Sonic #225 Variant “Death” Cover

Sonic #225 Variant “Death” Cover

IGN has once again gotten an exclusive as they now show the variant cover. With it, Sonic’s sad shock as a still, dead hand lays on the floor. It doesn’t look like Rotors. It doesn’t have a collar like Antione’s. No robotics like Bunnie’s (albeit, that’s only one arm). No gloves like Amy or Tails. Could it be Sally? You’ll have to wait until March to find out.

You can look at IGN’s exclusive cover here.

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  1. I don’t really know who it is at all (Haven’t read the comics, plan to though)
    But from I’m standing, That’s brilliant artwork!

  2. Hmm, good process of elimination thier. When it comes down to it, logic dictates a good 80% chance it’s Sally. But on the other hand (no pun intended) are Archie really willing to go down that road… again!?

    There’s always room for interpretation here… or so Altaïr would say anyways. LOL!

  3. Dun dun duuuuuun!

    Oh wait, hold on. If it is Sally who dies, the Sonamy fans will never shut up! Damnit!

  4. Don’t worry… they’ll die in this issue, but by a ridiculous plot twist they’ll come back from the dead in the next one.

  5. I might be rong but doesn’t Sally’s hand look a little less “human”? oh and @TheHumbleFellow: that’s true if for nothing else lets hope that Sally does not (legitimaetly) die just so the Sonamy fans don’t go on about until the 40th aniversy (no offense to anyone)

  6. In before it is Sally sunbathing without a jacket,(aka naked) and Sonic is shocked to see her without a jacket. Just like Silver, I know I’m right! 100% No doubt!

  7. It’d add to the *~drama~* if it was Sally, but like TheHumbleFellow said, the Sonamy fans will make a HUGE deal over it if it is. D:
    But fdhfkdhs LOOK AT THOSE PENCILS. I really need to start reading these comics. That’s pretty impressive art.

  8. Probably Sally, could be Mina without her glove, could also be Nicole, all though Nicole’s hand it black and that hand doesn’t look like it’ll be colored black. Uncle Chuck maybe? He doesn’t wear gloves all the time.

  9. @Raphiel, what do you mean till its coloured? Its a sketch variant, no colour will be added to it.

  10. I would venture to guess it could be other important characters to the current plot like Geoffrey St. John or King Max or Ash, but that hand looks pretty feminine to me. Unless those guys get mani’s regularly, I’m gonna guess it’s Sally.

  11. Whoever it is, I doubt it’s anyone who shows up in the 25 years later plotline… Because that would erase that whole branch of comics. If it is, then they’ll more than likely come back to life… But I had a thought… Wasn’t it issue 226 that was in the Sonic/Amy Jazwares package? ( Seems suspicious…

    All seriousness aside, it’s obviously Tikal. Sonic is shocked because he thought the dead couldn’t die. =P

  12. PLEASE BE SALLY!!! I mean Sally was a likable character in the cartoon (SatAM) and in the comics up until #133 I believe where she goes into “I won’t let you go because I don’t want you to die so I’m willing to let everyone else die as long as you live!” phase when Sonic returns from space. I’m a fan of Sonamy and I’m glad there FINALLY having those two date in the comics, but I’m not one of the super fans people are describing here who go like “AW YEAH IN UR FACE SONSAL FANS!!! DING DONG SALLY IS DEAD (and however the rest of the Ding Dong the Witch is Dead goes)!!”

  13. @ Omochao

    I agree, I need to start reading this comic. Only I don’t think there’s anywhere near me that sells it.

    As for the mystery of the hand…it’s probably an Archie-exclusive character, to keep continuity with the games. And it looks like Sonic really cares about whoever it is. But it won’t be Sally. They tried killing her off once before, and had to bring her back. They’re not gonna do that a second time.

  14. If they wanted to kill off Sally, now would definitely be a better time for it than when Ken Penders tried it, i.e. Endgame.
    Endgame was made when the breach between Sega of America and Japan wasn’t as deep as it is now, and it just so happened to come out at around the time Sega was developing Sonic Mars, which later became Sonic X-Treme… And Sally (along with the rest of the FF) was going to be in Sonic Mars, thus Sega’s nixing her death.
    Nowadays? Sega of Japan calls most of the shots, and they could care less about the comics, or its characters. If Ian Flynn wants to kill any character who’s not in the games, he’s got free reign to do so.

    Bottom line, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Sally, though I do doubt it somewhat. I also doubt it’s Hope, Shadow should be there in some way if that was the case. And since Bunnie’s left arm is robotic, my guess is anyone but her.

  15. Even though Bunny only has one robotic arm, that one robotic arm is her left arm and that’s a left hand on the cover. So it’s not Bunny.


    And they WILL shut up if it’s not Sally dying? o-O lol Just saying. If there’s fan couples like Shadow and Tikal (or worse, Shadow and Sonic)… I don’t think the logic that whatever happens in the official storylines is actually going to change how the fans act. XD I mean, people are only a fan of fictional couples (even if the story says they’re not a couple) because they like the 2 characters or at least like how they look. lol

    As for my opinion, Sally is definately a possibility, but what if it’s someone else? Maybe it’s a relative of his that got turned organic again but died afterwards somehow.

    MAYBE the character’s not even dead but he thinks they are. Or it’s the hand of an android/clone of someone he knows and it’s destroyed revealling itself to be fake. Ya never know. o3o lol

  16. If it’s Sally, I’ll just wait for the comic with the plot twist where she comes back to life. Like last time.

  17. Dantemustdie on deviant art heard from somewhere that it’s not sally,word of ben bates,but who knows,could be anyone. I’m not trusting anyones word till I read it. Or see a preview of it :/

    @Jix Hedgehog y’know…I’m beginning to wonder if it is hope or another outlander.

  18. Here are some gloveless guesses:

    It could be that pig Hamlin, ahh, I love the smell of bacon in the morning, mahaha…LOL.

    Okay, I done joking back to the point,well, it could be Hamlin, it could be someone in Sally’s family King Elias Acorn or Maxmillian Acorn or Queen Alicia Acorn(I hate to say it, but it could be Sally, but if thats her that would mess up the future big time, so I have to say it can’t be her), it could be one of Tails’ parents, Sonic’s mom (wait or does she wear gloves if so it can’t be her), well, it can’t be Hope Kintobor because, she was mention in the 25 Years Later Arc of the Sonic Universe comics by Lein-Da.

    Or, that it just the cover and it could mean nothing. I just wait till the comic comes out to see.

  19. I said it could be Sonic’s mom, well it can’t because I just saw a pic of her wearing gloves, so she is off the guess list.

  20. Cant be Sally… look at Sonic Universe #5 ’30 years later’

    Looking at the current storyline (reaches for 221) I think its Nicole… 🙁

  21. Yeah but the crumbling background could symbolize Sonic s life stopping because of Sally dieing, Plus Nicole is a hologram an therefore wouldn’t die like that she would just disappear… and also her hand would be shaded black like they did with lien-da’s clothes.

    And with Sonic and Sally -possibly- getting back together in the next few issues, and Sega Not letting Sonic get paired up for long periods of time could break them back up again.

    OR they could be mirroring what happened 100 issues ago in 125 when Sally thought that Sonic was dead but he actually went into space…. Obviously not exactly like that but something similar…

    But without Sally, I can’t really see the comics being the same again… And I would probably loose some interest…..

  22. I wonder if this backs up my theory of Silver coming back in time to kill Geoffry St. Jon……just a thought even though but Sonic’s expression and the lack of gloves doesn’t really help back up this point….maybe he sacrifices him self for Sonic and in a fight he loses his gloves….you never know.

  23. Hmm.
    After re-checking a few things, I can say Nuckles87 might be right on the money. It’s most probably Nicole.

    Does something count as spoilers if it’s just speculation? If so, SPOILERS:

    Clue #1: I just checked the Archie Sonic Wiki: in the flash-forward in Sonic In Your Face, it says Nicole was destroyed, presumably long ago, in a “decisive battle against Robotnik”. #225 is stated to be one such battle (one of many, but hey).
    Clue #2: Nicole is having a LOT of issues with the people lately due to her part in the Iron Dominion invasion, yet she (obviously) thinks no ill of them. This sets her up as a perfect candidate for self-sacrifice, should the opportunity arise – she’d redeem herself in the eyes of the people. This also means New Mobotropolis loses its only defense against Robotnik. A perfect way to kick off a new saga, wouldn’t you say?
    Clue #3: And now the crumbling shield makes perfect sense. If there’s self-sacrifice involved, however, I’m betting it’s a double-edged sword: whatever Nicole does either leaves them open for attack, or she uses up her resources/life force and can’t maintain the shield up.

    Sorry for writing so much, btw.

  24. I agree with Jason and Nuckles87.

    Just because Sally probably won’t die again, I say Nicole. I wish it wouldn’t be her, but I think it will be.

  25. It being nichole makes the most sense. Everyone is scared of her, and she has pretty much always been apart of the series so sonic would be sad. Also the sheild since the new metro is her creation. I def see it being nicole! I WANT GENESIS TO COME !!!!!

  26. I vote it will be Nicole. I don’t want it to be but it probably will. With what’s being going on in the comics, plus the background, which looks the the dome over the city is shattering, and the city is basically Nicole, (so if she dies, the city might die along with her?)

    But I would hate for Nicole to die. The latest issue released, hinted at a new pairing, (being NicoleXEspio -[WTF],) and I would like to see what this pairing evolved into.

  27. Y’know…I’m beginning to think this is why they took down the comic book seal of approval. Also I’m now guessing it’s nicole as well,feeling betrayed by how mina sang about her in the new comic,she wants to somehow prove herself to the mobians that she is on there side and will somehow sacrifice herself in the process. Or who knows,could be something none of us would ever see coming.

  28. @ everyone who says it can’t be Sally because of Mobius 25 years later & Mobius 30 years later.

    You guys need to understand that those comics are not the future of the main story line. They are just the future in a parallel universe. Example, in 25 year later, Locke died in a hospital whereas in the main storyline Locke died during the story arc where Knuckles became Enerjak. So it very well can be Sally’s hand on the cover.

    Also, like I said before, it Probably is not Nicole. Nicole’s hands are black, that hand is not black.

    Who do I wish it would be? Dulcy, Tikal and Chris fused into one big annoying Dragon kid.

  29. I just think it is nicole cause they keep hinting there will be a revolt against her. everyone has become afraid of her because of the past issues. Sucks to cause I like nicole. But the whole city being destroyed would probably be an epic start for genesis.

  30. With all this treatment of the SatAM TV show charas over the last 16 years in the comic, it makes me think that everyone at Archie Comics in the Sonic division have not really had much respect for what the late Ben Hurst brought to the table on the TV side, and have chosen to creatively bitch-slap him….and I feel that the disrespect for Ben has trickled down through the fanbase and out of Japan, due to the suits in that country being jealous they never had those kind of creative balls at all.

    Just sayin’. =P

  31. I was also thinking it could be Monkey Khan. The preview for the issue 222 claims Monkey Khan is to return so he could become part of this arc.

  32. Hmm…
    Well… There aren’t really any major human Sonic characters…
    And the only non-human Sonic character I can think of (right now) that doesn’t wear gloves is Sally… Wow, that’s a really important character…

  33. I don’t know who it is, but doesn’t Sally have only three fingers and a thumb?

  34. sally died in issue 225 its sad sonic was abttleing this huge silver sonic but then sally was getting anoyed and left bad idea they were both in the death egg and then there were these type of guns and then she got shot i think thats how it ends or maby some one left out something btw read all the sonic comics u want on youtube just type in sonic comic world

  35. I’ve check out issue #225… and yes: Sally Acorn is dead. Period.

    If she really died, whoa… there’s going to be alot of death threats from the Archie Comics, Inc. if she’d died. But, I still don’t like the comics anyway, they’re too much like the video games. Period.

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