Sonic the Hedgehog Soundtrack CDs: Spotting the Bootlegs

Sonic the Hedgehog Soundtrack CDs: Spotting the Bootlegs


It’s become a real pain in the old Butnik over the past few years with the Sonic the Hedgehog music market becoming flooded with bootleg CDs, and it’s really sad to see so many fans blowing their hard-earned dosh on CDs that aren’t the genuine article. Anyway, I’ve put together a brief youtube video pointing out some handy hints and tips that you can follow to identify the official CD releases and avoid picking up a bootleg!

If you guys have any questions, feel free to throw them out in the comments – we’ll do our best to answer them!

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  1. Very good guide, nice and compact without boring the viewer. There are a few things that, while you were most likely generalising, I feel I should at least put a little bit of input in, as a fellow CD collector.

    1) The genuine Sonic Rush album’s obi does have English on it instead of Katakana, I know it’s genuine because it’s got the correct Catalog Number, at least according to

    [Yeah – that’s another album that hasn’t been bootlegged – again checking for the Wavemaster logo is the key with that one! – T]

    2) The genuine Sonic 2006 album’s sold in a double-pack case like the bootleg of Sonic Adventure that you presented, and doesn’t come with an obi, same reason for knowing it’s genuine.

    3) Just for the exciting CD art, I’ve noticed that (for at least the more recent ones) the CD art is just a copy-paste of the cover art, or a slight variation of the cover art. It’s not always the case, it’s just what I’ve noticed with my experiences with bootlegs.

    I know I’m just nitpicking but you never know when information could help someone out. Keep bein’ T-Bird (awesome)!

    [Thanks for all of the additional tips – much appreciated! – T]

    P.S. HOW THE HELL’D YOU GET A COPY OF SA2’s VOCAL ALBUM!? I can’t find it anywhere!

    [I had to go all of the way to Japan to get that one! – T]

  2. Helpful video for those who have those CDs but I only have 1 soundtrack and thats true colours and I was wondering where everyone gets these CDs seeing as Ebay has a really limited selection of probably fake ones

    [The best places to buy from to garantuee you get genuine CDs are CD Japan and Play-Asia, unfortunately the older CDs aren’t in stock any more and so you will probably have to rely on ebay – T]

  3. Yeah, a few years back I ended up getting a Miya Records copy of the SA2 OST at an anime con. Of course, the fact that that same dealer had a table marked with “Non-bootleg” items probably should have tipped me off… Though now if I ever track down I legit copy I can leave it to sit in (semi-)pristine condition since I already have a working copy for listening to.

  4. So if my cd says ‘Archer’ it’s fake? Darn… looks like i have a fake version of Sonic Boom. =P The cd even looks boring. Oh well, thanks for the helpful info. =)

  5. Unfortunately I can’t youtube videos cuz it’s blocked on my Laptop for some reason but when you say Sonic music…you mean like all the Music, CDs and Albums and other cover versions O_o

    Planetary Pieces? Crush 40?…..Sonic Heroes, Sonic Rush, Mario and Sonic?? etc etc…..Sorry it’s a bit stupid for me saying this but I just need to know really?? O.o

  6. I remember going into Planet X at the Willowbrook Mall here in Jersey as a kid and seeing the Sonic Adventure 2 Vocal Album for sale and the FYE had the Sonic Heroes soundtrack as well, it was pretty radical.

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