Game Gear Comes to Nintendo 3DS

Game Gear Comes to Nintendo 3DS

At GDC Nintendo has unveiled that their 3DS virtual console will soon be adding TurboGraphix-16 and Game Gear games to their 3DS Virtual Console lineup. No titles were shown or confirmed as of yet.

Source SegaBits

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  1. Sonic 1 and columns would be a great start! If they were to release 2 to begin with like nintendo are doing

  2. Even though many of us have all the GG Sonic games on SADX or MCPlus and Gems. Still the novelty of having them portable again is good.

  3. SEGA has decided to port all of its old games? When there are new games?

    I’d check the latest 3DS rumor if I were you.

  4. If you had Sonic Adventure DX, you’d know. And I stated that one day, Sega Game Gear will join the ranks of 3DS VC, and it did! Now, we just need to hope for NeoGeo Pocket and NGP Color! This way, the craptacular Sonic Pocket Adventure would make it.

  5. It’s about time they had portable games on the Virtual Console! I don’t get why these games couldn’t have been on available in the Wii and DSi Shops.

  6. GG games are no big deal since we have them all in the many compilations now. However, if they had SEGASonic the Hedgehog Arcade or Knuckles Chaotix for Virtual Console, I’d go buy a 3DS right this second.

  7. Well, Pocket Adventure may have been underappreciated, compared to the Sonic Advance Trilogy.

  8. @Rickrick Sonic had several titles for the game gear.

    Sonic 1
    Sonic 2
    Sonic Chaos
    Sonic Triple Trouble
    Sonic Labyrinth
    Sonic Spinball
    Sonic Blast
    Sonic Drift
    Sonic Drift 2
    Tails’ Sky Patrol
    Tails’ Adventure
    Dr. Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine

    I think that covers all of them if I’m missing any please feel free to add

    BTW a little FYI people the Virtual Console for the 3DS would only have portable games so that means GB, GBC, GBA (seeing that there is no slot for GBA carts) Game Gear and Turbo Graphix 16. So you’ll not see SegaSonic or Chaotix on the 3DS Virtual Console, but you can try to push for the Wii Virtual Console.

  9. @bmhedgehog
    um, you DO know that the Turbo Grafx-16 was a HOME system, and never a handheld, so your little FYI is kinda irrelevant. ­čÖé Plus, Nintendo showed off NES games on it, which unless I’ve got problems was a home system as well. Also, the Jap Wii VC has the Game Gear on it, which is not a home system, meaning that they don’t always have to match up. just sayin.

    Jason – AHEM!! Never a handheld?

  10. I’d go with Sonic Chaos and Sonic triple trouble. Don’t forget the GG version of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

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