Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games to Contain Online Features?

UK online retailer is now listing Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games on their website and on the Wii version’s page they have temporary box artwork featuring the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection logo, which indicates the game will take advantage of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in some way. The 3DS pack shot doesn’t feature the logo, but neither did Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition, and that game had online multiplayer, so Nintendo has seemingly scrapped the logo for 3DS games.

The past two titles in the Mario & Sonic series have all supported Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection on both Wii and DS with online leaderboards, so it’s to be expected that SEGA will add the same feature to this new game, but could there be more features? The Wii is certainly capable of more and Nintendo 3DS has a simpler friend code system than Nintendo Wii and DS and interesting Spot Pass features to boot, so SEGA has plenty of online features they could explore to bring something new to the series.

Until we get official word on online features we advise you take this with a pinch of salt for now. When more details are revealed we’ll pass them on.


Would you like to see more online features in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games? Share your ideas in the comments.


    1. It would be, since I was disappointed that the sequel to the first didn’t cash in on that immediately

  1. well if they add multiplayer i will love this party game way more than the mario party series. they really can’t add a simple multiplayer mode to 8?

  2. Cool I agree with the above comments

    Multiplayer with friends online would be awesome and it would make up for the past titles which didn’t feature this….PLZ INCLUDE THIS D:

  3. Guys, you know SEGA, Sometimes they get your hopes up for nothing. I hope I’m wrong, but I believe that’s just for leaderboards. I mean Sonic Generations has XBL, and PSN, but SEGA has been known for constantly putting up up wifi connection,psn, or xbl, just for leaderboards. I really hope SEGA makes generations have online, especially because its their20th anniversary of Sonic. Please don’t take my word for it (I really hope SEGA&Nintendo can prove me wrong) but for now, don’t get get too excited.


    And btw, Sonic fans, I just went on google and found that interview with Iizuka, but it was translated to English. I’ll skip to the good part. This is what Iizuka said: ” Today we announced that we would have these two characters (classic and modern Sonic) playable in Sonic Generations, but we also have other characters from the Sonic Universe. Speaking of friends of Sonic: Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, etc. are all part of the history of Sonic and will be an important element of the game. We still have many more surprises in store. ”

    Holy ****, he actually said that Sonic’s friends(he mentioned Shadow instead of amy…) WILL be important in the game. Iizuka’s either talking story-mode important, or gameplay important. I hope for the best, SEGA.

    1. HOLY ****!!!
      You are right I even asked my spanish friend to translate this THERE COULD BE MORE CHARACTERS

        1. I dont remember Lizuka saing this besides they prodably have finished script so they just cant delete them

          1. Ya, I m going with SA3 2011. There could be more characters. Either playable or just being in the story-mode 🙂 but at least SEGA is caring about Sonic’s friends for once!

          2. Shadow and Knuckles were confirmed here


            Then I can’t remember later they said Knuckles and Shadow were going to be playable then they were later scrapped

            The same thing happened with Jet and Silver being in the main story of SATBK (The Authrian versions)

            But I’m with you guys I think other characters should be in the game too

            But I’m not sure if Shadow,Rouge,T Chaotix and the others will make it in

            Like SK72 said the same thing could happen they might not make like Shadow and Knuckles didn’t make it in Unleashed

            I only think Tails,Knuckles and AMy would star only as well as Eggman but I don’t know 🙁

  5. Why is this even being reported as news? A lot of games have the LOGO but don’t have any online play, just shitty times and leaderboards.

    1. Because online features of any kind are news. SEGA didn’t mention them in their press release, so the possibility of online features is news, even if it turns out to just be leaderboards.

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