Nigel Kitching to Return to Summer of Sonic

The Summer of Sonic convention has always been an awesome place to chill out with the legendary writers and artists behind the Sonic the Comic series, and this year is no exception. Nigel Kitching will be attending SoS this year to help celebrate the blue blur’s 20th Anniversary in style.

From the Summer of Sonic website:

Licensed by SEGA and published by Egmont Fleetway, Sonic the Comic was the perfect (and cheap!) way for British fans of the blue blur to get their dose of hedgehog antics. While initial issues back in 1993 played it safe with the license and offered one-issue strips, Kitching was responsible for spicing up the comic’s plot and giving the book its own unique flavour.

The result was a two-part story (Dr. Robotnik sending Sonic the Hedgehog into the near-future and taking over Mobius in his absence) that would set the foundations for an incredible alternate Sonic universe – one that wasn’t shy to veer from the convention set by the official games, but was also intimately respectful of its source material.

Nigel will be present at The Summer of Sonic 2011 to meet with fans and feature in a panel discussing his comic career and his time on Sonic the Comic.

The fun part is, so far The Summer of Sonic has exclusively announced comic stars as special guests. Could there be yet more guests in other areas that we don’t know about yet, or is this going to be an all-out Comic fest? I certainly wouldn’t place bets on the latter, if I were you…

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  1. Ok. Tracey Yardley, Ian Flyn, Nigel Kitching and a high probability of Nigel Dobbyn appearing…..

    This really is the year of the comic artists for SOS! This is amazingly good news.

  2. Sweet, i loved his work for sonic the comic, best sonic comic ever and still is ^^ i still hope Jaleel is one the guests 🙂

  3. wow! so we got both ARCHIE and FLEETWAY writers in the same convention :D.
    Now someone MUST ASK the following 2 questions!
    2) to Ian Flynn & Tracey WOULD YOU EVER DO A ARCHIE/FLEETWAY CROSSOVER!!!!! come on this is the one and only time we’re ever gonna get this oppertunity to ask and if alot of cheers go up in relation to question 1, then surely he might be thinking hmmmmm ya know what….. 20th anniversary-Sonic is getting cool again……. WHY NOT!
    and the 2nd question just imagine SHORTFUSE THE CYBERNIK VS ARCHIE SONIC how cool would that be!!!!

    1. The second question would be highly controversial I can tell you that considering the UK comic is respected as a seperate and unique entity. Mixing it into a seperate (and argueably) weaker comic, especially with different writers could prove dangerous.

      1. Yea, best to leave StC dead then…..NOT!! Although I don’t agree with the “weak” comment (as StC had WTF headscratchers aplenty just as Archie). I’m not a huge StC fan (butch Amy, tall skinny bugs bunny in jeans, and whole dimension of tails’s make me question why people think StC was “faithful” to the games…) But I won’t deny it was a good read at times and thus deserves some luv even in the form of something as small as a crossover. Most people would be happy at the thought of even an attempt to see this, but this IS the Sonic fandom….*green eyes* shot
        Any way, yay!!! I will beg for art and signitures from all of them.^_^

        1. Well we have STC-O which is fairly faithful to the comics. In terms of print I think it’s best to let STC rest in peace. STC had it’s weak moments with the Shanazar arc, weak 15 or so starting issues and some bizzare one off strips. I hardly think Amy was butch, she could fight and not be annoying, until editors wanted her to be a Mary Sue.

          The reason many say STC is greater than Archie is because the latter was more slapstick; even it’s frontpage strips. The character diolouge and script was also weaker. I really couldn’t get into Archie until Ian Flynn arrived and I still think the slapstick could be turned down.

          I’ll still be buying artwork and getting signings from ALL the comic artists though.

  4. Both Sonic the Hedgehog comics and Sonic The Comic have good plots, but veering away from that topic….

    I’m loving the fact that so far we’ve been getting the artists from both Archie and Fleetway Sonic. I’d love to meet both of them at least once. Trying my best to make it to Summer of Sonic this year!!!!

  5. Since I know I won’t be attending, could someone ask for me what his opinion on the Online comic is, and if (VERY BIG IF) the Fleetway comic is ever revived, would it take into consideration this unofficial continuation?

    * Puts Summer of Sonic on the top of bucket list*

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