TSS Review: Sonic Colours

It’s no secret that Sonic has been… lost over these last few years. It seems like ever since he left the Dreamcast, Sonic’s been going on a journey of self discovery to “find himself.” He’s tried team-work gameplay, sword play and has even let Shadow take the reins for a game. These various directions have had a variety of different results, but none of them have felt like a true successor to Sonic Adventure 2.

None of these games really answered the criticisms of the Adventure series, so much as they either ignored them or made them worse. Finally, nearly nine and a half years after Sonic said farewell to the Dreamcast, there has been a game that not only feels like a worthy successor to the Adventure series, but a game that goes above and beyond what its predecessors accomplished, producing the first genuinely great console game since Sonic went third party: Sonic Colors.


Let’s get this out of the way right now: Sonic Colors is not a back to basics game. Much like Unleashed’s werehog, Heroes’ team work and Sonic 06’s miraculously horrible programming, this game has a hook that the gameplay centers around: cute little aliens named Wisps. These wisps form the central framework for the entire game, acting as the center of both the gameplay and the story.

Dr. Eggman has built an outer space amusement park. He claims that he’s created it to “make up for his past transgressions,” like that time he blew up the moon, or split the planet into pieces. Sonic, naturally, doesn’t believe him for a moment, so he and Tails infiltrate the park to determine it’s true purpose. They soon find out that the park’s true purpose is to enslave the Wisps and use their “hyper go-on power” to take over the universe. It’s a simple premise that lacks the epicness of world ending deities and secret bioweapons that have made up the majority of Sonic fare over the years. Given how worn that has become, having a story where Eggman is the biggest threat is a nice change in pace compared to past Sonic storylines.

FAVORITE SCENE: Sonic embarrassing himself in front of Tails while he’s gloating to a destroyed boss. Absolutely priceless.


Sonic Colors is truly a testament to just how well Sonic Team knows it’s way around the Gamecube/Wii hardware at this point. I’ve never seen another Wii game so aptly maintain such amazing graphical fidelity while simultaneously achieving such scale. Starlight Carnival is the single greatest technical achievement I’ve seen on the Wii, featuring absolutely beautiful light energy roads weaving around a gigantic space fleet, before effortlessly transitioning into a platforming area inside one of the hulking space crafts.

It feels like almost nothing was sacrificed to achieve these graphics. The levels are filled with enemies and items. The only sacrifice Sonic Team had to make was reducing the game’s frame rate from 60 FPS to 30 FPS. This does nothing to hamper the game play, and even more importantly, the frame rate never misses a beat. It come as no surprise to me that some of the onlookers at E3 were mistaking the game for an Xbox 360 game until they saw Wii controllers being used.

That being said, this is still a Wii game.  Compared straight up to the spectacle of Sonic Unleashed, things don’t quite measure up. The Sonic in Sonic Colors is slower, the levels are not quite as huge and you rarely get the same kind of exhilaration Unleashed was able to achieve, though the frame rate is a lot smoother. I know Wii fans are tired of hearing it – much like how we Sonic fans are tired of hearing how every single 3D Sonic game ever made is bad every time one is reviewed – but I can’t help thinking that this game may have been a bit better on the HD consoles, at least as far as scale and pure spectacle are concerned. Fans expecting the same kind of spectacle they got in Unleashed may be disappointed. That being said, this game is nothing short of a graphical marvel on the Wii, and looks great even by today’s standards, helped in no small part by a beautiful art style that permeates much of the game.

The CG is beautiful, too, but that’s to be expected in Sonic games nowadays. The cutscenes are mostly rendered by the game’s engine and they look great. Surprisingly, they actually took the time to add little details like lace textures on Eggman’s gloves. The characters as a whole also look far less plastic toys, exhibiting a softer, more natural look. I never liked the plastic look, so I’m glad to see they’ve finally done away with it since Black Knight.

JUDGMENT: Thumbs Up.
FAVORITE PART: I can’t say the entire game? Fine. Starlight Carnival!


Sonic Colors has one of the better soundtracks in recent memory. The main theme of the game, “Reach for the Stars,” has nothing on “Endless Possibilities,” but beyond that, Colors is a nice collection of orchestral, rock, jazz, and retro styled techno music. Regrettably, as good as a lot of this music is, it’s not quite as memorable as it should have been. For me, the best pieces in the game where the surprisingly awesome orchestral works. The piece used for the file select screen is easily one of the best bits of orchestration I’ve ever heard in a Sonic game, even beating down Unleashed’s map screen theme. The fact that it was used in something that you dwell in for all of two seconds is criminal.

The voice acting is, thankfully, much better than anything we’ve had since the days of SatAM. Gone are the horrible inflections of Jason Griffith and Tails’ girlish voice. I won’t oversell Roger Craig Smith; he still sounds like a Saturday morning cartoon performance, but unlike Jason Griffith and Ryan Drummond, it’s a good Saturday morning cartoon performance. Kate Higgins, meanwhile, turns in the best performance Tails has ever had in a video game and comes off as one of most talented VAs in the game. Mike Pollock, the only 4kids VA to survive the recasting, also turns his usual strong performance, though a few of his lines do feel off. All in all, Sonic Colors voice acting is improved over past games in the franchise and Mr. Smith proves to be much more fit for the role then fan favorite Ryan Drummond was (someone whom I personally believe has been overrated by the fanbase, due to just how terrible Griffith was in comparison in his first few years on the job).

Overall, Colors has a pretty decent soundtrack and the best voice acting a Sonic game has ever had.

FAVORITE SONG: The Save Select music.


I will start this bluntly: Sonic Colors is the most consistently awesome Sonic game ever produced for a console since the days of the Genesis. It feels like, for the first time in eons, Sonic Team has been able to get it right at just about every level, solving problems that have been plaguing Sonic games for years, without allowing new ones to crop up and take their place. Rather than the gimmicks in Sonic Adventure or Sonic Heroes, Colors focuses on meticulous 2D platforming and adds depth through multi-tiered level design.

Sonic uses the help of the Wisp power-ups to underline this gameplay focus, and they work rather well, adding another dimension to the game that past power-ups haven’t. My personal favorite is the Yellow Drill due to how versatile it is. Just about every level with a Drill is going to have a load of hidden goodies, pipes and entire underground paths that give access to otherwise unreachable paths. There are some Wisps that weren’t particularly necessary, like the Purple Frenzy. This one seemed to have obstacles constructed in order to necessitate its existence, rather than being built around exploring or getting through parts of a level in a different or unique way. Contrary to claims from SEGA, however, the Wisps are required to beat a good number of levels in the game, but they compliment the experience well enough to not make it detrimental.

Of course good power-ups are nothing without good level design, and the level design in Colors is some of the best I’ve seen in a Sonic game. Not only are there many ways through almost every single act, but some acts even have multiple ending points, which you will need to look for and discover on your own. Some might not be fond of the numerous bottomless pits, but thankfully the game’s navigation mode tells you when you’re approaching one so you know when to be cautious.

Besides the easily avoidable pits, the 2D platforming areas are probably my favorite parts of the game. The jumping controls are pretty easy to use, lending more depth to the move then in past titles. Although I’ve heard some people have complaints, they clicked with me the second I picked it up at E3. The double jump move works very well, especially as a way to redirect Sonic in mid air or save yourself from a mistake. The homing attack does have a few problems here – its range is too far out, so you may accidentally attack objects that are slightly off screen, when you really wanted to do something else. Colors has enough variation in the design between different platforming areas to keep things from getting stale. It was particularly satisfying to discover little ways to get through some of the less linear platforming areas faster.

The 3D sections themselves are typically the most exhilarating part of this game and provide a nice bit of contrast with the slower 2D sections. The designs for most of the 3D areas can be rather simple, but, in my opinion, that is a good thing. After meticulously making my way through the more difficult 2D areas, getting to simply speed through a 3D area afterward brings a welcome change in pace. People looking for complicated 3D platforming won’t find much of it here – for the most part these areas are all about running really fast, avoiding obstacles and attacking enemies.

Boosting works well and, unlike in Unleashed, can’t be done throughout most of the game. Instead, boosting is only useful on straightaways and grinding rails. If you spam the boost you will regret it. Drifting doesn’t work so well – holding the B trigger while tilting the analogue stick works for the most part, but it also feels unwieldy and not nearly as natural as using the triggers to drift on an Xbox 360 pad. The quick step works a lot better, and unlike the drift can be done with the right amount of precision. It’s a mechanic I’ve come to love in Colors because it is both simple and useful.

For all the praise I’ve given this game, there is one aspect of the 3D areas that people may not like: some of it is automated. In the first act of Starlight Carnival, roughly the first twenty seconds are automated. Auto-running is not that prevalent, outside of a few choice levels, but it’s also something that many have begun to regard as a cardinal sin in Sonic game design. I will say that, for the most part, the automated areas aren’t really all that bad and allow for scenes and game play that couldn’t have been done otherwise. The auto running areas are also easily the least entertaining parts of the game, with the motobug race in Asteroid Coaster being the exception. On the whole, I hope the next Sonic game doesn’t rely so much on automation and auto-running, and instead strives to make even the most cinematic parts of the game interactive.

The game has some other problems: Sonic can be slow to turn around in 2D areas, both as himself and in some of his Wisp forms. The bosses in this game are also a mixed bag – some are too easy and others are repeated throughout the game. The epic final encounter with Eggman easily ranks among my favorite boss fights in the series, though.

While the levels themselves are fun, the co-operative multiplayer mode doesn’t really work – the camera just can’t keep both players on screen and the only way to really play is to make sure the other player can keep up, which completely breaks the flow of the levels. Sonic Team should have considered taking a few more pages out of NSMB’s book for this mode. If the game didn’t kill you for falling off screen, but instead simply respawned you, this mode would have worked significantly better.

On the whole, Sonic Colors is really fun to play. It’s a little rough around the edges, it has some niggles and flaws, but compared to the unresponsive controls, repetitive game play and buggy nature of past 3D Sonic games, Colors is an absolute godsend. Back at PAX, I proclaimed that, bar any unforeseeable screw ups, Sonic Colors was going to be the best 3D Sonic game ever made. While the game has more 2D levels then I had anticipated, I stand by that statement: Sonic Colors is the best 3D Sonic game ever made. In fact if not for the aforementioned problems, I would be tempted to agree with Iizuka and proclaims it’s just as good as the Genesis classics. Regrettably, I can’t go quite that far, but being better than any game made in the last 15 years – and yes, I am including the handheld titles here – is certainly good enough in my book. Colors represents a turning point in the series. I can only hope Takashi Iizuka continues to move the series in this direction and hopefully even please those who feel this game still isn’t good enough.

JUDGMENT: Thumbs up
FAVORITE PART: Discovering an entirely new part of Sweet Mountain underground with the Drill Wisp.


Sonic Colors has largely forgone the padding of past console efforts. As a result, the game is considerably shorter – I’ve heard of people clearing the game in as little as 4 hours. I beat it in about 15 hours, due to it’s sheer replay value. I was going back to discover new paths, use new Wisp powers, get S-Ranks and find red rings in past levels before I even beat the story mode.

There is a lot to keep you busy. It will take you weeks to figure out how to get all S-Ranks in this game, as it requires more than just running to the end of the level as fast as you can without losing your rings. Wisp powers and the branching paths each play a role in your score and you will need to figure out just how to utilize all of these different ways complete the level to your advantage. This scoring system is easily one of the most addicting aspects of the game.  You get what is probably one of the coolest surprises a 3D Sonic game has ever had once you collect all 180 red coins. I won’t spoil it for you (and I expect none of you to spoil it in the comments section either), but, needless to say, it was a neat surprise. In addition to all of this, there is also an “Egg Rocket” mode that allows you to go through every level and boss in the game in one go. Still haven’t been able to beat that.

All in all, I’ve logged over 40 hours on Sonic Colors as of this review. The story mode is short, but there are enough extras and re-playability to keep the disc in your Wii for weeks, even months after you play. Part of the benefit of taking so long to write this review is that I can guarantee you that this game will keep you busy for a very long time.



Leave it to the second dimension to bail out a floundering franchise.

Making the “best 3D Sonic game” wasn’t that hard.  The Adventure games, regarded as 3D Sonic’s pinnacle, are so due to nostalgia.  At their core, they are riddled with half-baked programming and design, complicated by alternative forms of gameplay and artificial difficulty.  Those problems have bled into every single game since, sometimes manifesting themselves into grander issues that have driven Sonic to the butt of every joke across the gaming Internet.  Colors does away with most all of these problems and is a good game as a result, but Sonic Team still clings on dearly to a few of its past mistakes.  Mistakes that shouldn’t be made.

Sonic Team finally remembered that Sonic is, first and foremost, a platformer.  About damn time.  This sudden realization results in the most creative level design in the franchise’s 3D history.  Sonic’s speed is toned down to a tolerable level and emphasis is removed from the yawn-inducing boost button. The first three planets are great, but Planet Wisp is the game’s creative high-point, blending the game’s gorgeous visuals and smart design to carve a unique experience in every act.  I was having an absolute blast playing this game until Aquarium Park and Asteroid Coaster, where the game just runs out of ideas and opts for large, empty pools of water and brief, gimmicky affairs that were boring, easy and way too reliant on spectacle that we’ve seen before.

What came as a great disappointment was Sonic Team’s continuing struggles with the concept of gravity.  With the emphasis returning to platforming, the engine shouldn’t have controls and physics that you have to “get used to.”  It’s a platformer.  That should be priority number one!  The “close-but-not-quite” jump physics led to the only times I died during the course of the game.  Small platforms over countless bottomless pits (!=difficulty) will kill you more than the idiot enemies that sit there, waiting to be homing attack spammed or bowled over by a boost.

I also wish platforming and running were mixed together a bit more, as you’re either speeding or stop-dead platforming.  The 3D sections are devoid of platforming, which, coupled with the prevalence of the second dimension, says to me that they’re all but giving up on controlling Sonic in 3D, which has been a problem since Sonic R.  That extra axis of control and high speeds don’t mix.  Accurate physics might alleviate this issue, but you know Iizuka… he sticks to his guns, no matter how crappy those guns are.

It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously and shags off many lingering problems, capturing most of that Sonic magic.  Still, problems that have persisted since the Dreamcast era hold Sonic Colors in “good, but not great” territory.  Step in the right direction?  Without question.  I’d like to see more of this with a tighter engine next go ’round, though.

JUDGMENT: Thumbs Up!

For my complete review, head on over to Sonic Retro.


+ Some surprisingly funny scenes.
+ Some of the best graphics on Wii.
+ A very well-done soundtrack.
+ Layered level design with many alternate paths.
+ The creative Wisp powers.
+ Great platforming areas.
+ Getting all S-Ranks.
+ Co-op levels in single player.

+ Much of the humor falls flat.
+ Soundtrack isn’t as catchy as it should have been.
+ Drifting controls can be slippery.
+ Is automated at times.
+ Co-operative mode camera hampers the multiplayer experience.

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Nuckles87 has been an editor at Sonic Stadium since 2007, and has been covering events like E3, PAX, and SDCC since 2010. An avid retro gamer, he runs a monthly stream on Twitch where he explores obscure Sonic oddities, and how aspects of the franchise have evolved over the decades.


  1. What?! Sonic Adventure 2 successor?! Has everyone already forgot the best Adventure series had? Where is the deep story? Epic boss battles? Nega-Wisp Armor is awful as final boss.

  2. Expected…Colors is undeniably awesome.

    The VAing’s improved, the gameplay is flawless, the Sonic Simulator’s at least good for one player (although maybe that’s just me, seeing as how I have no siblings)…it’s just an overall vastly improved Sonic game over…that…one game I won’t mention that has the princess in it. Jibblie jibblie jibblie…

  3. I agree with the review… finished it 100% ages ago… only took 20 hours…. unless you obsess over leader boards, probably won’t clock anything near 40 hours tbh. But yeh, it’s the best Sonic game since, like… Sonic and Knuckles probably.

  4. Good review. Though, I thought you were a bit hard on Jason Griffith. I thought he turned in a borderline good performance in Unleashed and Black Knight. Personally, I thought the only games he turned in a bad performance for were 06 and Riders. Anyway, the game sounds like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to get it for Christmas. I liked how both yours and Brad’s views were different, but you still can both agree this game is a step in the right direction. Overall, you both turned in a pretty good review.

  5. Wow, quite a positive review. I Just got the game for an early christmas present yesterday, but Im waiting until christmas to play it just to make that day as fun as possible.

  6. Trust me when I say those red rings will keep you playing for weeks. It unlocks a very nice surprise.

  7. @ Deep4t

    Well, I have, and I’m no where near 100% in S ranks yet. Getting there in red rings, but then again I made a concerted effort to get that.

    The only thing that would ever hold this back from being “better then Sonic Adventure” is personal nostalgia.

  8. I can’t believe no one’s made this one comment about the story that’s been boggling my mind since i finished the game.

    While the story isn’t exactly deep, it is the first time you actually consider that what Dr Robotnik’s doing is wrong, you become friends with the Wisps only to see him using them as fuel. The scene where Tails and Sonic discover the machine that converts Wisps to fuel actually had me thinking.

    Other than that, the story doesn’t come close to the Sonic Adventure series, but I thought that was a pretty good plot element.

  9. I love Aquatic Park. It’s underwater portions are not only phenomenal, but also huge and filled with loads of surprises.

    Is TSS gonna review the DS version by any chance?

  10. I don’t think it’s the best Sonic game ever but I do think it’s one of the better 3D console Sonic games in a long time. IN MY OPINION the last good 3D Sonic game is Sonic Unleashed. It just gets bashed so much cause of the werehog.

    So basically I tell people that if you like Sonic Unleashed daytime stages then you will probably like Colors cause thats what the game is: Sonic’s daytime levels minus the werehog and you use wisp powerups instead so don’t expect the game to be that different. The game isn’t story heavy but I think thats what they’re aiming for.

    I love the new voice actors. It didn’t take me long to adjust to Roger Craig Smith’s voice after playing most of Colors and now I’m actually looking forward to hearing more from him.

  11. I still find it really odd that nobody has questions about the way the entire cast was replaced – again – because of a single VA.

    I know everybody’s still too busy raving about it being a change for the better, but this is something that affected the original cast as well, so I thought at least /someone/ other than me would have a problem.

    Other than that, I can only believe all the approvals when I play the game, so…

  12. Now this was a good review. It actually took the time to point out all the good parts. However, I have to disagree with your drift criticism. Being able to control your drift in more than just two angles (standard left and right) was a welcome sight.

  13. “Soundtrack isn’t as catchy as it should have been.” The Instrumentation was great! I loved the Map Theme for Planet Wisp, it made me feel as if heaven. If you search it on youtube under ” Soniman032 ”
    theres a comment. The most Thumbed up comment (now I know its inappropriate but) “Oh man, this is like sex. ” Sounds like SEGA really pulled it off 😛

  14. Well, i can say i miss the seriousish story, and i thought the game did play itself a little too much. but the camera angles made up for it! I have never gotten such a rush from some of the camera angles in this game! SO COOL. And i did love the final boss, even though it did play like every boss in the game, It was eggman as the final boss again, not some monster, but EGGMAN! I did love that. Anywho, i am pumped this christmas, im getting Rayman Origins and Back to the Future! and i hear from tssz news that the new sonic 2011 is gonna have some things told in early 2011!

  15. Wafflefactory- when did TSSZ say that early 2011 sonic things will be announced? Can I have a link please?

  16. Wow A Great Review 😀 I’m planning to get the game on Friday….They were sold out today unfortunately >.< And by any chance are you guys gonna Review the DS Version?

    And I also agree with Umiyuri sure things change and we get use to them but the truth is SEGA really treated both The Original Voice Cast and 4Kids Cast badly and felt really sorry for them (some never got much of a chance to voice their characters much) 🙁

  17. To be honest I have to disagree with the review I don’t think this was the best 3D Game…..the only Best 3D game for me was Unleashed and it was much better than Colours to be honest…

    Sure Colours has its moments and advantages…but its not all bright for me the things that ruined the fun were me were most of the things you listed above as “You’ll Hate”

    The cheesy comedy, the controls were laggy, too short, repeptitive, nothing special on bosses, the music wasn’t as good as Unleashed was, it not as fast paced as Unleashed, the multiplayer wasn’t really exciting, I wasn’t too keen on the new Voices I don’t like them but I will give them a chance and see if they improve and a few more things…

    Unleashed was bashed a lot because of the Werehog but some people didn’t see the good side of the Game; It was Fast paced, it had nice beautiful and some long levels, the music fitted perfectly, the Voice acting from 4Kids was one of their best performances yet (In my Opinion) , Mix was quite good (taking a break from running or brawling), Chip and Eggmanland XD (by the way All these points go for The Xbox Version of Unleashed).

    I won’t be too hasty though it had some great levels and I’ll admit not all of the music was bad, I’ll admit Colours may not be the greatest 3D sonic game but its an Good/average Sonic game much better than some others in the past but Unleashed will always be better but hey thats just me…I’m gonna get the DS Version to see if its better than the Wii version which really disappointed me.

    Colours (Wii version) I would give it either a 4 or 5/10 ….I really hope the DS Version will be better.

  18. First let me begin by saying lol @C J.

    Now then, It looks like Sonic Colors is a must buy; even Brad McButthurt likes the game too.

    Though I would disagree with the humor in the game, and the music’s catchiness. I have been humming Aquarium Park for a while, along with Sweet Mountain, Tropical Resort and Terminal Velocity. As for the humor, I like it. It really shows the character’s personalities from their humor. Like, it really shows Sonic is a teenager, and how Robotnik is extremely immature. Also, if it isn’t funny to some, it’s at least funny to laugh at how bad it is, like the BBBE.

    Yeah, this looks like a good Christmas for me.

  19. Also, I forgot to add this:
    + Soundtrack isn’t as catchy as it should have been.”

    I disagree with this. I think this game has one of the most catchiest soundtracks in a Sonic game yet. Aquarium Park, Tropical Resort, Planet Wisps, the Special Stage music in the DS version, all of them are really catchy and I find myself listening to it often on youtube.

  20. I still haven’t had a chance to get this game and it’s really bugging me, but hopefully soon I will.

    But besides that, it’s awesome to have a Sonic game that can do well critically after all.

  21. yeah, I agree with the drifting. I wish they left it with the same touch as sonic unleashed. Same with quick step, it was one of those thing where as you played you were like wtf = = I hate using quick step on the wisp planet bc I fail |:O> You got all these powers and they couldn’t fit something sparkly and epic >: Other than that, Starlight carnival was my drug trip, Aqurium Park and Wisp Planet was my relaxation, Astroid Coaster and the Main Amusement Park was my fun….and I wasn’t really a fan of the Sweet Mountain ._. It felt like it was missing something….the music was catchy tho ;D I love act 2 version x;

  22. I agree with this review at least 90%.

    It took me a while to master the drifting but now it’s easy as cake O:

    mmm speaking of cake, now it’s time to S Rank all of Sweet Mountain! 8D

  23. I agree with Brad’s review largely. I loved this game but there were just enough problems with its gameplay for this title to miss “instant classic” in my book. Sonic Team are getting there though it seems.

    Also it may just be the greater appreciation of music I gained over the past year but I preferred Colours’ soundtrack over Unleashed’s.

  24. Things i disliked about this game…
    Too linear at times.
    You cant move the camera around and look at your surroundings in the 3d sections.
    Cant turn off subtitles.
    Those are my main complaints, and there all pretty small ones.
    I liked just about everything else.

    I disagree that kate is a better voice for tails than corey bringas.

    I agree that Roger is a great voice for Sonic.
    I personally still like Ryan the best though.
    I really dont feel like its fair to call ryan a bad actor considering every game he voiced in
    was either dubbed and he had to drag out his lines
    or really cheezy “like heroes”

    But yeah Roger is really good.

  25. @C.J
    The problem with Sonic Unleashed was that it was to much of aspeed fest. You could just boost and once in a while touch something on the controlpad. It also demanded pure memorization. Don’t get me wrong I still like it, but those are it’s flaws. Colors is mostly platforming with speed as a reward.

  26. @TheDanimator:

    Unfortunately Corey can’t be brought back to voice because he’s grown up, and so has his Heroes VA as well. That’s why they have to establish an actress in the role instead.

    Also, Sonic Heroes wasn’t dubbed. The script was written in Japanese, translated and then the American VAs recorded the lines first, and that’s how it’s been for every release since. You could blame half the plotholes by just saying ‘translation error’. But Heroes was the first game where they weren’t limited by the Japanese VAs, and the acting somehow ended up much, much worse than it was in Sonic Adventure 2, where they dubbed it without even seeing the footage.

    Also, I never understand why anybody would want to turn off the subtitles. D: It’s not like they cover a huge amount of the screen or anything!

  27. @ C.J

    Sonic Unleashed is average, particually in comparison to Sonic Colours which takes all the negatives from the former and pretty much throws them out. Not just the werehog but also the hub world and the majority of annoying characters. It also has less trial and error (though still present), a better soundtrack and less arduous game lengthening.

    Sonic Colours is the best 3D Sonic game I have played and I think the review gives a pretty accurate analysis. The game won’t be remembered as one of 2010’s great games (but it’s been a fantastic year in gaming) which is due to several faults that could easily be corrected for a sequel. Firstly is that on later levels the increase in trial and error and punishing deaths makes a stupidly abrupt change to the game and only adds frustration. Secondly is the platforming can be fiddly and unresponsive. Lastly is that the narrative is hit and miss. The voice acting is superior to pria efforts but the overemphasised character movements, cartoon sound effects and some bizzare lines can easily irritate.

    For it’s faults the game holds far more good points then bad. The gameplay design as Brad says takes a sidestep away from constant boosting and via the implimentation of Wisps comes inventive level design. Every level seems to add different take ons to gameplay, feeling like a exciteable bunch of mini-moments. One moment you could be speeding and platforming through a large level to learn it’s nuances the next you could be quick stepping and shunnting enemies off looped terrain. The variety is a welcome surprise that doesn’t bog down the fun like Unleashed.

  28. @Metalriders

    I agree was too fast but I loved how it was fast…wanted a challenge, It may have been hard but the drift/break would help you stop the fast pace a bit…Thats what I loved about it 😀 Colours did have good platforming but it was just a bit too slow…I’m not saying it should be exactly the same as Unleashed just a little more power


    I agree its not a bad game but I don’t think its the best 3D Sonic game or better than Unleashed I’m afraid..Both games have advantages and disadvantages but I still find Unleashed better despite some of its flaws (It was only the Hub Worlds, Missions and Sun/Moon medals which ruiend the fun for me), I thoguht it was one of 4Kids best performances and I’m afraid I’m not too keen on the new voices in Colours (I only like Vector’s voice) though glad mike Pollock is still there, though Roger is doing much better than Drummond but too deep, but we will see how he does in future games…But I still stand by opinion above and I think Unleashed was so much better but Colours isn’t bad either.

    Though I hope the DS Version will be better…getting it next week as it was sold out today.

  29. Am I the only one who don’t mind the hub worlds and the characters in Sonic Unleashed?

    Also btw, Ryan Drummond was given a deep low tone for Sonic in Sonic Adventure and then he highten his pitched in SA2 and Heroes. That’s why I don’t mind Rogers voice for cause I personally like that low tone for Sonic, it reminds me how he used to sound in Sonic Adventure before they made him sound so high pitched and squeaky.

  30. @sonfan

    I don’t mind the characters…the hub worlds…I’ll admit they weren’t so bad….Okay it was just the missions and Medals which got ruined the fun for me

  31. @C.J and @Sonfan1984

    You know Knuckles and Shadow were confirmed for Unleashed but then later scrapped out for unknown reasons plus official artwork pictures where released which are now on Sonic Channel and SAMATWOG and have been for a while now, (Proberly to focus more on Sonic and Chip’s friendship).

  32. @ Truesonic
    But shadow did get a small cameo in chun-nan with the journalist questions.

    @ C.J
    D: I hated the hub worlds, well the ones in the 360/PS3 version. They were too big and annoying =w= The missions were bull, and hell the I understood where they were going with the sun/moon medals, but they did ruin the fun.
    Personally, even with all the negative reviews about the werehog being slow and what not, I loved it because of the fighting skills and adventurous night stages.

  33. @iiLunar_Sonic

    Oh yeah your right he did :D…But I meant Knuckles and Shadow were going to be playable characters so this would happen…

    Sonic and Shadow – Daytime Stages and Sonic(Werehog form) and Knuckles – Night stages

    …..You would get the choice to choose…but unfortunately they were scrapped, it is unkown why but like I said before it could be (Possibly to focus on Sonic and Chip’s Friendship more) I could be wrong though….

  34. @Truesonic

    What? OMG!! Seriously?? 😮 man I can’t believe that didn’t happen, it could of worked so well >:|


    Amen!! 😀 I too am one of the small minority who liked the Werehog despite its flaws (I felt the same way too), but We can all admit the Xbox 360 and PS3 Version were much better (Well most of us can admit but others may disagree)

  35. I agree completely with the review, for both the pros and cons.
    I honestly liked the game, much more than any recent Sonic Game, (excluding Unleashed).
    I loved the fact that the game was both simple but also really enjoyable.

    But, I didn’t like the multiplayer games one bit. They are a bit annoying. But the story mode and redoing all the levels to get an S is pretty fun.

  36. @C.J
    I see where you are coming from.At it’s best it was fast frantic and exhilarating. But he was to fast for the 2d platforming and the QTEs were awful. The drift was also a bit clunky. In Sonic Colors he can go really fast, but slow enough to platform.

  37. @truesonic – the reason Shadow and Knuckles weren’t in Unleashed was because during the time of 2008, everyone was complaining about how there were unimportant characters that didn’t need to be playable in sonic games. SEGA listened to the fans and took out Shadow and Knuckles before they got into production with Unleashed. Honestly, I think what SEGA did was stupid. Everyone hated Shadow because of Shadow the Hedgehog, but no one hated Knuckles. SEGa could’ve at least kept Knuckles. But does this answer all of your questions guys?

  38. @Metalriders

    I respect your opinion and agree on some points but I was fine with all of it…It was fun though they should of added something a bit more thrilling but I loved Unleashed

  39. @rickyrick
    Even if SEGA decided to keep Knuckles in Unleashed, there will always be these annoying Sonic only people who will complain that there’s other characters besides Sonic and he’s not the only playable character in the game.
    When the last game did Knuckles and Tails is playable characters in a main Sonic game? I miss playing as them.

  40. @rickyrick

    Oh …so thats why…..such a shame really, well to be honest I would of been fine if both characters were in the game….but your totally right Knuckles deserved to be in it…as he always appears in Spin off games and he hasn’t been in a main game since Sonic 06 (well now Sonic Colours DS version) but you are right and its a shame though did SEGA really listen to the fans in 2008? Well nevermind….I just hope now Knuckles will be involved in future main games , not just spin offs all the time :/

    Oh and here are the official pictures for Shadow and Knuckles for Unleashed…

    Knuckles – http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/File:Knuckles_34.png

    Shadow – http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_Channel#3D_Sonic_Channel_Artwork (scroll down a bit)

    They were used in MASATWOG too and also have been SC Artwork Pictures for a while now.

  41. @Ryan

    Wow really? I heard rumors about another Mario and Sonic game (Sonic And Mario 3 or something else)..But I’m shocked I never expected there to be another crossover but some thoughts are possible 😀 but wait….

    Where did you hear this from and how do you know its true? o.O

  42. @Truesonic
    Don’t believe nothing he says. He’s known to to post bs rumors and false information around in the comments. It’s best to just ignore his his post

  43. @Sonfan1984

    Oh right…. shouldn’t have got my hopes up sorry :L….damn I feel like an idiot now XD

  44. @danimator
    I agree. Roger is great, but Ryan is still my favorite. I think the voice direction in Colors was simply better and more professional (since they have a new voice director) so I think Ryan never was able to reach his full potential, acting-wise. I think his voice was perfect though.

  45. Ya I’m pretty sure its not a Party game..it could be a fun platformer game.who knows. We all know that there will be another Mario and Sonic game in 2011, but non of us knows yet. Its just like that Sonic 20th Anniversary rumour. That could be fake as well. SEGA said that THE sonic game in 2011 will have Crush 40 involved in it, and that. It WILL be a BIG game TITLE. I hope it could be a Sonic Adventure 3, but I doubt it…

  46. “having a story where Eggman is the biggest threat is a nice change in pace compared to past Sonic storylines.”
    I can’t really agree with that right after being called “a simple premise that lacks the epicness”. XD (It’s not as cool which is relieving!” Oookay. IF you say so. lol (Hey everyone! 8D Finally Eggman is the biggest threat in the game because he was… the only… villain… available. ._.) LOL Makes him sound real threatening doesn’t it. XP
    The glove texture thing has been done for a few years now. o.O And I agree about Reach For the Stars not being as good as Endless Possibility (I don’t like Reach For the Stars much >->) but it’s Final boss mix is definately awesome. lol And since when did Tails not sound like a girl? He hasn’t hit puberty after all. XD But the new acting style is neat. =D

    I think the game is awesome. The only things bad to me are that the boost isn’t cooler like Sonic Unleashed’s (Forgivable since it is the wii and it’s not that important) and that there aren’t more characters in the game. At LEAST having Knuckles and Shadow would’ve been fine with me since the rest are pretty much just “extras” anyways. lol (Well, then again they’re prioritizing the inclusion of Tails and sometimes Amy more often these days but even they’re becoming merely sideline characters. So when I say I wish there were more characters, I mean even with just Tails there I wish he was playable in a story somehow. XD HIM! With REAL gameplay and WITHOUT the Tornado. XD)

    I don’t think you can really mix speed and platforming that well. It’s never been done and probably never will be. Because even if Sonic can move fast, you can’t control him that fast. It’s up to you to make the platforming faster. The only reason he can go faster when not platforming is BECAUSE there’s no platforming in the way to slow him down. I mean they made him really fast in platformer sections before but people complained there was no platforming because they went so fast that they pretty much just skipped right over it. XD Oh well. 😛

    Personally, I gotta say Sonic Colors is almost my favorite Sonic game in the franchise. 😀 The only thing stopping it from being my favorite are the lack of characters and the over-silly style of the game (I don’t want a really dark style or anything, but a style similar to the classics and Adventure series would feel more “natural” to me, still leading Sonic 2, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure as more favorable or at least equally favorable as Sonic Colors to me. And I liked the music but I liked the music in the Adventure series more XD)

  47. @TheDanimator

    Are you saying Kate isn’t as good as Corey? O_O Corey was terrible! I mean.. I get he’s an actual kid so it fits Tails but kids don’t have fake-screams when they’re actually scared the way Corey did with Tails! XD Maybe Conner Bringas was a little better but I thought Corey was just our cliche Tails. =P
    And I like Ryan’s voice best but I like Roger’s acting best. I mean, just like it’s not fair to call him bad due to limited presentation, it’s not fair to call him good or “best” because of it either. XD Tho I’m sure he’s better than we got to hear just like Griffith. (I was suprised to find he was so talented as a voice artist and a comedian. lol) Not that you can’t have your opinion, I just thought it was odd the way you said it. XD

    Following that, I’m both suprised and unsuprised by everyone’s response to C.J.’s first comment. Suprised that people actually replied back to C.J. in such a way that it sounds like they’re saying he’s flat out WRONG when he made it clear it was just his opinion by saying “but that’s just me” or at least what should’ve been clear by those who couldn’t already tell. XD But I’m unsuprised because this happens all the time on TSS… YouTube.. and the Sonic Community. lol And it happens all the time to C.J. so I expected it. lol

    Though the other characters never really appeared in Sonic Unleashed, their names were on a sign in Empire city. XD I think it consisted of Tails, Knuckles, Blaze, Silver, Shadow, Rouge and Omega and maybe others? XD

  48. I don’t like Sonic’s new voice. It makes him sound too old. He may be better than Griffith, but that’s like saying it’s better to get hit by a car than hit by a truck. If Sega decides to start aging the Sonic characters, then he’d be fine, but otherwise, I still prefer Drummond.

  49. Roger is my new favorite voice for Sonic next to Ryan and Jaleel White.
    Roger’s voice doesn’t sound old or deep to me, or maybe I’ve already grown used to it. There are moments where he can sound a bit rough but there are plenty of moments where he got the voice just right. Like that scene where Eggman used that mind control machine on Tails for example and Sonic told him to pay up before the boss fight, his voice was on the mark there and I don’t hear no deepness out of it.

  50. @ FoxBoy

    When I say epic, I mean in terms of scale. I realize it also mean cool these days, but back in my day when something was referred to a epic, it was meant to signify a great scale. “A battle of epic proportion”. That sort of deal. I wasn’t saying it wasn’t as cool.

  51. @Metalriders

    You got that right 😀 it most cetainly is!!!

    Though its funny how SA and 06 had Hub Worlds and nobody complained (06 for the long damn hard missions) yet Unleashed had hub Worlds and everyone complained :/


    Yes you are correct that does seem to happen very often 😐 I really try keep it fair but somehow others take it the wrong way..

  52. @C.J
    Actually, people DID complain about the hub worlds in Sonic ’06 and saying how boring and lifeless the hub worlds is. I don’t remember that much when people complained about them in SA but I guess they complained enough cause they didn’t appear in the sequel SA2. I don’t mind them at all in Sonic Adventure and Unleashed, though.

  53. @CJ, sonfan1984:

    Let me explain something:

    Sonic 06 hubs: Too big, not enough detail to make up for it, and most areas (including the level gates) look generic, making it easy to get lost.
    Sonic Unleashed hubs: Too small and tight, with an overload of pointless detail that just blurs into the background.
    Sonic Adventure hubs: Not big but comprising of open spaces, with a good level of detail that isn’t overbearing, and level entrances aren’t hidden away in the background.

    Adventure got the hub design absolutely perfect. But people probably complained because… well, Sonic games previously didn’t need hubs to do the level select, so why did Adventure have to? (Probably because they wanted to make getting around the game itself a memorable adventure.)

  54. @Sonfan1984

    Ah right Sorry my mistake and I guess your right and I agree with your opinion (I didn’t mind them either in SA and SU).

  55. @Umiyuri

    Ah that is true, very true on all games but I honestly didn’t mind SA and SU but I can agree with you on 06 😀 but all points are true but I would say at least all Hub Worlds were unique in their own way (One point each).

  56. I enjoyed them in Unleashed, but in Sonic 06 they where too big and only added to the game’s numerous problems.

  57. @nuckles87

    I agree 😀 and Umiyuri is right you could get lost very easily but once you try and do the hard missions

    Enter Loading Screens which caused more problems >>>….<<< (But 06 was just rushed and unfinished)

  58. I’m really sorry Brad some of us can’t help ourselves at times 😀 we really try, But once you talk about a previous event (which could be similar to a past event) it brings back memories, wondering how things could have been changed or improved or if things worked out differently or maybe how good it was way way back in the past…

    There have been many memorable past events (maybe not all things were memoroble) but most things were No matter how bad or good they where (You could of laughed at scenes, smirk or smile at once or just being silent and relaxed

    But your right, we need to focus more on present events but it really is difficult but I’m sure most of us will try harder I apologise again 🙂 Though the past may be done and dusted but most people will always remember The good, bad and….Really bad (From a tear, to a smile, to silence, to a sigh of relief?)

    Once again I apologise Brad.

  59. I absolutely loved Sonic Colours! I have just two critisisms:

    – The lack of a hub between levels.
    – The fact that I had to get it on the Wii, when I would have much preferred better graphics in 1080p on my 360.

    Still, a massive thumbs up for level design, gameplay and music. I have to admit that even at the age of 25, I did laugh a few times in some cut scenes. I also cringed at some of the others 😛 Much better voice acting than ever before too!

  60. Sorry Brad I couldn’t help myself. We just get carried away sometimes. Anyway back to the topic, I had some problems with the physics too; but I liked the fact that the 3d has no platforming.

  61. @Brad

    Is it off-topic to mention that Sonic Colors just won IGN’s “Best Quick Fix” of 2010?

  62. @nuckles87

    XD I knew what you meant. I don’t use “epic” in that context… too many people on the internet do. (So much that in a Harry Potter trailer they used the word “epic” and people were suprised a company like that would say that… because they’re don’t know what “epic” means. XD)

    But I still prefer epic. XP It’s just more entertaining to me.


    Well they’re not exactly fighting. They’re talking about Sonic, the good and the bad. How they liked hub worlds if done right. Sonic Colours didn’t have hub worlds. This is like merely adding points from past games to the points made on this game for possibilities of what fans can agree and compromise that they want in future games. I think that’s at least partially on topic and actually production. But either way, I don’t see what’s so bad about it. This is like one of the first times where I see no one arguing or judging others in a discussion. XD That’s an improvement.

  63. Is it just me, or does Tails kinda sound like Sally from the old cartoon when he says the line, “Great Job Sonic” in the second-to-last cutscene.

  64. As much as the game had its good..The story mode and cheesy lines literally made me cry.. It was incredibly lame, and made me feel like they made sonic a stupid person with a horrible sense of humor. But most of the rest of the game was good, just don’t see how u found those cutscenes funny.

  65. @sonfan1984 he’ll no his voice was not on the mark it was deep and made my ears bleed I don’t know how you see Sonic but that was not Sonic at all I smell me a bias fan boy

  66. People these are opinions! you don’t need to agree with the person but at least let them have it. if i say silver is my favorite hedgehog deal with it. it won’t ruin your game experience. story being bad or good or even funny along with Sonics voice actor being great or good are all opinions. no one is right or wrong. in my opinion the story was okay for a sonic game. while the story doesn’t matter(especially in a sonic game!lol!) the Eggman p.a announcements were pretty funny. i think sonic’s voice will improve.

  67. @Jordan

    I’m gonna have to defend sonicfan1984 here. He’s not a bias fan boy. If you’re smelling one it’s because you’ve entered the scene. XD

    Besides that fact I can’t let you accuse another fan of something I already know he’s not based on observation, you can also look at the material and further see he’s not. What you call a “deep” is the same pitch his voice has been for the past 2 and a half year. Maybe someone should post a back to back comparison, but yeah, it is.

    In fact, when people started saying Jason improved in Unleashed (forgetting he was actually sick during the recording of that game meaning it’s less likely he improved and more likely people got used to it) I kept telling people he sounded the same as always only his voice was a little deeper… which was LESS Sonic-ish as it sounded more like a normal voice and even less like Ryan’s voice than previously. To further prove this, everyone thought Roger’s voice was deeper til it is compared and you see it’s the same pitch showing Griffith’s Sonic voice did get deeper. (It got deeper in Japanese too.)

    So why is Roger’s Sonic voice such a “deep” shock? Because he has a bit of a gruff or rasp sound in the background of his voice which shows he sounds a lot like Griffith but slightly different in a way that you can tell it’s a different person, thus, subconciously you hear it as COMPLETELY different. This is also likely why people complained so severly over Griffith’s voice despite it being of mild difference from Ryan. =P

    Considering Roger’s Sonic voice is more NORMAL sounding than Sonic’s previous voices, and it supposedly made your ears bleed, I’d assume you liked Sonic’s voice best in Sonic Heroes as it was the most annoying and least norming of Sonic’s voice (Since more normal sounding voices apparently make your ears bleed. =P) lol

  68. But my final words of that silly wall of text is, despite what I say it doesn’t mean you’ll like it any more or less or that you are right or wrong to feel however you feel towards the voice. All we ask is to keep the peace and not argue over the voices. Not only is it unaffective towards SEGA and towards each other, it’s just silly. There was once a boycott for Sonic 06 due to voices about 4 years ago. Most likely the people on the streets who actually saw it didn’t care and didn’t even know who Ryan Drummond was. xD

    Besides, if your opinion is of you not liking what SEGA does then it’s not really a flaw of SEGA’s. It’s only a mistake of their’s if they actually mess something up, not if they do something you have a different opinion of. =P lol

  69. Augh…I have to wait so long to be able to touch the wii version! Dont get me wrong,the DS version is fun,but all the praise the wii version has been getting just makes it all the more tempting.

  70. I’ve played the Wii version, it is REALLY Addicting! :). As for Roger, he does a good job his first time as Sonic. I give him props for being successful. I really like Drummond and Roger, not Griffith. But just my opinion. As for this review, it makes a lot of sense, and i agree with them. I’m glad Colors got the great reviews it did. This puts SEGA in a good position to keep up the good work!

  71. @Jordan

    OMG wow! Calm down, it’s my opinion okay? Just cause I like Roger Craig Smith doesn’t make me a bias fanboy! (besides I’m a girl) You’re the one who is being the Jason fanboy around here anytime somebody has something nice to say about Roger Craig Smith and yes I perfer his voice work and his acting over Jason so deal with it and stop being a butthurt Jason fanboy cause I like Roger’s voicework in Colors.

  72. And also, learn to fucking read. I even admitted that Roger sounded alittle deep in some cutscenes but then there’s many times in the game where he actually has the right tone for Sonic. This is his first game anyway and I’m sure he’ll get better when there’s more games.

    BYW, I have already said this before but Ryan Drummond was also given a ‘deep’ voice for Sonic in SA and personally I prefer that tone for Sonic over the nasally, high pitch and annoying tone he used to have before.

  73. BTW, thanks for sticking up for me Ax. 😀
    I stopped coming here for short while cause I have trouble posting comments and this Jordan guy calling me a bais fanboy for liking RCS is what I come back to. He don’t have to like the new voice but learn to respect other peoples opinions.

  74. @sonicfan1984
    It sounded deep to me at first, but I got used to it. Thinking on it now, I do not think that Jason could pull off the humor in this game. Not trying to say he is bad, but the voice actors are very different styles.

  75. This should be Sonic 4. It has so many new ideas, but enough nostalgia for older sonic fans. The only thing keeping it from bein better than Mario Galaxy 1 and 2 is the platforming because the double jump is fiddly at times. If Sonic had the grab move from SA2 it would be the best sonic game ever.

  76. Yeah, I’d thought his voice was deep at first too cause I was so used to hearing Jason but I quickly adjusted to it after playing and beating Colors and now I’m loving the new voice and the acting as well.

  77. @sonicfan1984

    No problem. =p


    Actually, I think you’re right that their styles are different so he’d definately do it a little differently, but I don’t think Jason would have a problem pulling off the humor given the right director. I discovered that Jason is actually a pretty funny guy all on his own and started realizing how much his directors were screwing him over. (It’s like Noah Ringer playing Aang in The Last Airbender. Turns out the kid’s personality and acting alone are perfect for the role and M. Night Shayamalan, on camera, requests him to do it different… and his requested version SUCKED! DX)

  78. Remember SEGA’s MasterTweet Theatre, Aaron told the question is Sonic and Amy will be together in 2011 for Sonic’s 20th anniversay. Sonic will finally show his own feelings to Amy and proof he admits he loves her alot and start dating her alot. Is that true that SEGA was gonna annouced they are offical couple in future Sonic games.

  79. Ryan: Dude, stick to the subject.

    There’s nothing wrong with supporting a fictional couple, but you shouldn’t go overboard.

  80. @Ax:
    I don’t mind a little bit of SonAmy now and then but they REALLY need to fix up Amy’s personality in the games. Nowadays she acts like this bumbling idiot and whenever she sees Sonic she is either forcing him to marry her or take her out on a date and her new voice isn’t helping either. -_- It’s like Sega is determine to keep Amy into this annoying fangirl and there is so much they can do with her character but they don’t want to.

    I enjoyed it, it’s one of my favorite 3D Sonic games next to the Sonic Adventure series and HD Unleashed. I’m looking forward to see what Sega have in store for Sonic in 2011.

  81. @sonfan1984:
    But Sonic takes Amy out on a date in Sonic and the Black Knight but in Sonic Free Riders,
    Amy forces Sonic to go out with her after she won the race, but he didn’t want to go with her. He’s too shy. Come on, Sonic! Don’t be shy anymore! Go ask Amy and tell her you have feelings for her and love her! Don’t run away from her anymore, Sonic.
    God, SEGA will ever make Sonic and Amy together at last.
    I’ve should that Kyla Pratt (Proud Family, One on One, Dr. Dolittle, Fat Albert) or Lisa Ortiz (Sonic X, Pokemon, Sonic the Hedgehog and others) will voice Amy to make much better voice her.
    You should email to SEGA to make Sonic and Amy as offical couple for future Sonic games.
    That’s why Amy and Sonic should be together somewhere like Sonic Colors 2, Sonic 3DS, Mario and Sonic Party, Sonic Chronicles 2 or Sonic’s 20th anniversary game.
    Sonic will not run away from Amy anymore, he will going to ask her to be his girlfriend.
    Damn you, SEGA. Why Sonic will ever love Amy?

  82. You’re really like getting off topic with your SonAmy fantasies, don’t you? What you’re talking about has nothing to do with Sonic Colors seeing as how Amy doesn’t make an appearance in the Wii version at all.

  83. @Ryan: Yeah, come one, dude. Give it a rest.

    I support Sonamy too, but that doesn’t mean that I think bout it 24/7. As a matter of fact, I think it would be a BAD thing if they got together in the games. It would be cute, sure. But it would just get boring before long. It’s the “Will they? Won’t they?” factor that keeps people hooked to the couple.

    Now come on. Stay on topic.

  84. @sonicfan1984

    Of course you don’t mind… you’re a SonAmy fan. XD


    No he doesn’t. He was supposed to. And like sonicfan1984 said, it’s because she forces him to. However in Free Riders she TRIES to force him and he never agrees to it. =p They probably kept Amy out of Sonic Colors because she was annoying and useless in Sonic Unleashed. XD In the DS version they used the entire cast except the Babylon Rouges. =P

    But come OOOOOON. This is so off topic! I really don’t care about SonAmy! I don’t hate couples I just don’t want SonAmy for two reasons. 1: How could Sonic like a girl like Amy? What does she have to offer? 2: It has NOTHING to do with the rest of the story in these games. “confess his feelings for her”??? That doesn’t sound like a Sonic-y kinda thing to me. We’re talking about Sonic Colors, not a freakin Soap Opera! >.< Why can't you people just leave the poor guy alone and let him be free in the wind and adventure like he keeps saying? D'X lol

  85. @nuckles87
    Did you take a while with the review because you were trying to get the red rings?
    I enjoyed it a lot too. What would be nice is if Sega could make a Sonic06 style game, like first it would play similar to SA2 and then like Sonic Colors. Let’s just forget Elise ever happened.

  86. @Sonfan1984

    I atcually liked Amy more in Sonic X more than in the games but still (I think Lisa’s best perforamnces were on the show and also in Unleashed and Black Knight) but yeah I think SEGA should change Amy for once instead of chasing Sonic 24/7 doing something different or maybe she appears in another game and maybe a cutscene could show her explaining how she feels as the adventures have past by or let her explain


    Well I think that’s going a bit overboard :\ and Sonic Colors 2? Mario and Sonic Party? that’s a bit too far we haven’t heard anything yet though I’m not really sure if Sonic loves Amy I mean I think he likes her deep down but wouldn’t want it too far but then again you maybe be right cause I remember at one time I think Sonic HQ did say he has feelings but too shy or I dunno somebody mentioned this about a year ago I don’t know for sure But I do think that something may be going on….

    and I’m sure most fans will get used to the new voices just give them time you gotta admit both the Original Cast and 4Kids Cast weren’t exactly amazing on their debut perforamnces but later most people grew on them…

    I only prefered the DS Version of Colours than the Wii Version it didn’t really work with me I’m afraid 2010 has been okay for Sonic I also enjoyed SASASR (PS3 and Xbox) and SCC but hopefully 2011 will be a better year for Sonic…

  87. Also one more thing I’m not too sure about the new cast….I only like Vector for now

    But honestly the Cast are too extreme with their lines (Sometimes they will end up sounding like previous V/As but then the next minute high ptiched or low, they take it a bit too far at times and eventually it goes over the top and a bit messed up and some lines weren’t really funny and can be a bit cheesy (In Colours Wii Version and some on FR)

    But this isn’t the first time it’s happened it’s also happend with the Orignial Cast and 4Kids Cast

    “I’m The Coolest”
    “We’re Sonic Heroes”
    “Awww Yeah This Is Happenin”
    “I Wish for a mountain of Handkerchiefs”
    “Watch Out You’re Gonna Crash…Ah”
    “Ah” (Rouge falling in a cutscene in 06)

    etc etc etc But I agree with Ax The Voice Director…Ugh :\ it was the director’s fault for not giving most of the actors some room to stretch their legs

    But they improved eventually and I’m sure these guys will in time (in future games) Still I don’t like the way SEGA treats them really badly I’ll admit I didn’t like the Original Cast but I didn’t like the way they got rid of them like that and I didn’t like the way they did to 4Kids Cast out of the blue…

  88. @C.J
    ‘“I’m The Coolest”
    “We’re Sonic Heroes”
    “Awww Yeah This Is Happenin”
    “I Wish for a mountain of Handkerchiefs”
    “Watch Out You’re Gonna Crash…Ah”
    “Ah” (Rouge falling in a cutscene in 06)’

    That’s more of the script writers fault then the voice actors (even though the voice director is partly to blame, too).
    We have to wait and see the new voice cast full potential when Sega/Sonic Team make a game with a more serious script. The Happy Tree Friends and MADWORLDS writers did a good job with the writing in this game but they really need to calm down with all the jokes.

  89. @Sonfan1984

    That’s true I wasn’t really keen on the cheesy jokes either and the script writers yeah I guess their to blame more and the V/A Director but they did an okay job I just prefered the DS Version more over the Wii and I’m sure 2011 will be bigger and brighter for Sonic and everyone I hope….Not long before we say goodbye to 2010 (Time’s gone fast O.o)

  90. @Ax

    That’s actually true sorry I missed the main point of that :L got muddled up but After his “That hurt” line does he say “I see so your not just a Hedgehog” before saying his final line 😀 I swear I heard that before…

    I’ll replace that line with

    “A Magic Carpet I thought those only existed in Fiction” , “Eggman! again and again just what is he up to this time” (even though Eggman just explained what he was doing) or “Okay guys we’ll buy you some time that way you can use your super powers”

  91. @Brad
    I understand Asteroid Coaster, but think Aquarium Park has great ideas, particularly the drill power up.

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