SEGA Facebook Poll Asks: “Which Version of Sonic is Your Favourite?”

SEGA’s RubyEclipse said yesterday that more questions and information regarding the new PS3 and Xbox 360 Sonic title were on the way to the official Sonic Facebook page, and today the page updated with one of those things; a question. A poll is now available at the page for you to take part in asking “Which version of Sonic is your favourite?”, with the answers “Classic Sonic” and “Modern Sonic” to pick from. Whether this poll is just for fun or will hold a significance to the game or anything else in Sonic’s future is unclear, but whatever it’s for, Classic Sonic currently has a very large lead of about 4,500 votes over Modern Sonic.

To place your vote, head on over to the official Sonic Facebook page.

Have you voted? Which version of Sonic did you pick? Let us know in the comments, but please, keep discussion civil. We’re all fans here, no matter what Sonic looks like.

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  1. I chose Modern just because his design makes more sense. He’s athletic, so he should have an athletic build.
    My guess is that this will help the PR figure out what they need to focus on to hype people up for this game.

        1. Yes the differences are subtle but there are a few so techically there is classic and modern Mario

          1. That’s totally true, I mean look at his strikers charged model. I find it to be quite badass though XD. Also, am I the only one who thinks it’s weird that we have Mario adds on this site?

  2. The thing is, based on my experience (I help run a Sonic group which has a lot of 6-12 year olds in it), the supporters of modern Sonic (and the modern games) aren’t the age/type to go on Facebook and vote on that kind of thing (or reply to Sonic 4 rants, for that matter).

    1. That’s what I thought too. “Limiting” the poll to only Facebook excludes the younger Sonic fans who most likely became fans because of modern Sonic games.

      That, I don’t want to get a stinking Facebook account just to vote…
      (I will NOT give in to the mainstream!)

  3. Yeah, no kidding….Modern Sonic never stood a chance even though i vote for him. I just wish they had a bot Sonic’s option.

  4. Personaly I like both versions. In the modern 3D games I like the modern versions in all honesty seeing the picture of both Sonics make me shudder when I see Classic Sonic like that. But on the other hand classic Sonic should have been used in Sonic 4 because, let’s say the original games were remade (yet again) I would HATE to see modern Sonic in thouse games

  5. I kinda like both. Modern Sonic is more of a super cool action hero looking design, while classic Sonic is just adorable.

    1. I agree, both would’ve been a fantastic option, to be honest.

      I mean, growing up with Sonic, I love the classic version because it’s what I grew to love as a child. But then, as I grew up, Sonic too changed, and with games like Adventure and Colours, the modern Sonic is too a great design. I love them both for whatever reasons, and it just seems a shame that even SEGA’s playing favorites with their own mascot.

  6. Modern Sonic. Nostalgia or not, the hedgehog deserves room to evolve and grow. ^^

    1. Technically, the Classic model would count as an “evolution”, given that there’s never been a 3D model of it’s kind unless you count the Adventure 1 model, which was a little smaller and stouter.

      1. *sigh* You misunderstand me. I’m not dissing the modern or the classic, because frankly, I can’t see any major differences that makes him unrecognisable as Sonic in either incarnation.

        1. OH MY GOD! You are like the SMARTEST person on the internet who says anything about Sonic I have ever come across. Seriously there is no REAL difference. An eye color…whoopdie-friggin-doo! Hey why don’t you people go complain about Wonder Woman’s new look, that’s somebody who got an extreme makeover. I don’t complain about any new designs for ANY characters of ANY works, but there is no real difference between “Classic” Sonic or “Modern” Sonic. To me it just seems like ALOT of people don’t like a simple splash of color.

          1. “OH MY GOD! You are like the SMARTEST person on the internet who says anything about Sonic I have ever come across!”

            They say you can’t detect sarcasm on the Internet… They’re wrong.

        2. I was accusing you of disrespect? That’s funny. I was just pointing out how having a new 3D Classic model is just as much an evolution as the Adventure or Adventure 2 model was.

  7. Obviously no knows where Sega is going with this game, but I’d just like to point out (as its been pointed out before) that the design of the hedgehog has no bearing on the quality of the games. Just in case people don’t know about the green eyes trauma in sonic 4.

    I choose modern sonic. First off that one looks like he is athletic (as someone before said) and too me exhumes more attitude. /end mini rant

  8. Tough call. Loved the black eyed ,stout, non speaking Sonic, but also love the green eyed, some what fit looking modern Sonic

  9. I hope people aren’t judging this by the games that their in XD but I went with modern Sonic. I just think it suits Sonic more and gives him more personality then his old school look, but they both kick ass! I actually thought there would be more types of Sonic’s but looks like it’s aimed towards these two

  10. I mean, i love both, and have been a fan for my entire life, from sonic 1 up to sonic colors. I gotta say, i do like modern sonic better, just because he looks cooler, nostalgia aside. Plus i did enjoy SA1 and 2, so modern sonic wasn’t all bad memories. I would like to play as both though.

  11. Well, my money goes to SEGA using the Classic Sonic starting from now on and bringing the fanbase to further insanity.

  12. Definately Modern Sonic

    I just love Exploring round areas and city locations, I love the clear views, The fitting music, the lifelike scenes, the hidden pathways, The designs and animations, the posters, the billboards, hidden valuables, hearing Laughable, dull and Good VAs and more access to secret locations….It’s a big,wild adventure once you start playing like your being reborn but into something exciting,bigger,better,higher which makes it more Thrilling and fun it feels like you are part of the adventure It’s like you have a new life inside which is part of the 3D era It’s awesome IMO

    Yes we will complain when It’s too easy and we will moan when it’s hard *RAAAGGHH THROWS CONTROLLER*

    But it’s wonderful, it is glorious and IS OURS

    The reason why i love Modern Sonic ๐Ÿ™‚

    I think Classic is okay for a few of the same reasons but also different reasons….I like it and I do have fun sometimes but I prefer Moderon Sonic more

    But I will day I like both and Neither do not SUCK ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. I really wish there was a “both” option, because I love them both equally. I went with “modern”, however, because whenever I think of Sonic, the first version that pops into my head is modern.

  14. Modern Sonic. Not that Classic Sonic doesn’t have his charm, and I won’t deny that his appearance in the trailer took my breath away!! It’s just that his modern design has always just made more sense. And I never thought there was anything wrong with it. Still, I think it’s nice that SEGA are clearly listening to the fans.

  15. So every comment thus far has been for Modern Sonic. YET THE RESULTS ARE 3/4 CLASSIC 1/4 MODERN. ISNT THIS STRANGE?

    1. As someone said earlier, I believe it’s because there’s more older Sonic fans that actually have a facebook account. The generation that grew up with modern Sonic doesn’t have the same auidence due to not using it yet. I mean, if it was a open poll where anyone can place a vote, I think the votes would change alot.

  16. I look at it this way – Sonic grew up. He’s one of the few video game characters to visibly grow and age. The only other that comes to mind is Spyro (but then again, he gets redesigned every like, three years).

    I’m not going to vote simply because I prefer not to get caught up in things. That being said, I prefer modern over classic. Classic Sonic is cute, but he doesn’t really seem to fit in a 3D environment…Although he fits much more than Alex Kidd. *Shudder*

    1. Well seeing it that way isn’t quite accuract because that wouldn’t explain the suddenly eyecolor.

      His design is completely commercial. This is why people are confused. No, the 2 designs are not 2 totally different characters. No he didn’t change because of age. It’s profile. The redesigned him. If we see a flashback of his first fight with Robotnik, he will look like modern Sonic and Robotnik will have his modern clothing because that’s how Sonic and Robotnik look. As far as Sonic’s concerned his design has never changed. The most up-to-date info on their profile goes for their entire life. It’s only changed from our point of view in the real world.

      For example. In the original Japanese manuals of the classics, Sonic is 10. If Sonic is currently 15 and Tails is 8, then Sonic being 10 would make Tails 3. In Sonic 2, Sonic is 11 so Tails would be 4. Since Sonic 3 is directly after Sonic 2, he’s still 11 and Tails is still 4 and Knuckles would be 12. BUT, in Sonic 3, Knuckles is 15, 4 years older than Sonic. If this is because they’ve aged since Sonic Adventure and on to modern Sonic, then Knuckles would still be 4 years older than Sonic which would make him 19 right now. But he’s not. He’s 16. He’s 1 year older than Sonic.

      This is a proficial change. Since Knuckles is currently 1 year older than Sonic, then CURRENTLY, Knuckles was one year older than Sonic when they met, despite what the original manuel says. Basically, changing that kind of information means they re-wrote that part of the character. When Sonic met Tails, he had green eyes and when he met Knuckles, Knuckles was a year older than him. At least that is what it currently is. =P

      1. You know, I found a funny picture on Deviantart that gave a plausible way for Sonic’s eye color change.


        …Contacts! It was quite a humorous idea, actually. Although i doubt Sonic wore contacts to make his eyes appear black, it certainly is a way to protest everyone freaking out over the eye color. I mean, seriously…It’s eye colors. It’s not like they painted him from blue to purple with yellow spots -.-‘

        Erhem. Anyways, “Modern” Sonic gets my vote. Although in all reality, both are Sonic…It was nice in Colors to see some of the original attitude Sonic had come back (he was a little too arrogant in my opinion though. If he learned to follow things that glow, he should know that arrogance will get you killed ^^’ ).

        I somewhat doubt that SEGA will go back to Sonic’s original appearance for 3D appearances, though. They’ve grown attached to this form, and have also been trying to make it a little more realistic in terms of athletics. They may go back to the classic design for future ventures in 2D, however…Or incorporate more adventures of the two designs together.

        1. Or, you know, a decade of disenfranchised fans separated the two era designs of Sonics, interpreted them as completely different characters where they loved one and hated the other, and now SEGA is picking up on it. Derp!

  17. This is a ridiculously tough question.

    As much as I love Classic, Modern Sonic would be my option. I agree with the other people thinking that it shows how he has grown over the years; it’s something unique about him that you dont see in a lot of video games.

    IMO, from now on whenever sega makes the sonic games, they should use modern sonic for 3D games and classic sonic for 2D

  18. even though i grew up on classic sonic im gonna go with both….
    to bd there isnt a both -_- so modern sonic.
    hes cool, cocky and his design rocks

  19. Aww man. Is there a “tie” choice? I don’t like either better I like them the same. One looks cheesey and the other looks dopey. But I like them both. They’re both cool, just they could both be cooler. I like the in-between design best. You know, the one that came after classic but before the modern one (aka “NextGen)

    I know Classic will win simply cuz more ppl want to relive their childhood (which is worrisome as people in general. We’re gonna have a lot more people like Richard Kuta obviously. And note, he’s almost 30 and messes with Sonic like a child and takes pictures of himself in diapers… WITH A PACIFIER. Just saying.)

    Seriously, if they could just do a new design that’s similar to both classic and modern that’d be swell. It’d probably look like the Adventure Sonic again anyways. lol. I mean, when his design was changing I actually considered that an improvement til Sonic Heroes where it just didn’t look like it had anything to offer. Keep the green eyes, the soles and blue eyelids cuz it looks better. Keep the smaller torso and “Taller” look. (Despite the fact modern and classic are both 3’4 lol) BUT get rid of the box-shaped body as in make the torso round like classic instead of a rectangle like now. Make the eyes more round than squared. Hake the ears pointy again rather than almost mouse looking. Make his hair a little shorter and covered rather than long and straight like awkward gel. And that sound about do it. C:

  20. Personally I’d go for the Modern option – his current design balances classical references with a sleeker update. As opposed to the Adventure days where he was presented as ‘cool’, the ‘shiny plastic’ Sonic Heroes era and the ‘humanoid hipster’ of ’06, the Unleashed/Colors model (which seems to be the one shown here) takes the best features of both eras. His quills are slightly longer but not too long (06′ had the latter issue), his eyes are expressive without being overly aggressive (SA days), and his legs are longer than classic Sonic’s but not noticeably so (06′ problem, again). And he’s not shiny plastic, which is always a good thing.

    In short, a near perfect model of the Modern Sonic, and a nice contrast with the pot-bellied classic.

  21. Ive said this before years ago, the classic sonic is more appealing and more liked By gamers and public alike.
    This voting is proof, i dont mind the moden design though if im honest lol i like both, but i love the classic one more hes more iconic and likable. 9,550 votes for classic sonic thats a bigger number then expected.

  22. Why is such a big deal? More or less every games character changed in appearance after the sprite era ended :/
    It made them look more believable.
    If you ask me, everyone’s just being stupid.

    Facebook users are mostly older fans anyway, they just vote for what they know, but gaming isn’t sprites any more.

    Besides, Classic Sonic’s 3D model is goofy looking; the design worked for sprites, but the 3D isn’t really doing it for me…

  23. Modern Sonic is great, however Classic Sonic from the Classic Mega Drive Series is my Favourite (including Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog :lol:) and also it seen cute :aww: maybe it show Modern Tails & Classic Tails, Modern Knuckles & Classic Knuckles, Modern Amy Rose, Classic Amy Rose finally Modern Dr.Eggman (Dr.Robotnik) & Classic Dr.Robotnik (Dr.Eggman) (unless it will use AOSTH Dr.Robotnik watch out for Momma Robotnik she more mad that Dr.Robotnik) :giggle: ^v^ “chao”

  24. I don’t honestly mind, I love the classic Sonic because he was appealing at the age I was growing up, and he still signifies that child like quality.
    Modern Sonic I feel is great, he’s better built as lozfoe said, plus I really like his attitude as a character. He just feels right.
    His “Unleashed” update which has appeared since is by far the greatest looking because it does capture an essence of both generations.

  25. Funny, this sort of talk never went down over which Mario looks better, classic or modern… Hell, Mickey Mouse doesn’t look the same today as he did over 90 years ago and nobody’s playing favourites today.

    Okay, granted, most Mickey Mouse fans then are most likely already dead, but still.

    Personally, Modern Sonic is better. You know why? Looks change, they evolve and they don’t stay the same for decades because they’ll start to look flat. Don’t vote based on the games the designs were in and consider them crappy thereof. If Sega were to have Classic Sonic return permanently, it doesn’t mean that the games will suddenly be better. If that’s how some of you think, then you’re being immature and spoiled rotten. Sega only brought the Classic Sonic back to celebrate Sonic’s 20 years, and I thank them for it. Be thankful.
    If Classic Sonic replaces the modern Sonic, then we might as well have EVERYTHING around us shift back to their original designs from 50 years ago, because everybody’ll be complaining anyway.

    To be honest, I love Classic Sonic. I don’t hate him period. But Sega should just stick to what it wants to do, because either way, fans will end up complaining about something else regardless. “Oh the music isn’t the same! The physics are crap, they aren’t like they were in Sonic 2! The Homing Attack ruins the game, it sucks!” Oh BOOHOO! SUCK IT UP, PRINCESS!
    At least be happy that Sega brought the old Sonic back to celebrate 20 years, but they have their own plans too, you know. Sure, it’s nice to listen to the fans every once in a while, but it’s tiring having to follow someone else’s wishes compared to your own.

    As much as I love you, Classic Sonic, Modern Sonic +1.

    1. They can do whatever the hell they want as long as the games are fun. To that end, I say fuck the homing attack and the grinding, and stop designing the games around them. Or at least try different designs with them, not that I expect them to become much more fun.

  26. I just don’t get why some people will still rather Classic Sonic. I myself have grown with Sonic and I did have my childhood with Classic Sonic but as time goes on and qualities get better, Sonic had to be redesigned of course to look better. Modern Sonic looks so cool and great. Now that we all have become familiar with Sonic’s great attitude, a Classic Sonic is dud to me.
    The poll is most probably just for fun or at most for Sonic 4: E2. Replacing Modern Sonic with Classic sonic in this era is insanity.
    But that’s just my opinion. I don’t mean to insult people who voted Classic Sonic.

    1. Insanity? Maybe. I just see it as a preliminary good gesture that should be followed with better games that are similar to the good games from the 90s. Are you really going to blame people who suffered through a decade of shitty or lackluster Sonic games for not even liking the sight of Sonic?

  27. I think nostalgia is playing a huge role on the choice. I would totally vote for old school Sonic…

    Anyway, there’s not a single version of the modern Sonic. If you play close attention, you’ll see subtle differences. Sonic Next-Gen’s had really long legs, arms and spikes, but Sonic Advance’s was closer to old Sonic. They all got green eyes and slim build, but there are differences (and not just illusions). The same applies for classic Sonics. The proportion of the head and the body changed from Sonic 1 to Sonic 2 (not in the sprites, but in the Japanese artworks).

    Old school Sonic was designed for 2D environments. His spikes looked fine in the games, but it was strange to see him from behind. An interesting side effect is that cartoon shows disagree with the games about the spikes. So I think the change to the 3D environment was partly responsible for the change in the design. I don’t think it was simply a rebranding, a change of attitude. His new spikes look better from behind, it’s like hair suffering the effects of the wind. Even the way Sonic runs changed. You can’t see his legs spinning from behind, but you can see his arms swinging. So it’s not like modern Sonic is incompetent design. It offers good solutions to visual problems. It’s actually better.

    And I would still vote for classic Sonic. Simply for nostalgia. Even if I think modern Sonic looks better in 3D.

  28. I know I’ve replied like a billion times already, but DANG!. Did everyone here say modern Sonic…awesome!

  29. I can’t say I didn’t play the game yet ๐Ÿ™‚

    and how many of you REAL Sonic fans knew that sonic always had Six quills? excluding the two on both of their backs.

  30. I like both models, I like classic sonics model better, but both are awesome, I have some great memories with modern sonic model.
    What about Sonic r?
    Sonic the Fighters?
    Sonic 3D blast?
    and…lol Sonics Schoolhouse?

    1. What about them? Hell, which of my posts are you even replying to?

      I kinda like Sonic the Fighters. At least it’s a decent spinoff. And I wouldn’t say 3D blast is anywhere as bad as, let’s say, any of the Storybook games or Sonic Heroes–and it had Richard Jacques’ talent in the Saturn version. Sonic R sucks.

  31. There is always the group of people who says that the classic Sonic is better. The big problem is that the Sonic series unique because it never stay in the same design, so there was never such thing as Classic or modern. It was like Sonic, like Grassy said, was just aging, diferent from other series that stays almost static forever. Now those people that just reconizes classic Sonic as design and Sonic 1 as the real true Sonic game should be thankful because we always have at least one new Sonic game every year, if still want to stay saying unuseful thing, is just a matter of learn how to make hacks/fan games and keep they own story. I think Sonic and co. should be treated as heroes, like Marvel or DC, and not like another game or childish character, like Mario, Mickey and others.

    And about this new game, since Sega always use some epic stuff on storyline (that in my opnion is great), I think probably the two Sonic’s will meet thru time travel and, like I said before, he have just aged, and not about some multi dimensional thing because this would ruin the game canonical timeline.

    Well, is just a guess, I won’t talk about design since Sega don’t leave the series like a child thing (that would not make sense since the realease of complex storylines and not-just-for-kids gameplay like Sonic/Shadow The Hedgehog) like some egoistical fans want. The series must evolve and expand, of course, with limits that not inflicts damage on gameplay.

    Just my opnions, forgive any gramatical mistakes!!!

    1. Sonic games have a canonical timeline?

      It’s pretty simple. Classic represents the 5 good to great Genesis games, and Modern represents the decent to awful 3D games and the somewhat competent handheld series.

      The less they emphasize on a serious plot involving either time travel or multiple dimensions (both things they have done already), the better. And there’s already a great Sonic game that makes use of time travel: Sonic CD.

  32. It’s hard to say which one i like… I grew up with modern Sonic, but there’s just something about Classic Sonic that’s just… epic. To epic to express.

    Modern Sonic has this attitude that Classic Sonic just can’t express. Modern Sonic is athletic and thin(you would be too, if you ran so much), and Classic Sonic is fat and short. But, the Classic era was when Sonic really shined, because there was only, like, 6 Recurring Characters(Characters that appeared for most of the games). In the Modern era, there’s like 20 that steal the spotlight(Yes, I’m looking at you, Shadow. -_-). More than that only had one appearance.

    I’m getting bored, so my rant-er, COMMENT is over.

    1. You’re not making sense. The old Sonic doesn’t have attitude because he’s fat and short? Did you even play the old games or watch any of the commercials? Classic’s attitude showed more attitude and varied expressions than the modern artwork tends to exhibit. With the modern, it’s just that permanent Nike grin painted on his face.

  33. I like both…

    It’s always like an adventure 2D or 3D It’s always exciting and sometimes scary….from Loop to Loops to huge highway cities from wide forests to exotic and huge jungles from other hospitable and thrilling enviroments it just adds a lot of life to it and then enter….The VAs (Funny, bad or good they still add something to it), different types of platforming, SPEED and MORE SPEED, Unexpected parts, graphics,designs and animations with to add – Presentation, Secrecy stuff and The exclusives- SPECIAL STAGES How could I forget ๐Ÿ˜†

    Both versions bring something into the character they add life, excitement and justice making it more special…Both versions are unique in my opinion playing with Classic Sonic is addictive and just so exhilarating that you just cannot take your eyes of the screen while Modern Sonic is also Adventurous and fun…exploring, zooming past different lands and eviroments while watching clear cutscenes fit with VAs and filled with music

    Both Versions are great though I might be focusing on Modern Sonic a bit more….I still like both a lot….We can have different types of feelings while playing both versions

    If it’s too easy, too hard or not as what they expected to be…..Your Cocky,your smug,your eager to complete it, you shout in fustration, you throw your controller,you rage, you tell yourself not to give up, your confused at times, you take a breather, you play it again and again and again and again….and AGAIN, you give priceless expressions at Cutscenes, levels, characters or VAs work XD

    Overall I like both a lot but like I said before I am into the Modern Version a bit more So I think it’s better They both have advantages and disadvantages.

    1. Forgot to add –

      Classic or Modern Sonic will still be Sonic :)…That’s just how I see it anyway…

  34. i dont really care, to me sonic is sonic no matter how small or what colour eyes he has. would any of you act different if your eye colour changed or you were a little bit smaller (but then again there are people that hate being small) not likely

  35. If this poll is really the case, then I hope that they don’t get rid of modern Sonic just because the classic version is more popular and loved by people. People do have different opinions and preferences, yes, but that does not mean they get to start a war over a fictional character about which design is better. I mean, nobody complains about Link looking realistic like he did in Twilight Princess, and nobody complains about Mario’s design in any of the new Mario games (since he’s had that same modern design since the N64 days). So why would anyone complain about Sonic having a new, current design? Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic are still the same character, the same being, and the same body and soul. It’s okay if you people like the ‘classic’ Sonic better then the modern one whenever you want, but don’t shove that opinion down everyone’s throat about it. I have learned my lesson on not shoving my opinions down others’ throats, and it would be nice if everyone would learn the same.

    I like the modern designs better because they’re more up to date, but I would not have a problem if SEGA decides to give new designs to their characters in the future (Let’s say, for example, a new design that’s a cross between classic and modern Sonic, which has modern Sonic’s green eyes but has classic Sonic’s body). Sonic Generations looks promising, but as long as they keep the anime/Super Smash Bros. Brawl/modern Sonic that we all have been familiar with since the Dreamcast days, then I will be pleased.

    1. Man, I really gotta stop replying to all these comments, but everyone’s got SO much to say about this goddamned poll, so might as well!

      People did complain about Link’s look in Wind Waker, though, and doesn’t the fact that Mario’s design barely ever changed undermine your argument? The main distinguishing factor we’re missing here is the very games that these designs are associated with, and instead of explaining again which model represents which set of games, let me make another example. What if Nintendo decides to start developing or publishing Zelda games like the CD-i Zelda games, complete with their distinct animation and designs? What if they kept doing it for their main Zelda titles for 10 years, while barely keeping their fanbase sane with some decent 2D games for the handhelds? How would you feel about how Link looks after all that? You’d fucking hate it, not only because Link looks ugly as shit, but because his games are awful too and so is his reputation.

      Anyways, if you really feel that strongly about whether or not Modern Sonic will be in the game, aren’t you being no better than the Classic fans who “shove their opinions down your throat” (what, by constituting a majority in a poll?) and complain about not having a different model in a game? Or is this distinction, on which the battle lines of yet another Sonic fan war been drawn, really just a shared sentiment between both kinds of fans?

  36. Honestly, I’m on the camp of both. I mean seriously….does it really matter what he looks like?

  37. Both models look excellent…but if I had to choose I’d definitely go with classic…I grew up with that one, he had more of an impact on me, his games were outstanding and more consistent, and he stood for something so much more than the modern Sonic could ever dream of (no offense). I LOVE modern Sonic, but to me personally he doesn’t stand a chance against the classic boiiiiiiiii!!!!

  38. I like both in their own contexts, but generally I prefer modern Sonic.

    Although, I like the “pre-Unleashed modern Sonic.” Once Unleashed came around they’ve been using more or less the same design since and I think it was an attempt to make the modern Sonic look slightly more like his classic self. I’m not a huge fan of his current, cutesy design.

    For me, the perfect Sonic design was how he appeared in the hi-res CGI cutscenes by Blur Studios in Sonic 06 (not the in-game model.)

    Think about this for a sec. In the 90’s, did you actually think of Sonic mainly as cute and adorable? I didn’t and I don’t know anybody who did. When I was growing up with Sonic, it was actually like I WAS growing up with him. At first, he looked more or less like this current “classic Sonic” being put forward by SEGA now, although some artist’s renditions had him looking pretty cocky and mean-ish, (the Sonic 2 box-art for example.)

    In the later 90’s with Sonic Jam he looked slightly older and still retained that “hedgehog with attitude” look and by the time Sonic Adventure came around he looked very very different (and awesome, IMO,) although his in-game model gave him a round belly whereas the official art showed the more athletic figure. Sonic Adventure 2 was the peak of Sonic’s mature look, I think, because Sonic Heroes took a generally cutesier direction while still maintaing all the modern designs.

    It’s a shame that Sonic 06 was slammed so badly because I think the idea of “what if Sonic was real?” is a good direction to take. It was just the game itself that turned out poor, but it seems to have permanently discouraged SEGA ever going down that route again. Some fans may not like any form of realism in Sonic full stop and that’s ok.

    I personally feel kinda detached from the current “modern Sonic,” and choosing between it and “classic Sonic” is like asking me to choose between “cute” and “cuter.” To me he seems to have lost his visual look of attitude, or at least it’s not as prominent as it was before Sonic Unleashed came along.

    1. “Itโ€™s a shame that Sonic 06 was slammed so badly because I think the idea of โ€œwhat if Sonic was real?โ€ is a good direction to take. It was just the game itself that turned out poor…”

      I agree with you for the most part but that game in particular had too many fantasy elements for it to answer the question! Shame.

  39. Worst poll ever.

    It’s bad enough that the fans feel the need to draw battle lines between so-called ‘Classic’ Sonic and ‘Modern’ Sonic. But the company that created him encouraging such uncouth behaviour and hatred? Unacceptable!

    Besides, they really are the same Sonic…just set in different time periods. And, as corny as this may sound, they’re the same on the inside and that’s what really matters.

    1. I agree. No matter if it’s Green eyes, or Black, he’s still Sonic the Hedgehog. I never did get the whole design debate.

    2. Wait, what? I thought it was the games that really mattered?

      Sonic fans really are batshit insane. /lol

  40. It was a mistake for Sega to make Modern and Classic Sonic two different characters.

    Now Sega will probably look at this and say .”Hmm I guess we better get rid of his current look.”

    1. They better not get rid of his modern look or else I will be very disappointed.

      They could’ve just made an all-new design that’s a cross between both the classic and modern looks (Like you see in the Archie Sonic Comics), if you know what I mean.

      1. You’ll still have people who identify more with the older models, and until the games improve dramatically, the model debate will still remain a matter of preference and/or what they represent. It’s the games that matter more, and yet here we are making more of models and polls than we should.


  41. I like both designs Classic for the perfect circles it has & Modern because it looks cool & totally fits with modern times I think they really should of had a “Both” option

  42. If it’s aesthetics I’m not really sure. Classic Sonic has a confident look to him with a hint of cuteness while the new Sonic is sleeker but I somehow seems more arogant.

    If we’re talking games definetly classic Sonic because only Sonic Colours seems to have but the modern hedgehog back onto the gaming scene. Almost all the classic Sonics where……well, classic.

  43. Modern Sonic, because… it just fits! I DO like the classic one, for reasons that a lot of people said before me. i would love to vote BOTH, but i prefer modern Sonic. i LOVE the new things they added to sonic, because its still the running hedgehog we all know and love. I like the homing attack, the rails, the boost gauge, sonic 4, unleashed, the werehog, the whisps, the sword, riders, super sonic final bosses, new voices, etc…

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