Sonic Colors Soundtrack Available On ITunes?

Sonic Colors Soundtrack Available On ITunes?

With older Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks becoming more scarce and difficult to obtain, along with newer releases frequently only being available to Japanese markets, the cry from fans for Sonic music to be available for download has become greater in recent years.  This is set to change however, with the announcement that the Sonic Colors Official soundtrack album VIVID SOUNDS X HYBRID COLORS will be available from the 26th of this month for download from iTunes.

However don’t jump for joy just yet; the album will only be available to the Japanese market in which Wave Master Entertainment (long time Sonic OST publishers) operate, meaning Western markets will be no closer to getting Sonic soundtracks on general release (although there are ways in which to buy through the Japanese iTunes). Unfortunately the soundtrack does not come cheap; the album is sold in three volumes each costing ¥1500 ($19/£12), with individual tracks being unavailable for purchase. Some fans may find this deal not to be worthwhile, with the physical 3-CD soundtrack costing ¥300 less than downloading all three volumes. Those looking only to purchase the title “Reach for the Stars” by Cash Cash will also be disappointed.

VIVID SOUNDS X HYBRID COLORS is still available for import through CD Japan for ¥4200 ($48), although expect to pay appropriate shipping charges and import tax. Although it may appear that the west is no further forward into getting similar releases to this, it is certainly a step in the right direction.

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  1. I’m almost tempted to just record the songs using Audacity from Youtube and transport them into WAV files… but I would NEVER >.>

  2. All that just to get the 7 tracks out of the album I’ll actually listen to more than once… not NEARLY worth it. Though it is nice to see the soundtrack branching out to other places.

  3. I’m not really a fan of itunes, I like having the physical CD. I only have the Sonic Adventure and Sonic Heroes CD soundtracks and the So Much More Album. I saw the Sonic Adventure 2 Soundtrack in a store like 9 years ago and to this day I am still kicking myself for not buying it. I love Sonic music, but finding these albums in stores is so hard (I am aware there are websites where you can just download all the Sonic Music, but having the actual CD is so much more satisfying).


    Another slap to the face this is to us western fans, come on Wave Master, you’re missing out on an opportunity here!!!

  5. Ouch, Sonic Colours has been one of the soundtracks I’ve enjoyed the most in recent years.

    It sucks to hear that, hopefully we’ll all get a means of obtaining such albums. Heck – not even specialty stores near me have any Sonic tunes.

  6. I already have the soundtrack, but I was genuinely excited when I saw this. And then I was bummed when I saw Japan Only. But still, it’s pretty cool.

  7. …Or you can download most of the songs off of Brawlcustommisic. Or download it directly off the disc using some emulator.

  8. Half of the music in this game were awesome and catchy

    Some were decent and okay but others….bot so much

    Unleashed music beats it in my opinion But I still don’t mind at all

    Sonic Colors on DS was Great- the only good version!

    A Large Minority of people liked Colors so hopefully they can buy the OST/Album too

  9. it’s actually available on iTunes for America..just looked it up and bought the OP and ED 😀
    you can buy each disc separately or buy each track separately so yeah if you don’t believe me look it up! I hope it’s not a mistake and they take it down..

  10. Yeah they are all in the U.S. store. And the article says that they’re $19 each but they’re actually only $9.99 each.

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