TSS Christmas Contest: Entries & Winner!

TSS Christmas Contest: Entries & Winner!

We’ve had quite a response to our Christmas Carol competition – and all of the entries I’ve received have been extremely creative! So first of all, as The Sonic Stadium changes into a festive design, let me first wish all our readers all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – and a big well done and thanks to all who submitted entries. They’re all inspired!

I’ll run through all the entries first before unveiling the winner – there’s PAL versions of Sonic Colours on the Wii, Sonic Colours on the DS, Sonic Free Riders on Xbox 360 Kinect and Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing on the line here! So let’s go!

The Entries

We Wisp You A Merry Christmas (text) – Stephan62
Stephan62 was the first submission we had, and it was a really cool twist on the door-to-door modern classic, We Wish You A Merry Christmas. Naturally, the many inclusion of Wisps and urges to buy Sonic Colours runs throughout this version of the carol. It’s a good way to try and convince jaded Sonic fans that there is hope yet in this franchise. Well done mate.

Sonic Visits Christmas Island (text) – Kazu Matsumoto
Another entrant took the time to do a complete rewrite of a song – this time from The Nightmare Before Christmas’ “What’s This?” This version, titled “Sonic Visits Christmas Island,” comes courtesy of Kazu Matsumoto, who shows us that any kind of festive-sounding track can be transformed into a Sonical, magical wonder. Great job!

Black Christmas (audio) – Concorde Hedgehog
It’s Jingle Bells, Shadow style! This extended audio clip has everyone’s favourite angst-hog knock on doors with Black Doom as they sing carols for the local neighbours. Unfortunately, things get a little bit out of hand and Black Doom starts doing his crazy ‘betrayal’ speech again. Sometimes it’s difficult not to feel sorry for Shadow if the choices he has for buddies is Inspector Gadget and Sonic the cheesy cheery-hog. Good effort Concorde!

A Christmas of Sonic Games (video) – Sonictoast
This rather funky video sees Big the Cat (our favourite hero) roll through the majority of the games in Sonic’s near-20-year lifetime. In the style of a classic Christmas carol. The singing is pretty befitting of Big, although why Eggman would want to duet with him we have no idea. Must be the festive season making him act all strange. Nice one Sonictoast!

A ChaotiX-Mas Carol (text/video) – Kjeld Oostra
Kjeld Oostra submitted this video – although he notes that the music in the background isn’t part of the song. It’s just there for decoration. What we really have to pay attention to is the words that Espio is singing to try and sway Vector over. Probably in an attempt to get a bigger cut of the detective reward money. Who knows. Well done!

Eggman Christmas (audio) – Allybee
Allybee showed sheer dedication to this contest – not only did she record an alternative version where she sings a ‘Female’ version (the link leads to the original, Eggman version), but she did it all while her husband was out! His return scared the hell out of her apparently, leading her to re-record one of the audio files again. That’s worthy enough of credit, and the song is pretty sweet too. Well written, awesomely sung – nice work.

You’re A Mean One, Robotnik! (audio) – Unrealperson4564
Now here’s an entry nobody expected – rather than your average Sonic character singing songs, we have the President from Sonic Adventure 2 bringing the carol-based thunder. Unfortunately, if the President was only able to retaliate to Eggman’s domination threats by simply having a go at him through the means of interpretive singing, it’s no wonder the bad egg was able to easily take over the world. Great thinking outside of the box there!

E.G.G.M.A.N. Christmas (audio) – Sonicmark
Sonicmark cracked out the E.G.G.M.A.N. theme song for his entry, transforming the villainous decree of world domination into a bit of a moan about Christmas from an apparently grumpy old git. The Ebeneezer Scrooging of our favourite rotund bad guy is genius, and Sonicmark’s not bad at singing along to a comedy song himself! Awesome stuff.

A Sonic Carol (image) – Swiss
Swiss decided to decorate his Christmas Carol with an awesome picture of Sonic the Hedgehog. He is probably the best character for the job – he likes to cosplay as Santa more than the rest of them. The carol’s a brilliant take on SatAM’s Fastest Thing Alive theme song. Next time you see an episode of the classic cartoon, see if you can imagine jingling bells in the background while singing these alternative lyrics. Very inventive, great job!

Rudolph the Red Nosed… (image) – Nemain
Sonic and Tails attempt to sing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, but is ninja’d by Robotnik’s PINGAS. There are no words. Only awesome. Click the link to see the whole comic – another excellent piece of work by Nemain, including stunning artwork as always!

The Winner

Hark! The Chaos Emerald King (comic/animation) – Peda
This incredible submission by Peda has it all. A fresh new spin on a timeless Christmas Carol, excellent singing to convey the message, and some fab artwork to carry the carol along as it tells the story. We were really impressed with the creativity in the lyrics to begin with, but the animation that Peda made to complement the carol (click the link to see it) is icing on the cake. Excellent stuff, Peda – have a bunch of Sonic games on us!

That’s all the entries, folks! Again, thanks to all who submitted things in – it’s another mark of how creative and fun this fanbase is. Hope you enjoyed looking at these submissions as much as I did! Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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  1. As with any creative contest I’m always amazed with the level of tallent some of our readers have – this surely can’t have been an easy decision, but I think you guys will agree everyone did a great job weather they won or not!

  2. I agree with T-Bird, this was a brilliant competition. Sonic has always been a big part of Christmas for me. Back when I was 4 years old in 1992 I got my Tails plush for Christmas, by brother getting Sonic. It was Christmas when we were given our first Gamecube Sonic game, SA2B. A few years later we were given Sonic The Hedgehog (the OVA) on DVD. Every Christmas Tails still makes the journey with me to my childhood home for Christmas, to celebrate the day we first met.
    Well done to everyone else who entered, I had a great time listening to, watching, and reading, and Tails and I are ready for Christmas day! Merry Christmas.

  3. @T-Bird Its funny how the Sonic community is frowned upon but can do the most outstanding things. You

    don’t see the Mario community as dedicated and passionate as the Sonic community.

  4. Oh my, Peda, what an entry! A worthy winner indeed. Was great to see all the other entries too, especially brave of all those that sang – I couldn’t have done that!

    It honestly was great fun making my entry for this competition. The idea originally came up during a random Live conversation with the EC crew, and I decided to use a comic to bring it to life. So long as the comic raises a few smiles, that’s return enough for me!

    The link to my comic’s broken, but here it is for those that are curious. Thanks for featuring it in the article! PINGAS!

  5. Congrats to you Peda, definitely a worthy winner! ­čśÇ

    All of the entries are excellent and I had a load of fun with this, personally. Thanks for featuring my entry and Merry Christmas to all!

  6. @Nemain

    Your comic is hilarious. I love their facial expressions after Robotnik’s interruption.

  7. I had an idea, like ” Joy to the World! Colors is here!” But I got the flu, and had no time to do anything with it, I was so busy coughing. Good job Sonictoast! lolz at the ending with Tails. You deserve to win! You too, Nemain! I seriously couldn’t stop laughing! Peda’s was awesomely epic! Congrats, everyone!

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