New Trailer Teases New Xbox 360 & PS3 Sonic Title


The day everyone’s been waiting for is here. SEGA’s just posted their much anticipated trailer on the official Sonic Facebook page and it’s one that will please classic and modern Sonic fans alike. The trailer is for a new game that will launch in 2011 on Xbox 360 and PS3, but what the game is called is currently unknown. No gameplay footage is shown in the new video, but we do see plenty of CG animation of Sonic in both classic and modern forms running around what looks like Green Hill Zone from Sonic’s first outing on SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. Could the rumours about old zones returning be true? We’ll keep tabs on this exciting new game and bring you new details as soon as they’re released.

Source: Sonic’s Facebook page

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the YouTube upload.

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  1. wtf was that im not impressed cgi trailer mean notting without gameplay

    seriously after sega last announcement for a trailer i was dissapointment also

    im never getting excitied for a sega announcement again

    1. LOL! You mean… you thought it would be a gameplay trailer!? Oh thats a good one!

      1. The first trailer of the game is almost ALWAYS an small CGI teaser.

        Also, this game has classic Sonic in it! Isn’t that enough to make you interested for what to come?

        1. usually cgi trailers are openings of games. some gameplay footage will always rise after a few weeks.

    2. There are teasers and then there are trailers. Learn the difference, it could save your life.

    3. Agreed. The chances of this game being great are close to impossible since SEGA doesn’t know what physics are and Yoshihisa Hashimoto is gone to Square. Iizuka’s name is the stable for a terrible game and I’m sure his name will be all over this one again.

  2. Well, it certainly aroused my curiosity πŸ˜›

    I liked it, can’t wait to see some real gameplay and concepts of this game =D

  3. I saw the trailer bang on 2pm, and it blew me away! The Sonic I encountered when I was 4 and the Sonic I know at the age of 22… together at last!

    Perhaps you can play as either the original Sonic or the new Sonic … or both!

    Perhaps there might be a plot explaining why the two hedgehogs are together.

    Perhaps this is Sonic Generations they’re trailering.

    Perhaps we’ll see the best of the best in terms of Zones and Special Stages.

    Perhaps Doctor Eggman / Robotnik will switch looks depending on which Sonic you’re playing as.

    This is a day to be proud of, Sonic fans!

    1. thought the same thing about switching to difrent sonic’s btu maby its like you will get a story line about robotnik teaming up with his former self to destroy sonic once and for all and when robotnik and himself almost got moderen sonic classic sonic comes in and saves moderen sonic and then there will be moderen sonic saying “hey i could’f save me self you know “and classic sonic giving no reaction and points at the two robotniks flying to green hill zone and moderen asking who he is and classic gives him an awnser by saying im you and so the adventure starts but thats jsut somting i thought oh and i think you can choose what sonic you want to play as and maby if you play as classic you play 2D

  4. Finally a game for PS3 and X360 only but don’t worry Wii owners I’m sure your getting something (Mario & Sonic).
    The trailer looks cool and seems to follow Unleashed formula which is not a bad thing.

  5. Hmm. I’m hoping this just means they’ll let you choose which Sonic model you want to play as. Which, if true, is probably a brilliant idea. I’m sick of hearing people complain about having to play as green-eyes Sonic, but I don’t really want to have to play as chubby-kid Sonic. Giving us the choice could please everybody.

  6. They even have his running style down! He doesn’t put his arms behind his back like modern Sonic does!

  7. Green Hill’s lost it’s colour? Are we going to be restoring zones to their former glory or something? Kinda like De Blob?

    Anyhow, looks realy interesting. When classic Sonic appeared I seriously yelled out of surprise.

  8. You don’t think we’re going to have a story about Sonic going back in time to meet his younger self do you? and Sock fox thats a good idea so I hope you’re right instead πŸ˜€

  9. Ok this can mean a few things:

    1. Since KINECT is mentioned at the end of the video (look closely) I guess this can be a sonic racing game that supports Kinect on the xbox 360. Similar to Sonic R, wich also had green hill zone as one level as far as I remember that old game.

    2. The second idea I have is that it’s a sonic 1 remake that you can play in 2.5D, or has a 2D and 3D version.

    But this video sure didn’t let me down, just waiting to hear more about the game? I mean, maybe this is just a intro for sonic 4 ep 2 for all we know it…. So please SEGA, let us know!!

  10. 2 different Sonics, a combo of newer landscape with old, Gamestop hinting at it being a tribute game with classic levels.. all signs point to Generations.
    Can’t complain about eye colour now πŸ™‚

  11. Funny thing is, i had a idea of this last year lol, classic sonic meets moden for sonics 20th, i always thought to my self that would be a great game idea, sega should make it, and they are…. but is it a collection game or Crossover adventure? it says PSN etc does that mean theres DLC or it will also be a downloadble game like ratchet quest for booty which was on PSN and in shops?

    If crossover adv? they need to give the classic versions there own set of VA’s that aim more at classic sonic performace like a jaleel mixed with ryan, just so the classic sonic can stand out as his own.

    thats if theres a storyline, it could just be a game speeding though levels for all we know lol.

    Still Classic sonic will bring in alot of old sonic fans, gamers alike back intrested in the series since Classic sonic is more appealing then moden, which is true, but i dont mind moden sonic but i prefer Classic more.

    1. It’s a PS3 and Xbox 360 disc game. If it were downloadable only, you’d see the PSN and Xbox Live Arcade logos only, like in the Sonic 4: Ep 1 trailers. Just means the game has online functionality.

  12. Funny how they used both the classic and modern designs in this (But I still like the modern design).

    Then again, it will be interesting to see what information they will reveal next by the time it’s released.

  13. I expected a cgi trailer……..but not classic sonic well played sega you blew my mind.

  14. O…M……G!!!!! Cant believe it! classic sonic!!! not that I bitch about modern sonic, I prefer him actually. But wow! sweet move SEGA! However they shot my dreams down on day 1. No wii T_T

  15. SEGA, if you don’t deliver something equally as awesome for Wii, I will be very disappointed.

    And I’ll have to go out and by a PS3 for this. *Sigh*

  16. Somebody above mentioned a good point… does this mean we’ll be seeing classic Dr Robotnik/Eggman back too?

    1. Are you sure you want a 360? Because PS3 has some pretty awesome stuff as well. Read up on both consoles before you decide.

  17. wow.. NOW that what i dont see it quite often XD old sonic came to catch up with new sonic X3 awesome!
    but i only want to see more awesome samba de amigo (i always have good ideas for that game XD i wish i somehow help to make it better game)

  18. all i have to say. is thank goodness it’s on ps3 and 360. not that i don’t like the game, but they can produce larger and better games on those 2 consoles.

  19. Not only is this trailer interesting, it proves one universal truth:

    SONIC IS SONIC. Retro AND Modern.

    Thank you very much, Sega. *bows*

  20. OMG OMG I just saw the Trailer on a differrent video site which luckily was not Youtube and WOW It looked so awesome…HAHA Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic….Sonic Generations? Would it be a mix of old school and modern view….Time Paradox Would be cool…I’m hoping other characters will be playable too

    And yes Thank GOD It’s on PS3 and Xbox 360 For once…We had Unleashed (HD) Which I really loved a lot and then we had 06…..Bout time The Wii Version had a few Sonic games only exclusives to their consles for a long time
    About time the PS3 and XBOX Owners had a Exclusive too….Aah I’m just happy I got to see the video

    OMG I want to hear more….Uh The suspense is over now….and now Has started again Leading to the answer “What Could It be”? Time will tell I suppose

      1. I know that…but it wasn;t an exclusive….It’s been 3 years since We’ve had an exclusive

        With 06 being the only exclusive to PS3 and Xbox – 06 and Free Riders

  21. I think it will be a story that takes place before Sonic Adventure where Sonic is in his classic design and in the story he will hit puberty, lose his baby fat, gt green contacts and eventually come out looking like modern Sonic. But still, no Wii? what the toast? we all remember the ’06 disaster last time they made a game exclusive to ps3 and 360. Hope they know what they’re doing this time.

  22. ~face palms~ I’m so tired of this….why can’t they stop making Sonic games?! Do they really need money that badly? Does Sega really make anything else any more other than a Sonic game seemingly every 6 – 8 months?

    I’m a very disgruntled Sonic fan that signed off Sonic Team after I tried Sonic 4 for ipod (I tried the demo on the 360, didn’t notice much of a difference in gameplay). It’s confusing when you watch a trailer and feel excitement which quickly turns to disgust within 1 minute after remembering his last experience with a Sonic game and the vast bulk of their recent Sonic titles.

    I really just want them to stop.

    1. if you’re not a fan of sonic anymore i have a few questions for you

      1 why are you on this site? a SONIC FAN SITE
      2 why do you feel the need to post a lame opinion like that? obviously you’ve given up on sonic, which IMO is lame but hey whatever, but why do you need to post it here? they don’t FORCE you to play the games, so just don’t play them and don’t post comments like this on a SONIC FAN SITE.

  23. I wonder Modren Sonic and Amy meets with Classic Sonic and Amy.
    That would be more double for their two dates. Unlike that classic Sonic would escaped from classic Amy.
    Sonic will laugh at him, Amy was happy and crazy about her boyfriend Sonic.
    That would be so much funny!

  24. K. First off… that-was-AWESOME!!!

    Now thats out of my system time to breake this down for you all. Where to begin…

    Well many are asking “what will the gameplay be like?” Well this is a teaser, and no teaser is complete without clues, so it’s time to look at the direction for this trailer.
    I would argue that the beginning of the trailer with Sonic running through tunnels, leaping over a rock or two and sliding across the ground from a behind view angle, the sliding around corners, and the camera suddenly taking a side on view when doing a loop would suggest the game may possibly use the same gameplay mechanic as Unleashed and Colours.

    As for the appearence of his former self, can only speculate. But I would hazard a guess, based on recent months and weeks rumurs, that it’s entirly possible theres gonna be a choice of character model or even a slight change in gamplay style throughout the game. Or there really cold be some sort of a story to it like some have suggested.

    Either way, these all fit in with the original rumurs of ‘Sonic Anniversary’ (or ‘Sonic Generations’ which ever it is) which suggested the game would accumulate a large collections of best/favorite levels from the last 20 years, updated with the styles and gameplay mechanics of Unleashed/Colours.

    Well thats my break-down for ya! Like to see what you all think. Meanwhile we’ll just have to wait and see! Remember, E3 is up in just 8 weeks time! So we may see more then!

      1. I think it’s just that some people are curious…Imagine Jaleel White voicing the Classic Sonic πŸ˜€ Though I don’t think it will happen besides that I’m still excited and I’m sure most fans are πŸ™‚

        1. In recent interviews Jaleel has talked about being a big Sonic fan. I’m sure if they asked him he’d do it in a heartbeat. That would be a bigger treat for me than simply the presence of Classic Sonic alone. Jaleel is still my favorite out of all the VAs.

  25. I giggled like a schoolgirl when I saw Classic Sonic enter the scene with that cute little smile on his face~

  26. @vmk89

    *Pheonix Wright finger point* OBJECTION! Classic Sonic Doesn’t talk! Well, maybe.

    Anyway, this is like every Sonic fan’s dream come true. My mind was saying, ” You fool, It’s gotta be a fanimation. Classic Sonic would never be done by SEGA.” My heart was saying, ” This is what I’ve been waiting for! This is AWESOME!!!!”

    I’m buying a Xbox 360 JUST to play this. Mybe even a PS3 too, for 3D compatability and super Green Hill HD.

    Anyway…. I can bet it releases June 23rd. If not, I’m giving away my copy(not really).

  27. PS3/360 owners , you got Sonic the Hedgehog 2006 , so stop whining and complaning! ¬¬

    Come on SEGA! Why not Sonic 20th Anniversary on Wii? Sonic sells much more in Wii and it has more fans. So shit πŸ™

    1. To be fair

      Xbox 360 and PS3 owners had Sonic The Hedgehog 2006, Sonic Unleashed (HD) the better version, SASASR and Sonic 4 (Download)

      While Wii Owners have had Secret Rings, Black Knight,Sonic Unleashed(SD), Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, Mario and Sonic At The Olympic Games, Mario And Sonic At The Winter Olympic Games, Sonic And Sega All STars Racing and Sonic Colo(u)rs

      Don’t worry I’m not making a complaint or anything I just think PS3 and Xbox 360 Owners deserve a chance now πŸ™‚

      But don’t worry I’m sure Wii Owners will get something else in the future too…

    2. Sonic 06 was so rushed that about 85% of content planned for it was abandoned. The game was basically unfinished and nearly unplayable, making it one of the worst Sonic games in existence. So yeah… You’re TOTALLY right about that. *sarcasm

      1. Lol…I still wish they didn’t rush on it anyway….This could probably make up for it….For the second time…I liked Unleashed (HD Version of course) and I’m excited for this game too πŸ™‚

  28. I haven’t been on here for a while not since The Sonic Stadium had a Transformation I haven’t been able to catch up but now I am finally back on the site I’ve noticed the changes and I must say I am Impressed It’s much more advanced and better…The Whole TSS Staff all deserve credit for this fantastic work I’ll look forward into knowing what you’ll come up with next I’ll talk about this later though seeing as it’s not the right time for saying this here anyway…

    Wow just Incredible simply Nice First I’d like to say It’s about time we had an Xbox 360 and PS3 Exclusive Sonic game…The Wii Concsle has had a lot of exclusives including Colours,SR and BK It’s time we give other owners a chance now. I’d never thought I’d see the day Modern Sonic and Classic Sonic together this could be interesting and seems Green Hill Zone made a trasformation πŸ™‚ The Trailer was stunning but not enough we need more info and videos I’ll be looking forward to more news in the future I’m hoping this game will be fun and thrilling for most fans, The trailer also looks similar to Unleashed it’s not as good as Unleashed but It’s still nice and clear Hopefully we will see more

    I can’t say I’m excited yet As said a before we need more info and also hearing The original sounding “SEGAAAA” Made my day indeed πŸ˜€ of course it will probably be SAGUH once it comes out for the consles still I was just glad to hear it again.

    Take your time SEGA And Sonic Team…and Thank you Shadzter for shwoing this to us and now….for the Gameplay Trailer and music to come to light soon and Commence-…

    1. I’ve heard rumors of a non-sports related Mario and Sonic game. Maybe that’s what Nintendo gamers get to make up for this?

  29. If classic Sonic talks, it better be Urkel doing the voice. XD

    Yea, looks like modern Sonic will play out like Unleashed/Colors Sonic. Who knows about classic Sonic.

    What’s odd is I had a similar story idea for a Sonic game over a year ago. Basically, Eggman decides to rid himself of Sonic by going in the past and teaming with his younger self to destroy young Sonic. Sonic manages to get into the past and team up with his younger self.

  30. Looks like both fans old and new can come together when this game come out and sing of the greatness that is Sonic. x: Can’t wait to see some gameplay though, this trailer alone has me drooling like a 3 year old.

  31. Hmm, Interesting… From what I have seen and heard it looks like we will play stages like Green Hill, Chemical plant, Ice Cap, Sandpolis. In a Sonic Unleashed day style. In other words something like this:

    And stages like Emerald Coast, Pumpkin Hill, Rail Canyon, Spagonia. In a Classic Sonic way. In other words something like this:

    This is of course only my take on it.

  32. Reading through all these comments, I think some of you guys are right on the ball.

    If this IS Sonic Generations, this game is probably about Sonic going back in time to save the world.

    Its obviously using the Hedgehog Engine, but look at Green Hill Zone, it’s incomplete, I think that could mean that the world is fading away, like in Doctor Who, and Sonic goes through time to save the zones that are “going out” using the complex theory of speeding through the zone. Sonic sure does love to time travel like. Which is a win for a Sonic story. As long as it doesn’t have crappy kiddy jokes in rubbish cutscenes that make you cringe I’ll be happy

  33. I am comatose with joy at Classic Sonic. πŸ˜€ The character design was never a point of contention for me (all about the gameplay, bro) but having bothforms side by side like that… Man, you really appreciate just how awesome that classic design is. Can’t wait to hear more details about this one!

  34. This is awesome. looking forward to gamply play fotage.

    (Just a thought) could it be possible that this game may provide co op mode playing as both sonic’s

  35. I am most excited, with the drifting and ducking i see, im gonna guess Hedgehog engine?!?! WHOO. And im glad its HD console exclusive. Sonic colors was wii exclusive, so we can get the next one, and the wiimote had too many limitations holding him back anyway. Locking controls in certain areas, not being able to rotate the camera, the HD consoles just ensure me that they can milk out the best of qualities from this sonic title. And yes, i do like ALL the xbox tittles, that includes 2006 and werehogs.

    1. FYI, the Hedgehog Engine has nothing to do with how Sonic Unleashed played, but rather how it looked. It was a graphics rendering engine, not a physics engine.

  36. So i see this is gonna be some sort of time travel crossover game. hopefully you can pick which sonic you use.
    itll be interesting

  37. Like I said over on Retro, I am GLAD they aren’t making a Wii version. They always have to downsize the graphics on that console because it’s capability seem’s to be that of the Gamecube and PS2 and that makes every Sonic game they dish out on that system play perfectly but look plain sad. I admit Color’s and Unleashed had nice looks but they were still incredibly sad. At long last the graphics can be as perfect as the gameplay and music. Well done in making this exclusive choice SEGA. Screw the Wii, it’s graphic compasity SUCKS!! Yay for PS3 and 360!! Which I am a proud owner of BOTH systems.

      1. Though I sorta of agree and disagree with Chris K’s statement

        Like mine and The other comments said above…I agree It’s time for Xbox and PS3 Owners to have a chance now since the Wii owners have had a lot of exclusives those past years

        I disagree that Unleashed graphics were sad they were beautiful,fresh and the best looking out of all 3D Sonic games in my opinion compare them to Heroes,SA and SA2

        But I respect your opinion though like Shadzter said Don’t try and start a war XD

  38. I just hope the gameply isn’t TOTALLY like Unleashed and Colors though… No offense but that control style is getting old fast and really starting to piss me off… It’s like your running on Ice Cap in EVERY stage… NO MORE UNLEASHED CONTROLS!!!

    1. I’d say they should at least take a break from it…and then at a resonable time it can come back but not all the time though just Occasionally But They could blend in different gameplay styles Unleashed mixed with _______ – .

  39. I almost shat my pants.
    I think this is Sonic Generations, think about it, the name fits.
    I think with this game you will be able to choose between the two character models.

    If there is voice acting in this game, they should get Jaleel to voice classic sonic.

    1. Not a bad idea He did really well and nailed the Classic Sonic although I thought he did have a few faults back then but he’s still good

      I don’t think it will happen though as much as people would like or want it to be.

  40. Wow….you know, for the amount of sheer awesomeness that teaser had, there sure is a lot of complaining still going on. Seriously…people complaining that it wasn’t gameplay footage?? Upset that Sega’s even MAKING Sonic games??? You people know who you are, and to be honest, I don’t think you belong on this website.

    My eyes went so wide by the end of that video that they almost knocked my lamp over! I understand where the complaints are coming from about it being on the non-Nintendo systems, but this game really looks like one worth scrounging for…by scrounging I mean, saving up your money for a big-boy vidja gaem console (I have a Wii and a 360 and enjoy them both, so shut yer yap before it opens).

    I’m stoked. This is gonna be a great anniversary for Sonic (and a great birthday for my girlfriend, also a Sonic fan, who also has her birthday on June 23rd). For those of you UPSET by this trailer, I’m glad. At least you losers will have increased your chances of stress-induced heart attacks or at the very least, the squirts.

  41. so the wii owners just get s4e2 , i know some people are going to say ‘the wii got sonic colours’ but sonic colours wasnt that amazing dont get me wrong its was good but not incredible and its the 20th anniversary the wii missed out the 15th (witch i suppose was a good thing *cough sonic 06*) ‘anniversary’ and ‘generations’ sound like the same idea so maybe the 360 and ps3 get generations and the wii 3ds and possibly the ngp get anniversary same type of game but with differences , a little like war for cybertron was called cybertron adventures. but thats just what i hope for….

    1. To be fair, we don’t even know whether this game will be good yet. You DO remember all the times everyone were stoked for the first teasers of a Sonic game, right? ’06, Unleashed, Colors, Sonic 4, you get the idea.

      Not saying I’m not interested or optimistic, but let’s not get carried away with baseless assumptions and speculation.

  42. I’m a bit worried by the psn and xbox live logos, I know it could just mean scoreboards (look how well that went down with Sonic 4 and hackers) but coupled with the mostly uncolored zone I’m just hoping beyond hopes it isn’t some kind of make your own levels deal, it sounds far fetched but I’m still concerned.
    The teaser was awesome tho, can’t believe they listened to the whiners and brought back classic Sonic, tho kudos for doing it, during an anniversary is the best time to do so and mix it up as a great celebration gift to the fans! The quality was top notch, Sega should tell their CGI team to make a I’ll length movie (not about warehogs) πŸ˜›

  43. The first thing I did this morning was get on Facebook and watch this. Seeing classic Sonic hop into the frame made my day. Personally, judging by what’s shone in the teaser, I’d really love to see a story treatment similar to that of Turtles Forever. Either way I’m totally going to scrounge up the dough to buy this first day, can’t wait.

  44. Hey!!! I have found that new Sonic’s eyelid is blue while old Sonic has got orange eyelid in this teaser!!!!!!!!
    Hmmm… interesting detail… Don’t you think? πŸ˜‰

  45. I knew that picture of Classic Eggman with EggRobos for an upcoming toy line form jazwares meant something!

    I want to see Classic Chaotix characters too I wish! they looked so cool b4 heroes heheh. XD

  46. I’m not saying this will happen, but I really hope that classic Tails and Knuckles also make an appearance. Purely because I want to see what they look like in 3D.

    Oh… and do you remember that Jazzwares also have a Sonic Adventure-era figure coming out (called something like Sonic 1999 or something). I wonder if we’ll be seeing more than two “generations”…

  47. HA! I knew it wasnt Sonic Adventure 3 after all.

    Anyways, this certainly did pick my curiosity; although I can’t help but think classic Sonic looks a bit weird in 3D, maybe I just need to get used to it.

  48. Waaaay too many things to say at once.

    First of all, awesome! We’re getting what will seem to be a good game. You can only say so much about a CGI Teaser Trailer. To sum up what I thought about the trailer… I did a double take when I saw classic Sonic. It was a bit of a surprise, but it brought up a few questions, such as; How will it be possible for both Sonics to be there? Will be see doubles of Eggman/Robotnik? What will the gameplay be like?

    Now that it’s out of the way, I’m pointing one thing out: this explains what’s up with Jazwares making all the characters classic. They’re making Sonic, Eggman, Amy, Tails, etc. So that could give a hint on who we will see. I’m just curious to see how this goes.

    All in all, I want to see more before actually judging the game. I did the same for Colors, and I’ll do it for this game as well. It’ll be fun to see what this game is actually about.

    Happy 20th Anniversary Sonic!

  49. I heard a rummor that the title is suppost to be “Sonic Generations”. I find now that it would make since- but the title is KILLING me!!!
    Nice teaser, though

  50. OH THANK YOU! I realllllly want another xbox/ps3 game
    I hate ALL of the sonic wii games
    there crap….don’t play longer than 10 hours with them

  51. guys i was trying to look for sonic the hedgehog for ps3 but they was out.This will be my first sonic game on ps3 and im soo excited for this. I hope they will make more than just seeing sonic in the old classic one in sonic the hedgehog 1991.I hope they will make more like sonic the hedgehog 2 and 3, sonic and knuckles and other classic games into a 3d experience.

    1. DONT BUY IT! if you do that you will hate sonic for ever!
      try unleashed , its a way lot better

  52. This may be a silly question, but am I the only one here who’s concerned about who’s representing Classic Sonic’s voice? Not to mention the storyline itself?

    1. People say Jaleel White should voice Modern Sonic But I don’t think it’s gonna happen it would be cool though

  53. woot! happy early b-day sonic!!! i am 14 and i am a damn Sonic fan crappy sonic games or good sonic it does not matter i am a fucking sonic fan bitches!!!!!!! he’s my first video game character i played him on my dad’s SEGA genesis with Sonic the hedgehog 1991!!!!!

  54. 1st of all….OH MY GOD!!!! That teaser was outstanding!!!!! okay

    Secondly this teaser it gives us much details. Some confirmed, some Unconfrimed of course but still…

    ~Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic are in the game.
    ~It’s for the HD consoles.
    ~It looks like the story might have some time travel.
    ~The layout looks a lot like Green hill so the rumors about old zones appearing might be true.
    ~The Green hill like zone it seems like it’s fading (might be port of the story)
    ~The teaser shows us Sonic running in 3D sections and 2D sections so the Hedgehog engine is back and it looks like the game will play like Unleashed and Colours.
    ~We see the logos from PSN and XBL so that must mean that the game has online funtionalities.(leaderboards, online co-op, DLC etc.)
    ~Finally it comes out in 2011 and it’s obviously the anniversary title.

    Now about the comments on the wii. I don’t have a problem with the wii but if we see the recent games Wii got Colours and Sonic 4 360 got free riders and sonic 4 and ps3 only got sonic 4.

    PS3 is the loser here if you askme and 360 the winner the wii gets it’s regular exclusive Sonic games. Not to mention the M&S games.

        1. I own both consles and I think they are equally good They have their advantages and disadvantges They come up as equal to me because of that so I like both consles a lot πŸ™‚

  55. Eeeee! This is probably as close as we’ll get to my dream of a crossover between the games, shows and comics!

    And to change the subject… People, please don’t compare the modern and classicο»Ώ designs. I don’t see the Mario fans comparing the red shirt, blue overalls Mario with the blue shirt, red overalls Mario!

  56. Wow, awesome!!!

    I wonder if they will have Classic Sonic Levels, like in Sonic 4, then have Colours style levels for the modern ones.

    1. I think it would be hilarious if classic Sonic doesn’t speak at all but the modern one still does.

  57. I wish they would stop trying so hard to please old fans with classic Sonic. Perhaps if they made a decent game lately, fans wouldn’t be demanding the past so much. I’m rather disappointed. I’ll wait to see some game play, but so far I’m not liking what I see…

  58. This is amazing! I never thought I’d be alive to see a fully rendered, officially done by sega, 3D, next generation style model of old skool sonic!

    If the game is gonna have voice actors, they should totally have Jaleel as Classic Sonic and keep Smith as Modern Sonic. I wonder if they’re gonna have modern and classic version of Tails and Knuckles as well. I guess we’ll get the answers all in due time =D

  59. Wow! Classic Sonic looks amazing in 3D. I’ve always liked the look of the new Sonic, but I don’t know who looks better in this, new Sonic or classic Sonic? I can’t wait to find out more about this game. I wonder if they will use classic Eggman/Robotnik too. Well done Sega, you have certainly got me excited for this πŸ™‚

  60. My first thought was Spiderman shattered dimensions? like you can play various “generations” thoughs theres really only 2….

  61. This whole “two versions of Sonic to please everyone!” reminds me a lot of Mega Man Universe, and that isn’t intended to be a compliment. :/ It just seems like they’re going the direction of just remaking old stuff instead of bothering to try to make a new good game. Meh, I suppose I’ll reserve judgment until after we know a little more about the game.

  62. Well tbh I think E3 will be the next time we see anything. I hope that this title throws everything at it, homages to past, every character from the ENTIRE 20 years makes an appearence, collectors edition inc artbook, history book, mini statue etc, I say we’ll be getting this in November in time for x-mas.

      1. What about the Sonic Colors toys? /joke

        Yeah, I can’t remember the last time there was an awesome collector’s edition preorder bonus for a Sonic game. This game would be a good place to start!

  63. First off I would like to thank the guys at the Sonic Stadium for the new page layout. It looks great.
    Really excited for the games and can’t wait to see it at E3 hopefully.

  64. the way I see it New Sonic: Jason Griffith Classic Sonic: Ryan Drummond 2 of Sonics greatest voices in one game it will be historic! and what danimator no Ryan Drummond? looks like you certinly sold your soul at a cheap price.

    1. Uh, what do you mean Jason Griffith as new Sonic? He got replaced last year, and I doubt he’ll ever come back. And Ryan as classic Sonic? He’s not all that “classic”. “Classic” Sonic is more like Jaleel, or anyone pre-green eyed Sonic.

      1. God I wish that actually happend that would be a dream for me πŸ˜€ But sadly it can’t I still miss Griffith and I don’t think Ryan Drummond would be the Classic voice for Sonic defintely that definately fits in more for Jaleel White I doubt he will voice the CS on this game though.

        Who knows what happens in this game…Lots of suprises and secrets to be revealed

  65. I have a number of things to say after seeing this video.
    1. By the looks and sounds of it, I’m almost certain that the game will have Unleashed/Colors style stages, which is a plus.
    2. Could Sonic accidentally be going back in time and running into the classic version of himself? He could relive his finest moments to return to his own time!
    3. The other characters all had classic designs too, so I can’t wait to see more!
    4. Shut up Wii fanboys. You got Colors, we get this. It’s only fair.
    5. The rumors of classic stages returning and the name “Sonic Generations” all make perfect sense now.
    6. This very well may turn out to be the best Sonic game of all time if my speculations are correct.

    1. thats the reason why i told my parents to get me a ps3 in christmas 2010 . i knew that now i have the wii and ps3 . sonic games might come for only ps3 and xbox.360

  66. rumours say the games Pending name is Sonic Generations as probably most people know by now, but i wish they had made it a tad more obvious it might come to the Wii

    i think it will come to Wii because:

    the space between “Xbox” and “PS3” logo’s along with the space between “PS3” and “Sega” Logo’s seems far too large to just be any normal space…

  67. To those of you worried about no Wii/3DS releases, listen to this: “What was disclosed is that game will be coming to the Playstation 3, Playstation Portable, the Nintendo Wii, and the Nintendo DS. An XBOX 360 port could not be confirmed at the show, but that may be soon to come.” talking about reports from a SEGA representative at Gamefest 2010.

  68. I think I see why sonic got redesigned for 3d. looking at classic sonic makes me wonder why do fans what this? I mean nintendo would never do this because why should we see mario standing to the side cocking his head like we saw in 1985. you dont see fans asking for that. but mario games are nearly perfected in 2d and 3d so i guess dont care about his appearance as sonic fans do. all in all i dont have a clue what this game could be. the older sonic model in 3d kinds looks sort of ugly. but this is my opinion.

    1. His eye ridges are pretty fat, but on the other hand, HE’S CUTE AND ADORABLE.

      And therefore marketable.

      Remember, this was the symbol of a game character that beat Nintendo and was on top of the world in the early 90’s. Then SEGA get comfortable and began to suck horribly.

  69. I am enthralled by this video. I’ve thought about the two Sonics all day, it could mean an alternate reality/universe crossover or time travel like many have said (even though time travel could create an alternate reality if Modern Sonic does go into the past). Sega knows how to make a teaser trailer, you got to give them that.

  70. So yeah, speaking of voices actors..

    Who else is with me when I say Jaleel White for Classic Sonic? πŸ˜€

  71. So… this is a cool trailer. Sort of what I was expecting, although classic Sonic is a surprise.

    After reading the comments, I thought the idea of time travel kind of sounded cool – what if there was a PAST/PRESENT version of each level in the game, and you could travel back/forward in time to complete level segments as one of the two Sonic’s? I’m sure that won’t be the case, but it sounds kind of fun.

    So, if they’re going to be remaking old stages in 3D, I’d like to seeeee…

    Spring Yard Zone
    Chemical Plant Zone
    Hydrocity Zone
    Launch Base Zone
    Mushroom Hill Zone
    Lava Reef Zone
    Death Egg Zone

    And if they have the time, Flying Battery Zone, just for the music!

  72. It looks cool and all but I’m disappointed to see this will probable be YET another game that will focus only on Sonic. SEGA is just playing it safe. I hope I’m wrong though.
    Oh and also disappointed to see it’s just a PS3 and Xbox 360 title.

  73. My mouth was open the whole time just watching this. But when classic Sonic jumped in to the scene I almost fell off my chair in sheer surprise! You can’t really say much of your opinion since this is a teaser trailer but it is interesting to see both Sonic’s in one place. Now I’m more curious than ever to see the gameplay of it but only time will tell.

  74. @SonicsComing123
    I was speaking realistically when I said they should get Jaleel white, besides the few voice clips in Sonic cd, hes the only one who has really portrayed classic style sonic.
    My IDEAL line up would be
    Classic Sonic: Jaleel white
    Modern Sonic: Ryan Drummond

    But as much as I still want Ryan back, I think Roger portrays Sonic quite well, I can see why they went with him. He kind of sounds like a blend of all of Sonics voice actors, and he gets rid of the speech patterns and tones that bothered me about Jason.
    But this isnt the place to talk about this and I dont want to start some war on here.

    I actually think if there is speaking Roger will portray both Sonics considering Jaleel has never voiced Sonic in one of the games, but we will see.

  75. Also, am i supposed to get the whole partially colored thing going on here?
    Is it relevent to the plot or is it just stylized like that for some reason…

    Maybe they are pulling a cheezy story line where Sonic must help classic Sonic to put the color back into the zones…
    Im half joking when I say this, besides if thats the case they would probably just call it Sonic colors. XD

  76. Well, in the 3D Sonic games, the newer model hasnt really been a picky issue for me. Although I’m not gonna lie, classic Sonic looks so awesome in this trailer! One thing that will bug me about this game is when they throw classic Sonic into the Unleashed and Colors engine giving him nowhere near as good of physics, taking away the spin dash, and giving him the easy-kill card (the homing attack), which i predict thats exactly what sega is doing. I’ll keep tabs on the updates, but Im not putting full faith into this game.

    1. they will probably have distinct ability’s. i can almost guarantee fat sonic will not have the homing attack, slide or side winding maneuver .

      1. If classic sonic doesn’t have most of the abilities modern sonic has and if what im thinking is (that some levels will be for modern sonic only and some levels will be for classic sonic only)then maybe the level will be made so that you don’t have to use stuff like sliding

  77. *cries* My realist side got to me the second I saw classic Sonic. Couldn’t they have waited to do THIS until they at least got the physics issue perfected? Classic Sonic was all I had left of my childhood icon that WASN’T tarnished by the last decade of flops. Lord knows I don’t even have the “Sonic the Hedgehog #_” title untarnished anymore. I know a lot of you love the brakes off Sonic 4, but the first time I did a spin dash off a cliff and let go of the ‘right’ button, my heart dropped just as fast as Sonic did. πŸ™ As if calling a game “Sonic the Hedgehog 4” wasn’t a lofty enough promise, now they’re taking the king of our childhoods himself and promising something for the classic fans yet again. Going fast is all and good, and everybody loves the blue blur, but if the controlling Sonic feels akin to controlling a dump truck, then it’s not worth it. πŸ™

  78. On a side note, I don’t take sides in the ridiculous “Old Look vs New Look” squabble. I loved Sonic in the 90’s just as much as I love him now, regardless of which appearance he has. However, I have to say, after seeing the two side-by-side, I never realized now lifeless classic Sonic’s eyes look in comparison to modern Sonic’s. My first impression was that he literally jumped right out of Steamboat Willie (Mickey Mouse cartoon from the 1950’s). When I look at them side-by-side, it makes me think he’s literally next to his younger self, and the visual difference is merely due to him aging, which makes me happy. I’m glad he grew some distinguishing features. I think the green eyes really gives him attitude (an attitude that has waned since the days of Sonic Adventure, but I digress). I could harp all day about “Whatever happened to the days when Sonic stood for attitude and not campy cartoony humor a la Sonic Colors. Whatever happened to the days when we would see a trailer that showed Sonic’s bad-ass arched eyebrow whilst awesome Crush 40 music shredded in the background?” But… yeah, I’m just gonna stop right there. In light of the past decade, I need to learn to just… let things go peacefully.

  79. Personally I don’t think there should be many cutscenes, just like the classics there should be intro, Gameplay, ending nothing else.

  80. Guess im the only 1 that didn’t like this then….. For some reason I hate the idea of the 2 sonics together…

    1. Chances are, they won’t be “together”.

      It’s Sonic Generations, and going by the rumors(?) from a while ago, this game will be comprised of remakes of the “best” Sonic levels in one. If I had to bank on anything, it’d be that Sonic 1-CD would be played by Classic Sonic, and If they chose to remake anything from Adventure on, you’d play as Modern Sonic.

      Only guessing though. Maybe they’ll have an option to simply select a skin, (preferably with their own physics/moveset), perhaps it’s some weird Sonic CD-esque time travel deal that people keep alluding to. Maybe it’s just another Sonic Collection with HD over-scan, and since the SEGA marketing team for the 20th anniversary keep pairing the two Sonic designs together, they’re just messing with the fanbase by also rendering them both in 3D.

      Only SEGA knows, but chances are, I personally am going to like being surprised with what they reveal.

  81. Honestly it should be on Wii as well. I do own an Xbox so I’m fine but last time there was an exclusive Xbox and PS3 game….it kind of…….sucked so I’m slightly worried over this. All the Wii sonic games have been fine while the xbox and ps3 ones haven’t been so great. Hope it’s different this time

    1. If you look at the end of the video there is a weird space inbetween xbox live and ps and inbetween psn and sega so maybe its also on wii and iphone (but I doubt its on iphone)

  82. other link:

    im probably not gonna be playing much pokemon when this comes out
    looks luscious …but gameplay could sway either way…

  83. I saw a comment that said what if there was a past and preasant for each level and for all the people who beat sonic 4 with all the chaos emeralds ya know how there was a picture of metal sonic and there are speculations all over the internet saying that S4e2 could be a remix of sonic cd?
    well i doubt that the sonic annversary game is s4e2 but this could be the cd remix because remember how in cd sonic ran by signs and went to the past or future

  84. If theres a storyline, Classic sonic should have his own voice since the classic series is different from moden, i just have a feeling segas going to say there both sepearate sonics to please the fans and say Classic sonic is from mobius/south island while moden sonic is from station square, and it will probly say dr eggman teams up with dr robotnik lol.
    There going to seprate them either way tbh, you can tell they will.

    Who knows, all the voice actors might appear lol they might shown a new teaser and suddenly a 3rd sonic shows up (ryan one)

    1. wouldn’t it be funny if classic sonic didn’t have a voice and he just points to stuff

  85. I don’t think I want to play the actual game. I’m havin’ enough trouble cleaning up all of the bricks I just shat!


  87. That’s not even fair! What are the Wii fans going to get!? More crappy motion-based games where sonic runs like a bullet!?

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