meant by keep your Nintendo stuff to yourself, wasnt’t meant to be taken in a bad way. We all know what SEGA does with their games, and we all know what Nintendo does with their games. Yes, you do have the freedom to say whatever you want, I know it was just an opinion, but still its not right comparing what SEGA does and what Nintendo does. I agree, Nintendo does have better game plannings than SEGA. Its true. That’s why Mario’s games are so long! I’m not one of those SEGA fanboy kitties. Those fanboys say way worse shit. And please don’t make fun of me, that’s really rude :/. I’m sorry if I offended you, I didn’t mean to, but could we please just get over it? Because your no mature than I am. Calling me a. Porcupine man getting butthurt? Cmon man,there’s no need to start a fight. Again I’m sorry, and just forget about this.

          1. “I don’t like fighting with people. Its stupid, and there’s no point, especially over the internet. What I meant by keep your Nintendo stuff to yourself,”

            Oy, then if your not trying to provoke anything then you need to learn what to say and whatnot to say to people. All of this could have been avoided. I.E that is why I stated this is a general opinion.

        2. And yes your right too. If I don’t like it, I shouldn’t respond. Just please keep in mind what you post on the internet 🙂

    1. Not at all. I’d honestly consider a 3DS for a follow-up to Dark Brotherhood. Plenty were meh’ed by it, I personally enjoyed it from a lot of stand points and would love to see a sequel.

  8. Sonic Chronicles 2 might be it, I wonder this sequel will have:
    1.More SonAmy
    2.SEGA and Bioware, make music and sound effects very good because first game had horrible music and effects, the sound effects sounds like cartoons such as Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry and Hanna Barbera cartoons……
    3.Silver, Blaze, Chaotix, and few more Sonic characters to playable.
    4.Longer Story
    5.Eggman as main villian
    6.Sonic/Knuckles fight
    7.Awesome backgrounds, art and more for Sonic Chronicles 2 not copy art from Sonic X.
    8.Shade/Knuckles love scenes
    9.Tails and Sonic’s friendship scenes
    10.Better Battle
    11.Awesome models of Sonic characters not copy from Sonic X. *mad*
    12.Sonic and Amy love scenes
    13.Mario and Luigi from Nintendo’s Mario and Luigi RPG game makes as cameo in some areas
    14.SEGA’s other stars such as NiGHTS, Ulala, Amigo, AiAi and few more SEGA characters makes cameo in some areas
    15.Vanilla/Vector ‘s friendship
    and more.

    1. Bioware announced a long time ago that they weren’t doing a sequel to Chronicles.

      Besides, Chronicles is horrible, as a Sonic game, as a Bioware game, and as an RPG.

  9. I really want a Sonic Chronicles 2, or a Sonic Adventures remake. As in, both games in one. That’d be cool.

  10. “This will be a new, unique product.”

    Basically, from what we can conclude from what we have here, this means it will NOT be a port. It could be Sonic Chronicles 2(Hoping, just so they make the battle style something more interesting like M&LRPG). It could be some new thing. Fingers crossed for E3. 😀
    I’m making a checklist of all the games rumored to appear @ E3. So Far I have Zelda: Skyward Sword and Pikmin 3. I might just add Sonic Generations to that list.

    1. i’m pretty sure the new zelda game is WITHOUT a doubt going to be there..especially since they had it at the last one and it’s still not released…
      but sonic generations isn’t rumored it’s CONFIRMED. so why would you add it to that list?

  11. Guys, what if it was that long-time ago rumoured game called: Sonic Gauntlet Enter Lord Robotnik? Don’t you guys remember that as a rumour last year in I think October?

    Even if it isn’t, I hope SEGA remakes the Sonic Adventure series onto the 3DS! Well, honestly idc, as long as SEGA doesn’t make it like Sonic Rush…(2D…)

    And one more thing people, just because SEGA is announcing all these Sonic games, doesn’t mean they are all coming out this year. Sonic Generations is the only confirmed game so far coming this Winter. Sonic 4 Episode 2 may take more time to finish, and will probably come out in 2012. Mario and Sonic London (I think) is confirmed to come out this Holiday. And this “new” Sonic 3DS game will more likely come out in 2012. Who knows..

  12. Since when has Nintendo Accion been accurate? However, we already knew there was going to be another 3DS title.

    1. Their info is from a SEGA rep, so I’d say that is pretty accurate. Yes, we’ve known there was a Sonic game coming to 3DS since last year’s leaked E3 3DS developer document, but this is the first solid bit of info since then that lets us know it still exists. This also means that now SEGA’s openly talking about the game, we might just see an announcement for it soon.

  13. I hope its a new sonic style that fits the 3ds.

    I didn’t like the sonic rush art style, but since the 3ds got better graphics I’m hoping for a better different style that fits 3D.

  14. Anybody up for a 3DS Sonic title based solely on the Chao Garden with tons of new possible evolutions and character chao that can be created without codes or events? I would totally go for that.

    Chao Adventure 3DS

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