#58 Return to Little Planet 2 is finally here!

#58 Return to Little Planet 2 is finally here!

At long last it is here! The sequel you guys have been waiting for! Return to a human world influenced by the characteristics and adventures of the Sonic world you know and love. I won’t waste your time with words, just watch it and enjoy!
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Some characters you may wish to know:Posted ImageSonic
You should all know who this character is.  He’s still a positive guy who loves the thrill of adventure. Thanks to the time stones from the previous movie, who knows what he gets up to these days.

Posted ImageTailsStill looking after his Tornado, but hasn’t seen Sonic for a long, long time.

Posted Image Amy

She also hasn’t heard from Sonic for a long time. But in this canon, she has reason to be annoyed, as Sonic has a spark for her.

Posted ImageDr. Ivo Robotnik

Dr. Robotnik is recovering from his previous defeat. But this time he has much bigger plans.