Sonic Generations Extended Gameplay Video

A new Sonic Generations video has been circulating the net. As you can see, it’s using the Playstation buttons, which would seem to indicate that PS3 is the lead platform for this game.


Source: SEGAbits, check ’em out!

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  1. aw man looks like exclusive content is going to sony…. just kidding! look unleashed “lead platorm” was the xbox and they had the exact same feel and look gameplay and all. just sayin.

  2. If it’s on the “Hedgehog Engine” as it’s reported to be, that’s a multi platform engine anyway. I wouldn’t say either was a lead platform, but of course doesn’t leave out the possibility of one being better over the other or having exclusive content.

    Or being ported by DIMPS to Wii.

    1. Lead platform doesn’t mean one version is better than the other or is getting exclusive content really. It just means the platform that the game is being/was developed for first. Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing’s lead platform was the PS3 for example, but the Xbox 360 version got an exclusive character, while the other versions didn’t.

  3. Other previews refer to XBOX controls, so I think SEGA previewed both console versions. I think it just so happens that the PS3 was the one to have direct feed video recorded.

  4. It looks like the modern Sonic levels are more similar to Unleashed than Colours (more about the speed, less about the exploration). They could be taking that approach given that the slower classic gameplay makes an appearance with classic Sonic. Mind you, it is just the first level. Probably too early to say for sure.

    1. Hey, in the trailer I swore I saw a double-jump once but I could be wrong. I believe I also saw a Boost-Spin Dash. I have no idea if he’ll be able to di it without boosting and if he can if that’d mean he’d spindash like normal as long as he’s not boosting. lol

      The point is, these could be signs of more platforming and Colors gameplay leading me to the POSSIBLE theory that Modern Sonic is a mix of Unleashed and Colors.

      Another example of this is how he doesn’t just use rings to boost. He also destroys enemies, go through large rings and does tricks to get boost.

        1. I enjoyed Unleashed more than Colo(u)rs I’m glad they are focusing on that a bit more while adding extra features and stuff

          The Boost Spin dash was used in the Wii Version of Unleashed and Sonic did do tricks in both versions of Unleashed except you used QTEs

          Then he would access or prass through a shortcut



    1. The Wii might have sold a lot of units, but it doesn’t have the games that people want.

      1. yeah a lot of people i heard are going to buy a hd console this year because of this game.

  5. Just looking at the video and going by how modern Sonic plays, it seems that he does indeed gather boost energy from collecting rings again more like unleashed instead of like in colors. I guess it kind of makes sense what with the wisps not being there to give him the boost energy anymore. But they seemed to have added that feature in as well when he’s blasting through badniks. Also.. a combo count for modern Sonic? I hope it’s like the QTE’s from Colors.

    1. I’m suprised no one notices that he uses robots and tricks to get boost too. lol

      And actually they COULD make item boxes like they used to. One with a shield, one with invincibility, one with 10 rings, one with speed shoes (that make you run faster than you are temporarily) and one with 10 Boost points (gives you a certain amount of boost energy in a gauge but doesn’t cause you to use it right away)

      That’d be MY solution anyways. lol

  6. This doesnt mean Sony is going to lead. None are going to lead. Shadzter is right. Its the first system that comes to their mind. And they can certainly apply the game for another system (which they did: xbox 360) Sonic Unleashed for the 360 and ps3 were exactly the same. No graphical difference whatsoever. They also had the same downloadable content, didnt they? Anyway, just because the video showed the ps3 buttons, doesnt mean exclusive, or that its SEGA’s favorite. They just felt like playing the game on the ps3. Just like in Sonic Unleashed, all the reviews and gameplay mostly was being played with the xbox 360. So what? It doesnt mean anything. Dont get all sad 360 owners or ps3 owners. This video means nothing. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I wonder how those “combos” work? Maybe you just have to keep pressing the X/A button? like in Colors…

      1. That’s what I’m trying to figure out too. I hope it’s like that, otherwise I think it would break up the flow of the game if they added in QTEs like they did for Unleashed. That was a major drawback in the Day stages that I’m glad they simplified in Colors. Still haven’t beaten Eggmanland on the PS3 version due to those annoying QTEs.

        1. Eggmanland is a pain to do anyways.

          First run through of Unleashed (360) – 6 months (I took a 5 month break after Eggmanland throttled me)

          Second run through of Unleashed (360) – 4 days

          It takes some time. Eggmanland, in my words: “Everything is built to KILL YOU. It’s a carnival ride gone wrong…Horribly, HORRIBLY wrong!”

          I’m sure you can do some exploring with modern Sonic. If you noticed, the person here was a bit Boost happy. I’ve always taken my time. I’m glad to see you lose 50 rings instead of all of them again ^^’

          1. Well, considering this is Eggman we’re talking about, it might be a death trap gone horribly, horribly right.

        2. You can pause the game during the QTEs and take your time to memorize them. This way, all QTEs are going to be very easy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But stopping the game will of course break the flow.

          1. Ah Eggmanlands good times….

            “Welcome to Eggmanland get ready to get screwed XD

            Man Eggmanland must have been Sonic’s version of hell ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

            I’m trying to get an s Rank on it….I got a A Rank on it as I tried a couple of times after…..dying…

            And who can forget the QTEs XD

        3. sorry for this noob question but, what does QTEs mean?

          pd: i know eggmanland is a pain in the ass, my best time is like 78 minutes, but of course i paused the game and went for a drink, then continue playing, then went for a nap, went shopping, grabbed a bite to eat, then smashed a giant killer robot.

          1. Lol Nice reference….I haven’t played Unleashed in a while now the last time I played it when I was trying to S rank all evels I managed to get an A on Eggmanland though ๐Ÿ˜› QTEs were really hard at times

            And @C.J

            Hah A lot of info there Either Sonic’s version of hell or Eggman’s version of Twinkle park XD

        4. I hope I’m not sounding like a troll right now, but honestly Eggmanland isn’t really that hard. The only real difficult part is the Werehog’s second section where you have to walk across that long series of pipes and even then it can be bypassed easily with enough practice. On top of that there is also a shortcut that lets you skip this whole section and shave minutes off your time depending on how fast you are. Reaching the shortcut however is a little tricky to master. As for the OTEs, your best bet is to just pause and memorize.

  7. Giant Chomper = Killer Whale 2.o?

    This is now my must-get game of the year… ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Is it just me or does anyone else think “Future” or “Past” when classic sonic jumps?

  9. The Classic sections look like so much fun. And I absolutely loved Sonic Unleashed so I can already tell I’m going to love the Modern sections.

  10. SEGA, please stop trying! I’m already down for one copy, if you keep making this game look better and better, I’ll probably buy two at this rate! XD

    Loved that last giant fish sequence, someone really need to get a screenshot of that! XD

  11. Anyone else notice the wall jumping section above the rail @ 2.44, Ive also noticed a few other posible routes whilst watching this too. I’m not sure it is a linier as what first meets the eye. Maybe the person playing it is just familier with the levels and quickest routes etc.

  12. WOW! When they announced this game I thought, that looks cool! Now I’m thinking, that looks Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Honestly, that just looks AWESOME! Best Sonic Game Ever I think!

  13. I can’t wait god this looks awesome

    Both sections look fun

    I can’t wait to play as both Sonics and I really loved Unleashed I thought it was one of the best 3D Sonic games so I know I’m gonna love playing as Modern Sonic cuz I”m more attached to it BO-YAH ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. Both sections look very stunning I can’t wai to try them out once The game is out I’m liking the Modern layout a bit more reminds me of Sonic Unleashed and I liked that game hopefully this will be good ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. When I see this game, all I see is passion.
    The only company that does games with passion is Nintendo (Since we don’t have Sega anymore).
    it’s not fair Wii users don’t have the pleasure of playing this game…

  16. We haven’t heard from Knuckles in awhile. I wonder if he’ll appear?
    anyways, game looks amazing. im getting it for the xbox 360 no doubt.

  17. Sega i want you guys to make the story longer than the rest of the sonic games and have all of the old classic stages 1991-2000. Please do this , im a big sonic fan

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