U.S. Sonic Colors DS Demo Now Available

U.S. Sonic Colors DS Demo Now Available

The Sonic Colors DS demo has finally hit American shores through the Wii Nintendo channel. So you folks who have been patient all weekend can finally try it out!

Whether you have the U.S. or Europe demo, give us your fastest time in the comments or just say how you are enjoying the game.

UPDATE: Get it while you can, because this demo ends on Nov 7.


  1. When I play this, I have to keep stopping myself from wanting to do tricks on the rails and springs, because I do a jump dash instead. This is going to take some adjusting to. I would almost have rather they just made Sonic Rush 3 instead of another version of Sonic Colors.

  2. Also, I forgot…does anyone else think that the music in the demo act sounds like a remix of Endless Possibilities?

  3. I’ve only got 1:45. I never played Rush or Rush Adventure so I still need to get use to this game.

  4. in order for it to work you need a dsi if anyon didn’t but my time is 1’45’00 this is a little bit different than rush on my first try I tried to do tricks like in the other rush games but the demo was alright

  5. To everyone asking… No, you do not need a DSi to play the Demo. I only have a DS lite and it worked fine for me.

  6. @ People above:
    Don’t be daft. YOU DON’T NEED A DSi!! You can use any DS. You just access the Nintendo Channel on your Wii, go to the DS demos section, select Sonic Colours, activate DS Download Play on your DS and start the download on the Wii.

  7. I’m not doing a speed run.. I’m exploring all this game has to offer. Then I’ll do some tries for actual speed. Honestly though, my DS hasn’t gotten much love as of late due to all the newer psp games being released. I hope they eventually bring something Sonic-related out for the psp, besides another Rivals.

  8. Whats the point of the ground-stomp move, I mean it seems like its there just because the Wii version has it.

  9. 1:13:93. The key is to avoid the hang-glider by using Red Burst on the last ferris wheel thing and boosting through the wall after the spring after the ferris wheel bit.
    Also, does the Red Burst music sound like the Pink Spikes music to anyone?

  10. @ MetaRyan : Yeah it really sounds like the Pink Spikes music .

    @soniman032: I love you 😀 thank you for uploading a full version of Tropical Resort (DS) Soundtrack , still , i like the Wii version music. I’m not gonna buy Sonic Colors DS verison anytime soon though , i’m gonna enjoy the Wii version when it come out 🙂

  11. I got around 1:21 but I was playing around with the wisp. It’s a lot different from the Rush series and since I’ve played both games it was quite different and the different control scheme threw me off, lol. It was still a blast to play it

  12. My fastest time is 1:07:002. The game so far looks like fun and like many I need to stop thinking of the trick system.

  13. Sonic Team did a great job with the game. Still gonna buy the Wii version, but it was still an awesome DS title. My time was 1:23:35. Not all that great, but hey, I tried!

  14. November 7th? That sucks! Do you know how long those Fossil Fighters demos have been available?

    Great demo anyway! It can be called Rush 2 and a ½, instead of stunts powering up your dash meter, you collect wisps AND you collect unique wisps to perform even more things in stages, it’s great!

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