SASASR Coming to iOS Systems UPDATED

SASASR Coming to iOS Systems UPDATED

TSSZ News has reported that Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing will be headed towards iOS systems including iPhone and iPod Touch. The amount of tracks and characters that will be ported over have yet to be determined. Rumors are there may be a Windows Phone 7 port, but it has yet to be confirmed. Here’s Sega’s press release.

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO (28th Feb 2010) –SEGA® Europe Ltd. and SEGA® of America Inc. today announced that Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing™ is coming to iPhone® and iPod® touch. The mobile edition of this speedy title will include all the familiar faces and events players have enjoyed on other platforms when it drifts onto the App Store this spring.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing puts players on the track and in the shoes of a host of popular SEGA characters, from Sonic to AiAi and Dr. Eggman, each with their own unique vehicle. Players must use their driving skills to dodge their way to a checkered flag in a variety of single-player modes, as well as local multiplayer race and battle modes via Bluetooth™ or Wi-Fi.

For more details about Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing for iPhone and iPod touch, visit

UPDATE: TheAPPera has provided some video of the game in action.



  1. I have tish on my comp and it is Windos 7 on mine! Well any way i whant to now when is Summer of Sonic 11 site comig to life? I need to plan the yourny soon!

  2. As good as ASR is, it’s slowly becoming the new Sonic 1 with how many ports it keeps getting.

  3. All I can say is I hope they don’t screw up the music like they did in the DS version. None of the songs on that even slightly resembled the originals.

  4. Cool! I would love a Windows 7 port and I guess it’s probable since it was a popular game.

  5. Cool….Others could get the chance to play it on their valuables….But I’m still gonna stick to the Xbox/PS3 Version though

    Though I’m sure others will be interested

    Hopefully the music will be improved too…The DS Version music was ruined definately agree with F1Krazy…..Also the theme song was really unfitting for the game

  6. @Casanova:
    Regardless of whether or not it’ll be the next Sonic 1, I can tell you–it’ll certainly never be the next Rayman 2! 😛

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