“Something Big” Hitting Official Sonic Facebook Page This Thursday

SEGA has made two posts on their official Sonic the Hedgehog Facebook wall this afternoon informing Sonic fans that news is on the way. One post teases that “something big” will be coming to the page this week and the other says SEGA will start celebrating Sonic’s 20th Anniversary this Thursday April 7th. Rumours at Sonic Paradise state that a game called “Sonic Generations” is in the works according to a website domain registration and a snippet of a magazine interview.

We’ll keep an eye on the official Sonic Facebook wall and report back.

Thanks to Kjeldo and sonfan1984 at the SSMB for the heads up on both Facebook posts!

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    1. Maybe they’ll announce that Big is in the Duke Nukem game. After all, they do have the same voice actors.

      Maybe that’s why Duke Nukem has been delayed again. So that Sega can add Big the Cat as a supporting character, LOL

      1. Well, that would have been true, but they’ve replaced Big’s voice actor I believe?
        T’is a funny thought though…

        1. No Big’s new Voice Actor is

          Kyle Herbert…Who voiced him in The DS Version of Colo(u)rs

          Big’s last voice actor (4Kids Voice) was

          Oliver Wyman

          Who voiced Big in Sonic X and Sonic And Sega All Stars Racing…I think he was the best voice for Big shame he didn’t get to voice him that much Really unfair

          So their might be a chance for Big to shine lol

          His original voice actor (the very first was) John St Jon

  1. Info regarding the new game is discovered. The next thing you know we get a Sonic update regarding ‘big news for Sonic’s 20th’. Pretty much points to a game reveal, or it could be a competition to get your art included in the game again like in SatBK. Considering ‘celebrations start early’ it would give them time to include them in the game.

    Either that or we will have to sign up to Twitter, draw badniks and answer trivia again for a picture of a palm tree.

  2. Sonic Generations…?

    Ah, I see. He’ll get swept up in a temporal nexus and get William Shatner to punch Dr. Eggman in the face… no, wait, sorry. Wrong franchise.

    I’ll show myself out.

      1. Sorry to disappoint, but a Sonic 3DS game was already confirmed at E3 in a list of upcoming games. No further information about it is known, mind, so it’s very possible that this is something to do with tomorrow’s announcement.

  3. Sonic Generations?

    Im getting the bad feeling this may be just another stupid recopilation game. Not getting my hopes up.

    1. If it is another compilation game, it better have the games missing from previous compilations, or some alternate modes, artwork, commercials and the like. Basically Sonic Jam on steroids, they have yet to do a compilation better as far as content and effort are concerned. Mega Collection and Gems, even Ultimate Collection lacked in those departments ๐Ÿ™

    I hope after all this delay we get a really good news.
    Hoping for a game like the adventure series.

  5. The best thing that could happen, would be a Sonic 3 & Knuckles Remake…but Sonic 4 Episode Two is in the making…so I dont have much hope ๐Ÿ™

    So maybe Sonic Anniversary ๐Ÿ˜ฎ The best-Level-Thingy

  6. Do you think they’ll ever announce an announcement of an announcement?
    Anyway, I’m off to get my hopes up, because it’ll probably be good.

  7. Shnaps!
    Im rooting for Sonic 4 episode 2.
    Any big news would be nice though, I feel like with my enjoyment of Sonic Colors and Sonic 4 episode 2 and my hatred for almost everything after Sonic heroes, Im finally starting to feel like i got my childhood hero back, Im dying for more.

  8. About time…Better be some huge and not small ๐Ÿ˜€ You say Big so Were hoping It’s more than the datils given out last time

    I wouldn’t mind Sonic Chronicles 2 and There’s also the Sonic 3DS comming out soon…Their are others that still want Sonic Advenutre 3….and something similar to Colors/Adventure/Unleashed style/gameplay

    I can’t wait to find…Just two more days to go ๐Ÿ˜€

    I also wouldn’t mind Another racing game or a mian plot is just fine but I’d like more characters to be playable I mea others who didn’t get the spotlight as much as they did in the past

    But Even so it’s fine I’m just as excited as everyone else


  9. FINALLY, something Sonic-related happens this year. I almost forgot why I came to this site in the first place.

  10. Me too I just can’t wait for all to be revealed…Like I said on my last comment The wait is killing…Hmmm Something Big eh? something huge?……Will it be bigger than Big The Cat…? ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. Wait a minute…Sonic Generations?….. ya don’t think it…um….. could be another Compilation would it :\….Or maybe I’m wrong this should be the big news and more exciting the main event I hope…Course it will I;m just having mixed thoughts :S

  11. If it a game announcement and not something we already know about, like the anniversary action figures. Then they better have a trailer to show, something kick ass like an official retrospective of the past 20 years of games with a sneak peak of the new game at the end or something like that. Pictures speak louder than words!!!

  12. i hope that sonic generations is not only for xbox360?! If so , im going to be really mad! this is the second time they only put freeriders only for xbox!My friend at school said he only buys the xbox just to play freeriders! Sega, Please dont let sonic generations be the only system on xbox.I thought we should celebrated sonic anniversary with all systems.

  13. Oh I do hope it’s Sonic Adventure 3, or something starring Sonic, Tails, and Dr. Eggman once again. It was nice seeing that again without all the other many characters in existence in Sonic Colours.

  14. Sonic Generations sounds interesting. Can’t wait to hear what’s going to be announced.

  15. Man I hope this is something good. I think it’s that game that’s a has all the best sonic levels that was rumored earlier last year. Man I can’t wait till tommorrow.

  16. I’d call 20th anniversary game but i think almost everyone beat me to it.

    … I know! The next Mario and Sonic game. calling it now!

  17. Right. It’s not going to be a compilation because there’s already one for this generation, as well as all the titles you can download individually. And I doubt it’s Sonic Adventure 3. At least I hope it isn’t. The last thing the franchise needs, in terms of the critics’ reactions, is to go back to a six (or more) playable character setup with a serious plot. And I think Sonic Team knows this.

    It’s either Sonic 4-2, this year’s big game (whether it be Sonic Anniversary, Sonic Generations or something else), or maybe not even a game announcement.

    It might not even be an announcement at all. Remember the slow trickle of information on Sonic 4 last year? SEGA sure know how to tease.

    I think it’s probably the anniversary game, considering Sonic 4 is only in the “early stages” of development.

  18. I wonder Sega will finally show Sonic and Amy are together in this new Sonic game. I wonder he would say to her in middle of cutscenes.
    Sonic: Amy, I need to talk you for something.
    Amy: What is it, Sonic?
    Sonic: Amy, we’re dating little bit, you are nice to me all times, but I need to ask you for very long time, Amy…
    I love you, and will you be my girfriend?
    Amy: Really?
    Sonic: Yup, that’s true.
    Amy: Oh, Sonic! I love you too! I’ll be your girlfriend. Now we will together forever forever FOREVER!
    Sonic: A-Amy! Calm down! It’s just our beginning to dating alot.
    Amy: I’ll tell my friends all about it.
    Sonic: Heh, I will like my new girlfriend, I bet Knuckles goes freak about this.
    SonAmy fans will enjoy for this…
    Please make it happen, SEGA.

    1. Ryan @
      dude never that gonna happen cuz 1st i don,t like that 2ond sonic is not that romatich and if that happen then it will be boring srry but sonic in love that doesn,t fit

  19. i hope this game is gonna be awesome EPIC fights EPIC story etc
    (Srry im an sonic anime fan ) XDDD

  20. Not saying they’d ever do this, but wouldn’t it be cool (if the game is actually called Sonic Generations) if they took levels from previous Sonic games, and made them in 3D and gave them the ol’ Unleashed treatment?

    I’ve always wanted to play Launch Base in a 3D world – grinding on pipes and such. Oooh, or Chemical Plant Zone? That’d be too fun. Gets you imagining.

    It’d be cool, but it’ll never happen. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be better than I’m imagining? …Or worse?

  21. @Sonictoast

    LoL “Thursday canโ€™t come soon enough! Stupid Wednesday, why do you exist?”

    As far as my personal concerns here. I think they need another year of development time… Despite how anxious I already am for another Sonic title, I know that development time is one of the best friends of UNFORGETTABLE video games. Take a look at the cannon Kingdom Hearts games.

    Honestly, Sonic Colours was probably developed simultaneously (if not even before) Sonic & The Black night was released. Think about it, the game sucked and they probably just needed to release ‘something’ to appease anxious Sonic fans…. If this is true, then given even a few more months we may be in for something spectacular indeed. Good luck Sonic, we both celebrate our 20th birthday this year!

  22. It’s out now! And I can safely say that all the people saying that they prefer Sonic’s classic design will be happy at last!

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