Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Japan

Earthquake and Tsunami Hit Japan

Many of you will now be aware of the magnitude 8.9 earthquake that has caused major damage across the north coast of Japan. The Tsunami has already killed many, and shown us incredible scenes of cars, boats and ships being swept away. Like many of you, I have a strong connection with Japan and people living there, and I’m sure the images being shown have been incredibly distressing to watch.

I have been in communication with SEGA composer Jun Senoue and SEGA of America community manager Aaron Webber, who are both in Tokyo at the moment; you will be relieved that both are safe and unharmed. Aaron recently updated his facebook status: “We’re stranded right now, but alive. We’ll make it.”

TSSZ have also updated their site on the current situation and have also been in touch with their Japan based reporter, Danny Russell.Β  “We have just touched base with him, and we are happy and lucky to report he is safe and all right.” TSSZ also have several useful links if you are concerned about any friends or relatives near or in the affected areas.

I’m sure I speak on behalf of the community in sending our thoughts to Jun, Aaron, the SoA team in Japan, and all of those affected by these events.

[UPDATE 4:00AM GMT from Jason Berry] This TSSZ article comes a bit of a surprise out of the current Earthquake news. In what appears to be a case of bad timing, this was the week that the Sonic 4 Video Contest winners finally arrived at the Sega offices in Japan. They were chaperoned by Arron Webber. Some have posted on their Twitter accounts that they and everyone else are safe and sound.

As always, our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims of this tragic event.

[UPDATE 5:00PM GMT from T-Bird] Yuji Naka has placed a message on facebook to let everyone know he and his family are safe and well.

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  1. Thoughts, prayers and best wishes to everybody in Japan right now, and massively relieved to hear those important to the Sonic fanbase are alive and well. Thank you kindly for the update.

  2. I am relieved those that we care about are alright, but this horrible tragedy is so devastating, I don’t know what to think. If anything were to happen to Jun Senoue I’d probably have a melt down on the spot. Thanks T-Bird for posting this. Still, poor Japan.

  3. I just found out about this… glad to know that they’re all safe…. especially Jun and Aaron.

    I mean really, how am I going to get a dead person’s autograph?

    Joking aside, I’ll be praying for the people in Japan. They’ll need it.

  4. Well thank god too for the survial of Sonic and SEGA. But still hundreds have lost their lives and everything. We should take a moment to think on that.

  5. I’ve been keeping an eye on the person finder google released and I can confirm that Mashiro Sakurai of Kirby fame is ok. however Keiji Inafune, maker of megaman, has 2 reports on the finder, 1 saying he’s missing the other saying he’s dead. the guy who posted the missing report curiously posted under the name of “Shigeru Miyamoto” and the one posting he’s dead posted under the name “DR WILY” and said “HE IS DEAD, DO NOT LISTEN TO THESE FOOLS” I would just like to say that is an obvious troll and I would just like to say to this “DR WILY” person, YOU ARE F***ING SICK! DON’T EVEN JOKE ABOUT SOMETHING LIKE THAT AT A TIME LIKE THIS! MILLIONS OF PEOPLE COULD DIE TODAY AND ALL YOU’RE DOING IS MAKING F***ING JOKES ABOUT IT! I HOPE YOU MEET THE SAME GOD**** FATE YOU SCUM! They were the only people I could find out about right now. I know this isn’t Sonic related but that doesn’t matter right now, it’s a matter of life and death on a massive scale and I hope for the best for everyone involved.

  6. @BlazingChaos: Death isn’t a joke and what you said was very inconsiderate 😐

    God forbid the death toll rises too much πŸ™ Thoughts and prayers out to everyone across the globe who’ve been affected by this devastation….

  7. I pray for those in the tragedy right now and I hope this wont affect Sonic 20 Anennaversiy right now or Sonic 4 or any new sonic but im more concerend with the people living in those areas affected

  8. now now though its sad dont get mad at blizzard. people die every day. such as in the trouble in lybria right now. this was bad but dont let it shake you to hard.

  9. Its good to hear they are ok. When I heard I didn’t even think about who was there. I hope they get out safely. When I met Jun he was a good man so I am glad to hear he’s ok as well as Aaron and everybody involved.

  10. R.I.P to all the people who sadly passed away today in The Tsunami and Earthquake that struck today :(….I really feel for the all the people there it was unexpected…It keeps spreading 😐 and I’m glad Jun Senoue and Aaron Webber I pray they make a safe return and I pray for all the people in Japan are thoughts are with you

    It’s just really sad….I wish everyone a safe recovery through this devastating moment they say another earthquake might come again I really hope not if it happens then it’s real trouble πŸ™

  11. Gosh. I feel terrible. I mean really… Japan. WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN TO OUR GAMES??? No that doesn’t matter. I hope it gets better for everyone. and anyone who thinks “2012” is wrong. Earthquakes happen when they do.

    IMPORTANT: If your in Hawaii get out of there! Be aware if your in coastal California, Washington, and Oregon to! And maybe even Alaska (XD Get to the Canada!)

  12. Please warn Hawaii, coastal California, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska. Sonic Stadium please put it in the article.

  13. If some of you guys wonder for the games’ developments and progress being put to a halt should put that aside and think about the people who are making them and their families, neighbors, friends and others who are basically shaken by this.

    This isn’t the time to be whining that your precious video game is being put to a halt. Yes I’m talking about Sonic as well and all of you should know better.
    Keep Japan in your prayers (or whatever you go for) because this could’ve been us. Unfortunately, it was them.

    Although would you like it if you were in their shoes and people only say “NOOO THE GAME HAS BEEN CANCELED”, I would be unhappy.
    I’m not trying to be funny at all. Although everywhere I have been seeing very rude comments. Not here though but in other forums and etc. about people concerning about only their precious video games…

    Sorry to be a little bit over reactive and such but seriously?

    Anyway, I’m glad people from Sega of Japan are fine although we shouldn’t put the spotlight only to them. Just saying since others like my friend who is stationed there as a Marine, other friends of friends and relatives are there as well. Families and so on still missing and such.

  14. Oh my gosh it’s a good thing to hear their okay. My heart wouldv’e dropped if something happened but let’s hope the rest of the country will survive. =/

  15. I’m SOOOO glad that they’re safe. I was REALLY worried about them when I heared the story this morning. THank god! Thank EVERY god in every religion that EVER exsisted on this earth! I hope everything gets cleaned up soon. *donates money on Facebook*

  16. I don’t give a damn about the games right now, I could care less about them. I’m just praying for the people who need help over there. This is the biggest Earthquake in over 110 years. I’m glad that Jun, Aaron and everyone else noted is okay, but we need to keep everyone else in our hearts who were affected by the earthquake and tsunami as well and hope for aid and recovery as fast as possible.

  17. God I hope Junichi Kanemaru is ok. I also hope that everyone who has survived so far will continue to survive.

  18. @Hypero
    Just because he joked a little in this awful tragedy doesnt mean he doesnt care, he wasnt even being inconsiderate.

    “I’ll be praying for the people in Japan. They’ll need it.”

    He obviously cares, hes just being as upbeat as he can.

  19. Well, if anything’ll delay the upcoming games, it’s this… but you know, it’s fine, as long as everyone is alright.

    Hideo Kojima is accounted for btw πŸ™‚

  20. @ Hypero

    I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way. I wasn’t trying to be inconsiderate. I do care. I’m praying for the people in Japan every night, and that the death toll stops rising.

    I really don’t give a crap about the next game or anything right now. The only thing that truly matters is that everyone is safe, famous or non.

    Wait a minute. Sonic 4’s been out for months. Just now the contest winners are going to Japan?! Doesn’t make sense to me….

  21. More good news people: Jared “Green Gibbon!” Matte, owner of The GHZ, has just checked in from the Morioka area in Iwate (where he’s lived for a few years) and is in one piece.

  22. god everybody pray all you want not gonna help if you realy wanne help go do someting with your money go to japan and help everybody out everyting is better then that stupid”pray for japan”

  23. I’ve been praying for them and I still will… Good news though, Hawaii didn’t get hit, there was just some bigger-than-normal waves. πŸ˜›

  24. @Damnhedge

    I disagree….

    How is it stupid?….We would at least be keeping out thoughts with The people in Japan and thinking of them hoping that everyone is safe A Sad event has took place how can you say it won’t help you don’t know that I’m sure in time They will unite and try to rebuild their country but first focusing on saving and finding people first….Also there are Troops and others that are helping the people out there so we should give them credit too but you know not everyone can afford to go to Japan with prices going up and everything Think about it :/.

    If that’s the case then the most sensible and mature thing to do is have hope and wish they make a full recovery in time and like I said before keep our thoughts with them…

    I Honestly don’t think it’s stupid at all
    I’m happy Jun and the others are safe I pray for all the others out there…..and yes Thank God….Mr Yuji Naka Is Alright πŸ˜€

  25. man this is bad

    what you say if all sonic maker,s(Manufacturer) die

    or mario

    how now we gone to say sonic vs mario in games

    did the sonic sonud okay

    oh man this bad

  26. Stuff the games for now, just stay safe guys and gals. Your lives are much more inportant.
    We’re all here supporting you.

  27. …This better not delay the Sonic games supposed to come out this year or ruin Sonic’s big 20th. Get back to work slackers!!!

    I was going to bin this comment, but I wanted to show people that, whoever you are, you’re a huge dick. Absolutely classless. -Brad

    1. I agree with brad That was uncalled for….Do you realise how many people have lost their lives out there? How many people have gone missing and our stuck in unstable areas and How much they have lost Stuff the games They can wait now This more important Think about the people….Are you suggesting games aare more important than a person’s life? really you’ve got to be kidding me Right now they are still recovering and hoping for the best to come The best we can do is have support and send our wishes even others are going to Japan helping them have a little respect eh?

      Whoever you are Your are a person who is rude, selfish and has no heart This is just a sick comment πŸ™

  28. Just a small update. Arron Webber and the Sonic 4 Contest winners have returned back to the states.

  29. well It’s great that the people of Sega of Japan are ok…To bad that’s not the case for all of Japan

  30. Well… Just another event to prove the upcomming 2012 theories… Oh how I wish I was born in the earlier generation that had it so simple in the 70’s through 90’s… But what can you do? I’m going to be kinda sad about Sonic though… Finally hitting his big 2 point 0 birthday and the world rewards him with all this… The fanbase isn’t the only thing against the poor guy… Even fates giving him and all the workers a sucker punch… Good luck to all of you. It will be needed no matter how advanced you guy’s are… Hang in there.

  31. Huh? You guy’s didn’t allow my comment? Did I say something wrong? O.O

    I thought I was being pretty deep there…

    1. Na I think there were some bugs I think there was a problem I suffered them too and a few others did after a week and a half but Don’t worry dude I think They have fixed now They’ve done it ….the TSS Staff are legends πŸ˜€

      Oh and I almost forogt I’m still wishing the People in Japan A quick recovery God Bless Them.

      The comment from Somebody above was completley harsh and unnacceptable

  32. I’ve seen this news article before. Those poor people.

    My condolences go out to those who lost their lives in this tragic event.

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