Sonic Mega Mix DVD Compilation Hits U.S. Next Month

Sonic Mega Mix DVD Compilation Hits U.S. Next Month

A new listing has appeared at a few online retailers such as Amazon that reveals Cookie Jar Entertainment will be releasing a DVD compilation on January 4th 2011 featuring episodes from Sonic’s original three cartoon series Sonic the Hedgehog (AKA SatAM), Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground. The compilation is titled “Sonic Mega Mix“, and according to retailer Future Shop it will contain one disc with a running time of 155 minutes. Future Shop also says the DVD is region locked at Region 1, so fans outside of the U.S. looking to import this will need a multi-region DVD player to run it.

No information is available regarding which episodes or how many will feature on the DVD, but at 155 minutes you can expect about 6 episodes total. As for price, Amazon is listing it at $9.99, Barnes & Noble at $9.01 and Future Shop at $5.99 Canadian.

Barnes & Noble
Future Shop


  1. Incorrect arm color! And that doesn’t even begin to explain how bad two thirds of this DVD will be!

  2. Man, the title got me excited… I thought it might of been the complete series of all the cartoons.

  3. @future:
    Sorry. I’ve edited the title and article to say “compilation” instead now, since it’s more fitting and doesn’t make it sound like as much content as collection does.

  4. Hmm… probably won’t invest in this. I’ve already got the entire SatAM series and most of the AoStH… and Sonic Underground is forgettable in my eyes. Besides, the arms are all wrong!

  5. Why is it always Sonic’s arms being blue one of the most common mistakes in any form of media we’ve seen Sonic in? This is the first time it’s happened on a DVD cover, of all things, which makes the already plain looking box art get a swift kick in the groin, and most older dedicated fans would look at it like it was a bootleg copy.

  6. @Burtzman

    “Incorrect arm color!” <– yeah, but thats just sonic underground for ya xD

    This looks kinda interesting, not sure if I'll have the money to get it though.

    I seriously wish they would reboot the SU series tbh, without all the cheesy music and all that jazz. They brought in neat characters for the wrong kind of sonic show.

  7. when i read the title i thought it was the megamix hack game for a minute. i was bout to be like oooh shit!

  8. @Shadzter
    The art on the AoSTH box is the same as the art on this box, which explains the error. You’d think if they were going to make a mistake, they could at least make an original one.

  9. Well, it’s not much, but at least we know this company’s celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Sonic as they can. I already have most of AOSTH and SatAM to NOT want this DVD. I might as well get the Sonic Underground DVDs, just to be a completist. Sonic X don’t count.

  10. Wrong arm colour on the front, Cover looks like something someone made in photoshop and I wouldn’t even pay for Sonic Underground

  11. I love all three of these cartoons since I grew up with all three, so when I saw this I was about to scream and punch a hold in my wall after I read it was $9.99… then I read that there is only 155 minutes of animation… then I cried and laughed at arm color fail some more… is it sad that this is the first thing I notice about the box set?

  12. I’d like to get this for my birthday.

    Like seriously, its an okay deal.

    AOSTH was a great show, SATAM was okay. However Sonic Underground was terrible.

  13. Um…no…

    the cartoons aren’t even that great and the cover is horrid with fail coloring.

    I prefer to buy more awesome Sonic figures from Jazwares. They are worth the money.

  14. Meh. I’m glad they are celebrating the aniversary with…this, but I already own the full series of SatAM and Adventures (may get Underground and X for collection sake). at least they arent forgetting these shows but they could at least put some effort and corrected the arm.

  15. Dude. It’s the 20th Anniversary and THIS is the best that’s being done?! Just release all three series into one box set. THAT’S what you call a MEGA mix

  16. Wow messing up Sonic’s arm color ON THE COVER!? How do they not catch that? That kills it! D:

    And then giving it the same title as a fan project will just confuse people! >.<

    Plus… it'll be weird to see all 3 cartoons on one disc. o.0 I mean, I liked all 3 of them but it'll just be weird. XD

    But I don't think it's worth it. I can just watch it on YouTube or something. XD And now that I think about it, Sonic's never had a great show. Just something you'd watch when you're bored. =p Like SatAM, not much happens. AoSth, it's just a little bit of comedy. Underground is for depth. But none of them are really that exciting. And Sonic X is cool since it's actually based on the games but it's so darn typical, repetitive, corny and unexciting. (NOTHING happens the whole episode til he finally does one long, complicated homing attack on a single robot and destroys it.)

    How come they've never made a show as interesting as the games? XD I like all the shows buy serious. We need something like the opening cutscene of Sonic Unleashed. =p lol

  17. Sounds nice, but I have the complete series of SatAM and Aosth boxset. I don’t need it XD SatAM is seriously the nest Sonic cartoon I ever watched. I love Aosth cuz it has comedy. I grew up watching both.

  18. @ Ax

    I’ve actually been planning one for years now. I’m keeping it under wraps until I go to college, but I have a lot laid out.

  19. I own the Sonic underground boxset and I’ve seen all the SatAM (wonder why its called that?)
    And with AoStH I’ve seen nearly all, plus I hate to admit but that show kinda creeped me out. Still watched it to please my obsession but was ver diturbed while doing so.
    Now a Sonic X boxset is something I would definatly buy… only I’m in England which sucks T^T
    The only Sonic X u can get here are the first 4 dvd’s, only holding 2 episodes each 🙁

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