Sonic #225 Cover Revealed!

Sonic #225 Cover Revealed!

The cover to Sonic #225 has finally been revealed. IGN got the scoop on start of the “Genesis” saga which will play out over the summer. We can see Sonic and the Freedom Fighters running past what looks like a new, giant Death Egg! As they say in the youtubes “consequences will never be the same!”

You can find the cover here!


  1. Is that the Death Egg, could this be hinting towards Sonic 4 Episode II, because the 20th anniversary logo is on it. This is so cool!

  2. @AM Its the death egg.

    The 20th anniversary logo is on it because it comes out the month of the anniversary.

  3. pretty cool cover art (kinda reminds me of some of the older/ classic ones from the 90’s before Sonic Adventure.

    I’m kinda shocked to see it hosted on IGN of all places, but its all good either way. ^_^

  4. This cover looks awesome. I wish I would have stuck with Archie. I kept subscribing for the past few years and never read them and then I just stopped completely.

    This cover feels so old school Archie Sonic though. The nostalgia rush is overwhelming.

  5. @ProjectZuel: Yes it was.

    Amy looks really noodly. I tend to tell myself off for that kind of noodly Sonic character.

  6. I wonder Archie will make Sonic and Amy will be together in future comics but first Sonic needs to break up with Sally (I hate her!) Then he will love Amy and be together with him. In the future, Sonic and Amy will be married and have two kids. This would be like SEGA will make Sonic and Amy together in Sonic’s 20th anniversay this year.

  7. Sorry Amy , but positions for badass chick (Bunnie) and Sonic’s love interest (Sally) have already been taken.

    Get The Fudge Out.

  8. I never though I would live to see the day where I would see Amy and Sally in the same cover.

    @Ryan: Oh for love’s sake not you again *facepalm*

  9. Things you should know about the achieverse:
    -Sonamy will NEVER happen
    -They are darker than the vieeogames with humor splashed here and there.
    -As of issue 222, sonsal is BACK baby!
    – Perhaps this is foreshadowing Sth4 eps 2, death egg return, classic stuff?

    Maybe, (if we’re lucky) the FF will make NPC appearances in eps. 2.

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