Knuckles Archives Confirmed, Next Sonic Comic Story Teased

Knuckles Archives Confirmed, Next Sonic Comic Story Teased

It’s been a long time in coming, but it seems Archie is finally collecting their old Knuckles spin off series into it’s own series of graphic novels! The advent of this series was heavily implied  by new Archie Sonic editor Paul Kaminski in our exclusive interview back in July.

Very little is known about the series at the moment. It was confirmed in Sonic Archives #14, and a teaser image of the cover was posted in Sonic #220. We have a scan of that image posted below, alongside a teaser image of the upcoming Sonic storyline, “Sonic: Genesis”.

Special thanks goes to GMel for sending in these exclusive images to us.

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  1. Wow, I can’t wait for sonic genesis, 🙂

    The teases are killing me.

    Ohhh i see enerjak and knuckles on that cover.:D Looks cool from what i can see

  2. OH COME ON Archie!!! WHY?! I love the Sonic comics and just recently started a collection, but if you keep coming out with new comics (like Mega-Man) and new spin offs of the Sonic series my bank accounts are going to be run dry!

  3. Genisis essentially means Birth so & Robotnik said the same to Snivley when he got his marbles back, Maybe the Doctor is gonna go back in time to the Beginning? but then again it’s tying into the SU Silver story arc.

  4. @lee yeah,I think you might be right about that one.Eggheads been out of the picture almost all year,so he’s probably gathered his senses back. Wonder what made him snap back though?

  5. It looks like that Knuckles Archives photo I took is going places! Who would’ve thought a crappy DSi camera shot I took would be so popular? XD

    Can’t wait for the Knuckles Archives volumes! 8D

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