DO NOT WANT! How Sega Got Its Clock Back

DO NOT WANT! How Sega Got Its Clock Back

Some of you may recall a Sonic Retro forum goer by the name of Sammybeany and his colorful opinions on the Sega community event held back in November. You may also remember the infamous clock he received as a gift for attending that he was not too happy with. Well, he sold that clock on eBay which was immediately purchased by Ben Kalough, another Sonic fan who was at the event.

After purchasing the clock, he sent it along with some candy and a card back to Sega. Sega has written an article all about it on their official blogs which you can find in our link down below. They seem to have a good sense of humor about the whole situation. Let’s hope they put as much effort into improving Episode 2 as they do joking with their critics.


Click on the photo to see Sega’s blog.


  1. I don’t even go to Sonic Retro so I don’t know recall anything and I don’t see how this is even news worthy.

  2. I’m pretty sure “Ben Kalough” is a rubbish alias for “Ken Balough” – Sonic 4 Brand Manager. Unless it’s just a coincidence

  3. @Casanova:
    It was at first until they moved it.
    It’s placement now is much better.

    Anyway back on topic: to be honest, I’m more looking forward to the anniversary title then I am with Episode 2 especially if it’s anything like the first episode.

  4. That was my bad. It was supposed to be in the community blog and I messed up.

    One of these days, I’ll get an article posted right. You’ll see! XP

  5. That was awesome, and a nice thing of them to do.
    I may not love every modern (or old) Sonic game either, but seriously, the whole “green eyes” debate is pointless, nit-picky, and way to blinded by biased overly-obsessive nostalgia. It’s baffling the Sonic fanbase is polluted with these people.
    The guy who whined about Sonic 4, (wich was more-so a step in the correct direction, I felt personally) and the clock is pretty much everything I can’t stand about the so-called “Sonic fanbase.” It’s nice to see some (sane) Sonic fans give people like that a “Take that.

    I’d rather play the mediocre “StH 2006” game then listen/read just one of those nerd’s Sonic fanboy rants.

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