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Today, we are offering the finest news, reviews and updates on the Chuckle Brothers, one of the UK’s greatest entertainment duos that ever lived. If you grew up watching Chucklevision throughout the 80’s or 90’s and still feel a small tingle whenever you hear that catchy theme tune, then come to the Chuckle Stadium, where you’ll find a true home from home.

You might think that the Chuckle Brothers have become rubbish throughout the years. That the comedy duo’s best work is behind them and that since the ‘Green Eye’ fiasco (did you see it? The episode where they got contact lenses? So funny…) Barry and Paul are but a shadow of their former selves. Not so, says the Chuckle Stadium. We think that, like a fine wine, Chuckles get finer with age.

So settle down, relax, and chat about YOUR favourite Chuckle Brothers moments – be it from ChuckleVision, To Me To You, pantomime or any of their other hilarious side projects. All fans are welcome at the Chuckle Stadium. Love Chuckle Brothers? Love The Chuckle Stadium.

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  1. To me… To you… To me… To you…

    *Can’t wait to see all those not from the UK become totally confused*

  2. WTF? Why has the skin and background changed to…..Oooooh I see nearly fell for that one there XD So now it’s April Fools Day Are considering to be using more skins from various games and shows?

    What’s next…?

    The Tracy Beaker Stadium? XD
    The Basil Brush Stadium?
    The Crash Bandicoot Stadium
    The Rayman Stadium or
    The Mario Stadium XD XD

      1. *wraps a brick off both your heads*

        I’m sorry….did I say you could attack me? Nope.


        1. Yeah… saying you’re going to throw bricks at our heads doesn’t actually do anything.

          “Silly you!”

        2. Virtual brick throwing? WTF? Anyway, it was April Fool’s Day, so why are we at TSS “dicks” for having a sense of humour?

          1. Well, April Fools Day seems to be the day that brings out a lot of trollfags and spamheads….the ones who, frankly, make the Internet stupid for everybody. I try to be neither.

            I’m hoping this website can kick AFD, as I call it, to the curb next year. Cause it’s really stupid. Capeche?


          2. lol. You’re calling us Trolls. What are you some kind of Cartoon villain from the 70’s?

            Correct me if I’m very much mistaken, but I don’t think I am as I can actually read the series of events here, but you’re the one calling people names and threattening to throw bricks at them…

            Incidently, I’m still waiting for you to actually carry out your threat if indeed… oh what the hell… lolz.

            You dig? Since now we’re aparently ending replies as though we’re members of the Italian mafia I figured I’d break the trend.

  3. What the…?! What’s going on here?! What happened to the Sonic Stadium?!

    Wait a minute… (checks date)

    Silly me!

  4. I say good ridance, now we can finally stop talking about silly hedgehogs and start discussing about real men topics.

    *waits for the next Chuckle Brothers HD update @ChuckleRetro*

  5. Finally, a fan site I can rely on for my Chuckley needs!

    Paul and Barry for Summer of Chuckle ’11?

  6. Ok, this I did not expect.
    I’d put a Chuckle brothers reference in here but I can think of one right now. :\

  7. You think this is bad, at the Zelda Dungeon they posted news about the new Skyward Sword Trailer. I was so excited, until I realized it was just the Angle Dance. 🙁

  8. Funny thing is me and my mate were chatting about Chuckle brothers before I went on the site 🙂

  9. I was always a CITV lad, so didn’t watch much Chucklevision. I think I may have made a mistake 🙁 Is it wrong that I was laughing a lot and i’m almost 26?! 😀

  10. oops i screwed up the last comment ( i learn so much) i meant i’ve learned so much from you oh whatever it dosen’t matter. though i do have to say do you know what is taking AAUK to release last year’s wrecks factor album?

  11. Sorry I’m American and I think all British people are Harry Potter and Dr.Who. So what no Duckula or Danger Mouse Stadium

  12. Lol that brought back so many good memories.

    “To me…..to you…….to me…….to you”

    Classic XD

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