New Sonic Generations Gameplay Video Confirms Classic Music


Spanish gaming website Meristation has posted a new video interview with Sonic Team head in which he confirms other characters will appear in Sonic Generations, but he wouldn’t say whether they would be playable or limited to the story. Plenty of direct-feed gameplay footage is also included in the video, which confirms the original classic Green Hill Zone music will play during classic Sonic’s stage, while a remix of the same music will play during modern Sonic’s stage.

Source: Meristation

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Thanks to Ferr at the SSMB for the heads up and to Woun at the SSMB for the YouTube upload!


  1. I hope Sonic’s not the only playable character. All this Sonic being alone stuff is starting to get old.

    Tails, Knuckles and Amy are pretty much definite for the game, and Shadow’s likely too. Maybe Silver as well, since it is a time travel based story.

    1. He’s only been playable alone for a few years and now it’s old? Since when have the other characters when playable added anything noteworthy?

      1. Uh….Sonic 3 & Knuckles? Three different characters with three completely different ways to overcome levels? Knuckles had access to special areas only he could get to due to his abilities?

        It has been done, and done WELL. I’d love to see Tails and Knuckles return.

        1. I wouldn’t say Tails and Knuckles were COMPLETELY different to Sonic. In fact, the play almost exactly the same except one can fly and the other can glide and climb walls. Bit of an exaggeration there…

          1. Yeah but it’s just those little changes that make for a unique experience when replaying the game. Gives you a reason to go back and try other levels with those new abilities instead just playing the same thing over. Sega messed up multiple characters in modern day Sonic because they made them all have different forms of gameplay, but genesis was doin’ it right. Black Knight even had the concept down properly, if only the engine wasn’t so god awful to make only Knuckles worth using.

        2. I totally agree. They just need to be done well. Sega has already managed to make Sonic properly in Unleashed and Colors. It would be a great time to try it with Tails and Knuckles.
          The problems started with Amy…

  2. I presume everyone’s already noticed the classic Robotnik design on the end of stage marker

    1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure classic and modern Eggman (or Robotnik and Eggman, which I hope they call them) are going to team up and cause double trouble.

  3. Sega please take your time on this because this game will be epic if it had sonic the hedgehog 1,2,3, sonic and knuckles, and sonic cd in there too! keep up the good work! i am sooo excited for this game!

  4. So basically, this is just another Sonic 4/Sonic Unleashed……….

    I miss the Sonic Adventure game engine!

    1. It’s gone dude, after the bad reception of the relaunch of Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, the mixed reception of Heroes and the terribad reception of the Shadow the hedgehog game that used the same engine, Sonic Team was forced to reinvent the Sonic gameplay and thanks to Sonic Unleashed and Colors positive reception of Sonic’s stages, I think they are going to stick to it.

      I liked Sonic’s gameplay in the adventure days, but it’s over.
      Mind you, I like the new gameplay .

      1. …Am I the only one who enjoyed Shadow’s game? I was just replaying it a week ago and giggling like a loon (all right, being able to hit people with lamps and torches has got to earn SOME points in your book. It’s just such a funny way to kill your enemies).

        Sonic Adventure had merits, but the camera killed it really. I do wish they would bring back the Chao Garden though…

        1. SEGA would never do that….Chao Gardens are Sonic Adventure EXCLUSIVE. Although i hope they do have Chao Gardens. Cuz it is Sonic’s 20th anniversary. It probably never came to SEGA’s head to make a chao garden… πŸ™

  5. @ Johnny2071

    Going by that logic:
    Sonic Unleashed = Sonic Rush HD
    Sonic Rush HD = revamped Classic Sonic

  6. I really like the old school sections, but I’m already sceptical of the modern sections. I say this ’cause it’s looking like EXACTLY the same gameplay as Unleashed, which was ooooooookay, but not great. I thought they had it nailed with Colours, which took elements from Unleashed and improved on it. I know I’m basing this on a short clip, but I got the impression that they were taking a step back to Unleashed, which would be a shame.

    That said, I’m still psyched and will surely buy this on the launch day, regardless of what I just said and whatever the reviews of the final product are. I’m a part of the problem because I am, and always will be, a Sonic addict.

  7. A giant fish chasing you while you run not noticing it there at all, What Sonic level does that remind me of? (Adventure and Adventure 2 anyone?)

  8. I’m really loving what Sega is doing here.In my opinion,they’ve combined the best of both worlds for this game and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate 20 years of Sonic The Hedgehog than that. πŸ˜€

  9. Going off topic ever so slightly but I’m sick of all the people complaining about this not being a new Sonic Adventure game. Clearly the developers have moved on and we should be thankful. The archaic multi-character and adventure sections have been eliminated and now we’ve returned to a more pure platforming experience.

    I’d rather wait until it’s clear that Sonic is reformed before seeing Sega attempt a more contemporary Sonic Adventure.

    1. Thank you for putting into words something I’ve been thinking each time I bash my head against my table when reading about people complaining about this not being Adventure 3, or wishing for another Adventure. It’s just not the ultimate game. I went back and played both last week.

      Yeah, the Sonic levels in SA1 were awesome, but everything (but maybe Knuckles’ story) after that just seemed daunting. And yeah, SA2 had one of my favorite Sonic songs ever in it (I’m a sucker for Escape From The City..), they aren’t some incredible force worth constantly revisiting. They did that with Sonic 06, whether anyone wants to admit/remember that or not. Multiple characters, different gameplay styles, and the fact that it didn’t age well.

      Some people want the fast, Sonic-type games that make you think of Sonic… not the slow, fishing stories that aren’t at all Sonic-y. It’s his 20th anniversary. Can people complaining about Sonic Adventure 3, or that SEGA is now THROWING THE EVIL NOSTALGIA IN YOUR FACE remember that it’s his 20th anniversary!? Give it some damn slack, it’s a milestone. They wouldn’t randomly pull Classic Sonic out on the 13th anniversary… or the 27th anniversary… he’s 20 now, it’s a celebration, and it’s revisiting the things that real fans (not the ones blaming SEGA every time they change a shade of blue or add irises to a character no longer in sprite form) have loved since 1991.

      That’s just me though. Who am I? Exactly.

      1. What you don’t understand is that people who want another “adventure game” don’t want all of the crap that brought the adventure series down. We want the gameplay mechanics and well playing engine we felt in Sa2’s Sonic and Shadow stages to be reused and done right. After Sa2 it just went right down hill, and because Colours and Unleashed have done so well (and because 06’s engine had more problems than you can shake a stick at) the form of gameplay that felt so right in Sa2 has been completely abolished.
        I don’t want multiple gameplay styles, or characters if they don’t play similarly to Sonic. I just want that engine I’ve enjoyed so much to be playable again in modern form.

        1. Me and my friends SA fans want other characters and other styles of gameplay. Cause we do not see a problem in deviation from the retro concept, and we enjoyed the SA series from beginning to end, and we like all in those games (well, maybe fishing in question). Just running only as Sonic is fuckin bored! This is degradation.

          1. Just running as only Sonic makes it a Sonic game. Did they change the name of the series to “Sonic N’ Pals” while I was sleeping? Even if it weren’t true, there have been of clusterfluck games out there with many different characters to choose.

            Sonic Battle, SA1 and 2, Sonic 06, the Rivals series, the Rush series, the Advance series, the spinoff games (Olympics, All-Stars Racing.)

            Even in the Genesis, when SEGA started adding more and more characters (at the time, Tails and Knuckles), they still made games with ONLY Sonic. Blasphemy, right? Sonic Spinball, Sonic 3D Blast, and those weren’t even conventional Sonic games.

            Sonic Generations deals with CLASSIC Sonic (Genesis era) and MODERN Sonic. SA1 and 2 Sonic isn’t Modern Sonic. Unleashed and Colours is Modern Sonic. The fact that there could be SA1 and 2 levels in this game should be hope enough for you people who insist the Adventure series is the ultimate example of Sonic perfection.

            The only difference I find with the newer games against the SA style Sonic segments is that the camera is fixed forward, and the platforming areas are played in a 2D format instead of a shifting camera in 3rd person. Your loving dash panels have been replaced with the boost button, which, contrary to idiotic belief, still takes time and effort to fill up.

            Then again, there are those that simply want Sonic N’ Pals. A title with a bunch of characters thrown in. A game where in order to fully beat the game, you HAVE to play as characters and gameplay styles you may find tiring and daunting, like running from robots, mech wars, and fishing with a cat.

            In a Sonic game, some people want… Sonic. I’m not saying you guys shouldn’t have your game, I’m saying you shouldn’t expect EVERY game to be it, and you shouldn’t demand and bitch about not getting it when something that even looks promising is coming out and announced. You folks probably killed Sonic 06. How do you sleep at night?

  10. I still say they should revert the 3d sonic back to SA2’s gameplay style. Save the unleashed style for the wii only.

      1. Well, I mean, I do like the unleashed type engine, but basically, the levels have to be much longer to account for the massive amounts of ground covered by sonic. Plus, the boost feature in the engine, while cool looking and feeling, Is a bit too overpowered, and most of the 3d gameplay is repetitive. I like the SA style’d gameplay better. I think it’s cool they are experimenting with a new system for sonic, but I think it’d save time, and would prob play better if it was similar to the original SA+SA2 engine. I know they won’t and prob wont ever, and that’s fine with me too. But I stand by my opinion of SA style being superior

  11. Actually, from what my ears can make out, that isn’t the original Green Hill Zone music in the Classic Mode. It’s a retro-esque remix.

    This game is 42.

  12. Classic Sonics gameplay looks so much funner its not even funny, although i do like the unleashed/colors type gameplay also.

    Its too late now, but in place of modern sonics unleashed gameplay should be adventure type gameplay instead, but the two are fairly similar anyways so no biggie.

    Either way this looks amazing, i cant wait to play as classic sonic again!

  13. Watch the ring count and timer in the last few second… curious. Probably just a debug feature or something πŸ˜›

  14. I cannot be more excited about the new game. Seems like a way of catering for everyone tastes. I will be wholeheartedly be reverting back to 13 year old me with a big grin on my face the day of release πŸ˜€

  15. Welp, time to get a job and work my butt off for an HD console! I don’t care how long it takes, I am NOT missing this game!

  16. Guys, I had great idea if we can do this, SEGA will make more action to Sonic anytime.
    Sonic was busy to battle Eggman and saving the world, I mean Sonic and his friends will be playable in this game.
    I know there’s confirmed playable characters:
    Sonic (Classic & New)
    and more

    1. You’re stupid, really stupid. Only Sonic is playable. Classic and modern. Get over it.

      1. I get your point in what you’re trying to tell Ryan by saying only Sonic is confirmed and such, but is it really necessary to say “You’re stupid, really stupid” like that? You’re just making yourself look bad doing so.

  17. Looking forward to this but I’m not too thrilled about the modern sonic gameplay either. I did enjoy colours, not so much unleashed, but the whole boost mechanic is getting worn.
    I’d prefer the Sonic Adventure style of moving though the levels at speed. I know there were speed pads everywhere, but hitting the wall and obstacles slowed you down. Having a good clean run, keeping up your speed with skill and precision was epic. Having a boost button which bounces you along a path a ludicrous-speed and blasting though obstacles takes so much skill out of running.

  18. If anyone has a copy of the Green hill “Sonic Generations’ remix music pleeease let me know?

  19. I’m shure some of you saw it by now, but I saw the old Robotnik on the goal-post at the end of the video!

  20. I have a strong feeling that we “might” see the return of Hyper Sonic. Anyone else think so??

  21. EPIC. I’ve never experienced the Unleashed/Colors gameplay, so I can’t wait to finally be able to play something like that for Generations. Also, while I enjoyed Sonic 4, the 2D sections in this game blow it out of the water. They’re incredible.

    *Applauds SEGA*

  22. Game looks great so far. Iv’e also been thinking that this looks way better than Sonic an remix and has probably been in the works longer. Maybe now people will have more faith in Sega. Anyway the only thing I am worrying about is that modern Sonic’s level looks a bit barren.

  23. I thought they played a remix in Classic Sonic’s stage and a differet remix in Modern Sonic’s stage. The point is I could’ve swore that neither were the original, just Classic Sonic’s was closer to the original than Modern’s due to gameplay style. =P lol

  24. Just to those complaining about this not being another Sonic Adventure game… when the rumur came out early this year about this game (at the time, referred to as Sonic Anniversary) didn’t the same rumur also hint/mention a possible SA3 game also in the works? Well if the Sonic Anniversary (Sonic Generations) part was true, doesn’t it standto reason there may well be some truth in that? Not saying there will be a SA3, just saying that now theres a much more likely chance there could be.

    1. The rumour didn’t say anything about a possible SA3. The rumours that were reported to be from a SEGA Spain rep at GAMEFest 2010 only said that Sonic Anniversary was on the way and a new Mario & Sonic game. Now thanks to the recent temporary box art leaks, we know both rumours were true, minus a few details like the Sonic Anniversary title being Sonic Generations and it being only on Xbox 360 and PS3 rather than all home consoles and handhelds.

  25. I am loving Classic Sonic’s running animation, i don’t even really have a reason, it just looks nifty.

    1. Yes, because you don’t have to do anything to obtain that boost in the first place…

    2. Hahahahaha, no.

      Yes the game is running on the Hedgehog Engine it was already confirmed, if you weren’t a troll you probably would visit here regularly and would have learned already about it.

      The most probable thing is that this game it’s going to borrow a lot of Sonic Colors elements after it very positive reception, so this one will not be a boostfest.

      You would know that if you played Colors, which I doubt, too bad for you.

      inb4 “colors wasn’t good”

      1. I had to save my boosts in Colors, that’s true. Very different from Unleashed. You sort of had the right places to use the Wisps you got. Use the boosts in the right place, you get an S rank. (Ok, not so simple…)

  26. Let’s hope this is Unleashed where they port it to the Wii to the last minute. If not, then at least have a 3DS port.
    If SEGA doesn’t, then I have to either

    A. Buy an XBOX 360 (last RESORT!) or
    B. Convince my friend to buy their copy.

    1. I don’t think it’s a good idea…what if the same thing happens and it turns out different like the Wii Version of Unleashed which was really terrible in my opinion 😐

      I reckon a different Sonic game will be on the 3DS

      It should stay an Xbox/PS3 exclsuive That’s what I think…

      1. I loved the Wii version, and the critics also prefer it. I sure missed playing Savannah Citadel and Empire City, but I’m glad I didn’t have to spend endless hours trying to get an S rank (or whatever system they used there) at Crimson Carnival, dying a hundred times, changing to the werehog all the time.

        Anyway, if we get a Wii version (which I think is unlikely), I don’t think we’ll be getting all the levels made for the other two. But I’m pretty sure it can be well done.

    2. The PS2 and Wii versions of Sonic Unleashed weren’t last minute ports. Those versions were announced when the game was announced.

  27. Mighty could return, Btw i think later in a few months there going to show theres a third sonic based off the dreamcast design of sonic , if theres 3 eras Classic, dreamcast and modern, theres bound to be a third sonic lol.

  28. Why at the end clock suddenly jumps from 1:14 to 2:14 ???????????????????
    I don’t get it πŸ™

  29. When SEGA and Nintendo will annouce Mario and Sonic at the 2012 London Olympic Games?
    That game would have alot of playable characters than just 20 playable characters. 40 would be good.
    New events would be awesome which has some of fighting events.
    New dream events will have Mario and Sonic stages are from Mario & Sonic games like:
    Sonic Heroes, Super Mario Galaxy, Sonic Colors, Sonic Free Riders, Sonic the Hedgehog 1-3 & Knuckles, Sonic CD,
    Sonic Adventure 1-2, Sonic 2006, Sonic Unleashed, Super Mario Bros 1-3, Super Mario World, New Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64, Mario Kart: Double Dash, Mario Kart Super Circuit, Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 3DS, Mario Kart Arcade GP 1 & 2, and more.

  30. Both Modern and Classic Sonics are great to have in the game as playables. But if other fans debate if these should appear as playable, my opinion are:

    1.) Tails (makes sense since he’s been on the blue blur’s side for years–he can also be treated like a 2nd player just like good o’ Sonic 2 and Sonic 3 games. =D)

    2.) Knuckles please. He’s my favorite Sonic character and he hasn’t gotten any action lately.

    3.) Blaze. Although most people are going to question but I think Blaze would fit in perfectly since her gameplay is the same as Sonic except with her own abilities. If she’s in, maybe they can add a few twists that only Blaze would be able to access (like Tails/Knuckles would).

  31. what stages from old and new games do you want to see. i want to see: Nocturne,tropical resort,adabat,seaside hill,city escape,radical highway,emerald coast and maybe even kingdom valley for modern game levels.(oh and lets not forget the space colony ark.) for classic i would love palmtree panic,emerald hill,ice cap,Labyrinth, and spring yard zone,angel island ,death egg zone and stardust speedway. i just think those levels would be great for 3d and 2d sections.(especially when you include super sonic) hey lets not forget this is sonic’s history meaning games he’s been in. other sonic team related games could make a special appearance.(like say billy hatcher or sambe de amigo anyone?)

    1. From the newest, I’d like to have:
      – Sweet Mountain
      – Kingdom Valley
      – City Escape / Radical City (but that’s already obvious – if Green Hill has more than one setting, it will be the simples thing to make a night version of City Escape)
      – Windy Valley (not likely, I suppose)
      – Dragon Road (Chun-Nan)
      – Hang Castle / Mystic Mansion (alternatively Rail Canyon)

      Among the old levels:
      – Green Hill
      – Starlight
      – Chemical Plant
      – Casino Night
      – Hydrocity
      – Icecap (S3 version, that’s why I didn’t mention it above)
      – Sandopolis (but any other stage from Sonic & Knuckles will make me just as happy)
      – Death Egg (possibily the best way to close the adventure)
      – Stardust Speedway

  32. I just thought of something. If the Mega Drive music is going to get modern remixes, will that work the other way round as well, with modern music getting classical remixes?



    I just gotta LOVE that fat cute little classic Sonic <3 And the gameplay, aaah it looks so GREAT! But I guess I'll buy it after the reviews, still 😐 gotta buy ps3 now, and forget about wii and Sonic Colors… If Generation's better, I do not care |D

  34. The trumpet on the modern version makes it sound like something from one of the Dragon Ball games.

  35. Does anybody remember Jun Senoue saying that maybe he’d like to remix Death Egg’s theme from Sonic & Knuckles? When did he say that? Could it be any hint for a level from Generations?

    Even if the game isn’t available for the Wii, I’ll get a whole impressive set of songs from all the 20 years both updated and remixed, and that’s already great. I remember when Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out, it had so many remixes! Its soundtrack was worth its pryce without the game (come to think of it, how many CDs would that make?).

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