New Hi-Res Sonic Generations Green Hill Zone Screenshots

Some more screenshots of upcoming PS3 and Xbox 360 game Sonic Generations have hit the net. Most of them are new, while a few are old, but are now available in hi-resolution. The screens show us more of both Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic speeding through the Green Hill Zone, and we can even see Classic Sonic displaying the return of both of the classic ledge balancing animations. How cool is that?

Check out the screens and individual artwork of Classic Sonic and Modern Sonic below.

Sources: Sonic Scene and Aussie Gamer

Thanks to Woun for the heads up!


  1. Woah! They looks amazing! Even the 2D stages looks superp in HD with the background!

    1. And in the beginning I thought that this game didn’t look HD. Thanks for proving me wrong!

  2. Ok I think we got the message now, GHZ is back and looks really pretty, is that the only retro stage? I need more info!

    1. SEGA only just revealed this stage and the full game properly 10 days ago, so give them a break. The game’s not out until the Holiday season either, so I wouldn’t expect a new stage to be revealed yet. SEGA’s no doubt going to show us more at E3, which takes place June 7th-9th.

  3. It’s not very probable but I would really like Aquatic Ruin Zone to be in this game.
    Really really REALLY!
    Seeing how cool the Green Hill Zone looks, makes you impatient to see what the rest of the stages are.
    I’m actually excited to try the Classic Sonic, though at first I thought I wouldn’t be.:-P

  4. I’m waiting for Labyrinth (Sonic 1), Hidden Palace (Sonic 2), Aquatic Ruins (Sonic 2), Cassino Night (Sonic 2), Mystic Cave (Sonic 2) and Ice Cap (Sonic 3)!

    1. Hidden Palace was never in Sonic 2. It got scrapped. So it has no reason to be in Sonic Generations. Especially since Hidden Palace is completely different now as seen in Sonic & Knuckles.

      But I totally agree with Ice Cap. XD

    1. Because it was different developers and they were making a modern 2D game. This is 3D, specifically HD 3D. This game has Modern Sonic in it, so it can’t be like Sonic 4. It has to be better. The physics are done much differently as well because of the type of game it is. The only reason it was worth the detail put in this game is BECAUSE it has multple perspectives of it.

      They’re also developed by different teams. :]

      Don’t worry, though. For all we know, this might actually be a sign of improvement coming to Sonic 4 ep 2, even if it’s still not as good as Generations. :]

  5. Great shots. Very good. Looks like a good game. BANG. Anywho, I would think it would be very cool to see chemical plant zone in this game. Also, a chao garden for good times sake.

  6. This is starting to make me curious, Seeing that they’re starting with the very beggining of the series (GHZ), I wonder If they are going to have the very last level in the series as the final boss level thing (which would be terminal velocity from Colors) or if they’re gonna work on something new for the ending to show what’s to come in the future.

    1. Terminal Velocity was a 3D run down with no 2D elements, please explain to me HOW Classic Sonic would be incorporated into such a level? it was mainly all running without platforming, since it was pretty much a straight road.

      1. Yeah, and it was just a straight road because it wasn’t even a full level. lol Maybe D J meant the boss fight at the end only?

        Well knowing how they’ve remade GHZ to allow Unleashed gameplay, perhaps they can remake Terminal Velocity too. Though given it’s purpose, they probably would barely remake it.

        As for HOW, it’s not hard. Since Modern Sonic just ran straight, I’d assume Classic Sonic can run right and I think both would just be trying to run before the invisible wall of doom catches you, or something like that. lol

        Tho I don’t think they’d end the game with the last stage. I think they’d pass that since Generations would be the last game, so it’d have to be Generations’ last stage at the end of Generations. In other words, if that logic is applied, it’s possible we’ll see an original stage or 2 near the end huh? :3

  7. Hi
    I’ll post it here because I think noone will care in previous news.
    F you listen closely to the 2nd part of modern sonic stage (this part from french interview) I listened it on headphones and I noticed a big music change. Its very different try listening to last 15s and first 30s there is a big difference.

    So I think We will get more than 1 modern Sonic stage per zone (that was obvious for classic sonic)

    1. It’s possible that the song just lasts a long time before ACTUALLY looping again and it is merely nere the end of the first loop.

      How was it obvious for Classic Sonic? We’ve only seen 1 act for both Classic and Modern.

  8. i hope they have a gimmick for each stage. for example sonic 06(kingdom valley) purposely could have glitches in some parts like your running in 2d and all of a sudden start running in different directions and then your launched. or 3d sonic could run through a dash pad and still not go faster.(jk! probably just those vines that sonic jumped on.) another example is a sonic cd stage you would pass through those time travel things with modern or classic sonic placing you in good future,bad future or past. i also hope the sonic colors writers use sonic 06 as a great point to create lots of humor. they have a lot to work with. sonic sees elise screaming for help. Sonic:i never got why i thought she was attractive. well in my defense i was 15. NOT the best birthdayโ€ฆ Good luck in a few years pal.
    Classic sonic looks at elise and shivers and runs away.

    1. When did Sonic ever say he thought Elise was attractive in the first place? XDD

      Another thing is, don’t you think since all the stages are bein RE-made and revamped, that the Sonic 06 segment would actually be a BETTER version of what the game should’ve been?

      At the same time I don’t even know if Sonic 06 will be included because chronologically it comes before Sonic 1 as it erases 10 years of it’s own Sonic history, 10 years which then must be rewritten. The rewritten version of their timeline includes Sonic 1 – Sonic Colors (without Sonic 06).

      Because of this, Sonic 06 is basically an ALTERNATE timeline that now never happened and does not exist. This makes it uncanon. Not only that ,but SEGA called it uncanon. Even if it didn’t erase itself from the canon, it would not be a part of the timeline and thus wouldn’t make sense to be part of “Sonic’s History” if it was erased from Sonic’s history. And this is a “Time travel” thing again so it’d have to go on more than technicality.

      At the same time I could be wrong about SEGA not using it and we might see stages from it after all. But it’d be confusing as hell logicaly. XD

      1. yes the stage would play fine but every now and then sonic would spazz out purposely. you’d be able to play the game fine. i’m not saying you’d play sonic like 06 it would just be a little gimmick that would add a little humor.
        but don’t think to hard on the plot and trying to include stages. their just trying to put in levels that were in sonic games.( which might include sonic 06)this is a part of sonic’s history in real life. sonic riders is also uncanon.(i think.) sonic chronicles is also uncanon but that doesn’t mean there not parts of sonic past. there still there. it sounds like your making a archie comic timeline affect real life.LOL! ๐Ÿ™‚ again the sonic plot and story really shouldn’t worry you. it’s not going to kill the game if they add this stage.(unless your a crazy sonic fanboy who wants this game to be 100%!)this is like trying to find out mario or zeldas timeline.

        1. you also seem pretty educated on your sonic timeline placement. you think you could explain to me the zelda timeline.LOL!

        2. Well they actually do put more thought into their plot and continuity than people think. Even the best stories have some plot inconsistencies. It’s not easy. lol

          And my mind just works that way. It’s uh, a personal thing about me. XD; But Sonic is particularly easy since I grew up with Sonic. One of the main reasons I’m still a Sonic fan is because the story never ends. :]

          I think Sonic Riders is canon. The “spin-off” titles aren’t really “spin-offs” but in actuality are more like “fillers”. I consider them as part of the chronological storyline as they have full out plots, just they’re minor plots. The TRUE spin-offs are Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine, Tails’ Sky Patrol, Tails Adventure, Knuckles Chaotix and Shadow The Hedgehog (spin-offs are most commonly a title related to a pre-existing title, but with the new title starring a different main character. Usually the new main character of the spin-off is a random popular character from the original series) At the same time, Shadow The Hedgehog is still part of the main chronological storying for Sonic’s series. lol

          All I was saying is there’s 2 ways this could go. If this game’s plot is based on Sonic’s past storyline-wise, then Sonic 06 may not be included unless a second paradox is made. If they’re going to show Sonic’s past real like Sonic History-wise, then they can show ANY game and Sonic Generations will just be breaking the 4th wall. lol

          But it IS possibly to show Sonic 06 stages I guess. I mean, Classic Sonic being there as Classic Sonic design rather than just a younger modern Sonic shows the game is aware of an appearance difference despite the change merely being commerical and that is breaking the 4th wall (kinda like if Sonic 3 Sonic met Sonic 2 Sonic and they noticed a difference in appearance even though it’s merely a different art style and updated graphics lol)

          Hey. I didn’t say I WANTED it to be perfect in the canon and such. I was just pointing out the facts that might determine what they might do. XD (Even if I was that obsessed it’d be kinda rude to make fun of someone for having OCD or another disorder ;O)

          1. oh sorry didn’t mean to be a bit rude their didn’t think about that last sentence. but thanks for clearing up your reason.

  9. also for hub worlds they should have a hub for each era. one for modern,classic and classic and in each hub you can select the stage from that era.

    1. Thats a GREAT idea. Wait Hub worlds? Hm, didn’t we ask for that before Sonic Unleashed? Look at how that turned out >_> Gave them what they wanted and it got crashed down on…

      1. yeah but if they can get the hub worlds right it can offer great replay value to a game offering up bonuses, side missions, etc. besides are you talking about the 06 hubs or unleashed hubs because a lot of people seemed fine with unleashed’s.

      2. Don’t forget Sonic Adventure had hub worlds. They’re basically Stage Select Screen/Maps only you can walk around in them so you had a break time and a setting for cutscenes. As long as they connect the stages and let you EXPLORE rather than sending you on assignments it’s all good. All Sonic Adventure ever did was tell you to get certain items for abilities needed to complete the upcoming stages and they were so easy to get. There was nothing to it. Just find them and go. Their hub woulds were wide open but also small so it was easier too. :3

        1. when you say connecting stages do you mean connects to sonic gameplay stages or other hubs? because i’m working on a sonic game and want to make the hubs perfect. so far i have the hubs holding secret items ,guest appearences, missions and shops along with a headquarters for sonic and his pals. connecting to other hubs would probably be connected through a world map like unleashed but with the tornado. sorta like gummi ship gameplay but from behind the tornado.

          1. Actually I quite liked The Unleashed hub worlds even though they could have been improved but it was life like and much more realistic The {People, The sceanary, The Beautiful Music ^_^) It had edge making it better than 06 and Adventure but then Adventure was more Free and Open XD

            I only like the Adventure and Unleashed Hub Worlds XD

  10. Seeing how extremely sexy these HD graphics are making GHZ look, I wonder how good the other stages look because it seems like Sega is spending more time on GHZ than others. No criticism intended.

    1. well funny thing is in the original game they worked on ghz more than the others. took a a half a year to finish green hill.

    2. Just because GHZ is the only stage they’re showing right now doesn’t mean they’re spending more time on this stage than the others. This game will have probably been in development for about 1-2 years now. It’s very normal for a publisher to reveal little in the early days after announcing a new game. The game’s not due out until the holidays at the end of the year, so they’ll reveal more slowly over the year like they and most other publishers usually do. I think the next lot of info and media will very likely come at the E3 event, which is held June 7th-9th.

      1. I actually wasn’t complaining about GHZ being the only stage shown, I’m just saying – this stage looks like an extreme amount of work into and I’m thinking how well the others will look.

  11. I think we are going to go through all the iconic stages in Sonic history…
    I would love to see:

    Sonic 1:
    Green Hill
    Star Light

    Sonic 2:
    Aquatic Ruin
    Wing Fortress

    Sonic 3:
    Ice Cap
    Death Egg
    Sky Sanctuary

    Sonic CD:
    Stardust Speedway

    Sonic Adventure:
    Lost World
    Wind Valley

    Sonic Adventure 2:
    City Escape
    Green Forest
    Radical Highway

    I haven’t played a lot of advance/rush series… but for me these ones would do the trick. =)

    1. Damn, I didn’t even think about Green Forest, that will be something seriously sexy.

  12. Good to see things are turning out well for the game so far ๐Ÿ™‚

    I just hope we get to see a range/mix of levels Not just 2D Levels but both Past 2D and 3D Levels


  13. I saw an interview with a Sega Director who says there is 5 zones from each retro game in and 5 from SA and SA2 and in the modern aswell, I would love to see a sonic generations of grand metropolis from sonic heroes my fav level other than egg fleet.

        1. He said 5 from EACH game. If that’s true, then the game should have 50 stages (I included Sonic CD, Sonic Heroes, Sonic 06, Unleashed, and Colors in the math)

        2. idk. Could be…

          Sonic 1: 5 stages
          Sonic 2: 5 stages
          Sonic 3 & Knuckles: 5 stages
          SA1, SA2 and Modern: 5 stages

          =20 stages


          Sonic 1: 5 stages
          Sonic 2: 5 stages
          Sonic 3: 5 stages
          Sonic & Knuckles: 5 stages
          SA1, SA2 and Modern: 5 stages

          = 25 stages


          Sonic 1: 5 stages
          Sonic 2: 5 stages
          Sonic 3: 5 stages
          Sonic & Knuckles: 5 stages
          SA1 & SA2: 5 stages
          Modern: 5 stages

          = 30

          OR EVEN…

          Sonic 1: 5 stages
          Sonic 2: 5 stages
          Sonic 3: 5 stages
          Sonic & Knuckles: 5 stages
          Sonic Adventure: 5 stages
          Sonic Adventure 2: 5 stages
          Modern: 5 stages

          = 35 stages

          and then because Modern and Classic Sonic play each stage, and they use different courses and gameplay mechanics, you can say that for each of those, the result numbers are DOUBLE. (As in if there IS 35 stages, it’s really like 70 stages. Not to mention IF they have more acts)

      1. Because if they did that, then this game would either:

        A) be delayed until next year
        B) be the epitome of a rush job and become the same disaster that Sonic 06 was.

        1. So does that mean They will take 5 stages from Sonic 1,Sonic2,3&Knuckles. Or are they just taking 5 from those four altogether?

  14. aww man what happend to me and Rickyrick’s awesome cut-scene ideas…. :(. well at least ii wrote down like a whole concept of ideas for cut-scenes on my computer. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Haha, I had someone at the Sonic Stadium delete them, because I screwed up on the story when I was typing it up on microsoft word ๐Ÿ™‚ haha ill make another one later. And I like ur ideas too!!

      And thank you to whoever deleted my comments ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Yep, as Rickrick said, I deleted those comments on his request. I deleted the other comments that were replies to his comments, as leaving them there without Rickrick’s comments would have them appear to make no sense and be talking to no-one.

  15. I think 1 of the ideas for the cutscenes…. classic sonic doing charades for modern sonic to understand him ๐Ÿ˜›

  16. Has anyone given into thought yet that Metal Sonic in a new form may be the villian – Or he may appear in this game? Which means, this is the first game since Sonic Heroes that features Metal Sonic (Not counting the spoiler at the end of Sonic 4)

    1. Metal Sonic is in Sonic CD, Sonic R, Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes (in the actual plot again), Sonic Rivals, Sonic Rivals 2, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, Sonic 4 (as a bonus image… not really a big deal), Sonic Free Riders, possibly in London 2012 Olympic Games, possibly in Sonic Generations and possibly Sonic 4 ep 2. lol

    1. Well, the Wii gets Sonic game exclusives, so the Xbox 360 and PS3 are entitled to get exclusives, too. The game’s likely been built from the ground up for the HD consoles, just like Sonic Colours’ home console version was built from the ground up for Wii.

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