Wisps and Water Don’t Mix

Wisps and Water Don’t Mix

So, who’s got Colours DS? Playing it right now? If you are, then stop what you’re doing immediately.

Mahzes over at the SSMB was happily swimming running (this ain’t the Wii version, kid) through Aquarium Park 2 when he discovered a horrifying side-effect of respawning Wisp powerups.


Misjudged the angle of a Laser Wisp. Instead of bouncing off the angle, I hit the vertical wall and bounced back… into the same Laser Wisp power-up I just got. I kept bouncing. And bouncing. And OH GOD WHY WON’T IT STOP?! D8 D8

This act of revenge in retaliation for absorbing them into your body so disturbed poor Mahzes that he immediately sought to warn his friends at the SSMB. And now I do the same for you, dear reader.

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(Thanks to Mahzes, and to Gnasher for originally exposing the Wisps’ agenda to the world.)

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  1. Tra-lalololololol!
    That’s probably one of the funniest glitches i’ve seen in recent years…next to the Spy Crab of TF2.
    Must have been fuming!

  2. This reminds me of that Sonic Short where Sonic questions “Why did they put they two springs in the middle of the damn forest!?”

    Well now Sonic can ask, “Why did they put a Wisp power-up in betweeen two damn vertical walls?!”

  3. LOL That’s hilarious. XD It’s not really a glitch since it’s the player’s fault technically, but I guess I can consider it a trap hazzard to avoid. I like it. XD (Especially since the Wisps aren’t necessariy lol)

  4. What colorful graphics and sounds. 🙂

    It would be interesting to trigger that glitch someday.

    I thought you were gonna show the comic in which Sonic absorbs the Laser Wisp. Anyway, this other one is funnier.

  5. Lol, that is hilarious. Reminds me of the Sonic 06 ‘Kitty Cannon’ glitch I saw on YouTube once. I’ll have to now get the DS version of Sonic Colours just to try that XD

  6. That’s ironic, nothing like that could happen in the Wii version and the Wii makes a ton of faulty mistakes.

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