“Sonic the Hedgehog 5” Mock-Up Box Art

“Sonic the Hedgehog 5” Mock-Up Box Art

Remember that time that Sonic 4 was a sequel to Sonic 3&K?  Yeah, me neither.  Let’s go to a fantasy world instead where the Genesis is still alive, Sonic games aren’t broken into over-priced episodes, are programmed by competent people who know how to manage data and are free of dying cats.  You’d probably have box-art that looks like this mock-up above.  The shading here is pretty close to what the old box-art possessed.  My only critique would be that you can’t see any of the 5.

Submitted to TSS by Maximiliano.  He only attached the image and provided no other information.  If you’re the author, please claim this mock-up as yours so I can give you the proper credit.

(Also, try to stay on topic for once, commenters.  Talk about the image.  I’d like to not have a headache today.)

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  1. sorry, the next time, i put more information, the art was created by my brother Leonardo Martinez (AKA: Xamoel in deviant art). i only upload the image 😀

  2. “OMG, GREEN AIYES, IT SUCKZ!!1!1!1!11!”

    Nah seriously, looks good but you can hardly see the 5 indeed

  3. That is brilliant.
    But whats Sonic going to do with his hands should Sonic 6 exist. grow an extra finger?
    I kid, But that really is an awesome piece of art =)

  4. Heey maybe I could submit something. 😀

    The only thing I don’t like are the shape of Sonic and Knuckles’ heads. Also the background looks like Green Hill Zone. I can’t really say I don’t like it, cuz I do and it looks nicer than the GHZ on Sonic 1’s boxart… just it would mean the whole “rehash” thing again. lol

    Otherwise it looks very nice and like fanart of what real boxart could’ve looked like! 8D Tails is perfect too! ^^

    I’m kinda suprised no one’s actually done a fanmade version of Sonic 4 yet… you know… with the same levels as Sonic 4 but with Genesis sprites, Genesis graphics and a slight more touch up to the levels to make them not look TOO similar to already-existing levels and maybe some new robot sprites. I didn’t mind Sonic 4 the way it was, just thought a lot of people would’ve done this by now. lol I only mention that cuz you’d have to do that before doing one of Sonic 5. =P


    Nah, just kidding. Great work whoever did this, the style looks identical to the classic box-arts, yet all characters are in modern shape. Again, great job!

  6. Lol, oh Brad, your posts always make my day :D. The image looks pretty nice, reminds me a bit of Sonic 3.

  7. Only, sonic, tails and knux?
    Not impressed. But that’s just my opinion.
    The art looks cool though….

  8. I’ll give the real creator one full week from now to claim that this is his work. If no claim in the one week I’ll take the credit.

  9. I have several critiques:

    1) Where’s Robotnik?!
    2) Where’s Metal Sonic?!
    3) Why isn’t Tails doing a more dramatic pose?
    4) Is that a waterfall in the background? Whatever it is, it doesn’t fit at all.
    5) The Sonic The Hedgehog logo should use the original colors.
    6) Obviously the number 5 is too obscured to really contribute to this cover.

    I give it a “Nice effort, but meh”.

  10. The logo needs sprucing, as it looks super bland and under-worked. The ‘5’ looks superb, even if nearly completely obscured. Neat that the cover takes place at night. Quite interesting…

    Aside from some composition issues, I give it 2 thumbs way up! 😀

  11. Disregarding Metal Sonic, would at least a thumb-up from a more enthusiastic-looking Tails be so much to ask?

  12. You know the best part of this! The “GA” for general audiences instead of the new “E”..gawd Im old! XD

  13. @Psyche Blue

    More enthusiastic? Geez what about the Tails in Sonic 2? Isn’t this more enthusiastic than that?

    I’d agree pretty much only with the logo thing except I didn’t even notice it right away.

    And I know the “5” is blocked by the 3 characters but it’s pretty big and pretty obvious it’s a “5” so I think it works well. Maybe if the characters were a TINY bit smaller it’d be better.

    As for it being only Sonic, Tails and Knuckles, I think it’s perfect. Those guys are legends of the franchise and it’d be the first all 3 of them were fully on the cover together at once if it were real. lol

    Brad Imma draw and send my art of a Sonic 5 concept (for some reason lol) maybe even a proper Sonic 4 concept. Of course when I find the time and stop being lazy.

  14. Good times…ah where did they go?…just saying modern games can never beat the classics..u just can’t 🙂

  15. @rickyrick

    Never say never. =D Sure they can’t beat them in terms of memories for those who have those memories… but in quality? Anything’s possible. And I’d like to think that the Genesis days aren’t the best they can do. They were great… for their time. But they’re very outdated. They’re still fun, just a little too… little. lol I rather think positive and believe at least SOMEDAY there will be a game that’ll beat it, because that’ll mean it was a really good game. XD

    Then again, Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, SA and SA2 are “classics” for a reason. They never go out. So I guess you CAN’T beat the classics. XD

  16. Good art but I’d say that putting the ‘5’ behind the characters is bad design. You’d never get away with that on a professional package.

    And Rickyrick the good times are definetly now. Even Sonic managed a come back via Sonic Colours and with 2011 featuring some great games like Gears of War 3, Pokemon Black and White, Mass Effect 3, Kirby, Portal 2, Zelda, Bulletstorm, Dirt 3, Batman Arkham City as well as a whole range of 3DS exclusives the year is definetly looking promising.

  17. So My previous comment didn’t go through moderation. Anyway, i’ll try to word it better this time.

    I don’t like it.

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