Check Out SEGA Japan’s New Year’s Card

Check Out SEGA Japan’s New Year’s Card has posted up scans of various New Year’s postcards that they’ve received from various companies in the gaming industry and one such company is SEGA Japan, who sent out the above post card featuring new artwork of Sonic in a snazzy white tuxedo alongside the 20th Anniversary emblem.

What do you think of the postcard? Do you like Sonic’s posh threads? Should Sonic wear trousers? Speak out in the comments.

Source: (via GoNintendo)


  1. lol sonic wears pants? No then that means he will rip them off if he turns into a ball and beats robotnik or runs super fast or transforms into Super Sonic. Also love the post card happy 20th sonic!!!!!!!!!!!!!! first video game ever!!!!!! and on my dad’s genesis! wooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Looks fantastic….nice suit he is wearing This summer is gonna be a blast for Sonic starting this June 😀 throughout the year

  3. @ Sonictoast

    What cheapskates!

    Also, I didn’t think Sonic would look right in clothes, but…somehow that jacket just suits him. No pun intended.

    So, how long do you think it’ll be before we have some sort of Sonic Fashion Designer game for the DS?

  4. The coat-tails throw me off, and I think black would look better on him, personally…

    And yeah, why no pants? (Maybe that’s WHY the coat-tails throw me off) XD I know he can’t spin-dash with the pants, but I think he’d have the same problem with the rest of the suit.

    This is a strange thing.

  5. Wow. Looks niiice. I miss that artstyle.


    Sorry to burst your bubble but you’re wrong. It’s a different head. The hair is a little shorter in the hair and more spread out. (Notice the top quill is shortest, middle sticks straight out and bottom curves down kinda like his Adventure series hair but mouth looks like his Unleashed/Colors muzzle and sticks out a little on the side. In the pick you sent, the top quill is longer and bottom 2 curve more identicle to each other. The mouth also has a sharp angle in the middle while the card’s curves more. The cheek in your pic also doesn’t stick out as much. The eyebrows have more curve in the card as well while the pic in the link is, again, a sharp point. =P) But they are very similar due to the angle the face is to the viewer. xD


    Well, it’s kinda like how Manic wore a best but no pants I guess. xD Sonic usually doesn’t where pants when he wears a top of some sort. SOMETIMES he does if it’s necessary, but in this case the tuxedo itself represents the style (just like with real people. the difference is we need pants while Sonic doesn’t since he usually runs around naked anyways. xD)

  6. He’s wearing a waistcoat underneath, it would have been more inline with modern fashion to have left it at that, because that blazer look dated. Also he doesn’t look right in a blazer without trousers. Give Sonic a monocle and top hat and he can pretend it’s the 1920’s. Say hello to Mr Peanut for me Sonic.

  7. If the furry fandom leaps on this image, I’d say that they have pretty good reason to. White tux = best tux, and trouserlessness = a comfortable breeze!

    @GoldenHedgy: The image seems to have been resized a bit badly on the card. 0_0;

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