Escape From the City Sung by a Choir

Ever want to hear what a Sonic song would sound like if it was on Glee? Well now you can! The Video Game Music Choir posted a mini concert of them singing “Escape From the City” on Youtube. The concert this advertises has already come and gone, but the song itself is still definitely worth a listen!


You can find their website here.

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Alexander Peal

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  1. I wonder if Tony Harnell’s new version of Escape From the City is meant to be used for Generations?

  2. Aw, I got all excited seeing ‘Escape from the City’ because my first thought was ‘OMG City Escape confirmed for Generations!!’ Then it was this. But this is really cool, seen it before on here I think.

  3. As nice as that was, I don’t think that song suits a choir performance. XD But this does make you wonder what other songs would sound like, performed by these folks.

  4. That was awesome…..amazing I loved the background singing wow

    quote to Sonic (From 06)

    That was incredible….a very speial version really…. UNIQUE XD

  5. Wow, that was totally AWESOME! It really made me want to go play City Escape from SA2B. Hope these people do more Sonic music covers! 😉

  6. That was just Beautiful it sounded more peaceful and energetic 😀

    I’d love if they sung a song from Sonic R….Can You Feel The Sunshine or Super Sonic Racing….:)

    this was worth listening to though 😉

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