Art Contributions Start for 20th Anniversary Fan Tribute

Art Contributions Start for 20th Anniversary Fan Tribute

Long-standing community member Psyguy has launched an initiative for a fan tribute to celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th Anniversary. The plan is to create a digital art book featuring a collection of “some of the best artwork from around the globe.”

It’s a project that follows the lead that Udon Comics established with the Street Fighter and Darkstalkers Tribute books. Fanart old and new will be considered, but limited space means only the cream of the crop will get included in the 100 pages planned. There are no plans to actually publish the project when completed, but naturally Psy is open to anyone that might want to sponsor such an endeavour. Udon? Sega?

If you fancy getting your work included in the digital booklet (or have some additional questions to ask about the project) then you can find all the details – along with already-submitted pieces – on its website. If you have an SSMB account and fancy throwing your thoughts into the ring, you can go to the SSMB topic here too.

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  1. Cool! I did make someting for Project 20, but I don’t know of it is suitable, so maybe I could submit it for this instead?

  2. Awesome! i have a bunch of drawings for my idea of sonic Adventure 3(and some other random sonic stuff) i guess i could expose a few.

  3. Is everyone is gonna draw SonAmy pictures for Sonic’s 20th anniversay? I like to see Sonic and Amy are holding their hands each other, and they will go out on a date for Sonic’s 20th birthday or Amy bake a giant cake for Sonic, or Tails, Shadow, Knuckles, Blaze, Chaotix, Silver, Eggman and others saw Sonic and Amy are kissing each other for his 20th birthday. Or Eggman was kidnapped Amy again and Sonic was had to save her again.

  4. I also have simething I wanna project and show to but maybe I should work on it a bit more before deciding to sumbit…I’ll let you guys know

    This year is gonna be brilliant I Hope 🙂


    I see you still want that idea huh….and uhhh don’t you think that’s a bit too far O_o….Try and tone it down for a bit or maybe you could sumbit a picture of that it’s your choice and those are good idead and hopefully some fans will like that but uhh….

    You must be a Big Fan of SonAmy O_o

  5. I am trying to make a pic for this but it feels like i am faling so i dont now if i am gona get it ready:(

  6. I submitted this, but it didn’t show up on the site, so I guess they decided not to use it. Oh well. I’m drawing a picture specifically for the 20th too, so I’ll submit that when it’s done.

  7. wow, sock fox, I found this same picture on google images or something like a year ago, and stuck it as my wallpaper for a long time. I Didn’t really know who drew it until now. great job, and can’t wait for the 20th anniversary picture.

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