Jun Senoue Most Requested Summer of Sonic Guest

Crush 40 guitarist and sound director for many Sonic the Hedgehog titles, Jun Senoue, appears to have had something of a spellbinding effect on fans, as he is the most requested celebrity to return to The Summer of Sonic convention this year.

That’s according to a poll hosted by Sonic Wrecks, which asked who visitors would like to have most if given the choice of guests from past years. 56% of its visitors would like the opportunity to meet with the Japanese musician a second time. Jun attended The Summer of Sonic last year and enchanted the crowd with an instrumental performance on stage before rocking the house with Johnny Gioeli for an exclusive Crush 40 gig.

Both Jun and Johnny have expressed an interest in returning to The Summer of Sonic, but so far it’s a mystery as to whether either will be able to make it this year. The pair’s schedules have been jumbled as Crush 40 cancelled key gigs in Japan following the country’s tsunami crisis. So far, no announcement has been made on their future plans.

Jun lead the Sonic Wrecks poll, but it was Dreams of an Absolution star Lee Brotherton (aka Bentley Jones) that came a close second, winning 50% of the vote. Lee attended the first event in 2008, and was the highlight of 2009’s convention when he performed twice for excited fans.

Crush 40 singer Johnny Gioeli came third with 38%, followed by acclaimed composer Richard Jacques. The British musician, who created the soundtrack to Sonic R and the Sega Saturn version of Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island, headlined the very first Summer of Sonic convention with a majestic medley of SEGA classics.

Singer TJ Davis earned 27%, and Fleetway comic legends Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn brought up the rear with 16% and 13% respectively. Here are the results in full:

  1. Jun Senoue – 56%
  2. Lee Brotherton – 50%
  3. Johnny Gioeli – 38%
  4. Richard Jacques – 33%
  5. TJ Davis – 27%
  6. Nigel Kitching – 16%
  7. Nigel Dobbyn – 13%

The only confirmed guests for The Summer of Sonic 2011 so far have been Archie Comics’ Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley, along with Nigel Kitching. Who would you like to meet most at the convention this year?

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  1. Bentley Jones over Johnny? What?
    Anyways, 3rd isn’t bad in a contest like this one. I look forward to seeing all the awesome guests! 😀

  2. Wait, so does this mean that the person who gets the highest percentage, is the only one thhat can be at SOS11? Or can all of them come?

    1. This poll means nothing, mate. It’s just a “who would you like to come back the most” – it doesn’t mean ANY of these guys will come back this year. Although Nigel Kitching has already been announced, so that’s at least one down.

  3. Regardless of who makes it, SoS will be a blinder! I would love to meet Jun and Johnny again (yeah I’m biased…) especially as Jun wrote “I hope to see you again next year” on my Sonic Free Riders CD! Obviously if they cannot due to the tsunami tragedy, then I completely understand.

    I would also love to see Richard Jacques return, just so I can have a fanboy squeal should he play some MSR tracks again!

  4. How about some voice actors?
    What is Ryan Drummond up to these days?! Can’t imagine him being extremely busy…

    1. See if you’d gone to SW instead of here you’d’ve read that people could vote for more than one person, hence of those people who voted 56% of them said they’d like Senoue.

    2. I would have thought it would be obvious that this was a multiple choice poll. Auto-snark just makes you look a little bit silly.

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