SEGA Teases Sonic 20th Anniversary “Projects”, Teaser Site Live

SEGA Teases Sonic 20th Anniversary “Projects”, Teaser Site Live

It’s already 2011 in Japan and so SEGA Japan has seen fit to kick-start Sonic the Hedgehog and the Puyo Puyo series’ 20th Anniversary year off with the tease that they have a variety of projects in the works to celebrate this milestone for the blue blur and its popular puzzler. What these “projects” are is anyone’s guess for the time being, but we’ll keep an eye out for new info and media in the year ahead. For now, you can check out a teaser website for Sonic’s 20th that is now live, though there’s not much to see at the moment.

What would you like to see for Sonic’s big 20th Anniversary? Speak out in the comments.

Source: Andriasang

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  1. It could be:
    Sonic Anniversay
    Sonic 3DS
    Mario and Sonic party type game
    Sonic Adventure 3
    or Sonic Chronicles 2 or Sonic Heroes 2

  2. Funny that Puyo 7 a year back was pretty much big game material as far as that series goes (it even had 7 in its name, can’t get more mainline than that).

    So what does Sega have in store for that this year? Puyo 8? How about at least localizing Puyo 7?

  3. I seriously hope it’s not a compilation disk.
    I’m going to say some 3D/2.5D game as we’ve had with colours and Unleashed with some kind of large (ish) storyline.

  4. my wishes are.

    Mario & Sonic Adventure / Party (Mario Party 9?) Game
    Sonic 4: Episode 2
    Sonic Adventure 3?

    1. Nah, just keep it at a Sonic party game. Sonic should have his own party game that doesnt suck like his previous one. It would make him more popular.
      But I’ll go with Sonic Adventure 3. Almost any fan would.

  5. Wow, they’re celebrating a bit early, don’t you think? o.O

    Anyways, my bets is the 20th Anniversary title, Sonic 4: Episode 2 or the Sonic 3DS game.

  6. I don’t want to get excited for this because I just keep thinking of all the possible things an anniversary game could be and all the possible ways it could end up getting screwed up.

    If they remade Sonic 1, 2 and 3, they would probably have Sonic 4’s physics.

    If they made a Sonic Adventure 3, it would probably end up like ’06.

    Too bad there’s no info, yet. I can only cross my fingers.

  7. I think this new Sonic games will have things like in his 20th anniversay:
    More Sonic/Tails brothership
    Make Sonic and Amy together
    No more slow for Sonic, make more SPEED!
    Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are playable for Episode 2 or 3 of Sonic 4.
    Make Eggman more evil
    SEGA and Nintendo and Hudson Soft, please make Mario & Sonic Party AKA Mario Party 9?
    Shadow/Rouge’s releatship grows
    Sonic Chronicles 2 will better have good fight, good alot of chapters, good worlds, good music and sound effects, more characters like Silver, Blaze and others.
    Sonic Adventure 3 will be more fun than Sonic ’06 and Unleashed.
    Sonic 3DS probably remake of SA or SA2
    Amy and Sonic will go out on a date alot in the future games
    Tails better to be good to adventure alone than with Sonic
    Amy will get huge role with Sonic and Tails and Knuckles in the games
    and there’s more to go!

  8. I would like SEGA to take what they have learned from Sonic Colors and apply it to the coming year. Sonic Colors was one of the best Sonic, no, one of the best games I’ve ever played so I’d love for them to make something again in the same direction. I would also like the 3DS game to not be made by Dimps and be a completely 3D game instead of a sidescroller.

  9. Oh, and one last thing, Knuckles HAS to come back, he’s not had a major role in a game since I think Sonic Rivals 2.

  10. I’m looking forward to Sonic 4: Episode 2 next year. Other than that, I would still like to see a Sonic Adventure 3 or some kind of announcement of a possible sequel to Sonic Colors.

    Happy New Year Everyone!

  11. …I just realized that the 1990’s sonic is in that box…SO THATS WHERE NEXTGEN SONIC HAS BEEN KEEPING HIM CAPTIVE!!!


  12. I’m hoping for a “Sonic Adventure 3” or a “Mario and Sonic” adventure game, but let’s wait and see. Maybe SEGA will surprise us like they did with Sonic Colors?

  13. I think this is the game where they were talking about re-making popular stages from Sonic 1 through Sonic Adventure 2. This was just a rumor though. Seeing the background with all of those Sonic games makes me think it could be a compilation…I just seriously hope not…

  14. I think that it would be cool if they came out with one GIANT new game and then made a collection game NOT INVOLVING Sonic the Hedgehog through Sonic and Knuckles, because seriously there have been plenty of thouse. I’d like to see a collection with games like Sonic CD, and most definatly Knuckles Chaotix (I can’t find a remake of that last one)

  15. I’m gonna get flamed for this so hard, but…
    I want to see a remake of Sonic ’06- a FIXED version of the game

  16. @ PK
    nah i agree, sonic 06 had a lot of potential. Whilst i prefer the cartoony chequered backgrounds and crazy levels, i did really enjoy 06, until i played unleashed and realised how much i preferred that. A fixed remake could be brilliant, however if they do i would prefer them to do the unleashed/colours style characters instead of the tall sonic and human like eggman…

    Otherwise here is what im hoping for from sega:
    Sonic 4 Ep 2 (preferably more like the originals and with a tails appearance)
    Sonic Colours ported to xbox 360/PS3
    The rumoured Sonic Anniversary (For all consoles, skip the 360 out and i will be PISSED)
    And maybe a nice random game, colours was very random for me…

    If sega skips the HD consoles though im actually gonna cry, im so upset i have had to miss out on colours simply cos i have an xbox! Still praying to god for that port!!!

  17. The Pre-Orders for a new Sonic game Gamestop were taking has been deleted from their database

  18. Who cares if it’s Sonic’s 20th Anniversary, it’s not even a recognised anniversary milestone anyway. Maybe if it was his 25th it might be something to write home about, but SEGA have pulled this anniversary crap ever since Sonic Adventure 2, and it’s becoming tired and meaningless. It’s a shameless marketing gimmick aimed at hopeful morons who think SEGA & Sonic Team will specifically created a game to mark this ‘occasion’, when the reality is they’ll just slap the anniversary branding on any game currently in development just to improve sales. Lets not forget the last abominations to receive the 15th Anniversary branding: Sonic Riders & Sonic the Hedgehog (2006).

    Geez SEGA, you it’s bad enough you couldn’t last 25 years (like Mario) now it can’t even go 5 years without declaring an ‘anniversary’. And does SEGA really need to push so hard on promoting a brand that’s constantly in the public eye, it’s like there’s a fucking Sonic game every five minutes. After all, to quote Dr. Eldon Tyrell from the film Blade Runner: ‘A candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and you *Sonic* have burned so very bright’.

    Happy new fucking year Sonic.

    Peace out.
    -Kieran (aka Psychobob)

  19. Wow! :’) I’m so happy I’m crying! At least now I can die a happy man. I’m 78 years old, and my nurse told me the news! Happy new years everyone! And live your life to the fullest!

  20. I’d also like to add that the awesome power of Blu-Ray makes it possible for SEGA to fit every Sonic game up till the current generation of consoles on a single disk, but SEGA probably wouldn’t do that because they’re arseholes.

    That’s what I’d like, a compilation of every Sonic game up till the end of the PS2 era, is that too much to ask? Hell I’ll even take Sonic Heroes, if I’d know then (back in 2003) what was in store for Sonic, I would have offered Yuji Naka sexual favours just so he’d stay with Sonic Team. Why’d you leave Yuji, what’s Prope done that’s so important to make up for you leaving Sonic Team? Nothing, that’s what.

    A note to whoever edits my posts, please feel free to edit out the middle part of my swears with stars. Please don’t remove the post entirely, or the ones which came before it, because I feel tmy negativity adds balance to a discussion of overwhelming positivity. Don’t hate me, I’m just being realistic, and in the end you’ll thank me when the realise all your hopes and dreams have been crushed like a Ladybug under the foot of some callous child.

    Peace out fatherfuckers
    -Kieran (aka Psychobob)

  21. I’d love to see…

    Sonic Adventure 3
    Sonic Chronicles 2
    Shadow the Hedgehog 2 (Dunno what’d they do with it…Maybe detail how, why, and what Shadow did when he joined GUN?)
    A new season of SonicX, with the new actors and less cut out scenes (I’m sorry, but the third season was sheer AWESOME. I love dark themes…)

    Soooo, yeah. I heard that SEGA is planning on having the Werehog show up again (it’s from the Sonic Wiki, so I don’t know how good this info is), but I’m rather interested. Crazy beast please…? I want to play a game where Sonic is the villain XD

  22. Please, make it stop trying to look cool. Let that Sonic being held captive back out again please? Ta.

  23. If SEGA doesn’t make Sonic and Amy be together, that’ll will make people think that Sonic is a GAY hedgehog, who hangs out with his but-buddy Talis. Cmon MARIO has a girl, so why shouldn’t Sonic??? IT MAKES SONIC LOOK BAD EVERYTIME HE RUNS AWAY FROM AMY. Doesn’t anyone else agreee with me? Plz respond I would like to hear your responses. Thank you.

  24. I would much rather see a compilation of most of sonics games than a crappy 3d attempt that they still can’t get right

  25. @beast145
    Go check out Sonic Colors, that’s a ‘crappy 3D attempt’ done right.

    There’s way too many Sonic compilations already. I would rather play something new then to a game with the same games with the same levels over and over again.

  26. Guys! I found out one of the new Sonic games!! Its called “Super Sonic Racing” look it up on I’m NOT joking!! Although there’s no new info on it yet.. Shadzter, everyone look at it!

  27. Wow, you’re so syched about something when you don’t even know if that’s a real Sonic title or not.

    I don’t believe anything until SEGA reveals the news themselves.

  28. @ Sonfan1984 i agree. i doubt thats a sega game anyway. I do know that form the info i got from the sonic colours event i went to back in november they said episode 2 and 2 other games would rise.

  29. @RickyRick:
    The listing says the publisher is Zoo Games and not SEGA, so it’s not a Sonic game. Thanks for the heads up all the same though.

  30. Personally, i have always been sort of anti Sonic and Amy.
    I always saw amy as the crazed sonic preteen sonic fan that couldnt get him, it seemed part of her charm.

    I always saw sonic as awkward around her because shes too young and hes shy around girls.

  31. It would be good to see some sort of SonAmy moment during the 20th anniversary celebrations.

    As for new Sonic games, I’d like to see Sonic Chronicles 2, maybe an Archie crossover game (would be interesting), Sonic 4: Episode 2 with more playable characters, and maybe a ‘Shadow the Hedgehog’-esque spin-off game starring a main character other than Sonic (maybe Amy?)

  32. SONIC HEROES 2! Best game ever, Best sequel ever! Bring it on its gotta be! Sonic Adventure 3 would be OK but I want Sonic Heroes 2! NOW!

  33. Come on guys, lets give Adventure 3 a rest…let it go. Making Sonic Adventure 3 would be a step backwards

  34. @The Danimator: Yeah to some degree I agree, because well back in the day the first time I ever knew Amy was a Sonic character was in Sonic X and there she runs at Sonic screaming, he freaks out alittle, and then Amy tries to strangle him disguising it as a hug… yeah that put me off the whole SonAmy thing.
    @ RickyRick: Personaly I’ve started wondering if Marion and Princess Peach are together or, if Mario just has some unseen contract that states: “I the undersigned plummer agree that if this princess is captured I must drop everything and run accross 8 worlds, into paintings, or even across galaxies untill she is safe again” Yeah Mario is cool but sometimes I wonder what the story between him and Peach actually is.

  35. Since Colours had new voices for a lot of characters including Espio, Vector and Charmy, and I guess they won’t get new VAs just for 1 game, I think we’ll be seeing the Chaotix back this year…, at least I certainly hope so!

  36. Ya, I’ve been wondering too what the japanese text says also. :/ can anyone help us out here please?

  37. I would want a SA3 if they get rid of those hunting, shooting, and other gameplay styles that isn’t really fun to play and make the characters play like Sonic but but they have their own move set and paths like they have done with Black Knight in the older games.

  38. Speaking of ShTH2, last week I had an idea for ShTH2; it could be a Halo-like online shooter, as those games are played by a different kind of gamers who may never have heard of Sonic, and in that way SEGA could attract more gamers to the sonic franchise!

    @F1Krazy: that Amy game sounds neat, although a Knuckles or a Espio game would be neat-er!

  39. Translation of the japanese text

    In 2011, Sonic meets his 20th anniversary.

    This year is met the 20th anniversary since “Sonic the Hedgehog” have been released as an action game for the Mega Drive (brand name for North America: Genesis), on 23rd June 1991. Since the release of the first work, many series have been added so far, a total of more than 70 000 000 units have been sold in the whole world as software for home consoles, and aside from home consoles, now too he is loved and enjoyed by everyone around the world in various fields such as mobile computers, anime and cartoons, clothing or sound.

    This year where the 20th anniversary is met, it is planned to carry out projects and events all around the world in order to get many people to have fun, and transmit them through this site, including gratitude to all the fans who have supported [Sonic].

    In 2011, please expect that Sonic participates actively on various scenes!

  40. Yay, can’t wait to sww what Sega has planned for this year. I hope they come up with more parties and Sonic events.

  41. You can have your Heroes 2 and Adventure 3.

    I’m calling it now: DR. ROBOTNIK’S MEAN BEAN MACHINE 2!

  42. Sonic Sandbox game 😀
    Explore Mobius like never before in vast Adventure fields, over 150 missions, every character from the entire history massive story hehe yeah so love for that to happen.

    But id love for this year to have:-
    Anniversary game
    Chronicles 2
    Rush 3D
    Heroes 2
    Adventure 3
    Sonic 4 Ep 2 & 3

    A awesome 3-4 disc compilation set with 1 disc of bonus content with interviews, artwork, music, adverts, trailers, celeb interviews etc.

    Archie # 225 collectors issue included with a limited edition Sonic statue from Jazwares. Id love that.

  43. I wouldn’t mind anything exciting, twists and turns or specials or something interesting which could maybe be Life/Death situations or whatever or crazy adventures or you could add not a abd gimmick but a fun type or useful despite it not working for some people last year just a thought or add more storylines like a whodunit or something then maybe add a Cliffhanger Sorry I’m going a bit too far O.o

    But also before adding more info I have a New years Resolution For Most of The Sonic fans which is not to complain, whine, b**** and argue too much about small/tiny little things and subjects ( to tone down the hatred and strong language) Unless it’s actually serious and is a really tough situation but keep the death threats away (Remember this doesn’t go for everyone)…

    This Year is gonna be a blast I can feel it in my spine tingling with excitment 😀 Mwahaha!

  44. Don’t you think that SEGA will make Sonic and Amy as offical couple for future Sonic games for this year of Sonic the Hedgehog’s 20th anniversay. We shall email to SEGA to make Sonic and Amy together FOREVER. ^^ Also, I want Amy Rose will get new voiced by A.Kyla Pratt, B.Lisa Ortiz, or C.Jennifer Tilly, or D.Melissa Altro, or E.Ashleigh Ball or F.Grey DeLisle

  45. @Ryan Um, no. Sonic does not need a love interest to be tied to in the series, it would not fit his character to settle down.

    I am looking forward to this, I hope they will make an SA or Colours style game or both combined with the old levels intergrated into them depending on the type of level.

  46. @BlueChaos But he will bring Amy along in adventure together. They can still fight Eggman. But anytime Sonic will learn Amy to be like him. They will still dating too. But they can fight Eggman before their date.

  47. Ryan: SHUT UP about Sonic and Amy! Quit going off topic with your Sonic and Amy garbage! It’s annoying and so off topic and it don’t have nothing to do with what we’re talking about. I’m a SonAmy fan and you’re making me want to dislike the idea of them ever being together.

  48. @ Ryan

    THAT is why they have fanfics. For idiots like you who push garbage on companies just so you can get a fistpump. If you start an E-Mail chain to SEGA, major crap will hit the fan. Go read an Archie comic. Besides, If Amy does get featured more, it’ll just spark the too-old-to-mention damsel-in-distress formula that Mario has lived off of for over 25 years.

    I’m going to play Sonic Colors now.

  49. s@onfan1984 Ah, knock it off. I’ve teasing all for you, I’m sorry, I’ll never do that again.
    Anyways about that Sonic’s 20th anniversay, what new games will we get?:
    A.Sonic 3DS
    B.Sonic Anniversay
    C.Mario & Sonic party type game
    E.Sonic Adventure 3
    F.Sonic 4 Episode 2-3
    G.Sonic Heroes 2
    H.Sonic Chronicles 2
    I.Mario and Sonic Adventure

  50. @ PK

    That’s not really a bad idea, it’s just a lot of people won’t jump for it. Sonic the Hedgehog had a lot of potential, it’s just it was rushed for Christmastime. If SEGA implemented better stuff, moar multiplayer, and in-level Super Sonic, the game would have been the hype it should have been.

    Here’s what I’m expecting, based on conclusive evidence:

    Sonic 4: Episode 2 and possibly 3?
    Some form of Sonic game for the 3DS, possibly Chronicles 2.
    Some game in the form of Sonic Anniversary.
    Some Mario and Sonic game, hopeing it to be a platformer, RPG, or racing game, not sports title.
    SEGA Could have anything up their sleeve, so I’ll leave this space blank.

  51. Well your teasing isn’t funny and you’re very persistant to keep doing it after we have told you many times to stop and go back on topic.

  52. @Ax

    I feel that the “Sonic Adventure Formula” has gotten old and stale. Proof of this is Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic 06′, and even a bit of Sonic Unleashed. Sonic Unleashed daytime stages were praised because they had a fresh formula while retaining the classic elements of the franchise, but in the same breath the hub-worlds were panned, the new character was panned, even the same old “Eggman uses an ancient monster to take over the world…the monster turns on him…Super Sonic” plot was panned. All of these were recycled over and over and it just got old after a while, which is why Sonic Colors is such a breath of fresh air. I also think Sonic 4 wasn’t meant to innovate anything…it was merely a love letter to the old heads like myself.

    The classic formula somehow doesn’t get old no matter many loops and spring you run through

  53. @Jmack:
    Not to mention the different gameplay styles with new characters. I can already see the fans and critics complaining about how unSonic like or unnecessary for those styles to be in a Sonic game cause they have done it with Sonic ’06, Unleashed and probably the Adventure series, too.

  54. With Sonic Colors, they finally got down how Sonic should play in 3D.
    Now it’s time for Sonic Team to to carefully try and add other characters back into the mix.
    A game like Sonic Colors where I can also play as Tails or Knuckles is all I really want.

    Also, while we’re all shouting out our wildest dreams:
    SONIC CD 2.
    That is all.

  55. @Burtzman SONIC CD 2? You’re kiddin’ me. I bet Tails and Knuckles will be playable, Metal Sonic kidnaps Amy again. 20 stages and 7 special stages. Final Boss is Metal Sonic and Eggman.
    It should be on Nintendo Wii, Xbox360 and PS3 or 3DS

  56. My wishlist:

    Not a FUCKING COMPILATION. It’s just a lazy attempt to make money. It’s 20th Anniversary; I want new material. Don’t we have enough compilations? Let’s see here…
    -Sonic Mega Collection
    -Sonic Gems Collection
    -Sonic Classic Collection
    -Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection

    Seriously, enough is enough. Do Sonic’s 20th Anniversary justice. If there HAS to be a compilation, it better be something that has IMPROVED upon its foundation.

  57. I’m also hoping they announce a sonic adventure 3. not just because i loved the first 2 but to at least give that series some sort of justice for the huge mistakes they caused it’s game style in sonic 06, with all the bugs they couldn’t fix. and the over exaggerated plot. Plus It would give them a reason to be able to use some of these characters that for the past few years haven’t seen much playability such as silver, the chaotix, Maybe bring back Mighty, and tails, knuckles and amy.

    Some things i think could work though is still mixing in the 2.5d Somewhere into maybe when he goes through loos the camera could switch to 2.5D then switch back. I’d like to see SA3 try to take the original sonic adventure formula and build upon it. Tails could still use his Walker machine but could maybe be an optional vehicle almost like in shadow the hedgehog. and Knuckles levels could play more like the werehogs and be combat based.

    for the mario and sonic title. I’m not really sure what i want it to be. I’d like a platformer adventure type game but i’d leave that for SA3(if it happens) or sonic 3DS. A party game would seem appropriate, a Kart racing game i’d be ok with. a Marvel VS Capcom type game is skeptical.

    Sonic 4 ep 2 theres not much i really can say other than make tails ,knuckles or both playable, and fix the issues ppl have with it.

    The so called “Sonic Anniversary” title i think is just a cover up for ether what the sonic 3DS game is gonna be or SA3 title for the 3 main consoles.

    Sonic 3DS I’d like for them to remake the adventures legitimately fixing issues or create a 3d sonic 1-3 game as were seeing a lot of old games being remade to that system.

    Well that’s about it for my thoughts and wishes for sonic this year. anything else they decide to put out there is fine by me. Heres to 2011 and Sonic’s 20th anniversary.

  58. @DC111
    *claps* Thank you! I’m so tired of Sonic compilations. As much as I love the old Sonic games, I don’t love them that much that I would buy the same copies and versions of the same games. I already own 4 Sonic collections: Sonic Mega Collection, Sonic Gems Collection, Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection and the latest one Sonic Classic Collection and I don’t even play it. I mostly brought it so I can play classic games on a portable system but other then that it’s like whatever. I’ve already played these games about a thousand times so I would much rather have something new and fresh.

  59. Oh yeah, also, I find it funny that my cousins, who don’t really play Sonic a lot, came over to my house recently and played Sonic Colors and watched me play some of it and they really liked it because it is a pretty cool and fun game. But “strangely” enough, I put in Sonic Adventure 2 afterwards and it just seemed much more attractive to them despite the graphics and it revealling it as older. I specifically recall the words “And somehow this seems way cooler”. XD lol

    Sorry, but Sonic Colors is awesome, but they still haven’t made a game equal to the quality of a hypothetical modern Adventure series game. =p

    Besides, why shouldn’t we be allowed to want an SA3? So we want it. Deal with it. If they ever make it, just don’t buy it if you don’t want it and let us enjoy a dream come true. >.<

  60. Sorry, but Sonic Colors is awesome, but they still haven’t made a game equal to the quality of a hypothetical modern Adventure series game. =p

    The Adventure series was good but they’re not THAT great. Sonic Adventure is one of my favorite 3D Sonic games and even I can see that it aged terribly and there’s a ton of bugs and glitches in it. Sonic Adventure 2 I only liked the Sonic stages while everybody else feels like a chore. I really do feel that the fans love those games out of pure nostalgia

  61. “I can see how Big felt kinda like a chore, but considering how EASY it was, it didn’t feel that much like one.”

    Getting all of Big’s emblems in Sonic Adventure is a huge pain in the ass. They’re easy when you’re only going for froggy but when you’re trying to look for fish with a certain amount weight then it’s not easy anymore. Tails levels in SA are way too short and Gamma and Amy is pretty boring. I didn’t mind the hunting stages that much in SA but I HATED them in SA2.

  62. Sonic Colors is a great game and all but they could have worked more on 3D. Sonic Team should make a new big 3D Sonic game this year not a remake.

  63. Colours 2 would be a shoe in no?
    Or at least another game using those mechanics.

    Either way, Sonic has had a pretty good run minus Free Riders, let’s hope we get something amazing.

  64. @ Jmack – Lol, I swear I’m the only one who loved Shadow’s game XD I’m not a crazy fangirl, but I really had to praise how it revealed so much information, and showed just how different Shadow is from Sonic. Not to mention that the CG scenes were gorgeous 😀 Mister Grinch never looked to awesome XD

    Oh, and running Sonic over with a jeep that ISN’T EVEN MOVING never gets old. Dumb AIs may not be handy, but they can be great stress relief when needed.

    And personally, I hated the Day stages of Unleashed because I couldn’t control Sonic ^^’ I was more of a Night time person. Then again, I’ve always been the “bash ’em to smithereens” person. That’s why I liked Tails/Eggman in Sonic Adventure 2…

    I’m noticing a trend…Hmm…

    Oh, and I forgot about Sonic Chronicles. I’m almost certain that it’s the game for the 3DS.

  65. @Ax:
    please read: I’ve said that Tails levels are WAY TOO SHORT in Sonic Adventure and they’re only very small portions of Sonic’s levels.

  66. Gosh 2011 is Here This Yaer better be Good AAAAH i’M EXCITED but disppointed that the holidays are over and everything will be back to normality Work and School, again and again Ugh! -_-‘

    Well aside from that Here’s to Sonic lets hope this year will be better for everyone

    Sonic 3DS First

    Also please make Sonic Chronicles 2 and another SEGA Superstars game maybe Sega fighters or something else and more and more 😀

    I wonder what Eggman will be up to this time rokcet Launches? Breaking the Planet apart? Splitting the moon in half? could it be more than that…there’s only one thing for it D:

    Women and children to the lifeboats! *squeaky voice* ME FIRST! (I still love that Announcer from SASASR)

    Sorry I’m just too over excited :/

  67. @Ax
    I mean please go back and read what I’ve said about the Tails levels.
    Ah, its alright. No big deal.

  68. umm…..has an english teaser site went up yet? o.o…why do they get theirs right after new years but we don’t? =[..

  69. The daytime stages were for the most part. A lot of fans liked the daytime stages in Unleashed so Sega made a whole game like that for Colors.

  70. @Ax

    We just have opposing views on the matter that’s all, I just feel that after making Sonic Colors, especially with all the good praise it’s been getting, that going back to a format that we were playing for 8 years straight is dangerous to Sonic’s reputation at this point. Sega finally trimmed all that fat off of what doesn’t make Sonic Sonic, and making Sonic Adventure 3 would ultimately mean throwing the fat back on. By all means ask for it if you want to (Hey I’ll buy and play it, I’ve beaten ALL of them) but don’t expect that there won’t be MAJOR disappointment.

  71. I What Sega To Make SONIC AND RISTAR GAME For Sonic’s 20th Anniversary Because I Am A Huge Sonic And Ristar Fan!!!! I Wish They Will Bring Ristar Back I Miss That Character SO MUCH!!!!

  72. I kind of hope that the sonic anniversary game will be will be sonic adventure 3 and it will have every character even the characters that don’t appear in games anymore. Then maybe sonic chronicles 2.

  73. Hmm Sonic Cd 2… But Not Titled Sonic Cd 2 Because It Wont Be On Sega Cd Thing Me Bob.
    So Maybe Just A Title Like Sonic 3DS?
    Include Metal Sonic!

  74. The discussion in this comments section is disgusting. What happened?

    Ax, your walls of text are just… wow. Wow. Suspended.

  75. I hope its a sonic adventure style game this time, but more of a cross between sonic colors. what i mean by that i mean have the only characters be sonic, knuckles and tails. have them all play the same but with different paths and different abilities. it would be nice to have sonic colors influence,and an expanded chao system with online, i think sonic adventure had it good with plotlines… and segas been doing better with cinema… but the writers still need help… theyre just so corny….

  76. Totally gonna need a clean version of that logo.

    Aughaugh, I already know! I just want it to happen, already! D: This only really reminds me that I am, thankful to have loved the blue blur for this long. (I feel so old)

  77. @Jamie B

    Blech! No. Keep those Archie comics as far away from the games as humanely possible, Sega!

  78. lol wow. Just like Brad to suspend someone for voicing their opinions. XD Oh well.

    If we’re talking about what we hope for this year specifically then I hope for Sonic Anniversary, whatever it is, Sonic 3DS and Sonic 4 ep 2.

    If we’re talking about ever then I hope for SA3, another Unleashed/Colors styled game and something creative and original. =) If the ever do make a Sonic Heroes 2, which I HIGHLY doublt, they better make it good enough to come back and play after beating it at least. lol

  79. @Sonic Forever

    That would be… interesting. o.o I wonder what playing as Bunnie would be like! XDD

  80. 100% Agree Emily, about Brad.

    Anyway, I atually hope for SA3, would be sweet to see Chao Gardens back.

  81. Hmm Sonic 3DS and Sonic 4 Ep 2 on the way….

    I was hoping we’d also have Sonic Chronicles 2 (The game was interesting and some parts were funny) and obviously there’s gonna be something huge for the big – 20…

    …and surely there’s bound to be another game for the Sega Superstar series All Star Racing was excellent, a great racing game (especially on Xbox/PS3) it could be a tough game to follow :/

    SEGA has trying hard these last couple of years the least we could do is have some respect and show that we praise them for turning things around instead of just complaining 24/7…

  82. I’d prefer if they simply made a game that had fantastic homages to the originals while keeping with the current 3D Sonic Game Design.

  83. Alright, enough with all the people saying that they’ll be a game about any other character than Sonic. Why would it make sense that Sonic’s anniversary game would have another character in the starring role?

    I know some of you guys are just joking around, but this is directed at those who are serious.

  84. the way its all white and clean with the square background gives me a strange feeling inside, like it might just be a collaberation. But the site can always change, i am still pumped for new info!

  85. @C.J
    I agree. Like I said in the Sonic Colors review, I would like a Sonic06 style game. Maybe a remake of it on the 3ds would redeem(as long as they change the plot).

  86. @Metalriders

    Ah that’s a great Idea too that could work 😀 (Also change the character animation back to normal and maybe not rush this time) and maybe a few twists and turns but not bad ones…

  87. Thats all this forum is… @ him and @ her, I really don’t feel like scrolling through all 126 of these comments to figure out what you guys are talking about, it’s too much

  88. Ya know, i loved sonic 2006, it wasnt the best, but it was at least climactic and had a cool serious feel to it all. Graphics wernt top notch, but had a grand theft auto real type look to it. A much older sonic, a future sonic, that would be a great idea, maybe target an older audience? I also liked shadow, but guns can stay with shadow, sonic older audience idea could be like, sonic wakes up and eggman has succeeded in his dream, he explores the future eggman world to see which friends survived or something of that sort.

  89. @Sonic Forever
    Sonic Chronicles is kinda(well a little bit with the Swatbots) based of the Archie Comic universe.

    But if Sega did made a game more based of the Archie Comic universe, I want to see it as a Marvel Ultimate Alliance(or 2) game style like the character roster and etc.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t if Sega make a Sonic Chronicles 2 or that Sega adds Sally to the games.

    Also, I wouldn’t mind if Sega made Knuckles Chaotix for Virtual Console for Wii, DSi, or the 3DS, or downloads for PSP and PS3.

  90. @Clyde EDIT

    “Anyway, I wouldn’t if Sega make a Sonic Chronicles 2 or that Sega adds Sally to the games.”

    I mean, I wouldn’t “mind” if Sega make a Sonic Chroncicles 2 or that Sega adds Sally to the games.

  91. @thewafflefactory

    Or maybe go back to calling “Dr. Eggman” to “Dr. Robotnik.” That would be an awesome 20th anniversary gift!

  92. I’m not 100% sure, but didn’t Archie and SEGA formally annouce that they considered putting Sally in the games (which could have been interesting) but in the end decided against it and said that it would probably never happen?

  93. Dude, i don’t care for Sally, but amy is so damn annoying. It’s her only character trait: be an annoying stalker. Jeez, sonic needs a lawyer against that chick.

    About 20th, it probably won’t be Sonic Adventure 3, but it will be a big mthrfkg Sonic game, like Sonic 2006… but hopefully they learned in the past 5 years. Although I like this tendency of Sonic solo that has been predominant in the last instalments, I miss playing as ol’ Kuncklehead and Tails. I wish they were playable in the new game and had their gameplay style further developed…. like knuckles being more about brawl and tails more like solving puzzles and exploring. But an all Sonic game will be awesome too, as long as it is awesome. I’m hoping for Colors gameplay + adventure feel.

  94. i have translated the teaser site to english:

    SEGA, the most advanced 16-bit video game was on June 23, 1991 “Mega Drive (brand name for North America: Genesis)” action game for Sonic the Hedgehog [on sale]. To coincide with release “Sonic” is suddenly popular in the fast movements and cool character of the Sonic series, sold more than 70 million total worldwide as the software for video game consoles, attractive products in the future We will offer.
    The “Sonic” is not limited to video game consoles, mobile devices, toys and various licensed products, as well as anime and manga, such as working in a variety of sound stage, represents the world as a character from Sega Many people are loved by children and adults, are familiar.

    This year, Sega has put a thank you for everyone that support will be conducted in such projects and events around the world many people enjoy.

    Continue running from the time of the birth of the “Sonic” is a milestone anniversary of 20, and then accelerate further.
    2011, working in various scenes, “Sonic” Please look forward to!

  95. I’d rather they keep Sally and the rest of the Archie comicbook characters away from the games as possible (and for the fact that I hate Archie and have stopped reading them 10 years ago). The games has enough characters as it is and Sega should work on the characters that they have now and improving on them instead of ditching characters just to please some Archie Sonic fans.

  96. Well i been a true sonic fan for years, through his up and downs, i been supporting the blue blur for years. In my opinion Sega has been doing better with sonic recently
    (such as voice changes and colors itself). In my personal opinion ill love to see a Sonic Adventure 3 games, but what i think will be interesting is a game based on the Sonic Archie series(for its deserved characters and storyline) like the title could be called “Sonic Universe” that would be an interesting project. This is pretty much whats on my mind for a new sonic idea( aside from a new possible new sonic amine movie(or maybe even a CGI move))

  97. Sonic Adventure 3, and a game that follows up from Sonic & Knuckles *cough*eggroboistillalive*cough*

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