[11/04 UPDATE] More 20th Anniversary Game Info “Over Next Few Weeks”

April 11th UPDATE: In a new blog update, SEGA of America’s RubyEclipse suggests fans stay tuned to the official Sonic Facebook page for more questions and information about the new game. RubyEclipse also gives thanks on behalf of SEGA for all of the Thank You letters sent in to them in response to the new Sonic trailer. /UPDATE END

Those awaiting more information about SEGA’s new Sonic game revealed in a teaser trailer yesterday might not have to wait long. SEGA of America staff member Kellie answered an eager fan seeking more info via Twitter and informed that more details about this new game will be released “over the next few weeks”. Another fan asked about a release date, to which Kellie replied “we’ll have more details about a release date soon.”

There’s also bad news for those still desiring a Sonic Colours port on HD platforms, as Kellie’s stated on Twitter “there are currently no plans to bring Sonic Colors to another platform.”

We’ll bring further details regarding this all-new Sonic game as they’re released. If you haven’t already, check out the teaser trailer.

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  1. If Sega makes me break down and buy a Wii JUST for Sonic Colors, I will be upset.

    Then after a few hours I’ll be happy, because I’ll have Sonic Colors.

    But still, the principle of the thing…

    1. But what about all the Nintendo games you’ll be able to play? Like Metroid, Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Kirby and all that?

      1. Nintendo does have some good games out, but I’ve always been so much more interested in Sonic. None of the other Wii games really drew my attention enough to warrant buying the system considering I already have a 360 and PS3.

        Sonic Colors is changing that.

        One question, though: do you have to use the Wiimote and nunchuck thing, or can you use the classic controller for Colors?

        1. Yes, you can use the Classic Controller, and the Gamecube controller too. Both work well.

    2. I felt the same way when I picked up a Wii last week (wiik?), but then I realized that there were a ton of SEGA lightgun games and platformers for me to own. Also, MadWorld is damn good. Currently I have Wario Land Shake It, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Klonoa, MadWorld and of course Sonic Colors. 🙂

      1. wario land shake it is a fun game, shamefully you gotta collect money for the next worlds and such

    3. Trust me, after you get over the fact that sonic colors is the most ausomnest game eva, it goes really quickly, i finished it in 2 and a half hours then i was sad:(

  2. @ Chocolate Supra

    Then you could also get Olympic Games, Olympic Winter Games, Brawl, Secret Rings and Black Knight, it would be a purchase you’d never regret.

  3. Dear Sega,

    Port of Sonic colours to the other consoles.

    Love, everyone with a mind.

      1. Actually buster I own a Wii, and the fact is if there was a HD port it would make a lot of people happy, especially those with HD systems and a Wii since anyone with any sense would play a HD version over a Wii version anyday.

        1. You wanna know the most frustrating part? The textures and such actually have very high quality, it’s just that the Wii has to scale everything down so much.

          So basically a port to 360/PS3 would be a pretty easy thing to do. In theory.

          1. sonic colors is one of the best sonic games so far (even on the wii) so if they made a 360/ps3 port it would be perfect

          2. I don’t mean to butt in but I have to say this. You guys are proving that people mainly only care about the graphics in a game now days. Sonic Colors is a damn fine Sonic game with good graphics and great gameplay. I fail to see how it could do any better on a 360/PS3 just because it has better graphics. I can understand if you wanted it to be ported to those systems if you don’t own a Wii, but to just flat out say that it would be instantly better on 360 is ridiculous.

      1. I guess I’ll have to buy an Xbox or something. On the bright side, with this new game, I could finally get my hands on the 360 version of Unleashed. (I’m stuck with the much less day stage filled Wii version FTL)

        1. lol, or go to a family member who has a 360/PS3. I just go down the block to use my cousins 360 when I’m bored of the wii. Should consider buying a 360 but saving that money for the 3DS

          1. Of course, when that family member takes the PS3 with him to university, it’s no good being affiliated with him.

    1. Actually Sega… why am I talking as though Sega is reading this… it’s not like they are… well anyway… Don’t release a Wii Version, spend that time and energy making this one great and then make a nerfed version.

  4. a port to the wii would be nice, after they’re done with the hd version(way after). I don’t want a port hindering the quality of the hd version.

  5. @Chocolate Supra: NO! Don’t get a Wii! It’s a waste of money if you already have a 360 or PS3! Just wait and see and Generations will be better than Colors!

    1. Geez, This is why I hated some peoples’ logic.

      You don’t know if it *will* be better than Colors…. We have zip game info! Heck this could be a game that only contains info on Sonic games from present to past! A.k.a Concept art trailers and the like,( somewhat like Sonic Mega Collection.)
      Don’t listen to Tech, but if you wanna buy it or not doesn’t fine, It doesn’t concern me.
      And please Tech, don’t go shouting things you don’t really know yet.

  6. I forgive them for not putting Colors on HD systems. This totally makes up for it!

  7. Awesome…actually i was one of those people who asked for info…anyway for those wanting for a HD version of Colours don’t expect anything cause Kellie also said that there are no plans for a port.

    Too bad cause i want one too…

  8. Ports are costly, people! I’d rather they focus on new games anyway.
    Doesn’t help that they keep switching preferred consoles though. Generations really should be on the Wii, at least…

      1. You know? its kinda dumb to compare a 20 years old game, whose graphical engine is so old that can be pretty much be ported to any modern system without any modifications. With a game that was released last year; which would take some time to edit so it can meet the standars of the PS3/360’s graphical engine.

        1. And remember Sonic 1 can be ported to a GBA by a single unpaid fan.

          But not by a whole company.

          Even if they started a HD Colours port, don’t bet on it being any good.

  9. Don’t see what Wii owners are buttmad about, they got the best 3D Sonic game in almost a decade. Oh sure, it’s be neat to have a port of it, but I’d say priorities first: Make an Anniversary game that they’ll remember. One that does justice to the franchise, and one that vindicates the fans that stuck with it for so long.

    Don’t disappoint us, Sega. Sonic Team. Whatever.

    1. I just think Xbox and PS3 owners deserve a chance since we’ve had less exclusives

      Xbox: 06 and for Kinect (Free Riders)
      PS3: 06

      Altogether Wii,PS3 and Xbox – SASASR, SU,Sonic 4,SSST

        1. Agreed C.J since the ps3 and 360 do not have many exclusives. Still as previously I hope they make an HD version first then port it to the wii.

  10. Cool looking forward to that…I just hope the game has multiplayer….some proper multiplayer Please D:

  11. Okay, this is officially jumping the shark. I’ll accept this so long as no SatAM characters show up. They were made for the comics, they only belong IN the comics.

    Or who knows, maybe this isn’t going to be a game but this is a treat for the loyal fans who’ve stuck by Sonic for 20 years and the real game is yet to even be unveiled?

      1. haha yeah theres been a few reports about me on here,
        about the sonic free riders game i got the info about it not having controller support

  12. I don’t have anything but a Wii, but I have to say. I. AM. PUMPED. 8D
    It’s annoying how everyone else seems to be so butthurt that the Wii isn’t getting this game. We got Colo(u)rs, after all. And everyone should be happy SEGA’s doing this. I mean, it might be my inner fangirl kicking in, but I can’t look at that image without grinning from ear to ear.

  13. This game seems so fun! A perfect way to celebrate the 20th anniversary! and what would an anniversary game like this be without a collectors edition?

  14. I like to see interact with old Sonic and Amy with new Sonic and Amy in some cutscenes.
    Anyways there would be classic version of Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik, Amy, Chaotix and others to meet new Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, Amy, Cream, Shadow and many others.

  15. Makes me glad I have a Wii and a 360 XP

    This looks promising, to say the least. Seeing as I’ve been visiting memory lane by replaying Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog, I’m certainly in the mood for a game like this. Classic Sonic looks so out of place in CG, it’s cute XD And modern Sonic has that grin…Lol. It’s adorable.

  16. I had a strong feeling they wouldn’t port Colors to HD consoles. It really doesn’t matter since I have it for Wii, but you’d think with all of the ports of games SEGA does that they’d at least port Colors, but whatev. Anyway, I would much rather see SEGA focus their time and effort on a brand new game rather than just porting a previous one. Looking forward to this one!

  17. i wonder when the next sonic storybook game is and i wonder if it will be any good

  18. Dear Sega:

    Keep the 20th anniversary on a real game console and don’t put it on a child’s toy.

    Love, everyone.

    1. So, aparantly Madworld, Manhunt 2, Brawl, & Sin & Punishment 2 are little childrens games?

      & as Shadzter had already said, let’s not start any console wars.

  19. Cant wait for the new updates…
    By the way everyone I dont mean to brag but im about to boot up Sonic’s Schoolhouse on my PC.

  20. Having read through these comments, I’m now so proud to have an Xbox 360…and a PS3…AND a Wii (it’s actually my sister’s, but she lets me use it). Also, TheDanimator just reminded me…what was the last Sonic game released for PC that wasn’t a compilation? It was probably Heroes way back in 2004. Give the PC some love too, SEGA.

  21. Also i got a ps3 in christmas in 2010 my first hd console. i got this console for just in case any new sonic games could be only be for ps3 or xbox360

  22. I just hope the levels aren’t as linear as they look in the video. Colors’ 3D sections were really awesome in the parts where you had wide spaces with many heights! However, parts with the interceptor robots and Terminal Velocity were very bland and easy. So if they do decide to make the game with Unleashed/Colors gameplay, make it more like Colors if anything, but try to improve on it. 🙂
    Also, can’t wait to hear what Crush 40 have recorded for this game!! 😀

      1. .__. oh well …thanks for saying that and i will let you know if find out somting else about the game

  23. “There’s also bad news for those still desiring a Sonic Colours port on HD platforms, as Kellie’s stated on Twitter “there are currently no plans to bring Sonic Colors to another platform.” ”

    Awwwwh D: Ah well, seems atleast Sonic Generations isnt going for wii haha

  24. I think its reasonable to only be on HD consoles, think about it the game looks huge and big (just like Unleashed HD) to just port it to the Wii (which got Colors last year), that means Sega would have to create another different version for Wii with its own levels (just like Unleashed Wii). I say let Sega concentrate on one version to make the best out of it.

  25. If Sonic Colours is SUCH a big deal people go buy a used Wii that way you don’t blow $200, and Wiis tend to be more sturdy than other platforms and even though comparitivly the graphics suck the games themselves tend to be good. Oh, and no I don’t work for a video game reliter in case you were wondering .

  26. Yep the wonders of having a wii and 360, sucks for those with both HD when is practically the same thing in terms of sonic content that is. What I don’t like is that the game seems to be one that is downloadable instead of a full retail game, because it mentions xbox live and playstation network.

    1. The trailer had both the Xbox 360/PS3 AND the Xbox Live/PSN logos in it. That means it’s going to be a retail game, but it will have online content (Leader boards, DLC, etc.). It is not an XBLA/PSN title. If it was, it would only show the XBLA and PSN logos.

  27. Dear Sega

    You did great with Colours. Don’t screw it up now with this one, take your time and release it bug free and as perfect as you can make it.

  28. Why are we even talking about HD colors?

    Jk, but that pic is still my desktop background!

  29. At long last… I can proudly say it one final time since Sonic 3 And Knuckles…

    After beating Sonic 4 Ep 1 and Sonic Colors… I now say to the world…


  30. I want to see new Sonic 2oth anniversay game is:
    1.Sonic/Tails Friendship scenes
    2.Sonic VS. Eggman: The Final Battle (Not monster final boss like Biolizard and Ilbis or Mephellis)
    3.Return of Sonic VS. Knuckles
    4.Remake of levels from Sonic 1 to Sonic Colors
    5.Super Sonic playable in levels
    6.Sonic/Amy love scenes
    7.No more new hedgehogs!
    8.Modern Sonic characters meet with classic Sonic characters scenes
    9.Awesome music and sound effects
    10.No Gitches!
    11.Eggman/Robotnik funny scenes
    12.Sonic VS. Shadow returns
    13.More playable characters instead play as Sonic only.
    14.Awesome Story Mode
    15.Classic Sonic & Modern Sonic interact scenes
    16.Special Stages returns
    17.More Cutscenes
    18.Boss Battles, 2-Player mode and more!
    19.Silver and Blaze are friendly not romantic way
    20.Eggman wants to destroy Sonic and rule the world in the story mode, Eggman use his time machine to send all old Sonic characters to modern day. Sonic and his friends will figure it out, At the end, Sonic and Amy got together and start dating alot. All old Sonic characters return to their old world. Eggman and Robotnik was defeated.

    1. I need to say that I agree with all of thouse, except 6 and part of 20 and maybe 12. But yes we definitly need to see #5, 2, 9, 10, 13.
      I’d like to see: 1) Return of Mighty (seriously he is awsome) 2) Knuckles re-taking control of the chaotix and… no actualy that is all that comes to my mind in ten seconds so… yeah

    2. No one wants a love scene of any kind in a Sonic game. Don’t anyone remember SonicxElise here? Keep SonAmy love out of the Sonic games.

      1. The little “Sonic marry me!” “No way!” kinda things are alright, but yea besides that love shouldn’t really make it into the games in that way. Most of those ideas are good but some I would disagree with. Especially if they went to all the trouble of including classic Sonic, deal with the major characters, Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, and classic bad guys like Eggman and Metal Sonic. Wrap all the nostalgic old school stuff into a nice new game. Maybe now would be a good time to try throw a curve ball and have Mighty and Fang/Nack in there even if just as cameos, as they are old school. But personally I don’t think the newer characters should have the spotlight during Sonics birthday.

    3. I had the idea of sonic meeting oldcharecters before. Its a good idea! Yes, i am a fan of sonamy, but sereously, dating alot? I think sonic just needs to stop running away from her. Heres the ones i agree with:

  31. Oh and BTW we need an Ova or maybe just an normal cartoon of Sonic!
    Sonic X was good and all (Chris sucked -____-) but we need something better and since our hero is almost 20 years old (on the game business not the character’s age) SEGA should make a movie about his history!
    That is all and give us moar news :3

  32. The way I look at it, certain games are better for certain platforms. In Colors case, I think it fares better as a Wii game considering it was made specifically for the Wii. I can understand if certain people feel a little shafted if they don’t have that particular console, but games are games and are made with certain controls in mind. Plus I think its a lot more time consuming than people realize to port a game like that. Just think of Colors as something similar to the storybook games that are exclusive to Wii.

  33. When i saw the trailer I was borded for a few secodns. Then, it shouwed Calssic Sonic! It made me jump out of my seat! so, for the people complaining, its only because it uses the hedgehog engine. So quit whining! Classic Sonic is the one making me excited for this game!

  34. Heres a few ideas for a combination of stage themes/element Hybrid concept where the all act 1’s are based on the 2d games and the act 2’s are based on the 3d games.
    1st stage – Act 1 = Green Hill Zone with a couple of elements from emerald hill here and there. The music is either a remixed version GHZ, Emerald Hill, Angel Island or Emerald Coast. Which song plays is completely random kinda like smash bros brawl. Act 1 is mostly 2.5D with a couple 3d sections via the trailer and sA2. Act 1 ends in 2.5D with Sign Post.
    Act 2 = Emerald Coast from SA1 Mostly follows the layout of Emeral Coast In 3d and a couple of 2.5d sections with themes and gimmicks from the orginal GHZ act 2 and act 3. Act 2 ends in 3D With either Goal ring or capsule… Developers choice.
    Here is another example:
    stage 2 – Act 1 = Marble Zone mixed with Hill Top Zone and a little bit of Marble Garden. Music randomly chooses to play a remix of Marble hill, Hilltop, Marble Garden. Mostly 2.5d with a Couple 3d sections. Act 1 ends in 2.5D With Sign post.
    Act 2 = Red Mountain Mixed with Lava reef and HillTop Zone act 2. Mostly follows the layout of Red mountain in 3d with a few 2.5D Sections that takes layout and gimmicks from both the original HillTop Zone act 2 and Lava reef zone act one.. When down in the below section on red mountain. Music is either original Red mountain act 1 and 2 or remixes of lava reef act 1 or hilltop act2. Act 2 ends in 3D with Goal ring or capsule.
    Here is one more example just for fun:
    stage 3 – Act 1 = labyrinth Zone mixed with Aquatic Ruins and Hydro City Zone. Music is remixes of either of those stages. Mostly 2.5D with a couple 3d sections. Follows the layout of aquatic ruins act 1 and hydro city act 1. Act 1 ends in 2.5D with sign post.
    Act 2 = Lost world mixed with Green forrest, White Jungle and aquatic ruins act 2 and hydro city act 2. Mostly Follows the layout of green forrest and white jungle with a few dashes of Lost world’s puzzles and tunnels. A bit more water added to the Green forrest and White jungle parts. Mostly 3D with 2.5D sections taking layout and gimmicks from aquatic ruins act 2 and hydro city act 2. Act 2 ends in 3d with goal post or capsule.
    …. Can someone do me a favor and post this in the forums for me? Im too lazy to sign up and copy and paste this myself right now. I have a lot more recipes for mash ups of zones likes this. Obviously there are so many zone in the sonic universe that its just fun to think of. Maybe someone could even make a topic about recipes that people can come up with themselves for mash ups of zones that go together that the developers might actually do. I have a feeling Generations will be similar to this with the option of choosing your skin.

  35. I’m hyped for this classic sonic and 2011 sonic together what more could we ask for the plot seems like it going to follow tmnt turtles forver in which the 1987 ninja turtles team up with the 2011 ninja turtles and the classic ninja turltes to stop their unvirese as a whole from being destoryed so maybe the plot the same for this game we gotta love Sgea fan service they are really bending over backwards to please the fans lets not nit pick over classic sonic having a belt buckle thts just silly ….lol

  36. Ugh, TSSZNews is in ruins right now. Their latest story on Sonic Generations Fan Reactions has lit up the comments with people whining over it. Sometimes I hate this fanbase..

    Can I get a hug?

      1. PINGAS! What you see is what you get! Just your daliy treatment of the so called “Sonic Wars”. The show always gets more entertaining when a new Sonic game is released XD

  37. I bet this game might come out on sonic’s birthday exactly…

    PLEASE SEGA PLEASE I WANT IT NOW i don’t want to wait until november (november: the month in which Sonic the Hedgehog games usually sell in)

    1. Yup
      Sonic Unleashed
      Sonic Rush
      Sonic Rivals 2
      Shadow The Hedgehog
      Sonic Rivals
      Sonic 06
      Sonic Colo(u)rs


    2. That’s cause SEGA wants to get paid and laid before the new years of course, but in all seriousness we should be greatful that SEGA can still make the deadline for the game by this year. Japan still needs our help!

  38. People don’t understand that it isn’t so simple for SEGA to just go out and make a game for both the Wii and the HD brethren. Even if SEGA were to have DIMPS to work on the Wii side of development, that would’ve conflicted with Sonic Colors, and that wouldn’t happen. I’m sure if SEGA wants a uniform experience, and not have to suffer from angry comments from their fans that the Wii version was poor. So it’s much easier as a team itself to focus on developing the game and not have to worry about different assets/SDKs for the different games. If people want this new game, they’ll have to cough up the money to buy an HD console. I may be wrong, but I stand by what I say, and I sure do hope this game does well. 🙂


  39. I sold my wii :)… but i can beat games before sold it like: Sonic an the black knight, Sonic and the secret rings, the Shity SU, Sonic 4 and Sonic Colors =)

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