Jazwares Reveal Sonic 20th Anniversary Figures & Plushes At London Toy Fair

Jazwares Reveal Sonic 20th Anniversary Figures & Plushes At London Toy Fair

Jazwares has revealed their plans to launch a series of special Sonic 20th Anniversary figures and plushes at a recent London Toy Fair. A range of prototypes and concepts were on show at Jazwares’ booth, including a figures series called “Sonic Through Time”, which as the name suggests are figures based on Sonic’s design at a various year in his life. Also on show was a Shadow figure & comic pack, classic Dr.Eggman with Egg Robo’s figure pack, modern Dr.Eggman with Egg Pawns figure pack and modern Tails with a modern sandworm Badnik figure pack. New plushes shown were a large Shadow and a large classic Sonic, both 20th Anniversary labelled.

Since this line up was shown at a London toy fair, there’s hope that Tomy (distributor of Jazwares figures in the UK) will release these in the UK. No other information is available at present, but we’ll keep an eye out and report back. For now, check the two photos out and share your opinion of these new figures in the comments.

Thanks to SonikkuForever at the SSMB for the heads up and to Barry the Nomad at the SSMB for finding the last three pics.

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  1. Cant wait, i hope there out in the UK ^^

    Classic sonic and classic robotnik with classic badniks is bonuses for me.

    I wonder…is the 20th anniversary sonic game going to be sonic Running thoughout the years, so u play classic sonic in 3D in old zones and then work your way up to sonic adventure 2 etc? and then you play todays sonic?

    1. Sonic Generations is the 20th anniversary game, and each zone will have a 2D level where you play as Classic Sonic, and a 3D level where you play as Modern Sonic. So there’s a city level from Sonic Adventure 2, and the 3D one will be like the original, and there will be a 2D level in the same area with similar mechanics, like the truck chase finale. Green Hill Zone will have a classic 2D scrolling level, while a new level is made for Modern Sonic.

  2. there, classic sonic figures from jazwares!
    are you happy now?

    i’m sooooo gonna get them

  3. Bloody hell! I want those so much…. and you know Tomy is never going to distribute these… we’re still waiting for a mass distribution on the ASR figures for gods sake!

  4. I want to see
    Classic Sonic with his Rings
    Classic Amy with her hammer
    Classic Tails with old Tornado plane
    Classic Knuckles with his Master Emerald
    Classic Robotnik with his badniks and EggRobo
    Classic Super Sonic with his Chaos Emeralds
    Classic Chaotix with Magic Rings
    Classic Fang/Nack with his popgun
    Classic Metal Sonic with his Badniks
    Classic Mighty the Armadillo with Ray the Flying Squirrel
    Classic Mecha Sonic
    Classic Bark and Bean
    Modern Sonic with his Rings
    Modern Tails with his new Tornado 2
    Modern Knuckles with his Master Emerald
    Modern Amy with her hammer
    Modern Eggman with Metal Sonic and Egg Pawns
    Modern Chaotix with money
    Modern Shadow with fake emerald
    Modern Rouge with jewels
    Modern Cream with Cheese and Vanilla the Rabbit
    Modern Silver and Blaze
    Modern Marine with her jetski boat
    Modern Mephellies
    Modern Elise
    Modern Jet, Wave and Storm with their airboards
    Modern Eggman Nega
    Modern Merlina
    and more

    And Modern Super Sonic with his Chaos Emeralds too
    And Super Shadow and Super Silver too!

  5. I’m psyched for adjustable classic sonic. But the Prototype looks like he broke his legs pretty bad D: Hope thats fixed

  6. i will sertanly buy these i like all sonic figures and i really just want to see all the cool timeline of sonic in figure form that whold be just that

  7. Does anyone realize in the plushie picture that the smaller Sonic plush next to the Werehog has “Shadow the Hedgehog” written on the tag? πŸ˜›

  8. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF- now I have to buy all these. This is bitter-sweet news, emphasis on the SWEET!

  9. Has anyone else noticed the Classic Sonic in the top picture is missing his nose, I wonder if someone stole it”
    -Quick call professor Layton!

  10. This is awesome, but quickly, someone tell Jazwares, we don’t want Shadow in a comic book pack. He’s going to be packed with either Rouge or Omega, Why not pack Rouge and Omega together, we don’t need the same Shadow figure again!

    The EggRobos make me so happy I can poop my pants. And the ten inch classic Sonic looks amazing. Now I don’t have to be sad about never getting the First4Figures large classic Sonic.

  11. Wow! Those are all so awesome, especially the big classic Sonic figure. So much for saving my money.
    And is it just me, or does the modern Sonic figure, next to the big classic one, look fuzzy?

  12. I love that freaking figure!!! I’m so gonna get it.

    Also, the Amy plushie doesn’t have any panties. πŸ˜€

  13. WHOA! Have they improved the joints design or -what-! I wish my Arthur!Sonic figure had those instead of his nobbly knees!

    …then again, I wuv him anyway<3 Because those nobbly knees are awkwardly charming. Like my Squall Leonhart's flimsy arm, it's the 'defects' that make them unique.

    ( But why did nobody get a shot of that large Modern!Sonic doll? D: )


    You can't miss him when SEGA re-release his games every year-and-a-half, people make fanart and fangames of him, he's still plastered all over merchandise and ranters still repeat that sentence over and over like it's never been said before.

    No, trust me. You can't.


    Nooooooo, not Elise! DDD:

    …At least not her actual design! I have an Sonic-y one they could use…?

  14. Is anyone else slightly peeved by the fact that it’s taken almost twenty years for Sonic to get a genuinely decent, ongoing line of figures? Seriously, I’d have killed for this sort of stuff as a kid, but they never even made any ‘proper’ Sonic action figures until the ReSaurus Sonic Adventure ones.

  15. They look awesome, I hope they come out in the UK. I would probably get all of the figures, but only the Amy and Shadow Plush seeing as I already have Tails, Knuckles, and Sonic plush.

  16. @Mahzes:

    ‘Cause it honestly made more sense, considering the character designs, to make plush dolls?

  17. I’d get all of those but I want to see one certain sonic from his dreamcast days, sonic with his awesome SOAP shoes!!! Nuff said

  18. Classic Robotnik galore? More Eggman action figures?

    Badnik packs?

    Someone’s been reading my posts.

    Now my money will be flying out of the window.


  19. @ Mahzes

    I am so in your boat! I’ve been dying for a classic Sonic figure for 20 years here. I remember in 1991, I would search Toys R Us for a Sonic figure that didn’t exist. In 1994, I got the McDonalds Sonic toy and took it with me everywhere. In 1995 I got that motorcycling Sonic toy which I lost within days. Finally in 1999 I got the Resaurus Sonic and it has been my favorite toy for over 10 years now. But he’s not classic Sonic and I’m thinking that a good classic Sonic figure is the one thing that can dethrone my Resaurus hero.

  20. @Mahzes
    Yeah I agree, I used to play with the freeking mcdonalds ones all the time.
    Thats pretty sad.

  21. um may i tell you something? i know this is pretty good (im going this year 8D) but havent you forget something like billy hatcher and samba de amigo, do you even feel that they also left behind :C it’s kinda sad to see them not to erm.. appear .3. i dont mind sonic but i thinks he’s popluar already XD shouldnt you give billy hatcher, amigo or other give chance to be proud once again this year? pretty pleaasey?

    please kindly rely this messeage :3 oh btw i’m making sonic lops and cards ^w^ dont know what’s sonic lop is? then go to devianart and type ‘sonic lop’ im sure it may appear ^w^ if not then go to deviantart (again) type my username sheezy93, my icon has fan character called sidra and she’s deaf rabbit! then when you click my icon go to see poll (below my journal) now you can see what’s sonic lop is ^w^

  22. Holy crap! Sonic’s upcoming 20th Anniversary is lookin’ good! Classic Sonic figure!! Classic Dr. Robotnik figure! Just imagine what the 25th anniversary will be like if Sega’s doing all this now! =D

    *Eyes roll up into back of head as SD faints from awesomeness shock*

  23. I NEED that classic sonic plush. Like…I NEED IT. Not just want, NEED.

    Oh god its perfect. Absolutely perfect. I’ve been looking for years for a plush like that. Almost every sonic plush I’ve come across has been horrible…until NOW! If anyone knows anything about it please, PLEASE tell me.

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