Classic Sonic Won’t Be Saying a Word in Sonic Generations

SEGA’s RubyEclipse has revealed in some posts at the SEGA Forums on Monday that pudgy ‘ol Classic Sonic will not be gaining a voice box in the new game Sonic Generations.

Johnny_Boy at the SEGA Forums pointed out that Classic Sonic appears to have a short voice clip in the new Sonic Generations gameplay trailer, but RubyEclipse answered with the below post:

Actually, that’s just the modern voice being used in the trailer during classic gameplay.

Worry not, Classic fans. 🙂


The voice clip appears to be an error made during the trailer’s production:

No, I’m not sure why it was added in the trailer. 🙂 I’ll poke somebody about the nuances of including modern Sonic’s voice alongside gameplay of Classic Sonic.


RubyEclipse goes on to explain the reasoning behind the decision to make Classic Sonic mute:

It’s a big deal for some because Classic Sonic never really spoke in the old games. Save for Jaleel White, who voiced our blue hero in the old Sonic Cartoons, it’s generally taboo to have Classic Sonic speaking. Hope this explained a bit!


Finally, RubyEclipse gives a straight confirmation of Classic Sonic’s silence and acknowledges how much it means to some people out there.

There’s a lot about the game that remains secret. Much of the gameplay is still in that realm, so I can’t offer new tidbits of info you may not have already seen there.

As to voices, it’s been already confirmed that Classic Sonic doesn’t talk, so I was happy to clarify – it means a lot to some people!


What do you think about SEGA’s decision to keep Classic Sonic silent in the voice department? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks to KCG at the SSMB for the heads up!


  1. i think that’s the best thing to do for classic sonic. that way there’s no bitching on either side.

  2. Seems like the perfect option. That way people won’t be at Sega’s throats about how they “TOETALY ROOINED11!!!” Classic Sonic. I’m interested to see how the two Sonics will interact during cutscenes without CS saying a word and whether other Classic counterparts such as Eggy, Knuckles, and Tails will be mute too.

  3. i put this on another post but i think i put it to late so for more feedback i’ll do it here.what stages from old and new games do you want to see. i want to see: Nocturne,tropical resort,adabat,seaside hill,city escape,radical highway,emerald coast and maybe even kingdom valley for modern game levels.(oh and lets not forget the space colony ark.) for classic i would love palmtree panic,emerald hill,ice cap,Labyrinth, and spring yard zone,angel island ,death egg zone and stardust speedway. i just think those levels would be great for 3d and 2d sections.(especially when you include super sonic) hey lets not forget this is sonic’s history meaning games he’s been in. other sonic team related games could make a special appearance.(like say billy hatcher or sambe de amigo anyone?)

  4. I just want lots of levels, lots of history and music, with a script that doesn’t make modern sonic sound retarded like in colors. Thanks Sega!!!! Everything’s looking great, and the team is actually doing a great job on this one!

  5. Disappointing, I was hoping they were going to try and hire one of the old voice actors to voice classic.

    1. i think jaleel white would be a good voice for him lol. it is disappointing that hes a mute, but on the upside, there wont be any fans saying that they ruined my favourite characters voice 😛

  6. Like many others, I though it would be a very nice surprise to have Jaleel White do the voice of Classic Sonic. While I can understand the time-travel idea and Classic Sonic being a younger Sonic (which he looks like anyway when you have them both in frame), it’ll be weird to have that story blossom with Sonic’s child self being a mute, unless they’re totally doing away with cinematics… which I doubt… because if they did there’d be no need for a time travel story. Right?

  7. well at least a Voice wont hold classic Sonic back but seriously Sega INCLUDE RYAN AND JASON they after all these years kept you little blue friend alive.

    1. It looks like just another part of Green Hill Zone. Though it’s hard to tell because they changed it so much.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love the stage. It looks amazing. It just barely looks like Green Hill Zone to me. XD

  8. Well I can still look forward to Jaleel voicing in the Sonic Fan Film later this year =)

      1. The Animated fan film was Cancelled but that didnt have Jaleel , Eddies Fan film is the one with Jaleel and its set for a release later this year, i hope its done in time to be shown at summer of sonic lol.

  9. Looking forward to this game a lot. Can’t wait to hear more. Hopefully City Escape and other memorable levels will be in this…

    Just one thing… please keep Sonic in-character, like he was in the Adventures, Unleashed, Black Knight, etc… don’t make him stupid and shallow like he seemed sometimes in Colors. :/

  10. If Yacker was able to mimic Sonic’s Gestures, then Classic Sonic can mimic Modern Sonic’s gestures.

    “Yeah, I’ll just stick with Modern Sonic talking if that ‘s okay with everybody.”

  11. lol Wow, there were people wanting or even expecting Jaleel White to voice Classic Sonic!? XDDDD LMAO

    That’s the silliest thing I’ve heard all day.

    1 – Why would Jaleel White voice Classic Sonic? Is it just cuz he was the first full-dialogue English VA for Sonic? Cuz Jaleel NEVER voiced in any of the games EVER.
    2 – Why not Martin Burke? I mean, I know a lot of people don’t like his voice, but I thought people expected Jaleel to voice Classic Sonic just cuz Jaleel voiced as Sonic during that era. Well, Martin Burke voiced Sonic during that era and in fact the Sonic he portrayed was closer to the games. It would be more accurate. (But I’d still think it was silly since it wasn’t actually the games at all. =P)
    3 – Can you REALY picture SEGA randomly getting Jaleel White to voice Sonic? I can’t.
    4 – Lastly, I have a hard time picturing Jaleel’s voice on Classic Sonic’s fact. Classic Sonic looks too bubbly and happy and even in the Classic games (where he resembled modern Sonic a little more than he does in Sonic Generations) and had a serious face I couldn’t picture Jaleel’s voice on him. (That’s why the FanFilm makes it hard to picture Sonic talking. The voice and design don’t match… that and they made him voice Sonic like he was losing his voice or something)

    ANYHOO, I think this is a good move. But how are they going to determind communication? Will the classic characters at least have grunts and moans? o.o

    1. Oh yeah, and it was kinda obvious that Classic Sonic’s voice was never heard in the trailer. The part where you hear Sonic’s voice plays during Classic gameplay BUUUUT during that gameplay he didn’t do anything that looked like it would trigger a voice clip. It happened randomly while he was running. XD

  12. I wished Classic Sonic had a voice! Afterall, he DID have a voice in some classic games! Namely in “SEGA Sonic the Hedgehog” and “Sonic the Hedgehog CD” (in Sonic CD, he said YES every time he collected a life). The reason why he wasn’t voiced in the other games ist just that it was not possible! Why do people think that only because the earlier games didn’t have the technology of voice-overs, they were MEANT to be silent? This is similar to the complaint that some people have about Sonic’s eye-color, which is also silly in my opinion. But anyway, Sonic Team is trying to please as many classic-fans as possible with this game and considering how many of those have this conservative thinking, I have to say that having classic Sonic mute will indeed satisfy a lot of people. But I was really looking forward to seeing how they’re gonna voice classic Sonic. Oh well.

    Oh, and about the game in general, this is gonna be the best game ever! 😀

    1. I SEGASonic The Hedgehog it was only Japanese though. That’d mean the English voice would have to mimmick the Japanese voice and so would Classic Robotnik’s since he actually had dialogue in that game. But that’d mean OVA vocies since Robotnik sounds like his Japanese voice there kinda. But that game also sounded identical to the modern game Japanese voices so that’d mean either they’d get original ppl for Classic Sonic and Classic co, or they’d be voiced by the same people as their modern forms.

      As for Sonic CD… that’s a chick doing his voice. She did like 2 songs for Sonic CD’s Japanese sound track. One of them being the Japanese theme “You Can Do Anything” aka “Toot Toot Sonic Warrior” XD

  13. Are you kidding me? There goes 1/3 of my excitement – I was hoping that Urkel was gonna be his VA


    I’m fine with him not talking, He’s like the new Yacker if anyone agrees. I just hope he doesn’t act like a rag doll throughout the story.

  15. Heh, this is one of those things that I find funny. Not annoying, just funny. ^^

    But the team behind the game does make a valid argument for it, so I can only say, that they’ve really done their homework. And if people really are eager to hear Jaleel White, they can always get it in the Sonic Fan Film instead. ^^

  16. Oh well, and I was one of the many few who wanted Jaleel White to voice classic Sonic, but I’m happy that classic Sonic doesn’t say anything. When you think about it, back in the days when we were playing classic Sonic in Sonic 1, 2, 3 etc, he never said a word. Yet we all still loved the games and fell in love with the little blue blur. Right at the start of the trailer you can still tell by classic Sonic’s actions and poses that he is still got the same attitute and cockyness as modern Sonic. Only difference being modern Sonic can speak.

    I must say I am really liking the looks of thiz game and really looking forward to playing it. Keep up the good work Sega.

  17. Hmm… I guess I can deal with this. I still think they should have gotten Jaleel White, though.

  18. I am Glad hes mute ^^ i was worried they would give him a voice, but i am glad there keeping him 100% classic sonic , thanks sega now i can enjoy the sonic i knew as a child ^^

  19. I still think theres going to be a 3rd sonic voiced by Ryan drummond, there bringing things for what fans have asked and ryans one the things fans asked for none stop and if theres a dreamcast era then there,s bound to be a 3rd sonic , and ryan was the sonic in the dreamcast era.

    1. Funny thing is, that could actually happen. O.o

      Highly unlikely though, but I’d love to play in free-roaming not-so-linear 3D stages and Adventure Fields again.

  20. Not a problem Fine with me…:)

    Jaleel White is going to voice Sonic in the Sonic Fan Film so maybe others will look forwad to that

    I’m quite annoyed with other fans wanting Modern Sonic to be cut out of the game and just Classic Sonic to be left :/

    Both Sonics should stay and that is that 😛

  21. My opnion about this? The most stupid decision. The Sonic I know since was a kid talks, it´ll be weird to him be silent. I think, will make classic Sonic too childish – more than already he looks now.

  22. This is great news!
    I mean, Jaleel White would go really well with Classic Sonic, but the fact we will be able to see him communicate purely through his attitude is just too good to be true. 😀

    But how will they talk to each other? Modern Sonic will probably be like: “What? What is it? … We should go there? What for? … Oh, I hear ya, Classic Me. Race ya?”

    That’s something I’m really wanting to find out.

  23. I think its a good idea to keep it truly classic. But it might be better to have an option to add Jaleel White voice effects (or any of Sonic’s past VA’s) to classic Sonic like when he jumps it sounds younger than modern Sonic. Just as an option.

  24. so um… I remember once when playing Sonic CD that after waiting for 10 minutes without doing anything, Sonic would say “Im outta here!” and run away.

    1. Yeah, that and one or two other very short voice clips are the only time he’s spoken in games. Not as many people have played Sonic CD compared to the other classic Sonic games, so to many he’s always been mute. I think they’ve made the right decision here personally.

      1. But as I said in my earlier comment here, the only reason why Sonic was not voiced in the Genesis games is that is was not technically possible or for that time common. It’s not like Sonic was MEANT to be silent. So, in my opinion, pretending that Sonic was a mute character in his original design is wrong. But again, as I said as well, it’s going to please many fans, so, it’s not really a bad decision; it’s just that I don’t like it.

  25. LOL at people saying they wanted a voice.

    It is impossible to please the Sonic fan base…

  26. I am also one of the few who was hoping that Classic Sonic would have a voice, preferably one that fit with the character (Jaleel White would have worked). But honestly, if it means keeping the 10,000 bitching fanboys mute, then very well keep Classic Sonic mute. Simply because you KNOW that Sonic fanboys are going to try to find something to bitch about. Trust me, they will. They always do…

  27. Although it may be good. I hope to see, Tails, Knuckles, Eggman, and Metal Sonic with their classic counterparts.

  28. I think they maybe saying that classic sonic will be mute so when it releases it will be a bigger impact if he can speak and if so either jaleel white or ryan drummond are my bets or maybe Martin Burke from the 1999 movie but prefer not too.

  29. Well, I like this option. Oh, on another topic, does anyone agree that there should be a chao garden? That was my favorite part of the dreamcast era.

    1. Dude, I fuckin miss those cute chao’s and it makes the game worth playing for an extended amount of time! Sonic generations will get old one day, but with the chao garden, it will be played for years 🙂

  30. Now if you take out Modern Sonic, all his stages, the plot, the cutscenes, the intro, and Shadow, we’ll have a happy fanbase.

    Actually, here’s something that’s confused me: people are actually saying they will pre-order this, NOW, before any public play-testing. They have no idea how it plays, people have already picked out bad design choices and physics to me from the trailer alone, and it’s got just as much chance of being good as any official game has for the last few years – very, very, VERY little. Meanwhile Sonic Fan Remix has had -excellent- reception for its first demo release, has physics improved from the original games themselves, has none of the things I mentioned to take out of Generations above (meaning nothing potentially bad pollutes it at all), is the love child of two people who actually work hard on Sonic games, and is absolutely FREE to download and keep.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to continue sticking with Fan Remix?

    1. Well, I do agree with you umiyuri. Why spend money on a game that is basically already being made?
      But, I feel I would like a official game, made by some people that I have never heard of. I do feel that SEGA and Sonic Team are working hard on this game, so I expect much out of this game. Also, do not forget, this IS the blue blur’s B-day, you know. Also, You are right. We havent seen enough to know its good. Maybe it sucks,(even though I dought that) and we dont know. But Classic Sonic is drawing people in, including me.

  31. Hey, Mario’s always mute in his games – so is Kirby, Samus (not counting Metroid the other M)
    So why not Sonic?

    Personally i Love this idea.

    /Sorry for my English ^^’

  32. I’m glad he won’t talk. The only way it would be acceptable would be if they had Jaleel White voicing him again, but mute’s probably better. Just my two cents.

  33. I’m okay with him not being voiced, that kind of catches the classic feel. I wonder how he’ll appear in the storyline though? Would be interesting to see him in the cutscenes if he does not have a voice. Maybe…….MS will do all the talking for him (if their confronting an enemy or something like that).

  34. Come on why does everyone in this forum blame Colors? Its the best game Ive ever played!
    I always get happy when I play it!
    For me, Id like to see C. Sonic Speaking It will be great!

    Love both Sonics!

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