JunSenoue.com Taking Pre-Orders for Sonic Free Riders OST

JunSenoue.com Taking Pre-Orders for Sonic Free Riders OST

JunSenoue.com, for a limited time will be taking pre-orders for copies of the Sonic Free Riders Original Soundtrack “-Break Free-“, containing twelve tracks including the Crush 40 version of “Free”. Similarly to the offers last year, you can have your copy of the CD signed by Jun Senoue himself, by pre-ordering through the official shop for the  bargain price of $23 plus shipping.

If you’ve already spent your money on Christmas this year…then don’t worry! Tune in to Project 24 on SEGASonic:Radio this Sunday (5th of December 2010) for an opportunity to win a copy for yourself!

Link to JunSenoue.com Official Shop

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  1. I expected it to popup here already, haha!

    I’ll raise my hopes for the competition on Project 24, as I currently have not enough money to buy it directly from the JS.com shop D:

  2. @Jakeiii

    I’m in the same boat. I hope they’ll still have some on Thursday. I really like this soundtrack.

  3. £18 is a Steal for a sonic soundtrack, nice work guys, and hey, you can get your CD personalized by Jun too!

  4. @Burning_Blaze
    They Vary, but you can normally expect about £30-£45 for any sonic soundtrack

    Sonic Colours was – £45
    Sonic Unleashed – £45
    Sonic The Hedgehog (2006) – £50
    Face to Faith – £30-£35
    Black Knight – £40

    even the original Sonic Riders soundtrack was £30, but i always buy with CD Japan and get the exculsives, like the CD Holder that holds both the Black knight soundtrack & Face to Faith vocal soundtrack, its the first time i bought from another dealer, but CD Japan hasn’t Listed Free Riders soundtrack… i had no choice lol

  5. Its a shame it can’t be here in the UK….I wish at least some Sonic songs were released here 🙁 Like the Unleashed album Planetary Pieces >:(

  6. Guy! Pre-orders end tonight at 12:00am, at which point the shop will close and we’ll place the bulk order for the CD’s. Thanks to all those who pre-ordered, we have dispatched emails to confirm details.


    Ps, the only country we do not ship to is Japan. Postage is either $5 or $8 depending on location. The shop confirms this before payment!

  7. I ordered the cd and paid with paypal, yet on my junsenoue account it says no orders. I’ve also not recieved any email except the initial paypal fee acceptance email. >.>

  8. @Purple

    Please email me your details (Name, address, PayPal email address used and how you wanted your CD personalised) and I will forward the information to Jun to verify!

    Pre-orders have now closed! Thanks to those who did, updates with shipping etc will follow soon. Keep and eye on JunSenoue.com.


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