RUMOR: Sonic Generations and New Mario and Sonic Box Art Leaked?

From this TSSZ article looks like what could be the first non-final box art for both Sonic Generations and an all-new Mario and Sonic title, Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. If found true, this would confirm the Sonic trailer’s title as Sonic Generations and also confirms earlier rumors of a new Mario and Sonic title.








Stay tuned for more Sonic Generations and Mario and Sonic news in the upcoming weeks leading to E3.

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      1. Saying that the point is money is the same as saying that the point is to please fans.

        They spend money to make a game. If they make a game they know fans won’t like, then they don’t profit. The only reason they made it is because they must’ve gotten a good response from the first two.

        Truth be told, a lot of people did like Olympic Games while there were FEW problems, but then Olympic Winter Games came out and it was viewed as far superior and a lot of people liked it. And with good reason. The ice skating referencing a history of Sonic games and Mario games, and then having certain stages almost an exact replica of stages from Mario and Sonic games? Such as Seaside Hill, Radical Highway, a Special Stage, a stage from Mario Galaxy, from Sonic Riders, etc.

        Omega had a cool voice again (despite being recycled clips from 06, but proving FURTHER that the bad Omega voice in 06 was not due to the actress but the editing, just as the Japanese Omega voice also sounded like this in 06 despite being the same Japanese VA from Heroes and Shadow)

        So maybe a lot of ppl are SAYING they don’t want another Olympics game, but a lot MORE people are wanting to play it. Heck, how do you know it won’t be WAAAY superior to even Winter Olympics? You haven’t seen a trailer, gameplay or tried it.

        I will admit it’s redundant but that didn’t stop Mario Party. lol

        Think of it this way, another point could be to add characters to the roster like many other party games that continue as a series. lol

        1. You’re forgetting about the casual crowd. While there’s no doubt there’s a lot of fans buying these Olympic games, there’s many many more casual gamers buying them. The first two games sold millions and millions of copies on both Wii and DS.

          1. How am I forgetting the casual crowd? XD

            “The only reason they made it is because they must’ve gotten a good response from the first two.”

            “Truth be told, a lot of people did like Olympic Games”

            “So maybe a lot of ppl are SAYING they don’t want another Olympics game, but a lot MORE people are wanting to play it.”

            These are in reference to people in general, not just fans. There’s a few points in there that are a reference to fans tho, but that’s just because I’m saying not as many fans hate it as they think. =p

        2. that was waaaayy too long. But you’re right. There are a lot of people who say they don’t want the games, but there are a lot more who do want it. (see how I shortened it?)

  1. So let me guess, we’ll have a Mario and Sonic every two years…
    I was really hoping this year there will be a REAL crossover of Sonic and Mario like in an Adventure game, you know.
    As I’ve been saying lately, SEGA is playing it safe.

  2. I wish they would make ‘Mario & Sonic at the Platform games’. White background means it’s most likely fake.

    Generations cover
    I think Sonics should be behind the ring and background being Green hill Zone like shown in teaser

    1. You have to remember this is WIP artwork, if you ever look in say the Argos catalogue you’ll often find box art with no real cover yet

    2. “The white background means it’s fake” But the text on each cover translates into something along the lines of: “NOT FINAL COVER ART” I see these unfinished covers all the time on the Sega website.

  3. Caliing these fake might not be the right phrase. Its obvious that these cannot be the final covers due to the very simple design (eg the plain white background) but that artwork of new and classic sonic appears to be brand new so I reckon that the idea of these being leaked work-in-progress covers is indeed correct. Of course this is just my opinion so you dont have to agree with it.

  4. I tried translating that phrase on the Sonic Generations box. I don’t know what the ‘NAO’ part is, but ‘CAPA’ translates to ‘FINAL’ and ‘DEFINITIVA’ translates to ‘ULTIMATE’ or ‘COATING’…

    1. I don’t know if this helps but in my language ‘nao’ means ‘δεν’

      ‘δεν’ in english means ‘not’

    2. I don’t know if this is accurate but I heard the writing on the covers mean “Not Final Cover”

      Technically you can take the latin roots and kinda see that. It also matches up with what you guys said.

      Nao = Not

      Capa = Final

      Definitiva = Coating (a synonym for “coating” is “cover”)

      1. Oh yeah, and I didn’t catch this earlier but Frokenok3 just said that “nao” means “not”, so that further supports what I said. XD

        1. So in the end we have ‘not final cover’. Now if it’s fake or not that’s a different story.

          Sega sure is smart though cause in the forums they made a thread about it and no one close it or said something about it. That way they showing us that this may be real or maybe it’s not.

      2. FoxBoy is right.

        I am Brazilian, and this text is in Portuguese, and it translates as:

        CAPA = COVER
        NÃO = NOT


  5. even of it is fake I can live with that cover.looks knida nice.

    as for the olyimpics how many more are there so we can count down to the final game.

  6. As others have said, these box arts are temporary ones, not fake ones. Video games get these all of the time. The portugese text says they’re not final, too.

    1. Oh it says the same thing in portugese…okay.

      Just one question. When a game has an unfinished box art/temporary one does that mean the game is almost finished?

      1. Not really. These always pop up around the time of a game being announced, so that retailers can use them as place holders on their pre-order listings. I predict this game will come out in November like all main Sonic games usually do.

        1. I see…makes sense. After all Sonic’s main games always come around October/November.

          Thanks Shadzter.

  7. Another Mario and Sonic Olympic adventure eh?

    Why am I not surprised.

    Better have a freaking huge roster of playable characters. And I mean freaking huge like 30 to 40 characters.

  8. “Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics” – Darkest Mario and Sonic title yet?

    I only say that ‘cos of the bleak greyscale graphics and the morbid story mode in which thanks to lax security measures, Dr. Eggman and Bowser commit suicide by blowing up the stadium, killing all the spectators and atheletes apart from the titular characters and the whole game is just those two trying to look for their friends amongst the burning rubble while they wait for emergency services to arrive.

  9. I would’ve preferred a proper platformer game for Mario and Sonic, or better yet, an RPG. But I don’t mind another Olympic title. The first one was ok, but there wasn’t much to it other than seeing plumber and hedgehog on the same screen. Winter Olympics did much better with the improved dream events and story mode. If they can apply that to the normal Olympic games, this should be something to look forward to.

  10. I’m just saying, a lot of people are saying “Box art sucks, it’s fake” I don’t remember how often I’ve seen Nintendo do something like this, for the “released concept art” they almost always just put the game title on a solid color usually black or white and start advertising it, heck they did the same thing with Colours for who knows how long.
    Yeah I don’t know how reliable that picture is, but if a person wanted to make people beleive a fake game was real wouldn’t they make realy epic looking?

  11. If the Wii IS getting another Olympic Games game, we could see some events that originally appeared on the DS Version, like Bicycling and Boxing. Both could work, with the help of the Wii Balance Board and MotionPlus. And with DK already a part of it since the Winter Olympics, we could finally see Knuckles fighting Donkey Kong in the Boxing Ring!

  12. I want to see in Mario and Sonic 2012 Olympics are for playable characters is: 40
    Donkey Kong
    Diddy Kong
    Bowser Jr.
    Funky Kong
    Dry Bowser
    Dry Bones
    Petey Pirahna
    King Boo

    Eggman Nega
    Metal Sonic

    Koopa Troopa
    Hammer Bro.
    Egg Pawns
    and more

    Dream Events stages:
    Green Hill Zone
    Mario Circuit
    Delfino Plaza
    Seaside Hill
    Special Stage (Sonic Heroes)
    Jungle Japes
    Emerald Coast
    Tropical Resort
    Empire City
    Metal City
    Mushroom Kingdom
    Princess Peach’s Castle
    Bowser’s Castle
    Wario Stadium
    and many more Mario & Sonic stages

  13. More Olympics?


    Generations looks snazzy, though. I really want these to be fake… Hahhahaa

    1. I think their Temporary ones I don’t think their fake…I think the Final version will have more colour and detail on it…on both boxes

  14. Oh God….I’m excited 😀

    Perhaps the final covers will have a bit more colour in them….and of course Licensed by Nintendo The Mario and Sonic one…They better have more characters playable….while the covers are in works

    I um suppose we should wait for the info Kellie will give us soon and possibly a gameplay of it after we have got most things covered up 🙂

  15. If they are going to make another Mario and Sonic game does it have to invole the olympics AGAIN?!

  16. I can’t believe the number of people in these comments who have not seen a placeholder cover design before.

    Did you not see Sonic Free Riders place holder art? It was literally the title of the game on a white background.

  17. I loved those first two olympic games, but honestly, if this is real, I am going to be pretty disappointed. I’d rather Mario and Sonic be together in an adventure or even a party game, maybe an RPG? a shooter? A Music Game? Anything but more Olympics.

    1. Its not so much Mario and Sonic as it is the Olympics venue again. I think people are ready to see those two actually go on an adventure…or something.

      I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Sonic vs. Mario fighting game, to be honest.

      1. Yeah but it’s not very likely, not soon anyways. I mean crossing Sonic and Mario over is kinda difficult unless you put them in a game they’re not usually in.

        Their gameplay is different. A Sonic and Mario platformer would be like Sonic Generations only with Mario instead of Classic Sonic. First thing is they gotta start with Classic Sonic first before moving onto something like Mario. Secondly, we can’t have an awesome Sonic Generations-styled Sonic and Mario game stealing thunder from the real Sonic Generations game. lol

        As for a fighting game… you got Brawl. lol And likely whatever sequel comes after Brawl. =P

        Don’t get me wrong, I think it’d be cool and a platformer would be cool, but let’s let them build up to that. For all we know this Olympic Games will probably be different. After all, it’s not the Winter Olympics. Technically this is Olympic Games 2. And since it can’t be the same as Olympic Games 1, there’s gotta be a major difference. o.o

  18. As much as I enjoy the Mario & Sonic Olympics games, it’ll be very disappointing if this turns out to be true. For once I’d like SEGA to have a go at making a proper crossover game with Mario & Sonic working together to fight against Eggman & Bowser, not just another sports game which brings the two franchises together just for the sake of it.

  19. Wait a minute, wasnt it confirmed that the next mario and sonic game wouldnt be olympics?
    Or was that just a rumor?

    1. A lot of people are assuming this is fake because it was confirmed to not be related to sports. But that came with the announcement of “Sonic Anniversary” and everything said about these games were said to also be mere rumors and that we weren’t actually sure if it was true or not.

  20. Well they are not the final design of the box art, it gives people some thing to think about what it’s going to look like. It’s got me wondering!

  21. Mario and sonic at the london Olympics will likely happen, think , the Olympic games are only for the Money, there not for the fans etc, all sega do is slap sonic and mario characters at the olympics to make it sell. ive heard nothing but bad views from fans and gamers alike, winter olympics people have stated its worse. i couldnt bother buying them since most people told me to avoid them. but i did play the first and got bored stright away. i rather stick with sonic generations, but im going to avoid info on it, less you know the more you enjoy it.
    Hence why i enjoyed the gameplay of sonic colours.

    1. You mean “All Sega AND NINTENDO do is slap Sonic and Mario in the Olympics to make it sale”.

      Umm, no. It could also be because it’s FUN! It’s a party game that ppl like only, like you said, with Mario and Sonic slapped on. I think it doesn’t make it sale, it just makes it sale more. In terms of the fanbase, it wouldn’t really make it sale more. It’d just make the fans go “You guys only care about the money” kinda like what you’re doing right now. lol

      But hey, no one ever complained about more than half of Mario’s games being sports or some major gimmick in it’s own right or some party game. I mean come on, I own Mario Part 7. Seriously? 7!!!? Secone games of the same party game series!!? And it’s not even the last one. XD

  22. Let me just say the Sonic Generations box art looks sick! But I honestly am dissapointed how they’re still treating the most phenomenal gaming mascots of all time and slapping it in yet another party game. Mario and Sonic are known for being the best at PLATFORMING games! Though I do admit I like playing Mario Party with my friends it’s not the reason why Mario is such a respected icon. Would it honestly be so hard to create a platforming game with these 2 amazing mascots? Then and only then will these stupendous gaming heroes get the respect by being together…

  23. Definately fake. The next Mario and Sonic won’t be the 2012 Olympics, and on the Sonic Generations cover, the classic Sonic looks more like a 3D rendition of the Sonic 1 Genesis cover than in the Generations trailer.

    1. So.. the reason you say they’re “fake” is because you:

      A.) Trust Nintendo wouldn’t milk a successful series like the Mario & Sonic Olympic games, just because it was said that it may not be the next Mario & Sonic game


      B.) Don’t find it at all possible for a game called Sonic Generations to feature both classic and modern Sonic doing the SAME pose as Sonic did 20 years ago on the first Sonic game cover. Not that anything important happened 20 years ago to warrant that they’re doing that pose, in front of Green Hill Zone, or anything. You’re right, it would be stupid if a game that was said to be a remake of the best Sonic levels were to touch back on where it all began for a mock-up cover art.

      Which is what this is. A Mock-up cover art, for both games. I’m not sure when the last time you saw a Wii (or any) game with a small picture and words that translate into “Not Final Cover”, but clearly you have never seen a placeholder either.

  24. Sonic Generations boxart could be real but the Olympicas one looks fake mostly because it doesnt’t have Mario or Sonic on the cover.

  25. Wow, a Portuguese text on a leaked boxart! 😀
    I’m Portuguese, so I feel it’s an honor.

    The artwork of the Sonics seems real enough. I’d take it as real.

    Another sequel to Mario & Sonic? I wonder what new stuff they’ll bring to the table…

  26. if Mario and Sonic will happen I want some form of story mode like the DS winter olympic games

  27. I’m sorry to say, but u guys r kinda dumb. If uv haven’t seen the anniversary game trailer this is probably concept box art for that game. It’s called genrations in another country cause there’s writing in a different language.

  28. Didnt last year – We found out there will be a Mario and Sonic game thats not a Olympic game? Im pretty sure that boxart is fake

    1. I haven’t, once, found a place yet that says that the next Mario & Sonic game WOULD’NT be a sports title. I have, however, found at least 3 websites with quotes and sources that say it MIGHT NOT be a sports title.

      If the London Olympics weren’t next year, I’d be calling B.S., but it is, and the Olympics titles are probably selling well for casual gamers, spiteful fanboys, and the people that got a Panasonic 3D0 instead of an N64 or Saturn regrettably. It’s a successful series, and even though the next title was said to might not be a sports title… guess what, it might be. And so far, there’s more evidence (a stand-in game cover) saying it’s going to exist than that it won’t (a source that confirms another game will be made, but is unsure/unable to say what genre it’ll be.)

    2. It’s temporary box art. All video games get these in the early days. Look at the temporary Rage box art for example.

      That stuff about the next Mario & Sonic not being an Olympics game was a rumour from that SEGA Spain rep that said the Anniversary game was called Sonic Anniversary and would be released on all platforms, but instead we’ve got what looks to be called Sonic Generations and it’s only on Xbox 360 and PS3.

  29. This boxart is terrible because classic sonic is facing the wrong direction and he’s the wrong shade of blue.

  30. Here’s my team for Mario and Sonic 2012 Olympics:
    Team Hedgehogs:
    Sonic, Shadow, Amy and Silver
    Team Brothers:
    Mario, Luigi, Wario and Waluigi
    Team Evil:
    Eggman, Metal Sonic, Bowser and Bowser Jr.
    Team Princess:
    Peach, Daisy, Blaze and Rosalina
    Team Chaotix:
    Vector, Espio, Charmy and Knuckles
    Team Sonic:
    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy
    Team Lovely Couples:
    Mario, Peach, Sonic and Amy
    Team DK:
    Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Funky Kong and Dixie Kong
    Team Dark:
    Shadow, Rouge, Omega and Metal Sonic
    Team Rose:
    Amy, Blaze, Cream and Big
    Team Yoshi:
    Yoshi, Birdo, Mario and Toad
    Team Females:
    Peach, Daisy, Amy and Blaze
    Team Crazy:
    Cream, Marine, Waluigi, and Toadette
    Team Stupid:
    Wario, Waluigi, Big and Vector
    Team Speed:
    Sonic, Shadow, Daisy and Yoshi
    Team Treasure Hunters:
    Knuckles, Rouge, Wario and Birdo
    Team Buddies:
    Big, Storm, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong
    Team Rivals:
    Metal Sonic, Jet, Wario and Bowser Jr.
    Team Eggman:
    Eggman, Metal Sonic, Shadow and Eggman Nega
    Team Losers:
    Luigi, Wario, Waluigi and Bowser
    Team SEGA Couples:
    Sonic, Amy, Silver and Blaze
    Team Nintendo Couples:
    Mario, Peach, Luigi and Daisy
    Team Nintendo Heroes:
    Mario, Luigi, Yoshi and Peach
    Team SEGA Heroes:
    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy
    Team Rockets:
    Metal Sonic, Omega, Rosalina, Diddy Kong
    Team Not-In-Love:
    Sonic, Amy, Birdo and Bowser (Like Bowser’s ending in Mario Power Tennis)
    and many more team’s names.

      1. Thanks! XD It makes sense him being London Mayor and all.

        And judging by your reaction, he’d boost sales a little bit. XD

  31. Hmm…Interesting. I find it rather hilarious that, if the game is actually called “Sonic Generations”…Well, the fans guessed the name first. Psychic Sonic fans – SEGA’s new nightmare.

    Eh, I haven’t really played the Olympic games. The first one I sucked at (I came in last with speed characters for running events…Yet I rocked swimming with Shadow), but the second one looked a lot better. With any luck, this next possible one will really blow things out of the water…

    Although I agree that an adventure game with Sonic and Mario is long overdue. SEGA and Nintendo are probably waiting for a special time before doing that (or Nintendo could be waiting for SEGA throw in the towel with Sonic due to the crazed fan base. They’ve put up with them for years XD). It’ll be interesting, that’s for sure.

  32. These Olympic games are nice and all, but they should create a Mario & Sonic platformer/adventure game.

  33. If this is true, that game is gonna sell a TON here in the UK. I know I’ll be buying it – when else are you gonna get to see Mario and Sonic in a game set in your home country? 😀

    Apart from Canadians and Chinese of course.

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