Unused Sonic Colours Vocals and One-Liners Surface

Unused Sonic Colours Vocals and One-Liners Surface


Can’t get enough of the awesome dialogue in Sonic Colours? Well, our friends over at Sonic Retro have been busy digging, and Retro Tech Member Technokami has managed extract some unused one-liners from Sonic and Doctor Eggman that never managed to make it into the game itself. Admittedly some of these lines are pretty dire, but are most definitely in the vein of most cheesey Sonic vox pops.

As Sonic (apparently) would say…“You can’t be quality with quantity!”.

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  1. ?I wonder if somebody has extracted ALL of the lines… even sound fx. I would appreciate that a lot


    I wish Eggman’s line about Wisps being more powerful than Chaos Emeralds would have stayed in the game… I like references to other games.

  3. The dialogue was really uh too cheesy and ugh not funny at all tooo kiddy they were other better 3D games :/

  4. I’m pretty sure the “You.. You… YOUUUUU” line WAS in the game. He says it when you hit the final boss for the last time before using the Wisps.

  5. @Tyoshi

    Its actually “YOUUUUUUUU Little” (Sorta like Homer Simpson style) and then some other harsh ones like….

    “Sturborn little pin cushion GIVE UP AND DIE ALREADY!!!!!”

    “Not Good Enough Sonic”

    “Heh heh Here’s one for the Road Sonic!”

    “You were lucky Sonic but LUCK CAN’T LAST FOREVER”



    etc etc etc and there were more lines they were all used in Unleashed Eggman Boss Stages at Daytime and The Egg Dragoon Boss in the Fina (Which was one of the best 3D Sonic fights ever in my opinion)….I Didn’t really like Colours (Wii version to be honest) not good at all I’m gonna get the DS Version instead…

  6. Thank god they didnt make it in the game. The dialogue was cheesy enough >.> Game is perfect, but the dialogue… Well, roger didnt make it sound any better, lets just say that…

  7. “Well, roger didnt make it sound any better, lets just say that…”

    Heheh, I’m still waiting for a “COWABUNGA DUDE!” 😛

  8. @ SonicHyuga – Heh, it’ll probably happen eventually. Sonic can’t resist a line like that, and neither can SEGA!

    Thanks for quoting some of these lines, guys! I don’t have sound on my laptop (crash fried the sound board or something), so that helped me out a bit XD

  9. well, The voice overs weren’t that bad..I wouldn’t mind having extra recordings in a videogame but it is understandable if things and phrases don’t make the cut also…^^;
    thank you for sharing and informing 😀

  10. @Kintobor
    Rather be hearing this from Roger Craig Smith than Griffith. That “Sorry, got bored and broke your robot” would’ve sounded terrible coming from him.

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