Sonic 4: Ep 1 Avatar Items Now on Xbox Live Marketplace

Sonic 4: Ep 1 Avatar Items Now on Xbox Live Marketplace

SEGA has today released a bunch of new items for Sonic fans to purchase and dress their Xbox 360 Avatar’s with on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The items range from clothing and props themed around Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, which was released on Xbox Live Arcade in October.

The items and prices are as follows:

Chaos Emeralds: 240 MS Points

Sonic Plushie: 160 MS Points

Chopper Toy: 240 MS Points

Sonic 4 Ep. I Tee (Women): 80 MS Points

Sonic 4 Ep. I Tee (Men): 80 MS Points

Moto Bug Toy: 240 MS Points

Sonic 4 Cartridge: 160 MS Points

Will you be buying any of the items? Which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Xbox Live Marketplace
SEGA of America Blog

Thanks to Merry Swissmas at the SSMB for the heads up!


  1. @miles.

    What do you expect for Avatar items.

    Awww, I was kinda hoping we’d get some on Home, since you could actually become a Motor Bug and roam around Home square since those new items which transforms your avatar into something else have become quite popular.

  2. @Casanova & electrothehedgehog:
    Yeah. It would be nice if SEGA would release some Sonic themed PS3 Home Avatar items. Xbox 360 got exclusive ASR items too. All Home has so far is the Sonic Adventure Home Reward shirt and shoes, which Xbox 360 also has. ๐Ÿ™

  3. I was kinda hoping my Avatar would do the “going Super” pose or something with the Emeralds, but (by a HUGE surprise /sarcasm) he didn’t.

    Still, the Cartridge is a very nice touch, I’d buy it if I wasn’t so attached to my Meat boy item. :3

  4. @ProjectZuel
    OMG! it’s tails dolls cousin! play Reach for the stars backwards and he comes and kills you!

  5. This is crap! I have a real Sonic toy that looks better than that, and I got it at a state fair, where the toys are usually crappy!

  6. For a second I thought maybe these would be little bonuses to unlock via Sonic 4, like how Super Meat Boy had.

    Then I realized that this is a company, and I realized that indie companies are infinitely cooler than mainstream companies. Siiiiigh. v_v

  7. You get to dress up like Sonic when you finish the game and collect all the rings during the ending sequence … (for those that didn’t know)

    How would I get around to getting that background? :O

  8. I’ve deleted all of the off-topic irrelevant comments. Can we all stay on-topic and not debate whether Sonic Colours and Sonic 4 are good or bad games, please? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Sonic 4 already has 2 free pieces of Avatar clothing you can unlock in the game. SEGA also put 2 free Avatar items to unlock in Sonic Adventure and 3 free Avatar items to unlock in Sonic Free Riders. They can’t very well give everything away for free.

  9. That Moto-bug toy sure would be awesome in real life. I wonder what those chaos emeralds do when they’re out…

  10. Those are um…interesting…I dont think I’d buy any of them,because I know xbox can do better than that X) Just interesting. Also sonics eyes are kind of creepy.

  11. I also cant buy them due to the fact I have to pay for one of those adaptors in order to buy any of those.

  12. His iris and pupils aren’t meant to be round. DDD:

    But if they changed that texture and then messed around with the shape of the spines a bit (you know, make them look more weighted at the bottom) then it’d be perfect.

  13. Picked up the shirt and the Emeralds. Even though I don’t like the game, it’s nice having a classic-looking Sonic logo on my Avatar. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Dear Sega, how about an official actual shirt like that?
    All this stuff is pretty bad ass now that I’ve seen it ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. I swear to God, if Brad Flick so much as says one fucking word on this post, I will slit his damn throat.

  16. Will Pitts…. I want to shake your hand O.o *Backs aways slowly*

    RBTT; The top is at least decent I’ll admit :\

  17. I commented on this post. I guess I should say goodbye to my throat.

    Tough talk there, Will and Kacey. Ooooo, I’m so scared.


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