Sonic Drift 2 & Sonic Triple Trouble Coming to Japan’s 3DS Virtual Console

Sonic Drift 2 & Sonic Triple Trouble Coming to Japan’s 3DS Virtual Console

Following yesterdays news of Game Gear games coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, SEGA Japan has announced the first games they will be bringing to the service, including two Sonic titles.

Sonic Triple Trouble
Sonic Drift 2
The GG Shinobi
Dragon Crystal

No release dates or price points are given, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see them available at the eShop’s launch in late May. There’s also no word on whether these games will come to the U.S. and European Virtual Consoles. We’ll pass along more information when it’s made available.

Source: SEGA Japan (via

Thanks to Woun at the SSMB for the heads up!

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  1. Triple Trouble was like the best GG Sonic Game, so starting with that means they can only go down from there. Also Sonic Drift 2 was better than part 1, so they’ll probably never release Sonic Drift 1 since no one would buy it if they already have part two.

  2. This is looking great! Same as sonic toast, I agree that Sonic Triple Trouble (Sonic & Tails 2) is one of the best GG games ever made, but right next to Sonic 1 & Sonic Chaos (Sonic & Tails) too!

    To be honest, I actually enjoyed playing Sonic Drift & Sonic Drift 2, so seeing the better one on VC is a great sign (I guess if I hadn’t enjoyed Sonic Drift/Sonic Drift 2 Mario Kart DS, I would probably have never got S&SASR on the PS3)! ^^

    Now, Sega need to release the GG versions of Gunstar Heroes & Ristar too sometime. =)

  3. Widescreen – probably not, 3D effects are a big MAYBE as they have mentioned NES games being upgraded as “3D Classics”, so who knows

  4. Sonic Triple Trouble was the most playable of the game gear Sonic’s while Sonic Drift 2, like it’s predessor, is sh*t.

    I’ve got the first and played the latter so I won’t be getting these if they come out over here.

  5. Sadly, the Sonic games are available on many a compilation, but at least here they’re being played on a small screen like they should be and not on a TV screen, so that’s a plus already.

    Mind you, I’ll start caring once rarer and pricier titles arrive. Have a functional GG so I’ll be mostly getting cart copies for that. ;P

  6. A tiny bit off topic but does anyone else think Sonic looks more Sonic adventure esque In triple trouble than any of the other pre sonic adventure games?
    He even does the nike smile.

  7. they probably chose to put on triple trouble as 1,2 and chaos are already on the wiis vc. Still cool to see these two games

  8. hmm knowing nintendo they’ll probably be quite pricey.

    On an unrelated note: Anyone else finding loading up the stadium seems a little.. sluggish?

  9. Sonic Triple Trouble was okay I quited liked it…however Sonic Drift 2….:| was just as bad as the first one IMO that’s just how I found it…Wait so both games are coming in Japan for the 3DS

    I wonder if the same thing could happen here USA/Europe but for different games……eh well DM

  10. Wow some Game Gear Games now coming on 3DS that is cool, but it is better to unlock from Sonic Adventure DX on the Gamecube (that got Master System & Game Gear Games) so I’m not too worry about it (also for Sonic Mega Collection/Mega Collection Plus/Gems Collection “it one of the three”) so it will save money and save some space ^v^ “Chao”

  11. I have both games in their original Game Gear forms, and I think they’re probably the best Sonic Game Gear games out there. I thought, despite Drift feeling a lot like an Outrun clone, Drift 2 attempted some interesting ideas and techniques. Drift is quite playable if you know what you’re doing.

  12. I agree with sonictoast, but even then Triple Trouble had it’s BAD/questionable design choices even though it’s the best of the lot. The organization of the later special stages for the emeralds can get down right devious requiring multiple play through’s and attempts to get level layouts down (especially for the last emerald), Hit detection is wonky at places, and you essentially HAVE to play as Tails first before Sonic since Tails is essentially easy mode so you can get used to the layout of the stages, emerald computer locations and special stages, then play hard mode with Sonic.

  13. Sweet. More games for SEGA to rerelease.

    Now, if they’re in 3D, then I’ll be interested.

  14. this is awesome and all but, its not exactly how i pictured “sonics 20th aniversary” i mean, when they said remake, i was hoping for something like SA2 and sonic 3 and knuckles, not these spin offs, not that theyre bad or anything but seriously sega? not exactly a good was to celibrate his birthday… -__-

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