More Proof Sonic’s New Game Is Titled “Sonic Generations”

The recent temporary box art leak not enough to convince you Sonic’s new PS3 and Xbox 360 game is called Sonic Generations? Well, the recently registered web domains and now link back to SEGA’s website’s games section, which in the past has meant a game’s previously discovered website is about to go live soon. UK equivalents of the URL’s that also link to SEGA’s website have also appeared: and

Hopefully this means we’ll get some information on Sonic Generations soon. SEGA of America’s Kellie said via Twitter on April 8th that more information is coming “Over the next few weeks”.

Thanks to Shaddix_Croft at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Kellie said the exact same thing 3 days ago on the SEGAAmerica youtube channel. So it could still be a couple of more weeks from today

    1. That sucks. Maybe it’s just the official word on it that she has to repeat. The whole website thing is a good indication that we’ll see more sooner rather than later though.

  2. If you check the links now folks, they still lead back to sega, but they now lead to a dedicated Sonic Generations page on the sega site with full game info!

  3. Time Holes huh? Fantastic!

    Think of all the explanation Sega could deal with when time travel is involved. Shadow could visit Hidden Palace Zone and we might get some clarification on whether or not Gerald based him off of it (as a popular fan theory holds). Silver could be permanently reintegrated into the cast (though admittedly I’m not sure what his status is as far as how he and Sonic know each other, here they could just have him get stuck or something after the holes close). It might show the moon get blown up again and get some explanation about how it was fixed. We might even find out why Robotnik/Eggman (I’m wondering if the name issue will come up in game) stopped kidnapping animals and putting them in robots.

    Aside from that I can’t wait to revist my favorite levels in both 2D and 3D but always HD. Green Hill Zone, The Death Egg, Space Colony ARK, Marble Garden Zone, Leaf Storm, Radical Highway, Music Plant, E.G.G. Station Zone… Launch Base Zone…

    Also I hope this is a really robust game. I’ve just realized how many levels I want to be in it

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