Sumo Digital Hiring For SEGA Allstars Racing 3DS? UPDATE: Maybe not.

Sumo Digital Hiring For SEGA Allstars Racing 3DS? UPDATE: Maybe not.

UPDATE: Seems my reservations were fully justified. The abbreviations at the bottom stand for programming tools. Hopefully we are getting a game like this, but either way this job listing is not a sign of it. I still encourage you to click the SEGAbits link at the bottom to enter the wider world of SEGA!

Maybe, I don’t know. It’s what Go Nintendo seems to be implying at least. Sumo Digital has put out a job listing for a senior artist, and “SSR 3DS” appears to be listed as one of the projects. I am personally crossing my fingers on this one. ASR is one of those games I am hoping we’ll get a 3DS port of. Here’s the job listing in full:

Senior Artist
Location: INDIA – Pune, IND – Sumo Digital
Job Code: 785
# of openings: 5

* Senior Artist (SA L1 to L3) with 4+ years of experience in Game art creations for AAA titles.
* Hands on experience in modelling and texturing in areas like Environment Assets & Characters, except VFX & Animation
* Ability of making Concept Art would be an added advantage
* Communication skills in English.

* Edit – 07 Oct 2010
* Artist will be assigned to Sumo Digital – ARS2, SSR 3DS, Crispins

Source: SEGAbits

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  1. Very interesting, I wouldn’t mind having ASR on a 3DS either. I think the 3DS could do a pretty awesome job with bringing over the graphics and gameplay the original game had.

    Regardless of if it is or not, I’m still looking forward to seeing what else Sumo Digital has up it’s sleeve. 🙂

  2. hmm…very interesting indeed. i loved ASR, but is sega really considering porting it to the 3ds? ive still got a feeling that its gonna be sonic chronicles 2, but i guess time will tell.

  3. @ Mr_Valormere
    Its been what, a year since ASR came out. Move on, no one has been really much caring for DLC anyway.

    It does sound nice to have ASR on the 3DS. Maybe some new tracks and characters, at least that would give it some competition again mario kart which has also already been confirmed for the 3DS.

  4. @ penguinthing777 : yep! Sonic Chronicles 2 first (EAWare has left us hanging long enough) then we’ll talk about a port (or hopefully updated sequel)

  5. I’m sort of glad the All Stars Racing is coming tothe 3DS but since It’s hardly a year old it might feel very similar to the original. I would personally prefer a sequel to it with all new tracks but I guess I just gotta wait and see!

  6. Wait I’m confused. How does this indicate All-Stars Racing is coming to 3DS? I didn’t see anything that said that. I read an assumption hoping it is. I read “SSR”. And now I’m reading people saying they’re happy that it is like they’re so sure.

    I guess I can’t say it isn’t cuz how would I know? It’s just… how? I’m not seeing it. Can someone point it out to me? XD

  7. Google searching reveals they’re coding terms for hardware such as arcade machines, including SSR. SSR 3DS probably means a part of the 3DS hardware. So, basically the listing is telling the applicant what kind of hardware coding they’ll be doing.

  8. I’d rather have more DLC please….we were promised DLC and we’ve only had one bit of DLC

  9. @DC111

    Definitively agree with you We need Sonic Chronicles 2 but improved and updated

    Aside from that this looks pretty interesting although I wish they would have made another Sonic Racing game sequel instead but maybe that will happen but for a different activity for the Sega Superstar series

    SS and SASASR I enjoyed very much SST was okay but suffered some problems but hopefully the next one could be better or as good IF there is a new one…..

    And yeah we should of had more DLC earlier…

  10. Im beginning to realise Steve lied to me…..he said they had loads of DLC coming and that they were full of ideas for DLC…. but suddenly i find out that they only had metal sonic pretty much…. why would he say they had loads but only release Metal sonic.

    I would want more DLC, like have Mighty or ristar or even a comix zone race track etc.

  11. we dont need dlc for characters,we need a dlc for the offline multiplayer!!!put the grand prix mode in the offline multiplayer part!!!thats so stupid from sumo and sega ,how can you forgot that,when you put the grand prix mode in the singleplayer why not in multiplayer i can not belive and understand it!!!!this is the importand part of the the game!!! if you think that is to much for you then make for us a new sonic racing game but please with a grand prix mode for splitscreen!!!

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