Sonic Colors Soundtrack…Available In North America & Europe!

Sonic Colors Soundtrack…Available In North America & Europe!

Earlier this week we reported on the Sonic Colors Soundtrack VIVID SOUNDS X HYBRID COLORS getting a digital release in Japan with no sign of release in the west…well…be disappointed no more!

As of today, VIVID SOUNDS X HYBRID COLORS is available to download from iTunes in North America and Europe! Not only this, the price of the soundtrack has scaled with the market!

The Soundtrack is again released in 3 volumes, each disc costing £7.99/$9.99 to download. “A great price!”, you say, but are you only after specific tracks? Then don’t worry! You can buy individual tracks from the iTunes store for the bargain price of 0.99p / $0.99! Yes! That means you can have your fill of Cash Cash for the price of a hamburger!

So whether you fancy just reaching for the stars for a quid, or downloading the whole experience for £24/$30, iTunes will let you do so, at a much reduced price to importing the physical soundtrack.

To check out the tracks available follow this link.

So, will you be purchasing any of these tracks from iTunes? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Great deal. I will be picking up the Planet Wisp, Aquarium Park, Tropical Resort, and my favorite, Terminal Velocity. The stage might have been boring but I loved the music.

  2. Aw wtf, i just wasted my money and now this? I love this soundtrack, especially Tropical Resort!! DX
    Now if only they had other Sonic soundtracks on itunes, that would be epic, especially Sonic Adventure 1 or 2.

  3. It should be known that it’s the American itunes store, NOT the European store that has the music. UK residents will have to change itunes store to download the soundtrack.

  4. Umm…
    I live in the UK and have been searching Itunes for a while now and can’t find the soundtrack anywhere.
    does anyone know why?
    it will be much appreciated.

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