Video of Entire Modern Sonic Green Hill Stage

All I got to say is: intense.


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Nuckles87 has been an editor at Sonic Stadium since 2007, and has been covering events like E3, PAX, and SDCC since 2010. An avid retro gamer, he runs a monthly stream on Twitch where he explores obscure Sonic oddities, and how aspects of the franchise have evolved over the decades.


  1. So… beautiful…

    InB4 Whiners. The few glitches I’ve noticed can easily be fixed with a little polish, so don’t flip out.

    1. ya, SEGA can fix that up….unless maybe those were bumps sonic was hitting when he was boosting, not glitches.

  2. I can’t wait to boost.
    What can you expect from the first stage, but I do hope later stages are less straightforward!

      1. Nostalgia is the happy feeling of seeing something from your past that you miss a lot, but in a fresh form. o3o

        I learned that word cuz of Sonic fans, as I’ve never heard the word used SO MANY TIMES outside of it. lol That’s probably where the term “nostalgia whore” comes from. XP

  3. Sonic Generations: Script by Rickyrick

    *PART 1 Setting: In Apotos Town
    *Camera zoomed out showing Modern Sonic at a hot dog stand, at night time*
    Sonic: Two Chili Dogs please!
    Hot Dog Guy: There ya go! Have a nice night.
    Sonic: Heheh, thanks you too.
    Sonic: Well, here I go.
    *Eats Chili Dog like there’s no tomorrow*
    Sonic: *chews and smiles*
    Sonic: Phew, oh man I’m stuffed. That’s enough eating for tonight. It’s time to get home now.
    *All street lights are turned off. 12:00p.m Pacific Time*
    *Sonic looks around, with a little-frightened face*
    Sonic: Hey, why is my stomach rumbling?
    *Stomach rumbles even harder*
    Sonic: WAIT, am I going to turn into a wherehog again?!
    *Stomach feels even weirder*
    Sonic: *Gets on ground* AHHHH I CAN FEEL MYSELF CHANGING! AHHHHHH……….oh wait, that’s just my stomach digesting the food. Heh.hehe,hahaha,hahahahahaha,ahahahahahahaha wow I feel so stupid.
    Sonic: Heh, this could finally be the game where SEGA doesn’t give me gimmicks! YES, I am the ULTIMATE! I wonder what this game is about though…..hmmmm.
    Sonic: *Daydreams about what the game will be like*…….wait, what am I doing? It’s 1:00a.m! Oh no, I got to get my sleep! I know, I’ll sleep over at Tails’ house tonight.
    *Zooms out of Apotos, all the way to Tails’ house*
    *Arrives at Tails’ house, and knocks on door*


    That is all for now. Part 2 coming soon XD – by Rickyrick

  4. anyway, i love this stage! Now, just the Classic Sonic’s stage, and then SEGA will reveal a new zone! 😀

    i just wish SEGA could make the stages a bit longer :/

    1. The Classic stage is about one and a half to twice as long as the original GHZ. The modern stage is 1 and a half to twice as long as Apotos in Sonic Unleashed and Tropical Resport in Sonic Colors. These being the FIRST STAGES, let’s assume the levels will definately drag out later in the game.

      Plus, perhaps they are saving space to age more stages rather than too many more acts of the same stages. I just hope Ice Cap Zone is there. It might not be, but I hope it is. XD

  5. Heres a few things I saw throughout the video

    1. When Sonic hits the dash machines he turns into a ball with boost
    2. The music changes at the very last few parts of the stage
    3. Sonic floated through a tree lol
    4. The part where the purple water made Sonic trip was a little glitchy
    5. The water stream looks amazing

    1. The purple water, I don’t think was glitchy. The camera(since it wasn’t in such good quality) made the game look a little laggy. Some parts could be the games fault, but the lagging was the video

    2. 1. I’d believe so too except he hit some without doing that. Btu at the same time it seems a lot like it’s true for the times he DOES do it. :/ confusing

      2. The music doesn’t change. It gets a quicker tempo (particularly the drums) when he boosts. You may be hearing a slight volume change in the last part due to this video being custom made. (As in they took pieces of footage we’ve seen here and their and edited them together as one video. Most of the video is what we’ve already seen, but in the original video it cuts off when Sonic slides under that rock near the end. The new footage shows that part all the way to the end, so they edited the original footage with the new one to make it look like it continues. Quite well done I’d say)

      3. um.. is there a problem with floating through trees? :U That always happens in games almost. lol Especially the Adventure series. o3o But most of all, isn’t it weird that he’s in an upright position but when bounding forward he’s sideways and turns back to being upright while in the air? o_O

      4. The purple thing tripping Sonic didn’t look glitchy at all to me. What was glitchy? The frame-rate wasn’t perfect but it wasn’t terrible either. It just looked like he tripped and popped in the air for a sec.

      5. The water stream DOES look amazing. xD

  6. Unimpressed. I’m hoping that the later levels give you a lot my quickstepping and avoiding obstacles while in 3D, because this was way too straightforward.

    1. Hopefully as you progress the levels will get more challenging and hard…

      Sonic Unleashed offered that didn’t it?

      as you went through…

      So hopefully this will too….And it looks good so far I can’t wait 🙂 CS gameplay next then maybe different level?

    2. It’s probably so straightforward since this is likely the very start of the game. If so, then it’s more about getting accustomed to the controls and physics of the game, so it’s not as challenging.

      Late levels in the game will likely be a total pain, as they should!

  7. To all those people who are unimpressed that the level is not showing any challenge

    Have no fear I’m sure it will like i said above as you progress the levels could get more challenging

    Sonic Unleashed (HD) was

    Compare The first level of Unleashed Apotos to other later stages like Adabat to Empire City and…..yes…Eggmanland D:…XD lol (For both day Stages and Night Stages)

    First levels are often easy and simple to pass through and then you get use to it more then later the challenge will come on ahead

    Unleashed showed this for missions too and the DLC Stages they looked really challenging and hard

    Thoguh Unleashed did feature a lot of things ya know eevn Apotos was a bit challenging too That’s why I liked it a lot I enjoyed The Whole expeirience I liekd both Day and Night Stages….I think it was one of the best Sonic games (in IMO)

    I’m hoping this can offer everything Unleashed did but maybe add a little twist to it Spin Dash,light Dash etc and I’m sure the glitches will be fixed too

    Though the stage can be a bit longer but hopwfully others will too

    Looks sweet I’ll switch to JP VA to hear Juni READY GO XD

    1. Yeah well not only is this the first level, it’s Green Hill Zone. GHZ was NEVER challenging! XD Like, dude, the ORIGNAL GHZ can be beaten by holding right and occassionally jumping. These stages alone are already more complex than that. XD

      Besides, these are based on pre-existing levels. Sure they’re different courses but they use a lot of the same gimmicks plus more. For example. Let’s say there was a Carnival Night Zone. Hi, barrells will likely be there. That’s automatic platforming. Say they have Radical Highway. I bet there might be grinding and ramps all over. MAYBE even polls to swing from. lol

  8. People complaining about the lack of challenge in this stage do remember the original stage this was based on, right?

    The one that could be finished in under thirty seconds?
    Well alright then.

  9. It does indeed look intense and fun to. From what i see it looks a bit to much like SU but I will wait and see. I’ll go against the wave here and say this looks like much more fun than classic sonic.

  10. None of Sonic’s friends will be playable. Iizuka confirmed it. (DAMN!!)

    * Iizuka also said that very soon, a bunch of new sonic info will be coming our way, as well as levels. I cannot wait 🙂

    1. I had a dream that Knuckles was playable in this game…looks like I have to keep on dreaming.

  11. Hey, I noticed Sonic did a Spin Dash during the boosts at some points. Glad to see that [modern] Sonic can use the move again. I haven’t really seen it around since Shadow’s game, and even then it was a variant (more of a roll and slide than a dash).

    The first level is always easy…Although all the levels will probably be shorter considering they are going on Sonic’s 20 year history. *Wants a Radical Highway remake*

    1. Actually, it was last properly used in a 3D game in Sonic Adventure 2.

      Sonic Heroes used Rocket Accel, Shadow The Hedgehog had a butchered version of it (similar to the one in Sonic CD) and then that same butchered version was in Sonic 06.

      In Super Smash Bros. Brawl it somewhat doesn’t count as it’s a fighting move and it functions different, somewhat.

      In Sonic Colors was the last time it was seen and tho it was closer to the proper spin dash, it was conditional. It could only be done with the Pink Wisp. =P

        1. Dang! Out of nowhere I just forgot. lol Thanks. ;D


          I see whatcha mean about the music changing towards the end now. Maybe it’s towards the end of the recording before it loops? (Like would they really play that much before looping? o.o lol)

          1. Yeah, I noticed Shadow’s game had that odd version. Still, the fact you can beat your enemy with a lamp more than made up for that loss XD

            The Wii version of Unleashed had the Spin Dash, while the 360 version doesn’t huh? Odd.

            In Brawl, yeah, that’s a fighting game published by Nintendo so it doesn’t count. I hated the fact he had two Spin Dash moves that were practically the same >.> *Off topic sorry*

  12. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a Sonic CD stage, c’mon SEGA show some stardust speedway love! =D

      1. You meet Classic Amy at the end of the first level when she just hugs you. Then she does the same at the beginning of the next stage I believe and she follows you to a dead end where Metal Sonic bursts in and kidnapps her, but he creates an opening to continue the level.

        Stardust Speedway is a level towards the second half of the game in which the third act’s boss is a race against Metal Sonic (With Robotnik following shooting a laser at the floor that’ll kill you if you touch it, rings or not” and if you win, you rescue Amy. :]

        I believe people are thinking of Sonic vs Metal Sonic when they say Stardust Speedway but not sure. lol

  13. Don’t know if it has been said already but the music seems to be effected by how fast you run. If you listen carefully you can hear that the music is slower when Sonic doesn’t boost and speeds up as he is boosting. Anyone who has played the ball rolling stages in Super Mario galaxy (1 or 2) knows what I’m talking about. There are a number of occasions where Sonic doesn’t boost and you can hear the music speed up as he speeds up. Listen to the music from:
    0:20 – 0:26
    0:58 – 1:14
    1:43 – 1:47
    2:08 – 2:12 (I guess. Sounds more like a sound bug)
    2:21 – the end (also sound like a sound bug though)

    I guess they decided to have this effect instead of making it sound like you’re in a bubble, which is also a fitting effect. It’s a subtle change but nice and cool nonetheless. Not to say fitting. Fast music really gets you in the mood of running fast and last time I checked that’s what Sonic is all about, pretty much :P. (I hope this doesn’t turn out to be a sound bug altogether or my ears deceiving me xD)

    1. Oh know you’re definately right. They pick up on the tempo of the drums big time to get you pumped when boosting. XD

  14. Well a lot of you has established that there are too many people whining about the lack of challenges in Modern Sonic.

    Well how bout someone who is whining BECAUSE of the challenge?

    I say because I am not particularly fond of Unleashed HD’s daytime levels, contrary to the rest of the fandom: They where an annoying exercise in high speed trial and error, with even the slightest mistake will mean instant death! Didn’t lock-on that homing attack? death. Messed up that QTE? death. Too fast? death. Wasn’t fast enough? death. Drfit too soon? death. Jump too low? death. Jump too high?death. Death. DEATH! This, coupled with the forced linear gameplay, the fetch quests and the mediocre werehog, robbed the fun out of the whole game. I don’t care how graphically beautiful this game was or if it had more Sonic than Werehog, this was a sloppy job.

    That’s why I was so glad that Sonic Colors came in and polished the Hedgehog Engine so it was just right: Fast but not too fast. Good platforming and exploration, fun power ups, colorful sights and sound (no pun intended), and replayability (SUPER SONIC!) It was everything it promised and more. And I’m no retrofag, but I remember this was prominent in the Genesis titles as well the SA games. So, why does it look it’s taking a step back? Maybe:

    a) SEGA’s doing this on purpose to make Classic Sonic look better by comparison.

    b) They where too lazy to port the fixes they did on Colors and simply re-used the Unleashed engine, which is native to the PS360.

    I really hope it’s b), cause that means they have plenty of time to at least nudge it toward the Colors version and maybe nerf that boost meter (make it drain more, make rings give less, enemies don’t build meter). That way it doesn’t feel like you’re forced to hold that boost to do EVERYTHING. I really wished that have used the Spin-Dash from SA1+2, cause that could serve the same function while not being entirely spammable.

    So mock me all you want. Tell me I’m not a real “gamer”. For now, this looks like a nice novelty that just for rental. Because if I want to spend money on a frustrating experience that rewards quick action reflexes and memorizing patterns with a little blue guy, well…. Hey, Mega Man! Long time no see 😀

    1. The large majority of the fandom will actually agree with you about Sonic Unleashed, Falcon.

      And I don’t understand why they’re heading backwards in terms of level design and general playability, either. It’s like they’re deliberately trying to saddle the Modern design with bad gameplay and create a false correlation between character design and product quality.

      1. you know this is the very first level right. you can’t just assume these things from a level intended to be pretty simple.i’m sure they’ll tweak the boost but it seems like colors. also why they’re using the hedgehog engine probably because they spent a fortune on it and they didn’t want to throw it away. they could possibly add the colors engine by adding into the hedgehog engine.

    2. Sonic Colors didn’t use the Hedgehog Engine. In fact… The Hedgehog Engine deals with light rendering, renders too intense for the Wii to handle.

      But I understand what you’re meaning is here. I loved the way that Colors felt and played as opposed to Unleashed.

      1. @Umiyuri

        I believe Sonicdudefan1996 said it best when he stated that SEGA (being as cheap and lazy as they are) invested a lot into the engine to forsake it. Plus the engine did grant them a good amount of money and praise from fans and critics alike. Still, I would not put it past the management to give Modern Sonic an inferior gameplay to create more incentive for the classic fans. Like I stated before, HOPEFULLY, they will tweak it to match the better game, but switching to defend the other half…


        Of course you can assume such things when you’re SEEING THEM YOURSELF. We were commenting on the fact that game plays a lot more like Unleashed than it’s successor Colors, not if it wasn’t easy. In Unleashed, you can build up an indefinite amount of boost, because you can get it from doing tricks, grabbing rings, destroying enemies and so forth… unfortunately, you needed indefinite boost to play the damn game. In Colors, however, the boost is regulated by eliminating rings and tricks from the equation and only getting it from baddies and power-ups, does making it more valuable but not necessary. Again, maybe they will fix it.


        Ok I didn’t know that. I thought the Hedgehog Engine refers to the specific game design and level generator of both Unleashed and Colors, seeing as they play similarly. Thanks for clarifying that for me. But as to your response to Milo: Yes, Sonic games are not Free-Roaming, BUT they where exploratory and in a sense, they where free-roaming in the SA games (look at this speed run for Speed Highway and tell me you can do that on a linear system). That is an aspect that manage to do good, but never follow up on 🙁 and that sucks. Going 2.5D is great for destroying the Sonic Cycle (which somehow this title is slowly reforming it) but it’s not good for breaking the Polygon Ceiling.

        Oh, and you’re wrong about Unleashed ; it’s not a boost-to-win game, but a boost-to-PLAY game. There are large sections of the game where they punish you for not boosting constantly (try playing Chu-Nan at regular speed, see what happens). I’m not debunking the amount of skill those guys put on their speed runs but why do we have to get to their level to enjoy the damn game?

        that’s my two cents for now. Thanks everyone.

        1. @FalconKick
          well i will agree on you saying unleashed was a boost to play game. i like the concept they had for boosting. hopefully they’ll use the colors method of boosting(as in you can boost but it’s not needed to win/or the game would require you at 1 or 2 areas in a level to boost just not every second of the game.)in short if they want to keep doing the unleashed/colors formula than it will have to be less of this: and more of this:

  15. I think it’s cool to have the beat speed up when you boost.
    Sonic Generations = Pure awesomeness.

  16. Would be great if we could choose in options between “modern” and “classic” sounds like intro music, extra life and invincibility from Sonic The Hedgehog 1 and 2. I think it could be possible in Sonic 4 Episode 2. Sonic 1, Sonic 2 and Sonic CD have the best music ever! I’d like playing Hidden Palace Zone as it would be in Sonic 2. It would be AMAZING!!!

  17. To anyone saying “unimpressed” and “too short stage” and everything like that:
    Note that it’s the FIRST STAGE OF THE GAME. I don’t remember green hill zone act 1 from Sonic 1 taking 5 minutes to complete either (on casual playthroughs). First stages are supposed to be simple, nice, and short.. atleast I think so 😛

  18. This looks great.
    Does it annoy anyone else when sonic is constantly grunting and stuff.
    Its not a huge deal i just think they should tone it down.

  19. I can’t wait to play this one but i’m conflicted not sure wether I will perfer classic sonic or modern sonic.

    Does anyone know if there are multiple acts to a stage other than the different sonics???

    1. I’m pretty sure there aren’t. But I think SEGA will have 30+ in this game(because colors had 30)

      1. I’m thinking based upon your guess that there will be 15 zones or so with 5 from each era, hopefully there aren’t too many from one era comparaed to other eras

        1. DUDE, SEGA has been working on this game for 3 YEARS!! 15 zones, and I will be really pissed off! SEGA better have 30. End of. Story.

          1. The question i’m wondering though is how long does it take to create the modern sonic stages has they are about 6 miles long if sonic is at sonic unleashed speeds

    1. Dude, don’t worry about it. SEGA will fix this 🙂 the same thing happened with Colors.

  20. Looks too like its playing itself and u just hold forward half the time…. Colours had alot of platforming parts but i guess classic sonic is the platforming while modern is just Run.

  21. I love the boost =) one of the nicest additions in the series I think, especially for speed runs.
    I like it, gorgeous visuals and I like the different tempo it has too the classic stage.
    It’s a bit bizarre that when he hits a speed boost he rolls up and then uncurls again…i’d expect that from the classic Sonic to be honest.

  22. I’m assuming we’ll get more challenge as the game progresses, but what I’m more concerned about is how thin the pathways were in 3D. No room for exploration and kind of on-rails like.

      1. I saw one that required a wall jump. Above one of the grind rails after the fish chase.

  23. looks awesomely amazing, is it me or does the music speed up slighting when you are boosting?
    anyway it seems like they are using a lot more 3D sections then they did in colours.

  24. I like to see Sonic and Amy be together in this game. I know in Sonic Free Riders and Sonic Colors (DS)
    Sonic refused to go out on a date with Amy. In Free Riders, Amy was so crazy about Sonic. God, her voice was sound like Minnie Mouse. Damn, SEGA will need Cindy to voice Amy deeper than annoying voice like Minnie Mouse from Disney. So Sonic will show his true feelings to Amy during the story in the game. Will Sonic and Amy be together and get married someday in future Sonic games?

    1. …Once again, the fact that people actually ship Sonamy seriously. I really don’t get it.

      Ignoring their personalities (and Chronicles, which is non-canon and/or just set in the future), Amy is twelve years old, and ages in the modern Sonic games are essentially fixed forever. I am going to point out to you now that marrying a twelve-year-old girl is -illegal- in about 99% of the world. Sonic himself is not of marriageable age yet in the majority of the world as well.

      Concentrating on their personalities, I don’t think Sonic actually gives much of a damn about girls and romance (and was confirmed a long time ago not to be the type of person who would ever settle down), and Amy can honestly become very psycho at times, as well as extremely obsessive and destructive, qualities I doubt Sonic would be very accommodating of.

      When Sonic tells Amy “no”, I am very, very sure he is being absolutely honest. His ‘true feelings’ for Amy are exactly that.

      Additionally, in the middle of the comment you go on about the character’s voice actor, which has nothing to do with what you are trying to request of the game’s producers. And the way this post is actually written, you’re trying to suggest that Sonic would confess his love to an underage girl l if the company making the game asked the voice actress to lower her voice. You may want to review your post before you make it in the future.

    2. Post Sonic Adventure 2, we all learned not to expect story from Sonic games.. Let’s get Amy as a playable character, along with Tails and Knuckles, though. That’s what I want, darnit.

      1. I agree, but only tails, knuckles, and maybe shadow. No silver crap, he is not one of the originals!

        1. Yeah. Notice Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Shadow are the only ones who can do a REAL spindash. Just saying.

    3. Actually I do believe Sonic has some feelings for Amy but is too shy to admit his feelings

      I am not crazy about Sonamy…but I do believe there is a spark…

      See Sonic Unleashed, Sonic And The Black Knight

      I’m A bit of a fan for Silvaze and Knuxouge XD

      But I do agree with the vocie thing No offence but her voice is terrible :'( I wish they kept Lisa Ortiz as the voice of Amy….Well we will see if she improves in future games but I really miss Lisa 🙁

      1. Though I guess I’d like It as a Sub Plot ;o

        Still I dont find any chesmitry as it used to bde UGH 😛 i need to wait a bit more…

    4. Question: why all of your comments are always about how Sega should make Sonic and Amy marry someday, even if you know such thing will never happen?

  25. Video begins: “GOOD”
    Video ends: “AAMAAZIINNG!!!”

  26. Yes. Flying through modern Sonic levels LOOKS nice, but think about this question: What are you really doing?

    Almost 3/4 of the levels are automated. All you have to do is hold a direction and boost. Wouldn’t it be nice if Sega incorporated speed without automating every aspect of the game. Taking grinding rails and boosters away would be a start. Not to mention allowing you to roam around in far larger 3D areas. If I were a developer at SEGA, I would feel insulted that my fanbase thinks my team is incapable of creating a comprehensive, full-3D Sonic experience. Even if one level is totally 3D and another is totally 2.5D, while another still remains totally 2D.

    Multiplayer in Sonic was once fun and interesting… But SEGA doesn’t care about that anymore. Because all the fans just want to play Sonic until the game is done in the solitude of their lonely rooms. The game looks fantastic from the ‘Classic Sonic’ standpoint. But I was expecting a far more MODERN 3D experience from modern Sonic. Not a game based on 2D and 2.5D that’s on rails… Let’s see what they’ve done with the other levels. Maybe they’re fooling us… I sure hope so.

    PS: Sonic Colors, although having the best concept by far in any Sonic game, seemed rushed in terms of replay value, multiplayer, and definitely in terms of story. Everything else was executed nearly perfectly… with only the TOO MUCH 2D or NOT ENOUGH FREEDOM problem to boot.

    1. Uhhh….. Sonic games have never been about free roaming. Only in hub worlds has that happened, and (lol) no one liked the hub world experience except for in SA1… So I’m quite confused about what exactly you’re talking about. If you want a free roaming experience, play GTA or a Bethesda game.

      Also, I played Unleashed. It’s only a boost-to-win experience once you’ve memorized the levels… which takes a long-ass time to do. And of course, this video demonstrates level one, so I’m rather certain the Modern Levels will beef up in difficulty.

      …Also, I’ve never played a Sonic game where the multiplayer was either fun or fun-ctional.

      Also, I see where you’re coming from with Colors, but I think Colors was a HUGE leap into the right direction. It’s waaaay up there in my favorites. Maybe a bit short, but I prefer it when all of the fat is trimmed out.

      So… yeah. I disagree.

    2. We KNOW they can make awesome, full-roaming 3D gameplay… look at most games on the DC, or Phantasy Star Online(2)! They must have SOME reason why they’re slacking off…

      Yeah, I did kinda feel that the Sonic Colors 3D-2D percentage was 30%- 70%… some entire levels were strictly 2D….

  27. Sonic 4 = Eww Sega, you REHASHED EVERYTHING!
    Sonic Generation = Yay Sega, you rehashed everything!

    Sonic fans are a funny thing…

    1. I think that’s because people were expecting Sonic 4 to be more of a new experience. Sonic Generations is specifically going to be a tribute game.

      1. Exactly, Sonic 4 was supposed to be a sequel. Meaning, not a remake.

        Besides half of the people excited about this game are modern gameplay fans, that probably explains the higher level of praise.

    2. Look at the physics of Classic Sonic in this game and tell me that they don’t look SPOT-ON from the Genesis games… compared to Sonic 4. Hence excitement. Makes me wish we had some more characters (Tails, Knux, Amy). When Amy isn’t talking, she’s a fun character to play as (Sonic Advance, Sonic Adventure).

      As for Modern Sonic, I’m liking that they seemed to add another Sonic Rush element (tricks, aside from the dash), but I would actually like to see more Rush-style gameplay overall. Those games were solid. While Unleashed and Colors had nice speed levels, it seems like we’re getting more of the same with that. Not a bad thing, but it could be a little less straightforward and pile on a couple more stunts.

      1. I guess Sega must think that if they tried something different, that would be a gimmick. And gimmicks are BAD.

      1. Yeah, intill the actual release of the game. I’ll say this right now people’s expectations before 4 was released would be even greater with Classic Sonic because they would think it would perfectly repersent the old-school games, which it didn’t. Don’t get me wrong, I think Sonic 4 is good but just not as great. That being said SEGA better step up Episode 2 because so far Generations is showing WAY more effort then Episode 1. Also, I wouldn’t care even if I was playing as Modern Sonic in the Classic Stages just because the core gameplay was the same, that’s what got my respect not the color of Sonic’s eyes or how chubby he was. Btw, I’m not aiming this message toward you lol. Just something I wanted to say in general XD

      2. I’ld argue the outcry would of been MUCH worse if Classic Sonic had ended up in Sonic 4, as the classic fans would of been VERY upset about the original Sonic being “tainted” or something.

        The fanbase may be stubborn as a mule over certain things but not stupid. I really doubt changing anything graphically would of made the game any more well -received than it was, considering Sonic 4’s biggest problem was the gameplay engine rather than the graphical design

        1. You say it like Sonic 4 was panned or something. XD I mean, I know a lot of the people who can’t stand Sonic 4 are the only ones obsessed enough to rant and rant their opinions about it, shutting out anyone who had anything good to say about the game. And I understand why they’re upset even if I’m not upset. If they do improve it in the next ep then good!

          BUT, there are a LOT of people who LIKED the game despite not saying it much. In case everyone forgot, it got a 9/10 or something like that in it’s review scores. And despite the physics not being perfect, were they not a heck of a lot better than in Sonic 06? Were they not more like the classic gameplay than Sonic Unleashed, Secret Rings or Black Knight? And the complaints about the extra pointless boosters, well think about how it’s pointless and then think about how getting rid of them would make more SENSE but wouldn’t actually change the gameplay since they were already useless. xD

          The point is, sure some disliked Sonic 4, but I would consider it more of hit-and-miss rather than “panned”. lol ;D

          1. OH this is a reply to jennytablina XD (Wow it wouldn’t let me respond to the comment below this. o-o Too small to respond to? XD)

      3. * I bet Sonic 4 would’ve been praised like the Second Coming if it had Classic Sonic physics on it.

  28. It looks as though the tunnel problem on the sonic unleaashed DLC has been fixed now in Sonic generations

  29. On the video at 1:15, a few seconds later the timer on the level rises by one minute. Very strange.

  30. Hmmm… Looks like SEGA is going to release a video of a new Sonic location every 2-4 weeks. Like it hasn’t been even a month yet since the teaser trailer XD

  31. I might just have to buy a PS3. and an X360. I want to fully experience this. I got Colors on both systems.

  32. I wouldn’t mind either a windy valley or final egg remake for this.

    Kinda cool


  33. I dunno… At this point I just can’t seem to get excited this game. If I wanted to play Green Hill Zone I would be more inclined to just fire up my copy of the original Sonic the Hedgehog and play the real deal instead of this. Unfortunately I just can’t help but see this game as just a reskinned version Sonic Unleashed with classic Sonic replacing the Werehog as the extra gimmick. I guess Sega was hoping that classic Sonic and the recycled zones/graphics would help sway the classic fans, but I’m just not feeling it. IMHO, a better idea would have been to make a game with purely classic gameplay plus new environments, and save the modern Sonic segments for another game. (Or maybe separately sell classic and modern versions of the same game.) At any rate, that’s my initial reaction, but I hope that I am proven wrong when I actually get to play the game.

    1. I am in total agreement. It’s interesting, but I can’t get excited about it. I mean, it looks good, but it’s the same idea behind Sonic 4: Capture the attention of classic fans with rehashes of classic levels. I would much rather play a classic style game with new levels and enemies. I suppose that may be in the works after this, because this is mainly for the 20th anniversary right?

    2. If they made it purely modern gameplay, classic fans would not be pleased. If they made it purely classic gameplay, modern fans would not be pleased. What’s so bad about having the choice to play either style?

      They’re the same AREA “Green Hill Zone” but it’s a TOTALLY DIFFERENT LEVEL or at least a completely original act of the level. So even Classic Sonic should feel like a new Classic Stage to you. xP

      1. >> What’s so bad about having the choice to play either style?

        I see your point, but what I can’t figure out is why Sega feels that they have to please both types fans with a single game. Sega may be incorporating two types of gameplay, but in the end the classic fans will probably not be able play just the classic stages and the modern fans will probably not be able to play just the modern stages. So it’s not quite offering players a choice between gameplay styles. That’s why I think that it would be better to release two different games with unique gameplay.

        >> They’re the same AREA “Green Hill Zone” but it’s a TOTALLY DIFFERENT LEVEL or at least a completely original act of the level.

        While I agree that, graphics aside, it will be a new classic level, the main emphasis of the game seems to be an attempt to capture the excitement of the original Sonic the Hedgehog. The problem for me is that it’s somehow coming short in that area. I can appreciate a classic levels in this game, but for me something’s just not clicking with as far as the nostalgia goes.

        1. “what I can’t figure out is why Sega feels that they have to please both types fans with a single game.”

          Becuase that’s a challenge, and if accomplished it’d be a great victory. Sonic fans are Sonic fans nomatter what kind. So they’re probably interested in making a Sonic game that has multiple Sonic traits that the different groups of fans love. It’s a collab. And the other reason is it’s the ANNIVERSARY. They’re celebrating pretty much all of Sonic, and that would include both groups of fans’ eras. It’s a game that does not discriminate. And so far the majority feel it is a good, original and interesting idea to finally execute as it almost seems like something that NEVER would have actually happened.

          Well, technically you DO have the choice to play either sort’ve ALMOST like 2 different characters with 2 different stories (revolving the same plot of course like all Sonic games). It’s just you’d have to play both to see the FINAL ending deal since that bit is probably a combination of the 2. But like Doomsday Zone, it can be seen as an extra. If you WANT to see it then you will. :]

          Plus, don’t forget there are fans like me who were born in the year of Sonic and also introduced to it in that year thus growing up with it, people like me who loved the classics and loved the evolution the series went through. In other words, someone like me would love to play both gameplay styles and having it in one game is awesome. It feels “special”

          Actually, the idea is to capture a revisioned and updated excitement of old levels. You play old levels in a new fashion. It is old AND new, and that has more than one meaning behind it. Old level, know style and act. Old Sonic, new Sonic. Old timeline, new timeline. Don’t forget the stages go through the Dreamcast era and modern era. This means playing Modern Sonici n Adventure series stages and Classic Sonic in Adventure series stages. Both of which have NEVER been done before. And now Classic Sonic in modern stages too! It’s a bit mash-up, and there are people who find the idea of combinations exciting. :]

          I think what the problem is just simply you see this as a mere remake with reused gameplay and settings. I can’t blame you for that or say you’re wrong to feel that way. We all have different perspectives. When I try to deduce what they’re aiming for, I come up with the idea being that the entire history is mxing together like all 3 eras actually ARE part of the one and same franchise despite their differences. The styles seemed so different it was like 3 different continuities but it’s not.

          Anyhoo sorry for all that writing to explain myself. lol

  34. man… it looks amazing… i just hope every level has a relatively simple design for the first time through and then have a bunch of challenges, i remember unleashed looked beutiful but i never had the chance to enjoy later levels because i was to busy trying to not crash or fall to my death… and I know EVERY one has nightmares about the 20+ minutes to beat one of the last levels… i hope they dont do that to me this time…. HOWEVER i hope there are more levels from sonic 2 and 3 rather than sonic 1, i know sonic 1 was epic and what not… but i think the 2, 3 sonic and knuckles and sonic cd have more attractive level design. i do hope however….. more than anything that they include every level. not for the story…. but as downloadable content, maybe 16 zones for story. and all the rest as downloadables maybe.

  35. Wait, Wait, are you guys seriously complaining about the lack of difficulty…of a game’s very first level?

    Since when does a first level have to be challenging?

  36. okay wow i love the graphics and music! and sonic’s gameplay seems like colors to me. okay yeah the difficulty isn’t hard but what can you expect from the FIRST LEVEL? would you prefer it eggmanland difficulty to start? knowing sega with this i would expect them to make it easier in later levels. look at colors.

  37. These are the stages that I think should be in the game

    Green Hill Zone (check)
    Scrap Brain Zone
    Casino Night Zone
    Chemical Plant Zone
    Angel Island Zone
    Marble Garden Zone
    Ice Cap Zone
    Launch Base Zone
    Mushroom Hill Zone
    Death Egg Zone
    Emerald Coast
    Red Mountain
    Sky Deck
    Lost World
    City Escape/ Radical Highway
    Metal Harbor
    Pyramid Cave
    Crazy Gadget/ Final Rush
    Seaside Hill/ Ocean Palace
    Rail Canyon/ Bullet Station
    Frog Forest
    Egg Fleet/ Final Fortress

    I hope this game has a huge amount of stages to keep me hooked for a long time, but this impressive list of stages will most likely not make the final cut. It would be so awesome if it did though!

  38. looks at TSSZ’s response to this reads comments……whoa a lot of drama going on over there. yikes!:o

  39. 2.5D alone is getting old… I want my freedom back. The freedom to explore beyond a 7ft wide track… (Colors/Unleashed [Day])

    Do none of you get bored being that confined? It’s automated gameplay.

        1. I don’t think so… he wants the “freedom” of Unleashed day stages. The same stages I’m picking apart here. Classic Sonic offers way more freedom then the boosting, QTE infested, on-rails mess of Unleashed.

          1. He said the 2.5D is getting old, I think he’s referring to Sonic Unleashed/Colors’ formula of gameplay with the transitions. He wants “freedom” and he wants it “beyond a 7ft wide track… (Colors/Unleashed [Day])” which I think means he’s considering Colors/Unleashed [Day] as the 7ft wide track he’s limited to and wants to explore beyong. =P

    1. Well, no. I view it as DIFFERENT. Though I didn’t expect it to be it’s own mini-series. But that’s probably all it is. A mini-series. It’ll probably evolve more over the next 2 or 3 years.

      The reason I don’t get bored is because it’s not really automated. You either press up to run forward or press boost to go forward but faster. (It’s like 2D gameplay going down right) The narrow path is also like the 2D games as in Unleashed/Colors you MOSTLY only go forward or backwards which is the same as the classics only going left of right. True, I wish I could run around more like Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 with levels turning more often, being wider, having more stuff around to play on and look through. But I don’t have a problem with having 2 or 3 games being different.

      All the reaction timing, dodging, switching rails, drifting, sliding and such is pretty fun to me especially knowing you can mess up so easily. I mean, a lot of people love racing games. If I don’t get bored of that I won’t get bored of this. I do want some more to do tho, but I think there’s just a lot of open space simply so you have a chance to at least feel the affect of Sonic Boost. There usually IS platforming it’s just easy to pass over. Platforming is a bit overrated. I mean there’s nothing special about jumping on top of a block. lol But it’s the variety of different gameplay mechanics that’s fun. And Sonic Unleashed/Colors does that just in a different way. If they could mix it somehow it’d be awesome. That’s why I want an SA3 kinda. lol

  40. I like it, it looks gorgeous and the Modern game play does look fun. Especially the boost which I think has been a great addition to the series personally.
    Looks slightly odd when he hits a dash pad and he curls up for like a second…doesn’t suit his current model.

  41. My levels ideas for Sonic Generations:
    1.Green Hill Zone – Sonic 1
    2.Seaside Hill – Sonic Heroes
    3.Tropical Resort – Sonic Colors
    4.Stardust Speedway (Metal Sonic race) – Sonic CD
    5.Emerald Hill – Sonic 2
    6.Angel Island – Sonic 3
    7.Starlight Zone – Sonic 1
    8.Palmtree Panic Zone – Sonic CD
    9.City Escape – Sonic Adventure 2
    10.Emerald Coast – Sonic Adventure
    11.Flying Battery Zone – Sonic & Knuckles
    12.Crisis City – Sonic ’06
    13.Final Egg – Sonic Adventure
    14.Splash Hill Zone – Sonic 4
    15.Radical Highway – Sonic Adventure 2
    16.Ice Cap Zone – Sonic 3
    17.Sky Chase Zone – Sonic 2
    18.Collison Chaos Zone – Sonic CD
    19.Labyinth Zone – Sonic 1
    20.Mushroom Hill Zone – Sonic & Knuckles
    21.Westropolis – Shadow the Hedgehog
    22.Planet Wisp – Sonic Colors
    23.Empire City – Sonic Unleashed
    24.Wave Ocean – Sonic ’06
    25.Death Egg Zone – Sonic & Knuckles
    26.Eggmanland – Sonic Unleashed
    27.Tropical Jungle – Sonic ’06
    28.Apotos – Sonic Unleashed
    29.Speed Highway – Sonic Adventure
    30.Final Rush – Sonic Adventure 2
    and more

    1. If I was goning to a pick a sonic 06 level it would probably be kingdom valley instead of tropical jungle and instead of tropical resort I would go for starlight carnival maybe change flying battery zone for lava reef zone or sky sanctuary zone.

        1. Why? Sonic 06 had so much potential back when we heard about it 5 years ago. Wouldn’t you like Sonic Team to make up for that by making it what it should’ve been? I for one would like to see a Kingdom Valley level, it had some good concepts like grinding on wind and the rope jumping. Even Sonic’s mach speed section would be pretty cool if Sonic was easy to control XD

  42. The fact that this video has ANY dislikes proves…something. 0_O
    But nevertheless, this video itself proves that even though all you need to play modern Sonic nowadays is holding a single button, but you CAN’T NOT love it! (double negative = positive)

  43. Looks pretty good but hopefully the game doesn’t put too many (actually for them to go away would be good) trip hazards because, like Unleashed they are bloody hard to see and only serve to frustrate.

  44. I am really curious to see some of the dreamcast era stages seeing as the modern and classic sonic gameplay styles were not adopted

  45. Here’s my characters to appear in Sonic Generations for story and playable:
    Classic Sonic, Tails, Robotnik, Knuckles, Amy and Metal Sonic
    Metal Sonic
    and many more Sonic characters

    Sonic & Classic Sonic
    Classic Tails
    Classic Knuckles
    Classic Amy
    Classic Metal Sonic
    Metal Sonic
    and Silver

    1. Dude, didn’t u hear, in the interview I posted of the 2nd Interview, ONLY SONIC(classic and modern) will b in the game. He said that Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, etc. Will not be playable in the game, but will appear in the game one way or another. Keep dreaming, ur Sonamy love will never happen…especially with that new voice

      1. And if Iizuka said that all of Sonic’s characters from the 20th history, I hope they have Chaos 0, since he’s nice now. And I mean BLUE CHAOS, not chao’s from a chao garden.

        1. I know what you meant. Chaos is the liquid life form. Chao are chao. (Both singular and plural forms of the word are “Chao” o3o lol)

          Yeah Chaos would probably appear as a bad guy and then a good guy again due to going through the SA1 era. I wonder if each game will be like an arc or chapter in Sonic Generations. o-o

          1. I just hope SEGA gives us the Classic and modern “feel.” Know what I mean? Like in Emerald Coast, SEGA should have that killer whale appear XD. Or in City Escape, SEGA should do that sketeboarding thing in the beginning. Or for classic sonic, SEGA should have the item boxes(which they do), or in sky sanctuary zone, they should put the clouds that sonic jumps on. The reason those stages are Iconic, is for that mini-gimmick SEGA puts in every stage. I also hope the chaos emeralds are in the game too…

          2. @Rickrick

            I’m sure they will since those are iconic things about those stages. I think I can picture a killer whale chasing Classic Sonic even! lol But yeah, they showed a killer whale in Sonic 06 even and a giant pirana chasing him in GHZ even.

            I’d say maybe the giant truck in City Escape buuut I think that might be a bit too slow for Modern Sonic. lol I find it interesting that Green Hill Zone and the Adventure series stages are the only ones that’ll have been played in all 3 gameplay styles: Classic, Adventure and Modern. XD (Unless Adventure Sonic appears or is unlocked XD)

            I know the emeralds are in the game I just don’t know how. They gotta turns Super somehow and there’s red rings in this game like Colors. I was hoping for a different method but hey, still a good sign. Wonder if the yellow emerald will be orange again. LOL

            As for item boxes, they seem to have classic item boxes and springs for Classic Sonic and Modern for Modern Sonic. I’d say there’d be the Adventure series ones in the Adventure stages EXCEPT I think the item box styles depend on who you play, not where you play, as Modern Sonic has modern Item Boxes and springs even in GHZ. lol

          3. Im just worried about the stages……at least 30 cmon SEGA I know you can do it. and i expect the gasme to be $60.00…..

  46. oh gosh i get so pissed when on other websites they bitch about stuff like “if i have to play this stupid hold and run 3d gameplay crap then i will never play a sonic game again!”or “the 3d sections suck because of being to fast and homing attack.” yes the homing attack has had it’s problems but it seems fine in their recent games. plus it’s the first level. when will people know that a first level really doesn’t indicate how a game will play. They should think to wait and see more gameplay before judging.

  47. How can you hate on the homing attack!? That’s like hating on spindash just cuz it wasn’t in Sonic 1! “Oh you don’t even need momentum, you can just spin up that ramp! LAME!” x__X

    Screw that! Spindash and homing attack are Sonic’s only 2 very significant traits/moves! >.<

  48. I really like how Generations is looking so far. Green Hill Zone looks fantastic and I’m looking forward to see what other past Zones will be revisited. Here is a list of Zones I would love to revisit in Generations.

    1. Chemical Plant Zone – Sonic 2
    2. Sky Chase Zone/Wing Fortress Zone – Sonic 2
    3. Mushroom Hill Zone – Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    4. Death Egg Zone – Sonic 3 & Knuckles
    5. Windy Valley Zone – Sonic Adventure
    6. City Escap e or Radical Highway Zone – Sonic Adventure 2
    7. Pumpkin Hill Zone – Sonic Adventure 2
    8. Hang Castle Zone – Sonic Heroes
    9. Chaos Angel Zone – Sonic Advance 3
    10. Kingdom Valley Zone – Sonic 06
    I seriously doubt any stages from Sonic Unleashed and especially Colors will be in Generations, Considering those titles are too recent. And yes I purposely added the word Zone to the 3D stages. If these levels are revisited then odds are their going to be called by that.

    1. Honestly, I think Sega will most likely include stages from Unleashed and Colors and maybe even Sonic 4 because if they didn’t, then Sonic 06 would be the only modern HD game they’d be able to take stages from, and I seriously doubt they would include stages from:

      Shadow the Hedgehog
      Sonic and the Secret Rings
      Sonic and the Black Knight
      All of the Sonic Riders games
      or any of the handheld games for that matter

      What they will most likely do is change the layout of the Unleashed and Colors stages (if they’re included) rather than being a “pixel by pixel” remake.

    2. As a fan of the modern Sonic games (Unleashed, Colors), I’d just like to say this level looks awesome, and I have no complaints. (And I’m a fan of classic Sonic as well! XD )

      So, if you could pick ONE stage to revisit from each of the main Sonic games over the last 20 years, what would they be? (Excluding Sonic 1, obviously.) For me, it’s…

      Sonic 2 – Chemical Plant Zone
      Sonic 3 – Launch Base Zone
      Sonic & Knuckles – Death Egg Zone
      Sonic Adventure – Final Egg
      Sonic Adventure 2 – City Escape
      Sonic Heroes – Mystic Mansion (That music rocks!)
      Sonic ’06 – Kingdom Valley (sans Silver)
      Sonic Unleashed – Adabat
      Sonic Colors – Planet Wisp

  49. I’m sorry if someone has said this already, but this definately puts the SA2/Battle version to shame

    1. Howcome? Just because they will be in 2D and 3D? Grow up dude. You can’t liive in the past forever. Yes I love the SA2 gameplay style, but if you play that game again, you’ll realize that the games gameplay isn’t as fun as it use to be. I HATE the SA2 homing attack, because there’s no target, and you don’t know how far the range is. :/

      1. Grow up? All he/she did was express his/her opinion about the level design.

        What does “Just because they will be in 2D and 3D?” even MEAN in this case? GHZ is in 2D in Sonic 1 and 3D in Sonic Adventure 2/Battle. So how is that 2D/3D thing even relevant? lol

        And I personally find SA2’s gameplay to be quite fun. The homing attack is the only thing I slightly agree on, as it used to feel so precise but now feels a bit off compared to Sonic Unleashed’s. Though I would rather an in-between formual be worked out. (In SA2 you have to be near an enemy and/or press in it’s direction to hit it. In Unleashed you use the same button as boost so you gotta be near an enemy for a target to show up in order to not go flying. In Colors you use the typical Homing Attack move but they still need a target due to adding a double jump as the same control for when no enemies are around.)

        It’d be cool if they had targets to let you know when you’ll home towards an enemy and which one you’re aimed at but let you point in the direction of different enemies switching the target in mid air so you still have freedom but know when you’re locked on. This is even if the homing attack shares the same controls with another move or not.

        Other than that, it feels fine to me. But I think the point was that SA2’s GHZ is a 3D replica of Sonic 1’s GHZ, design-wise and it’s even the exact same course just instead of going in a straight line they too the level and made it turn left and right at certain parts.

        But in Sonic Generations they completely rebuilt it with amazing graphics and concept of what the area looks like and made it look like an actual place with detail and at least 2 completely original courses. =)

        1. “Grow up? All he did was express his opinion about the level design.”

          Thank You FoxBoy. Thats all I was doing comparing the Green Hill Zone from SA2/Battle to this wonderful new version of the Green Hill Zone. Don’t get me wrong here gang even though that it was a nice little bonus and it was very good at the time, but after watching this vid it just raised the bar right up. Nuff Said.

  50. Look at 1:34…bottom right of the screen is another rail leading to another path. Alternate paths, YAY! =)

  51. I know this is kinda random but it would be cool if SEGA put a reference somewhere in the game about Sonic’s love for Chili dogs XD

    FoxBoy: LOL, I couldn’t even respond to your last comment. I guess it’s immposible to reply forever, but that may be good in some cases…. lol

  52. Seriously? Why are people complaining about the Difficulty of The First Level…?

    Since when were Start Stages supposed to be more challenging and hard? XD This is Green Hill Zone (BTW This can be upgraded to even a harder pace once the whole game is completed XD)

    All beginining Levels in Sonic Games at most times easy not to mention other title games XD

    Think about it

    Green Hill Zone (Original)
    Emerald Hill Zone
    Angel Isiland

    Emerald Coast
    City Escape
    Seaside Hill
    Route 99
    Wave Ocean? o.o
    Sand Oasis

    Blue Coast Zone
    Misty Lake
    etc etc….Leaf Storm…Plant Kingdom

    Most have all been easy and then as you whizz through other levels they tend to get more challenging to difficult and maybe even to Nearly Impossible

    Crazy Gadget
    Final Fortress
    Final Haunt

    Night Palace?
    Dead Line?


    At most times The First levels are usually exciting,easy and fast paced nice way to learn the controls and get used to the gameplay and scenary XD

  53. i think they might ad a sonic colors stage(like tropical resort) and a unleashed stage as dlc but not in the game starting. i personally think that they might add a unleashed stage like apotos only because of budget reasons and it is already there in the engine. it wouldn’t be that difficult to put it in. i really do want a colors stage but it just seems to recent… but i could be wrong for all we know so there’s still hope. i really would be intrested to see a metal city/night chase stage either already in the game or dlc.(riders) if it is in the story it would make perfect sense. it seems like a stage that would take place in the future because they are being taken to areas all around time.(either in the games timeline or real life.)

  54. It looks like a Sonic Colors 2. While I LOVED Sonic Colors (I own the Wii version), it was too easy and too short.

    Although, this DOES make me more excited that 3DS owners are supposed to be getting their own edition, since I’ve seen enough people claim the portable edition of the Colors was superior to the console version is terms of game-play. It may be cliche, but I’m supposed to nostalgia trip the whole game, I want it in to be a sidescroller.

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