SEGA Teases New Trailer Arriving at 2:00pm BST Tomorrow on Sonic Facebook Page

UPDATE: SEGA’s revealed via their Twitter account that the trailer will hit the official Sonic Facebook page tomorrow at 14:00 BST / 6:00 am PST. Thanks to Shaddix Croft at the SSMB for the heads up! /UPDATE END

SEGA’s just made another post on their official Sonic Facebook wall, which brings news that a new trailer will be hitting the page tomorrow. What this trailer is of though is anyone’s guess for now.

The post reads:

BRAND NEW TRAILER COMING TOMORROW ONLY ON SONIC’S FACEBOOK! Be sure to come back tomorrow to check it out!

Could it be a new game? An event? We’ll keep an eye open tomorrow and report back.

Thanks to Doctor MK at the SSMB for the heads up!

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    1. Just saw it! Very nice! =D

      No gameplay, just CGI ( as usal) but it looked very, very nice! =D

  1. I’m excited…. finally some news about Sonic.
    Lately it has been so quiet….

    Even though I was busy playing Pokemon White, I have always checked on any news about my favorite blue hedgehog.
    Now that “Sonic Generations” has been recently rumored, I can finally almost put down my game and keep a close watch.

  2. I’m literatley Shaking and squealing with Excitment…Oh my god hurry up Thursday….Ugh I hate Wednesdays D: I just hope it’s not another Compilation….For now we wait…We shall have our answer tomorrow

    Expect the Unexcpected πŸ˜‰

  3. I don’t think it will be Sonic Generations because Sega never gives away info like that so quickly.

  4. The Sonic fanbase is about to explode. Or at least the Sonic fans I talk to. So SEGA, if this is a joke, I swear…. xD

    1. Oho! Is funny because that is a very bad song!

      But anyways. Yes. Fanbase will die on Thursday if this is good news…

  5. they should finish the sonic man of the year short from sonic jam, always wanted to see the conclusion

  6. Got a funny feeling that the fact SEGA is at no point saying “game” this is gonna be the first official SEGA endorsed trailer for Summer Of Sonic lol

    1. personally i dont think that will be it i hope it is the anniversary game or M+S 3 it would definantly be anticlimatic if it was Sonic 4 eps 2


    Now…..We play the waiting game……and by that….i mean play sonic colors…

  8. I can not wait whooooop I hope its a good trailer for either the next anniversary game of is it a noew Mario and Sonic

      1. Thank You for Letting us know Shadzter….This is Perfect Timing for me and should be for many others πŸ™‚

          1. Oh no :(…. I spoke too soon Bad Timing for me :L…I’ll hear the news 2 hours later since I’m busy around the time for the Trailer Ah well…

    1. …BST is British Summer Time. No need to set your alarmclock. I’m just worried about watching this at work and not acting like a 10year old afterwards.

  9. I’m hoping the trailer…will also be on another video preview site other than Youtube…I have no problem with Youtube it’s fine except it’s just blocked on my PC for some reason I’m hoping it can show up on more sites Youtube is fine but like I said I have the problem I’ll sort it out soon though I hope… :/

    1. Gaming sites will no doubt put it on their sites with their custom video players when they report about it, too, such as Gamespot, IGN, CVG, Eurogamer and Gametrailers.

  10. @Axl-fox I do too( although I would really like an SA3). Anywayz…I can’t freaking wait, I’m hoping to see what sonic has in store for us this time.

  11. It could be a trailer for that Mario And Sonic party game. Or a trailor for Sonic 4 Episode 2. Or a trailer for Sonic Chronicles 2, or a trailer for Sonic Generations. Or maybe a trailer for something totally un-announced until it releases.

  12. Sonic Unleashed 2? *shot*

    And darn it all, I’ll be in my stat class when this is announced. :c

  13. HOLY CRAP I JUST WATCHED IT HERE IN THE STATES!!! I’m extremely excited as to what it’s going to be called after watching it and I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for it to release!

  14. I just watched it. Now I want more. Darn you, SEGA, you’ve peaked my interest! ^^

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