[UPDATE] Sonic Generations Getting Multiple Dubs In Europe

UPDATE: Sonic Paradise has heard confirmation of the Spanish dub from SEGA Spain and Gamereactor has heard confirmation of the German dub from Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka. [Thanks to MarcelloF at the SSMB for the Gamereactor news.]

Original story:
According to a report over at Gamekyo, SEGA Japan has confirmed that new Xbox 360 and PS3 game Sonic Generations will be dubbed for each European country. The website also says that SEGA France has informed them that the game will be dubbed into French with the voices of their respective country’s Sonic X voice actors. If this report is true, then this will be the first time a Sonic game has been dubbed outside of the English and Japanese languages and shows SEGA is really pulling out all of the stops for fans to mark Sonic’s big 20th Anniversary celebration.

SEGA’s not confirmed this information through any of their official websites or social media outlets, but if we hear anything we’ll update you.

Source: Gamekyo (via Sonic Paradise)


  1. That means UK might have its own english cast too, just Like Gex 3D and Gex 3 and Ape escape 2 did.

      1. Depends, Because when Gex 2 and 3 was said to have Multiple dubs in europe, Uk was included, and we got our own VA’s for the the games, the United Kingdom versions of Gex 3D and Gex 3 features Leslie Phillips and Danny John-Jules as Gex’s voice throughout the series. the same goes for Ape escape 2, companies mainly do it to make it sell within in that market, its like crash in japan they change menus and things to make it appeal to Japan. for now lets just take it with a pinch of salt that the UK version may get its own, if Gex and many other games did then so might sonic. i look forward to seeing Classic tails.

        1. I imagine we’ll still have the new VA’s caaried over from Sonic Colours and Free Riders. It’d be daft to change the actors again, especially if multiple characters are showing up from the 20 year history.

  2. 😀 Boo-Haa-Haa-Haa:D

    Now this is more like it ^v^ All languages (including English & Japanese Voice)
    Does it it all all languages subtitles?

    Many they should add Classic Tails, Modern Tails, Classic Knuckles, Modern Knuckles, Classic Amy Rose ( Modern Amy Rose US: Hammer or UK: Cross Bow), Classic Dr.Robotnik & Modern Dr.Robotnik (Dr.Eggman) unless it use that Dr.Robotnik from The Adventure of Sonic the Hedgehog

    P.S: Watch out of Momma Robotnik :giggle:

    1. I’m sure Mr. Baldry would love to voice the Eggman again… if he weren’t six feet under.

  3. Nah, this is just money spend on the wrong people. I would have preferred to see two extra levels or 10 less bugs compared to dutch dubs. Oh well…

    1. The money spend in the translation of games into other languages is not on the same money dedicated for game development.

    1. It means the game may be getting voice work in every language in Europe, so people in those countries will get to listen to the characters speak in their language, instead of having to read subtitles like they’ve had to in past games.

      1. Oh right thank you for explaining it clearly 🙂 My eyes actin up a bit….that seems actually interesting heh!

  4. F—————– NOOOOO if you ever heared the dutch voices of now it will most likly that sonic will egt a ladies voice T^T WHYYYYYY

  5. Hey, everyone! You know what Sega should do just for me?
    They should make a dub with Ryan Drummond.

    1. I think Ill side on you with that the english dub should feature Ryan Jason and Roger as Sonic all at once or at least 3 different english dubs that the player can choose

      1. That would be more fairer I take my old comment back i’m with you there

        Only if all 3 VAs should get the chance….That would actually be cool all 3 teaming up together = everyone happy XD

  6. Now that would be interesting! Can’t wait to see if we get a Swedish dub, and whom will voice whom.

    Dub or no dub, I’m buying this. And that’s that! ^w^

    But please SEGA, make sure that language selection is enabled! ^^

    1. It was enabled for Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, I’m sure it will not be missing here.

  7. It’ll be good, cuz when you get bored of the game, you can change the language and It’ll feel new again. I’d definitely go for French cuz I wanna practice it.

      1. I’d rather have Tails sound younger with a more realistic voice rather that sounding like a kid with clogged up nose 😐 ugh *Shudders*

        1. Heh not gonna happen in my country (Poland) Tails was voiced by 10 years old boy he is now 15-16.
          In situations like this I am happy that there is no official SEGA office in Poland

  8. Bydd hyn os gwelwch yn dda cefnogwyr Sonic ar hyd a lled, nid oes unrhyw broblemau a allai godi yn sgil hyn.
    (welsh for; This will please Sonic fans all over, there are no problems that could arise from this.)

  9. I hope they DON’T do finnish dub O_O Well I’m pretty sure not, but if Sweden makes their own, maybe Finland will try too. Hope not!!
    (Sorry for weird english)

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