TSS Exclusive: Sonic Colours Wallpaper

TSS Exclusive: Sonic Colours Wallpaper

Sonic Colours was released last Friday (in Europe – officially, the US gets it tomorrow but it’s clear that some retailers across the pond just couldn’t wait to sell it early), and it’s a proper corker as well. TSS will be publishing its in-depth review shortly, but until then you can enjoy this exclusive wallpaper to jazz up your desktop.

You may remember that Sonic Wrecks and Sonic Retro have also posted up exclusive Sonic Colours wallpapers, and TSS’ offering differs in that it features Sonic, Tails and Yakker leaping against the colourful game’s title card design. Cool, isn’t it? You can download the European version here (which has the name spelled as ‘Colours’) and the North American version here (‘Colors’ – shudder).

Both wallpapers are in a 1920 x 1200 resolution, and can also be picked up in the Wallpapers section of the site should you miss this post some weeks later. Enjoy! Many thanks to SEGA for sending these to us!

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  1. well I’m getting the AMERICAN VERSION.
    Sorry that we have to follow the guy who changed the spelling, geez… why the hate?

  2. @Dreadknux

    you have no idea how many people are actually insulting us.

    I’m not saying you are.
    Just got a bit annoyed lately because of the whole “Colors v.s Colours” thing.

    Sorry about that.

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