Mario and Sonic Invade London Town

SEGA has just confirmed Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Of course, being the legendary combination of video gaming frenemies and sporty decadence that it is, the publisher wasn’t going to make the announcement quietly.

So to celebrate, Mario and Sonic once again took time out of their busy in-game schedules to party in the streets of London. It wasn’t really a case of ‘blink and you’ll miss them,’ as the pair were directing traffic at Tower Bridge and posing outside of the Houses of Parliament. Well, Sonic was – not really sure what Mario’s doing, there.

A big red London bus toured the city as well, smothered in all sorts of Mario & Sonic branding as it passed Big Ben and surprised the flock of tourists sitting around Piccadilly Circus.

As the 2012 Olympic Games draws ever closer, there’s a growing excitement in Britain to see the best that the sporting world has to offer – and of course a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cheer our national sporting heroes on our own home turf. The Mario & Sonic series has always been incredibly popular, but with this in mind you can bet your last gold ring that Brits will absolutely lap up this upcoming Wii and 3DS sequel.

Check out the gallery below for the grand London tour.

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  1. ……..ahahahaha people must have been like: wtf what are these two guys doing here? XD and I still can’t get over that “Dreadknux – Sexy founder of the Sonic Stadium” xD

  2. “Of course, being the legendary combination of video gaming frenemies and sporty decadence that it is, the publisher wasn’t going to make the announcement quietly.”

    They’re acting like it’s the first time it’s happening and it’s not legendary anymore. It’s become pretty normal.

  3. I saw them! I was in the bus. I was laughing my head off and sneaked up by Mario scaring him. Me and Sonic were both laughing. 😀

    1. i wonder how the CGI trailer is going to look like this time… the Olymipics, Mario&Sonic were rivlas. Winter Olympics, M&S were friends….i wonder how its gonna be this time. I just cant wait to see some CGI 😀

  4. “Well, here we are, at Picadilly Circus.” “Wow, what a ****ty circus.” “Good call. There’s no animals or clowns. What a rip-off!”

    I’m sure you all would KNOW what movie that’s from!

    1. Okay, it’s actually from Wayne’s World 2, where Wayne and Garth go to England, and recruit Del Preston, the greatest Roadie that ever lived.

  5. Here’s my CGI trailer scenes be funny like Mario Power Tennis:
    -Team Sonic and Team Mario are ready to battle each other in Opening Cermony.
    -Mario, Sonic, Luigi, Tails, Peach, Knuckles, Yoshi, Amy are running 100M.
    -Amy was playing soccer to win for Sonic, and Sonic sighs about her with Tails and Knuckles, Sonic said “Boy, Amy sures loves me so much….”, Knuckles said “Beats me.”.
    -Waluigi was trouble with Metal Sonic in Riding horses, Waluigi said “I hate this game!”.
    -Eggman & Bowser are fighting each other but Wario use big farts them in Boxing, Eggman said “Ugh, you blasted fat man!”, Wario said “Oops, sorry.”.
    -Sonic was gonna beat Shadow but Amy hugged Sonic, Amy said “Aha! Gotcha, Sonic!” and he laughs at Sonic, Sonic said “Very funny, Shadow.”.
    -Donkey Kong and Silver are playing Table Tennis, DK smash his ball to Silver, and he said “Hey, watch it!”.
    -Tails was swimming with Daisy, Sonic, Shadow, Birdo, Bowser Jr., Peach and Rouge, Sonic was drowing, and said “HELP ME TAILS!” but Tails helping him, he said “OK, Sonic. Here you go.” Sonic said “Thanks, buddy. You saved me.”, Wario sighs and said “What can be worst than kissed by red Birdo.” red Birdo stares at him, he runs away and said “AHHH! NOT YOU AGAIN! MAMA MIA!”.
    -Rosalina jumps over the laps at Long Jump, Cream was cheers for her and she said “Wow! You’re great!” and Rosalina said “No problem, little bunny, my Lumas will be so proud for me.”
    -Blaze was going great in High Jump but Silver and Wario was so embrass for her, Silver said “Am I gonna do this without Blaze?”.
    -While Tails does excellent job at Triple Jump, Wario and Waluigi were playing Mario game on their Nintendo 3DS, but Daisy snaps at them, they throw pizza at her, she was mad and chase after Wario Bros.
    -Amy was gonna team up with Sonic and said “Come on, Sonic! It would be more fun.” in Javelin Throw, Sonic was refused and said “Ugh, man!” but he got hit by stick from Mario and Luigi and he said “Who did that?” Sonic was so mad at them, Amy tags Sonic quickly and she said “Let’s go, sweetie!” and said “Thanks alot, dude.”
    -At Single Sculls, Wario was doing not good to sail a boat he sinks, Knuckles, Bowser, and Omega was laughing at him and Wario says “Guys this isn’t so funny, help me Waluigi.”
    Waluigi tries pull him but he fell to the water, Waluigi said “Ah, nuts.”
    -At end of 100M, Mario and Sonic to race each other, Wario and Waluigi sets all Bob-ombs, they are zoomed and win the race, the bob-ombs blows Wario and Waluigi instead, the stadium was toasted thanks to Wario Bros., Wario said “Oh, man.”, Waluigi said “We got banned by 2012 Olympics, now I really hate this game!” Mario and Sonic are sighed.
    And that’s it. It will be have more cutscenes in story mode.

  6. Awww I wish went to London 🙁 ciuld of taken the Bus or Train 😛

    I would of given a handshake, hur or event ake a picture 😀

    But nice to seem them settling in London 🙂

    The people must have been shocked or suprised xD

    Definately agree with the first comment (Rickyrick) XD

    But still I can’t wait to see how this game turns out…

  7. But why is SEGA of Japan making this game? Why not America? Is SEGA of America too busy on Generations or something? Is Nintendo even helping on making this game? or are they just leaving all the work to SEGA, while Nintendo gets profit out of this?

  8. And btw, Sonic fans, I think SEGA isn’t going to show another gameplay trailer until next month.(which is my bday! XD) think of it. SEGA has given out a ton of details throught this month of April. They probably won’t show much in May, but at least SEGA will have something for us :)…..I’m calling it right now that SEGA is going to show a Modern Sonic level(for the next trailer). Because they showed a classic Sonic level for the first trailer(GHZ) so it would make sense that they show a modern stage this time. Does anyone else other than me wanna see a Modern Stage? 🙂

  9. London should be lucky to be home to the most dedicated Sonic Fanbase on the face of the earth!

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