Pakistan McDonalds Ads Have Slightly Lower Production Quality

Pakistan McDonalds Ads Have Slightly Lower Production Quality

I don’t know how this took 6 years to hit international waters. Apparently the Middle East shares our love of Sonic, and for the release of Sonic Heroes in ’04, McDonalds in Pakistan duly responded with the same terrible LCD games the rest of us got in our Happy Meals.

…and by “our”, I mean “your”; I’m way too old for Happy Meals. Honest.

Thing is, it looks like the overworked and underpaid animators for the advert only had those games to work with, and left their glasses at home. The result is quite horrific.


Now aren’t you glad you live in a country where the only thing you have to worry about is green eyes?

Thanks (I think?) to TheGLaDOSTYIE on the SSMB for bringing this freak of nature to our attention.

If that was too much for you, BlazingTales saves the day with some… shall we say more recognisable adverts from elsewhere:


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  1. Just saw this last night on, pretty funny. But you can never be too old for a Happy Meal.

  2. Uwaa~ France would have the most impressive version! England’s looked exactly like the model from the actual SH game, and it was OK.

    Unfortunately for the Middle East… Well, what they created… it was blasphemy.

  3. HAHA! YES! i loved those toys, no matter how low quality, i have them all in fact, somewhere… Whats with the whole sports thing!? shadow plays hockey damn it! with omega! If you look at the BK commercials you see how much fast food toys have gone down in quality, i remember when “Collecting them all” actually mattered. Then I could build a workin inspector gadget, big lego ship, or a rugrats theme park. the spy kids one made a robot beetle i think.

    Speaking of that french commercial, i did a quickie photoshop a month back >>>

  4. Rouge popped on the screen, and I laughed… All the characters look like 3D versions of how I used to draw when I was like, 8. Hilarious. I feel sorry for the animators because of how poor it looks.

  5. I remember the English one… brought back good memories :’D

    but for the Pakistan one……. geez….

    as for the French, I like that one besides the American one. It’s more happy ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Do you think some furry out there is fapping to that naked Rouge in the Pakistan commercial?
    Also… did Sonic fart at the end of that last one?
    “Get happy! *PFFFFFFT*”

  7. Cream’s whole face is yellow…Tails only has one tail…Sonic’s spines are too long…ROUGE IS A MOUSE!!??? O_O


    Also, is that third ad the last time Ryan Drummond voiced Sonic? That’s kinda sad…

  9. I remember the last one lol used to see it alot on TV, there was a second one were sonic plays football with kids. its funny that Ryan Drummond did the adverts.

  10. Why does Rouge look like a mouse in the Pakistani ad? I almost mistook her for a completely different character. If that ad isn’t the definition of an epic fail I don’t know what is…

  11. The Hell? Knuckles with pink-tails XDDDDD The french Ad is most certainly the best of the three.

  12. What annoys me the most about the advert is that Tails has one tail.

    Oh, and that he calls Rouge “Rogue”… and Rouge is naked…

  13. I am a hardcore gamer living in Pakistan. Trust me guys, Pakistanis don’t know Sonic at all. I’m suffering, being alone all the time, being different just because I am a hardcore gamer. No-one else is… it’s just me… No-one even understands!

    I have never seen this commercial… I do not think its true guys. Honest, in Pakistan, they borrow McDonald’s ads from China. And those Sonic Heroes LCD were available in Pakistan 6 years ago!

  14. Oh god.
    Looks like Ian has outdone Brad in the creepy posts haha

    I posted this video at Retro first, actually. -Brad

  15. Was that supposed to be Rouge playing tennis with Amy? It looked like something outta Pinky and the Brain XD

    Thank god those other adverts were there XD

  16. @ 58SlugDrones!

    Feel sorry for ya, man. At least you got the internet to escape to!

    Lolz, before I became an avid sonic collector, I thew away all my LCD Mickey D’s Sonic games. Now I regret it. ^^’

  17. In the French ad why the hell did Sonic climb into the car at the end if he wanted to stay hidden from the mum? Wouldn’t it have been more discreet to, I don’t know, stay outside the car?

  18. @58SlugDrones!

    What are you talking about? Sonic is very popular here in gaming circles and with kids. He is definitely more recognized than Mario. Though I haven’t seen this ad on tv.

  19. What in the World…? O.O

    Erm….well the Pakistan ad was certainly uh….well………….Eventful XD

    This brings back memories….well it actually…well sort of re…Let me rephrase that…I remember the old English Adverts which featured Sonic playing football with the kids I loved that a lot Brings back good memories also Ryan Drummond actually said one line for Sonic in the advert (This was during the time Ryan was still voicing Sonic)

    Ah memories

    Kids: I’M LOVING IT!!!!

    Sonic: I’m Loving It Too! ๐Ÿ˜‰ *Thumbs Up Pose*

    It always grabbed my attention and put a smile to my face when I was younger watching those Ads Good times (for the English one)

    The French one was okay not bad but going back to the Pakistan ad erm…………..I don’t know what to say XD I am speechless….

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